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Martial World - Chapter 1551


Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551 - se* Fiend Torchriver




’’I am a sixth grade divine runic master and eighth grade alchemist, how could I fail here!’’ The spiritas man seemed to teeter on the edge of insanity. ’’It's impossible for me to fail, it must be because the blood essence quality of you whores is insufficient!’’

The man pulled on a girl's hair, causing her to scream out in pain and fear.

Towards this scene, most of the other girls still had dead expressions on their faces, as if they didn't see anything at all.

But, there were some girls that hadn't been here long enough who trembled as they saw this, panic coloring their complexions.

Here, besides being raped and having their essence energy stolen, this crazy divine runic master would sometimes use their flesh and blood to refine pills! They had witnessed some of their companions being tossed alive into a pill furnace in order to refine Life Lifting Undying Pills.

To life forms with an intelligence of their own, death was an extremely terrifying matter. Upon approaching death, many people would turn crazy and lose all sense of reasoning. In just the mortal world alone, when some kings were on the verge of death, they would use the strength of their entire nation to find life extending medicines. These kings would have alchemists take virgin boys and girls and use their flesh and blood for alchemy. Some kings even specifically raised 12-13 year old virgin girls to take their menstrual blood every month to refine pills, and in order to guarantee the virgin purity of their menstrual blood, they would only allow them to eat berries and drink morning dew.

In the martial world, this insanity could reach the limits!

In particular, if an alchemist feared death, this would intensify everything he did.

’’What a pity, what a pity, if I could capture a proud daughter of heaven who reached the divine Transformation realm before her 60th cultivation year, and then refine her virgin blood essence into a pill, I would definitely be able to live on for another hundred more years!’’

The spiritas man spoke as if he had lost his soul, his gestures bizarre and ghostly.

Many years ago, this spiritas man had been an Elder of the divine Runic Masters Guild and also had a World King cultivation.

As a sixth grade divine runic master, eighth grade alchemist, and even an Elder of the divine Runic Masters Guild, this spiritas man was blessed with endless brilliant halos around him. There were countless influences that curried his favor, and even Sect Leaders of Great World King influences had to treat him with politeness and respect. As for his disciples and followers in the divine Runic Masters Guild, there was no need to mention them;they wouldn't even dare disobey him in the least.

His prestige had been as high as the sun and he lived a life where he was the center of countless stars. There were countless people that respected and admired him, and there were even many female divine runic arts apprentices that willingly offered themselves to him for a higher status, allowing him to do whatever he wished to them.

After tasting these young girls, the spiritas man began to seduce them on his own initiative, bringing in many young girls as his toys. He had held the post of Elder for tens of thousands of years and countless women had been ruined and deceived by him. As for the disciples he received, they tended to be women, and many of these disciples also had to simultaneously serve as his living furnaces.

Towards this spiritas man who was obsessed with obscene desires, even immortals couldn't compare to the lavish lifestyle he lived.

He wasn't satisfied with his World King cultivation and he wasn't satisfied with being an ordinary Elder of the divine Runic Masters Guild. He wanted to become a Red Robe Elder and he wanted to become a Great World King. He used all methods at his disposal to grab more resources and take advantages of anyone he could. Time and time again he formed deep grudges with others within the divine Runic Masters Guild, and with his continued violating of young female apprentices, he was finally impeached by the Council of Red Robe Elders and was removed from his post of Elder.

This was something he remembered and something he bore a deep grudge towards. During a trip into a dangerous mystic realm, he tried to wrest away sole possession of a miracle medicine while also killing the divine runic master Elder who had proposed to impeach him. But in the end he was defeated. Not only did he fail to obtain the miracle medicine but he was even beaten to the ground and severely wounded.

Afterwards, he was expelled from the divine Runic Masters Guild.

Some people wanted to finish him off and cut off the disease at the roots. He fled to the open sea, living a life of seclusion for tens of thousands of years. It was only when his arch enemy died during an exploratory trip into a mystic realm did he show himself again.

But when he reappeared, his lifespan was nearing its end. Not just that, but in the past when he was injured in the mystic realm he had also wounded his divine soul, causing his lifespan to be drastically reduced. During these past years, he had done everything at his disposal to refine life extending pills and pills to restore his divine soul. But, because the foundation of his life force was mostly destroyed, every effort he made was nearly useless to begin with.

