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Martial World - Chapter 1552


Chapter 1552

Chapter 1552 - divine Runic Master Shortcut




’’Who are you?’’

To be ambushed just as he was about to rape someone, Torchriver was burning with rage. His eyes were blood red, as if he wanted to devour Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

But at this time, he noticed Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's cultivations.

They were only at the divine Lord realm!?

Were they hiding their cultivation?

No, that wasn't right... they were extraordinary young elites!

Torchriver had raped countless women in his life, and he usually only preyed on young girls. Thus, he was very sensitive to the life auras that surrounded young girls so he could confirm that Xiao Moxian wasn't very old.

So young, and yet they had reached the divine Lord realm;just how had they cultivated!?

This discovery caused Torchriver's eyes to shine brilliantly.

’’A variation bloodline! She must possess a variation bloodline! A proud daughter of heaven and she also has a variation bloodline! If I can use her blood as medicine and eat her up every day then perhaps I really might be able to heal the wound to my divine soul. I will be able to live for thousands more years and complete my immortality pill!’’

Torchriver suddenly cackled, ’’The heavens haven't abandoned me, they haven't abandoned me! What I lack is a proud daughter of heaven for my alchemy, and yet you have delivered yourself right to my door! Good! Very good! You will become my living furnace. We shall dual cultivate every day and I will bring you to paradise!

As Torchriver spoke, he lewdly stared at Xiao Moxian.

This caused Xiao Moxian to nearly burst apart with rage!

’’Lin Ming, dig out his eyes, slice out his tongue, and cripple his cultivation! I want to slice off his flesh and slowly torture him for a hundred years, a thousand years with every slice!

Xiao Moxian came from a demon and monster bloodline to begin with;she was no blindly puerile and benevolent person. How could she allow herself to be insulted in such a way!

’’Haha, if I haven't misunderstood then you are only two martial artists at the divine Lord realm. Your talent is a bit better than those of your generation, and yet you think you can kill me? You are insane! Even though my cultivation boundary has dropped I am still a half-step World King! Catching you two is the same as catching two chickens!’’

Torchriver raved. He turned to Lin Ming and chortled again and again, ’’Is this your little lover boy? Very well, then I shall use him for my alchemy right in front of you!’’

Before Torchriver finished speaking, his complexion suddenly changed. He could feel a vast and deep killing intent cover him. Then, the surrounding world changed. The world fell away, the stars vanished, and everything was isolated from him. He was completely trapped in a sealed off space!

’’Force field!?’’

Torchriver immediately realized that this black-clothed youth had surrounded him with a force field. For such a genius, it wasn't a surprise if they had a force field. But, what astonished Torchriver was that this force field formed an incomparably stable space, far surpassing the limits of any divine Lord realm martial artist. There were even many Holy Lords who couldn't compare to this!

’’Interesting, such talent even causes me to be more inspired to turn you into a pill!’’ Torchriver said, brilliantly staring at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming coldly sneered, ’’The information that Heaven's Secret gave me said that you have already fallen to the brink of madness, but now it seems that not only are you mad but you are also stupid. Your cultivation has fallen to a half-step World King, and with your fires of life nearly extinguished, even among half-step World Kings you are the weakest. A talented late Holy Lord martial artist would already be able to brutally murder you and yet you continue to dream on! Now die!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he hurtled himself forwards. Although his speed wasn't fast, his figure was as calm and stable as a mountain!

Nine Stars of the Dao Palace - Purple Temple Dao Palace!

Lin Ming revolved his strength to the limit and smashed his spear down at Torchriver!

Because the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had been lost for far too long a time, and in addition to the changes that occurred in the Heavenly Dao Laws, it had become extremely difficult to practice. But, this difficulty meant that it had become even stronger than before. Although there was no text that stated how the different levels of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace corresponded to the different ranks in the essence gathering system, Lin Ming could approximately confirm that opening a single star in the Nine Stars of the Dao palace far surpassed the early divine Lord realm of the essence gathering system.

In other words, although Lin Ming appeared to be an early divine Lord, the truth was that when he combined the cultivation of his body transformation and essence gathering systems, he already far surpassed that.

Torchriver naturally couldn't understand Lin Ming's Nine Stars the Dao Palace. He simply grinned, saying, ’’Since you want to die, allow me to help you along.’’

