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Martial World - Chapter 1546


Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546 - Riddle of the Cultivation Method




In the jade slip, there were three pieces of information recorded down about transcendent divine mights of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

The first piece of information came from 30 years ago. The divine Taboo Wasteland was a dangerous death zone. It was said that it was a land left behind by a great body transformation emperor. And, this great body transformation emperor was a human.

In the divine Taboo Wasteland, someone had once found a remnant of a transcendent divine might related to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. However, they disappeared afterwards and their whereabouts were currently unknown.

The second piece of information came from 40 years ago. In the Stormy Sea, there were a number of islands that seemed to flit in and out of existence. One of these islands held an ancient ruin that concerned the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, and there were said to be inheritances left behind by powerhouses that once practiced the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. However, the location of this island was filled with uncertainties, and many people even thought it was nothing more than a mirage. A great number of powerhouses had gone to the Stormy Sea to seek out some clues of this island, but they all failed. Some people even went missing and no one knew whether they had died or not.

The third piece of information was also the simplest. The first two pieces of information were about mystic realm danger zones. Wanting to find transcendent divine mights of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace from those places was as dangerous as ascending to the heavens, and if there were any mistakes at all, one could even lose their life.

But, the third piece of information was more concrete.

In the inner Asura Road, there was an assassin organization known as Heaven's Net. This Heaven's Net had a branch division in divine Rune City and the third leader of Heaven's Net was a human. This person dual cultivated in body and energy and trained in a remnant transcendent divine might of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. If one was willing to pay a high enough price, they could borrow it for a look!

But, what truly shocked Lin Ming was that the remnant transcendent divine might that the third leader of this Heaven's Net assassin organization possessed was... the Celestial Tyrant Manual!

This startled Lin Ming a great deal. Was there such a coincidence in this world? He himself possessed the Eight Inner Hidden Gates section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, and just by casually inquiring at Heaven's Secret, he would find information about the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual?

Could the Celestial Tyrant Manual have been a common body transformation law formula of ancient times, and thus there were many copies of it?

As soon as this thought appeared in Lin Ming's mind he shot it down. He didn't know what level of cultivation method the Celestial Tyrant Manual was, but he guessed that it was a transcendent divine might. And now, Heaven's Secret also recognized it as a transcendent divine might. Without a doubt, this was the most likely situation.

If the Celestial Tyrant Manual were indeed a transcendent divine might, then wanting to make another copy of it was nearly impossible. To do so, one needed to have reached large success in cultivating the Celestial Tyrant Manual, and the one who did so would be a body transformation Empyrean!

Many transcendent divine might manuals were singularly unique;this showed just how precious they were.

Moreover, the Celestial Tyrant Manual that Lin Ming had was found in an ancient ruin along with the Magic Cube. If there was an inheritance cultivation method that could be found together with the Magic Cube and was related to the Magic Cube, then it definitely wouldn't be something common!

’’My Celestial Tyrant Manual was obtained by the Verdant Feather World King, and at the time, he only managed to obtain the section about the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. If there is only one copy of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, then... does the Celestial Tyrant Manual that the third leader of Heaven's Net possesses make a set with mine? This is too coincidental... how could it be such a coincidence?’’

Lin Ming felt this all to be unbelievable.

It had to be known that the Magic Cube was discovered in the divine Realm. But in this Asura Road that was a completely separate universe from the divine Realm, he actually managed to find news about the other half of the Celestial Tyrant Manual. How could he not be surprised?

Anomalies like this that were out of the ordinary were always suspicious. Lin Ming couldn't help but think there was some unknown secret.

But no matter what, Lin Ming decided to meet this Heaven's Net leader to see where the Celestial Tyrant Manual in their hands had come from.

’’So, these three pieces of information, do they satisfy you?’’

The old woman faintly said. She had noticed the shock on Lin Ming's face as he read through the jade slip. But, she didn't ask further because it wasn't her concern at all. She was only here to provide information and receive payment.

’’I'm satisfied.’’

Lin Ming believed that the information coming from Heaven's Secret was true. If they were able to stand tall in divine Rune City where there were so many powerhouses and also become the largest intelligence network in this city, then it would have been impossible to reach these heights by swindling their way here. Moreover, the Celestial Tyrant Manual indeed existed.

’’But, I want to ask something. How can I contact this Heaven's Net third leader?’’ Lin Ming guessed that a behind the scenes leader of an assassin organization was mostly a mysterious figure. Wanting to make contact with him wouldn't be easy at all.

The old woman said, ’’Consider this information a free gift to you. Wanting to make contact with the Heaven's Net third leader is extremely difficult and all I know is that this person's code name is Blood Moon. This person's whereabouts are all a mystery, and if you are thinking about joining Heaven's Net to find them then you will be wasting your time. This is because Heaven's Net doesn't accept new members like yourself;most of the people in their ranks start out as extremely talented children that they take in. These people have all grown up in Heaven's Net and have been trained in that hellish environment, making all of them loyal and devoted to their organization!’’

Lin Ming wasn't surprised by this at all. An assassin organization particularly focused on the loyalty and confidentiality of their members. Many of them wore masks for their entire lives and even their team members wouldn't know their true appearance or name, only knowing them by their code name.

Assassin organizations most loved looking for orphans and children that were extremely good at stealing and pickpocketing. By raising these people from their childhood and training them into sublime killers, these people would be utterly loyal to the organization and their backgrounds would also be clean.

’’Senior, you said that most of the people from Heaven's Net were raised since childhood, but what about the rest?’’