As his day of death approached closer and closer, he had fallen into a state of madness. He was too obsessed with his previous life of endless glory and joys and wasn't able to endure the loneliness and desolation until his end. He bought a large number of young women, venting his rage on their bodies and using their blood essence to refine pills. Finally, he built his evil castle of sin on the shores of Star Lake!

Because his divine sense had been damaged and he had thrown his entire being into refining life extending pills, he had no intention or desire to refine other pills. Thus, to many great influences he had lost all value, with none of them bothering with him. Because of this, he could only steal away a limited number of resources;wanting to obtain the proud daughter of heaven that he needed was impossible.

Thus, of the young girls in castle, most of them were simply mortal women with extremely high levels of martial talent.


This nearly crazed spiritas man flipped over a stone table and then threw himself onto a young 16 year old girl.

This young girl only had a Pulse Condensation cultivation. She had been born in the Asura Road and had once been the core disciple of a tiny sect. This sect was far too small;one could say that it was situated between the martial world and the mortal world. In her sect, this young girl had been a proud daughter of heaven, admired by countless young disciples.

But in a single night, her entire sect was exterminated. All beauties, all young women with any level of talent, were rolled up in a black wind and brought to this hellish castle.

The one who destroyed her sect was this spiritas man. To her, his World King cultivation was an incomprehensible existence!

This fiend didn't immediately rape these women. Rather, he used their virgin blood to refine pills, but unfortunately for him, his efforts failed again and again.

This caused him to become even more insane. As he threw himself onto this young 16 year old girl, he ripped away the remnants of her tattered clothes.

In that moment, the young girl was left entirely naked. Her face was pale and she pitifully screamed out. But, this scream seemed to stimulate the spiritas man, causing his eyes to light up with a blood red color. These last years had been endless pain to him, and only by making others feel this pain was he able to be satisfied.

He licked his lips, demonically grinning as he said, ’’Your whorish blood is too low quality, causing me to fail in refining my Undying Pills. Since that's the case, keeping your virgin body around any longer is useless. I will suck dry the little primordial yin that you have!’’

As the spiritas man cackled, he bit down on her pale shoulder, greedily sucking up her blood. What he was doing was not just drinking her blood but also absorbing her blood essence, using it to restore his declining fires of life.

The young girl crazily struggled, but the more she struggled the more it seemed to arouse this bestial demon. His pupils had gone wide and his entire body was excited. He tore off his own clothes, pressing himself onto her. But, just when he was about to thrust into her body, he stiffened and his enlarged pupils rapidly contracted. In that instant just now, he had felt a sense sweep through this sealed off space, and soon afterwards, a deep killing intent had locked onto him!

Without thinking, he threw himself forwards!


With a terrifying explosion of energy, a spear light pierced through the void like a 100,000 foot rainbow!

Under this unstoppable divine light, the space barrier that sealed off this area was torn apart like paper. Not just that, but half of the obsidian castle immediately collapsed!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Stones tumbled as walls came falling down all around. The spiritas man's hideout was destroyed.

A young man and woman floated in the air. The man grasped a spear, his eyes shimmering with killing intent. He pointed his spear right towards the spiritas man's head.

’’You, you are se* fiend divine runic master Torchriver?’’

Lin Ming's voice dripped with murder as he glared at this spiritas man.

Lin Ming's request towards Heaven's Secret was that he wanted a fifth grade or above divine runic master who had an ordinary World King cultivation or below, who had no influences, or only weak influences behind them, and did all sorts of evil and sinful deeds.

The information of the first divine runic master that Heaven's Secret had given to him was that of this se* fiend Torchriver. In his life he had raped countless women and he had developed a grotesquely infamous reputation within the divine Runic Masters Guild. Finally, he had been banished by them.

Lin Ming never imagined that this Torchriver would go so mad as he neared the end of his life. During these past years, it was unknown how many young girls had died beneath his hands. Not even dying 10,000 times would make up for his sins!

Near Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian tightly clenched her jaw;she had borne witness to everything that had happened. To see other women harmed like this, her rage had already reached its limits. ’’Lin Ming, do not kill him. Leave him a sliver of life;I want him to experience a life that is worse than death!’’


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