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Martial World - Chapter 1555


Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555 - Learning Skills




Xiao Moxian happily began to search through the contents within the jade slip, but after she saw what was inside she was left completely stunned. The descriptions of the cultivation method were extremely graphic and exceedingly p*****ographic.

This was actually a dual cultivation method.

Xiao Moxian blushed. She sputtered, saying, ’’Bleh, just what sort of Empyrean was this? I can't believe that the summary of their lifetime's studies is this sort of thing.’’

Lin Ming awkwardly coughed. ’’This is a cultivation method formed by husband and wife Empyreans who took the se*ual road... the two of them were peerless geniuses of their time and both became Empyreans together.

Lin Ming had scanned through Torchriver's memories and knew what the origin of this cultivation method was.

For a husband and wife to cultivate to the Empyrean realm together was an extremely rare sight. Empyreans were already rare in the martial world;an Empyrean Holy Land might not even be able to train an Empyrean successor in tens of millions of years, and for a couple to reach the Empyrean boundary together was far rarer than that. For instance, Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor only had World Kings as wives.

’’Cultivate into Empyreans together? Heh, Lin Ming, we must become True divinities together!’’

Xiao Moxian suddenly said, stating her goal. She wanted to become a True divinity, and in her opinion it wasn't difficult at all for Lin Ming to accomplish this. For him, the realm of True divinity might even be underestimating him.

Xiao Moxian was filled with anticipation as she thought of cultivating into True divinities with Lin Ming. Perhaps, they would leave behind an eternal story of love and adventure, one that would be spoken about by the future generations, just like Empyrean divine Seal!


Lin Ming chuckled. In truth, his goal surpassed that of a True divinity. He wanted to surpass a True divinity and reach the peak of all martial arts.

Xiao Moxian grinned and put away the Heavenly Extreme Bliss jade slip. This jade slip was only good as reference material for Xiao Moxian;she wasn't satisfied with taking the path of others. When she had the ability to do so, she would carve out her own cultivation path. Only like this would she be able to surpass those who came before her.

At this time, Lin Ming had reentered the soul space and continued to absorb Torchriver's memory fragments. Now he was about to absorb the most essential part - memories of the divine runic arts and alchemy!

This was the main reason that Lin Ming had killed Torchriver.

Torchriver had already reached the last years of his life and had fallen into a demented state, ready to die at any moment. He had lost all value, and in this situation, there was no one that would bother to provoke someone who had once been a World King and was even now a half-step World King.

As for him ruining the lives of countless young women, there were even fewer people that cared about this. When a martial artist began slaughtering, sometimes they would exterminate entire cities. They could destroy what they wanted and no one would chase after this;this was a brutal world where strength reigned supreme. Besides the Heavenly Dao, there were no laws that stood above martial arts.

For a time, images of runes and array formations rushed into Lin Ming's mind.

Torchriver had been a divine runic master and alchemist for several hundred thousands of years. Although he was a sinful person, his accomplishments in divine runic arts and alchemy were truly worthy of respect!

After all, he had once been an Elder of the divine Runic Masters Guild, and was a true sixth grade divine runic master!

It had to be known that in the divine Runic Masters Guild, an eighth grade divine runic master was a legend and ninth grade divine runic masters were ancient myths that only existed billions of years ago. It could be said that a seventh grade divine runic master was the highest level there was, and if one had such ability, they could even become Guild President of the divine Runic Masters Guild!

If one had to forcefully equate ranks of divine runic masters with the cultivation ranks of a martial artist, then a seventh grade divine runic master would be equal to an Empyrean. And in fact, there were many divine runic masters that had the strength of an Empyrean!

A sixth grade divine runic master was equal to a World King. Outstanding sixth grade divine runic masters were similar to Great World Kings.

Torchriver was a sixth grade divine runic master, and 100,000 years ago, his cultivation had been that of an ordinary World King.

A fifth grade divine runic master was equal to a Holy Lord.

A fourth grade divine runic master was equal to a divine Lord.

A third grade divine runic master was equal to divine Transformation.

Even so, the truth was that a third or fourth grade divine runic master was far more precious than a comparable martial artist of that boundary.

divine Transformation realm powerhouses could be found everywhere, but third grade divine runic masters had a considerable amount of status. If If a third grade divine runic master were a bit younger than average, proving that they had a bright future ahead of them, there would be many great influences that would try to win them over.

Yue Liuxing's senior-apprentice brother was in this type of situation. He had studied the divine runic arts for only several dozen years, and now he had become a third grade divine runic master. Although he was only at the third grade, there were many leaders of large influences that were polite to him, because there was a chance that he could become an Elder of the divine Runic Masters Guild in the future.

That was a truly incredible person.

As Lin Ming scanned more and more memories, a huge amount of information piled up in his mind. He felt as if a massive steel weight was wildly smashing into his spiritual sea!

Lin Ming grit his teeth, resisting this mind-tearing pain as he slowly reorganized Torchriver's memories.

These memories contained a massive amount of experiences concerning alchemy and divine runic arts that Torchriver had accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years.