The old woman said, ’’The rest have either been thoroughly inspected by Heaven's Net for a long time or they have been guaranteed by extremely important individuals of Heaven's Net. These types of people are normally extremely talented individuals, for instance, divine runic masters or alchemists! No matter how perfect the training system of Heaven's Net is, it is impossible for them to train divine runic grandmasters or alchemist grandmasters. Otherwise, there would be no need for an existence like the divine Runic Master Guild. However, as an assassin organization, it is impossible for them to lack talented individuals in those aspects, thus they can only take in divine runic masters, alchemists, and refiners after they have been trained. If you wanted to make contact with Heaven's Net's third leader, then being introduced by divine runic masters or alchemists is the best way to go about it. This is because the Heaven's Net third leader has a high need of pills and he is also needing people to refine them. If you are a divine runic grandmaster or grandmaster alchemist then you won't even need to look for him;he will look for you.’’

The old woman slowly said. Since Blood Moon dual cultivated in body and energy he certainly needed pills. Let alone Blood Moon, even someone like Lin Ming who experienced lucky chance after lucky chance needed pills and materials to the point of suffocating from them.

Now, Lin Ming had finished swallowing all God Beast parts he had, had finished swallowing the Nine Star Heaven Pill, had finished swallowing the Grandmist Spirit Bead Essence, and had even absorbed Xiao Moxian's primordial yin blood to bring himself into harmony. If he wanted to continue training then he would really be nothing but a destitute beggar with nothing to his name.

’’Senior, do you think I am an alchemist or something?’’ Lin Ming ruefully smiled.

’’That's not my problem. If you know any grandmaster alchemists or divine runic grandmasters then you can have them introduce you. I've already provided you with the method on how to make contact, so what else do you have to ask me?’’

’’Nothing...’’ Lin Ming helplessly said. Out of all the people this person could be, they had to be a leader of an assassin organization. This type of person was usually secretive in their movements, a divine dragon that never showed their face, so where would he begin looking for them?

’’Alright. If you have any other information you wish to inquire into then feel free to visit.’’

The old woman expressionlessly saw her guests out. Like this, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian left Heaven's Secret Pavilion.

’’Lin Ming, what was in that jade slip that surprised you so much? And you even have to ask about an assassin organization?’’

Xiao Moxian asked Lin Ming as soon as they left. Lin Ming answered without hiding anything from her. After Xiao Moxian heard this she pressed her eyebrows together and said, ’’Is it that strange? Reasonably speaking, your Celestial Tyrant Manual should be a singularly unique copy. If so, then the Celestial Tyrant Manual that Blood Moon possesses should have been two parts of a whole to the one that you have. It's only that they were separated and they were separated so long ago. The first half was left in an ancient ruin within the divine Realm and the second half came all the way to the Asura Road... I wonder how this is related?’’

’’I think it's strange too. It seems there is some mystery to this code name Blood Moon.’’

Lin Ming couldn't figure out what the reason was. The only way he would be able to find out the truth was if he met Blood Moon in the future.

The truth was that what Lin Ming wanted to know the most was how the Celestial Tyrant Manual was related to the Magic Cube. Was it just a coincidence that the first half of it was found together with the Magic Cube?

Unfortunately, the Verdant Feather World King had died long ago, so this mystery was hard to solve.

If he could see the second half of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, would he be able to find some clues about the Magic Cube?

This was something that Lin Ming deeply cared about, even more so than the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace cultivation method itself.

After all, the Magic Cube was Lin Ming's most important treasure. His initial rise to fame had relied upon the Magic Cube, and as Lin Ming stepped into the divine Lord realm and his cultivation continued to increase, he would be able to control more and more strength of the Magic Cube. The Magic Cube would eventually become Lin Ming's most powerful magic tool!

In the future, he might need to use the Magic Cube to kill his enemies. In the future great calamity of humanity, the Magic Cube would become one of Lin Ming's greatest strengths. Any secret regarding the Magic Cube was extremely important to him!

’’What do you plan on doing?’’ Xiao Moxian shrugged. ’’Have you thought about becoming a divine runic master? You should be able to meet this third leader like that, right? Don't you have some experience with inscription technique? But, it does seem that the Asura Road's inscription technique is far more profound than that of the divine Realm, and they have even combined it with god runes.’’

’’How could I possibly do that...’’ Lin Ming ruefully smiled, ’’My inscription technique is too shameful to even show others, much less combine with god runes. How could it be that easy...’’

As Lin Ming spoke to here, he immediately perked up. Inscription technique combined with god runes...

God runes... that's right!

A brilliant light flashed in Lin Ming's mind. The god runes of the Asura Road could be obtained by challengers after they completed certain tasks;they were in a sense traces of the Great Dao that corresponded to the Heavenly Dao of the Asura Road! They were divided into many different grades;for instance, silver, gold, blue soul, zenith black... and so forth!

Once one collected enough god runes then they could open the final trial of the Asura Road.

As for divine runic inscriptions, they were able to use the god runes of the Asura Road in inscription technique, forming the divine runic arts.

’’I have successfully obtained and studied the Asura Sutra First Volume, and I understand the Asura Road Heavenly Dao... then, god runes... perhaps I might be able to draw up one myself?’’

As this crazy thought began to grow within Lin Ming's mind, he gained unprecedented clarity of his path.

If he could become a divine runic master then not only would he be able to see the third leader of Heaven's Net, but it would be a great help to paving his future path to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!


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