Torchriver took out a deep red sword from his spatial ring and then slashed out at Lin Ming. He wanted to crush Lin Ming's spear light and cut apart Lin Ming's body at the same time!

However, just when his sword light came into contact with the Phoenix Blood Spear, Torchriver's smile froze. The spear light he thought he could easily tear apart actually contained a horrifying strength beyond description. It was like this spear light was formed from heavy stars, able to collapse space and cut through galaxies!


With an explosive sound, Torchriver's sword light shattered. The red spear thrust towards Torchriver's chest!

This spear had locked down Torchriver and locked down the space around him. It was impossible to dodge!

Even Torchriver's blood vitality rebelled, as if it wanted to break free from his body.


Seeing this spear light rush towards him, Torchriver immediately paled. He thought that killing a junior like Lin Ming would be as easy as turning his hand;he never imagined that this would be the result!

This youth's strength was powerful beyond understanding. Although this spear hadn't pierced him yet, what he knew was that even if he didn't die, this spear strike would still severely wound him and cause him to lose all combat strength!

In this life or death moment, Torchriver punched his own chest and spat out a mouthful of blood essence. This blood essence formed a mysterious symbol in the air!

At the same time, Torchriver pulled out two divine runic symbols from his spatial ring. He thrust them outwards, causing them to burn in the air!

After these two divine runic symbols burned, they turned into a protective barrier that received Lin Ming's spear strike!


With an explosive sound, Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear smashed into this translucent barrier.

In a brief moment, the barrier exploded and the spear continued thrusting ahead, driving into the blood symbol that Torchriver spat out.

And at this time, Lin Ming finally felt a tremendous existence. The Phoenix Blood Spear suddenly slowed down, startling Lin Ming. He had used an arcane technique to strengthen himself, causing the might of this strike to reach the power of five dragons, and yet he hadn't been able to kill this Torchriver who had fallen in cultivation boundary and had nearly lost all his blood vitality!

Without a doubt, this was the work of the divine runic arts.

Torchriver had thrown out two divine runic symbols to lessen Lin Ming's spear potential and had then used a divine runic symbol formed from his own blood to resist Lin Ming's all-out strike. The divine runic arts could be used for more than assisting in alchemy;they could be used in combat.

However, relying on this alone was not enough to change Torchriver's fate. As the Phoenix Blood Spear was blocked by the blood symbol, Lin Ming's thoughts moved and a shadow rushed out from his inner world, hurtling towards Torchriver. This was Lin Ming's Essence Spirit Embryo avatar!

It dwelled in Lin Ming's inner world and could rush out at any time to fight.

After absorbing Tian Mingzi and the others' blood energy, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had broken through yet another boundary. In terms of mortal bodily strength, it far surpassed Lin Ming!


The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone thrust a spear towards Torchriver, aiming to take his head.


Torchriver cried out in alarm, scared out of his mind. A single Lin Ming was already as terrifying as a life-reaping ghost. Only by sacrificing a great portion of his remaining life was he able to form this divine runic symbol of blood to barely resist the attack, and now another Lin Ming had appeared!


With a cracking sound, Torchriver's protective energy was unable to withstand the terrifying strength of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. In just a moment, Torchriver's defenses collapsed and the avatar's spear pierced through his chest.

The long spear penetrated through Torchriver's body. In front of the horrifying strength of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, the frail mortal body of a spiritas was no different than paper.

A massive amount of flesh and bones were twisted by this dreadful strength. Torchriver's body was pierced through like a water bag, blood leaking out from all over him.

’’How is this possible...’’

Torchriver's eyes filled with despair and disbelief. He had been easily defeated by a mere divine Lord junior and would die here... how could he accept such a ridiculous result?

Pulse Cutting Palm!

Lin Ming smashed his hand into Torchriver's chest. A savage and wild true essence rushed through Torchriver's body, tearing apart every single meridian within him and severing the power of his blood vitality.

In that moment, Torchriver's body fell down from the air like a ragdoll. In a strange coincidence, he fell into the sealed space where the young girls were imprisoned.


As the crippled Torchriver plopped to the floor, his blood splashed out. The young girls who were imprisoned stared helplessly on. This unbelievably powerful Torchriver had fallen to the ground like a dead dog, leaving all of them stunned.

Was this a dream?

Torchriver still had a single breath of life remaining. Lin Ming had intentionally kept Torchriver alive, because the shortcut for him to become a divine runic master was in Torchriver's body.


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