Although Torchriver was a lustful villain, there was no doubting his specialized skills. One could even say that he was considerably talented in divine runic arts and alchemy, otherwise it was impossible for him to have become a sixth grade divine runic master, eighth grade alchemist!

Torchriver was also well aware that the divine runic arts were the foundation for his pursuit of comfort, women, and immortality!

Torchriver had an amazingly sharp memory. He was able to clearly remember every young girl that he had abused in the last several hundred thousands of years. But, beyond that, he was also able to clearly remember the process, details, and experiences of all the alchemy and divine runic arts he had done!

Countless experiments, whether they had been failures or successes, had consumed a massive amount of precious materials or hard work. This was the summary of all his experiences and the experiences of his predecessors. It was all invaluable data!

It had to be known that although a divine runic master made a great deal of money, they also burnt through money just as fast. The materials they used often cost several hundred million origin energy runes. If they failed, all of that would vanish into nothing, completely wasted!

To raise a single divine runic master would require a large influence to invest the entirety of their financial resources. For a single person to become a divine runic master alone, that was simply far too difficult.

Every divine runic master had their own unique take on the divine runic divine runic arts, and every now and then they would suddenly have strange and bizarre ideas. If they wanted to put these ideas into practice they had to undergo countless revisions and deliberations, because every new idea meant new investments of materials. And of these ideas, over 99% would fail.

But, even failure meant that they would gain more experiences and knowledge from these defeats. And once they succeeded, even if they only succeeded a little bit, this would mean an astonishing new amount of wealth. This success would become some divine runic masters' ultimate secret skill, something they would never pass onto anyone else!

This was inevitable. After all, researching new ideas simply cost far too many resources.

In addition, the divine Runic Masters Guild was not a single, unified obelisk. Within the guild, many divine runic masters would compete against each other for resources. They would invest their resources into new studies, and whatever new information they gained, they wouldn't pass it on to anyone, not even their own apprentices. In this case, the hundreds of thousands of years of memories that Lin Ming absorbed, and all of the experiences and knowledge that went with them, was simply unable to be measured with mere wealth!

In particular, unlike other divine runic arts apprentices, Lin Ming learnt all of this in a short period of time. Other apprentices would take dozens or hundreds of years, flattering and helping their master and having to also show a great deal of skill before they were taught anything worthwhile. Even then, only when their master retired and had a foot in the coffin would they decide to pass on the essence of their life's studies. But at this time, their apprentice wouldn't be young either.

And those that had the qualifications to flatter their masters and learn true abilities were all direct disciples of divine runic masters, like Yue Liuxing's senior-apprentice brother, Luo Yubai. As for brother and sister duo Yue Liuxing and Yue Qifeng, they wouldn't even see their master more than five times in a month, so what guidance could they possible seek?

Every divine runic master would have more or less a dozen or even dozens of 'unique skills'. And now, all of Torchriver's unique skills had been completely learned by Lin Ming!

What Lin Ming had to do was thoroughly digest all of these experiences and attainments, practicing them until they became natural movements to him. No matter how much knowledge he had, it was useless if his hands and feet couldn't follow his mind.

Xiao Moxian activated Primordius Heavenly Palace's time enchantment, increasing the flow of time to a 20:1 ratio. Within this ratio. Within this time enchantment, Lin Ming constantly recalled Torchriver's memories.

After a month passed, Lin Ming had fully carved the hundreds of thousands of years of Torchriver's memories into his spiritual sea, making them completely his.

After finishing all of this, Lin Ming let out a long breath of relief. He hadn't rested for a single moment in this entire month and his temples were pained, he had deep headaches, and his entire body was soaked with sweat.

Lin Ming then rested in meditation for a full 10 hours, slowly restoring himself.

As he opened his eyes, his vision gleamed with a bright light, shining with intelligence!

He knew that the step he took had been the right one. By absorbing the memories of a divine runic master, the advantages he obtained could be imagined!

This had saved Lin Ming dozens and hundreds of years of back-breaking work!

All of this was thanks to the heaven-defying abilities of the Magic Cube. Otherwise, it would have been unimaginably difficult for Lin Ming to study divine runic arts and alchemy!

But, just Torchriver's divine runic arts were not enough.

Lin Ming wasn't satisfied with this alone. He studied the divine runic arts and alchemy in order to pave the road for his Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. After all, unlike Empyrean Primordius, Lin Ming didn't possess the endless essence of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. Lin Ming could only refine pills through alchemy, and the pills required for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, in particular the last several stars, would be far too difficult for a mere sixth grade divine runic master. He would need to be at least a seventh grade divine runic master!

Torchriver had only been a sixth grade divine runic master. In the future, he would only serve as reference to Lin Ming. Since these memories would all be reference materials, Lin Ming didn't mind having too many of them.

’’Come, let's go to where Heaven's Secret said the second divine runic master is.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, a thick killing intent sparked in his eyes. The second divine runic master was even easier for him to kill. He couldn't help but admire the work of Heaven's Secret. If it wasn't for their information then he would never have been able to find so many skilled divine runic masters that had also lost the protection of any great influences.

After receiving Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming brought along the many young girls that had been imprisoned by Torchriver and flew straight to the southeast. His destination was only a million miles away;it wouldn't be long before he arrived.


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