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Martial World - Chapter 1543


Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543 - The Qualifications to Enter the City




’’The wild mountain range is in front of us!’’

After the group traveled for around half a day, Yue Liuxing suddenly pointed towards a dark mountain that appeared before them.

’’This is the most dangerous part of the road. We must join together and fight as one. There are many different types of vicious beasts, but I understand their weaknesses and the ways to fight the most vicious types. Listen to my directions in battle.’’

As Yue Liuxing reached the base of the mountain range she pulled out a jade slip. Recorded within this jade slip was the terrain of the mountain range as well as the distribution degree of dangerous vicious beasts scattered throughout it.

This surprised Lin Ming. According to most reasoning, the inner and outer Asura Road were nearly completely isolated from each other. He never imagined that these two siblings would have information on the inner Asura Road and in such an exhaustive manner that they even possessed a map of this mountain range detailing the distribution of vicious beasts.

’’Our cultivation isn't high so we can only avoid as many danger zones as we can. However, there are some places we won't be able to avoid. For instance, this place here is the habitat of the giant blood eagle and we have to cross this area no matter what. The giant blood eagle has a bloodline connection to the ancient Roc, so it is an extremely dangerous place to be. If we meet one or two we should be able to deal with them but if we meet a group then we'll have no choice but to flee our separate ways and hope that the heavens smile down on us.’’

Yue Liuxing earnestly stated her precautions and possible tactics. Xiao Moxian rubbed her chin as she listened to this. It was unknown how the ancestors of the monster beasts obtained their God Beast bloodline, but these bloodlines could be passed on for multiple generations without weakening.

These kinds of vicious beasts were extremely nourishing, especially for mortals.

Xiao Moxian chuckled, whispering to herself, ’’It seems my Big Yellow will have something to eat. Although the God Beast bloodline purity of these beasts is low, there should be an effect if he eats many of them...’’

’’Mm? What did you say?’’ Yue Liuxing asked, distracted.

’’Haha, it's nothing.’’

One hour later.


A sharp crackling sound howled through the air. A massive blood red eagle with a fleshy head emitted terrifying screams as Xiao Moxian's whip slashed over its body, breaking one of its wings.

Xiao Moxian's whip was like a cord of black lightning, nearly impossible to follow. Where it went, the void would sizzle, the piercing air penetrating through the ears!

As the group of four traveled all this way, Lin Ming hadn't done anything at all. Xiao Moxian personally cut down all the dangers that appeared.

Whether it was the giant blood eagle or any other type of vicious beast, all of them were cut down by Xiao Moxian like vegetables. Not even Yue Liuxing or Yue Qifeng were able to interfere.

’’So fierce!’’

The handsome and somewhat shy Yue Qifeng's mouth turned into an O shape as he saw this splendid battle take place. His eyes shined as he looked at Xiao Moxian, clearly filled with awe and worship.

As for Yue Liuxing, this was completely unexpected. She never imagined that the two allies she pulled into her group would be so fierce. She originally thought that they would have to work together and pass through countless life or death dangers to travel through this mountain range, but what really happened was something completely different.

’’Big Yellow, it's time to eat!’’

As Xiao Moxian called out, there was a cheerful little roar as a small furry yellow dog rushed out from Xiao Moxian's spirit beast bag like a tiny whirlwind. Big Yellow drooled as it hurtled towards the giant blood eagle, cleanly eating it away in just a few moments of time.

This left Yue Liuxing and her little brother dazed. They finally understood what Xiao Moxian had said by 'It seems my Big Yellow will have something to eat now'.

’’How can that little thing eat so much?’’

Yue Qifeng felt this all to be unbelievable. She struggled to imagine how such a small body could eat so much.

’’That beast that looks like a little yellow dog should be the girl's contract beast. If that girl is so fierce then her contract beast likely isn't ordinary either. Maybe it is some sort of desolate ancient vicious beast...’’

Yue Liuxing murmured. If it was a desolate ancient vicious beast then she wouldn't be surprised by how much it ate.

Yue Liuxing's guess was more or less correct, however Big Yellow was not desolate ancient vicious beast but a Taotie God Beast. Although its bloodline was inferior to the bloodline purity of Lin Ming's Black Dragon, a God Beast was still a God Beast. This sort of gluttonous God Beast formed a separate world within its body. After growing up, it could even swallow a planet.

After seeing the little yellow dog cleanly eat up the vicious beast, Yue Liuxing's eyes turned to Lin Ming. To her, Lin Ming was filled with even more mysteries.

She could faintly feel that Xiao Moxian was following Lin Ming. If so, this meant that Lin Ming might even be stronger than Xiao Moxian!

She didn't know just where these two humans had come from. Their strength was strong to the point of being abnormal.

With Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming, the four of them reached divine Rune City safely, without any accident at all.

divine Rune City was the largest city in the surrounding 10 million miles. A massive number of divine runic masters, alchemists, and top martial arts masters were gathered here.

Such a city naturally had to have an imposing atmosphere. Lin Ming wouldn't be surprised if it had city walls as grand and tall as a mountain ridge.

However, the reality was that divine Rune City had no city walls at all. Instead of city walls, it had a titanic large-scale defensive array formation!

This array formation also had the effect of gathering heaven and earth origin energy. Lin Ming could feel that the origin energy in the surrounding several hundred thousands of miles was being slowly gathered towards this array formation, finally settling near divine Rune City. This caused the heaven and earth origin energy here to be thick to the point of nearly condensing into liquid.

If one could cultivate here they would absolutely have astronomical results. Just this advantage alone was enough to have countless martial artists seek out this land.

Of course, this array formation needed a tremendous amount of energy to support it, otherwise it wouldn't activate. Even an Empyrean Holy Land would be overwhelmed with the task of supporting such a gargantuan array formation.

From this, it could be seen that this divine Rune City was disgustingly wealthy!

However, this was also well within reason. Whether it was divine runic masters, alchemists, or refiners, all were rich characters amongst all martial artists. Lin Ming wholeheartedly pursued the martial path and thus didn't place much focus on these occupations, so he didn't have many interactions with these martial artists who focused on these secondary skills.

Lin Ming originally thought that entering a treasure land like divine Rune City required a high entrance fee, and this entrance fee would naturally be used to maintain the activation of the array formation.

But, he didn't think that there would be no entrance fee at all. Rather, the city had extremely high standards for all martial artists entering.

As Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were about to enter the city, they were stopped by the city guard. These city guards had late divine Lord realm cultivations. In a small Holy Land, divine Lord martial artists could serve as outer court Elders, but in divine Rune City, they could only serve as gate guards.

’’Determine your city entrance qualifications!’’

The voices of the city guards were indifferent, with a faintly superior aura to them. It had to be known that the guards of divine Rune City were part of the divine Runic Corps and thus they were treated extremely well. Their status was not low and not only was their strength extraordinary but they also had a considerable level of talents. There were many weak martial artists that wished to apply to become a guard for divine Rune City but simply lacked the ability to do so.

’’Me and my little brother are divine runic masters.’’

Yue Liuxing said. She drew traces in the air, her fingertips leaving behind paths of energy that coalesced into beautiful runes. With a glance to Yue Qifeng, he also quickly followed suit.

As Lin Ming saw this, he recalled a scene from when he was 15 years old. When he had just obtained the Magic Cube, he had to go to the Seven Profound Martial House's Zither Quarters to look up information about sky worm silk. But, because there were many beautiful women there, he had been mistaken by the elder senior sister there for some sort of se*ual pervert who had gone to seek out advantages from the many beautiful women. The result was that Lin Ming had met Qin Xingxuan and had to prove that he was an inscription master, and the method he used was drawing an inscription symbol in the air.

At the time, Qin Xingxuan had been shocked by Lin Ming's inscription technique. That was also the first time they met.

’’Mm, your talent is satisfactory!’’ A city guard nodded, revealing a convinced expression. These two city guards were also spiritas and had an approximate understanding of the divine runic arts. They were able to see how talented Yue Qifeng and Yue Liuxing were.

’’Then you fellows, you don't seem to be divine runic masters...’’

The city guards turned to Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, and upon seeing that they weren't spiritas, realized that they likely weren't divine runic masters. The talent of the other races in the divine runic arts simply couldn't compare to those of the soul race, thus most of those from other races usually wouldn't choose to become divine runic masters because no matter how hard they tried, it was far too hard for them to catch up to the talent of the spiritas.

’’We aren't.’’ Lin Ming didn't count on drawing up some half-baked inscription runes to pass.

A city guard expectantly nodded. Then, he took out two god rune talismans from his spatial ring. These two god rune talismans turned into seals that sank into Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's body, casually wandering through them.

’’What is this?’’ Lin Ming could feel no malice behind these runes thus he didn't try to stop them, but he was still unhappy that these city guards investigated them so suddenly.

’’It is to determine your cultivation and skeletal age. Although there is no fee to enter divine Rune City, the standards for entering are extremely strict. Otherwise, just the rich heaven and earth origin energy here would have had the city bursting at the seams with martial artists! Those that can enter the city must either be talented geniuses, powerhouses, or divine runic masters, alchemists, or refining masters!

’’Since you two aren't powerhouses, divine runic masters, alchemists, or anything like that, you can only rely on your talent to enter, otherwise you cannot enter the city. We only allow the most extraordinary of individuals to enter!’’

The city guard proudly said. Lin Ming was startled as he heard this. If they admitted only the most extraordinary of individuals then it wasn't a surprise that divine Rune City's strength had developed to such a terrifying degree.

After the city guard finished, he looked at the results of the runes. From what he saw, he was left dumbfounded!

He never thought that the young man and woman standing in front of him were two monstrous geniuses!

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had youthful appearances, but the truth was that martial artists had many techniques to disguise their looks. It was hard to tell one's age from appearances alone, but, these divine runes would not be mistaken;they could measure a person's skeletal age to within a year.

’’One has cultivated martial arts for over 40 years, and the other for more than 50 years... you...’’

The city guard's mouth fell open. To reach the divine Lord realm at only 40-50 years was simply the talent of an abnormal freak! He had thought that his talent was good to begin with, but compared to this young man and woman in front of him, he was simply garbage.


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