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Martial World - Chapter 154


Chapter 154 - Qin Ziya




The 'divine Acacia Power' was ultimately a deviant and perverse cultivation method. After one cultivated the 'divine Acacia Power', their aura would be filled with a twisted and immoral momentum. If a martial artist was enveloped in this, their minds would be unable to cope with the endlessly aberrant illusions, and they would expose the ugliness of their hearts.

But Lin Ming's heart of martial arts was especially pure and true. Not only that, but Lin Ming cultivated the extreme Yang 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians', so his true essence was incomparably thick. His martial arts aura was like an unyielding bridge, motionless like a mountain. Because of this, these endless illusory phantoms were simply a joke to Lin Ming.

Ouyang Dihua's cultivation was only at the Pulse Condensation Period;even if he was at the Houtian realm, Lin Ming would still be able to resist his aura!

That's why the current scene was like such. Despite how Ouyang Dihua exerted his aura, Lin Ming remained unimpressed and unmoved. This caused Ouyang Dihua to look like nothing more than a stage clown!

As everyone present saw this scene, they were shocked silly. While facing Ouyang Dihua's oppressive aura, Lin Ming did not appear to be the least bit affected by it!

This was just too ridiculous! It was simply a slap to the face!

Within the crowd, Bai Jingyun was blankly looking towards Lin Ming's figure. She hadn't thought that under such a terrible pressure, Lin Ming could remain calm and tranquil as if he possessed a worthy arrogance that looked down upon all others.

To Lin Ming, Ouyang Dihua's oppressive aura was like a meager spider web that was easily shaken off.

Regardless of whether it was a moment ago when he was facing Zhang Guanyu, or now, Lin Ming's aura was peerlessly sharp. It was able to destroy even unbreakable defenses;it was like a long spear that cut through all!

At that moment, Bai Jingyun's heartbeat sped up with bewilderment.

He was calm and restrained like an immutable mountain.

But when combat broke out, he was like a limitless edge, stunning the world!

Maybe... just maybe... he could win!

Thinking this, Bai Jingyun grasped the collar of her dress, short of breath.

In the tiny, desolate corner where she was standing, no one had noticed her expression. This included Murong Zi, who was quietly standing with her head cocked...

On the military field, the longer Lin Ming remained calm, the more Ouyang Dihua was discredited and thoroughly embarrassed.

Some people could not bear to continue watching. Just how would Ouyang Dihua end this play today?

To those of a lofty status, what they regarded as the most important was face. And Lin Ming was simply not giving him any face!

’’Lin Ming is just too abnormal. Still, I don't think it's wise for him to be so resistant to Ouyang Dihua's aura. He should yield a little bit, and give Ouyang Dihua an opportunity to step down.’’ Some people murmured.

’’Yield?’’ Murong Zi happened to hear. She sneered and coldly said, ’’If Lin Ming really did yield even a little, then he would not be able to resist Ouyang Dihua's aura. Ouyang Dihua will not let Lin Ming go so easily. He will have Lin Ming be just like those idiots a moment ago, with their drooling mouths, dull eyes, and acting like some buffoons. That's simply no better than a pig.’’

The atmosphere became increasingly intense. Since things had already come to this point, it had long passed any chance of peaceful resolution.

But at this moment, a boisterous laughter suddenly sounded in the air. This laughter was particularly rich;when one first heard it, it was still very far away, and in the next second it rang in everyone's ears.

Before anyone could react, a man in flowing white robes appeared in front of the crowd, holding a long zither in his arms.

The man was tall and slender, with thick, bushy eyebrows. Standing there, he was cloaked in a timeless grace. Those who saw him could not help but feel a sense of palpable awe emerging from their hearts.

As this person appeared, the suppressing pressure that Ouyang Dihua was emitting suddenly scattered into the wind. Without a doubt, this person's strength was far more formidable than Ouyang Dihua.

’’Martial... Martial House Master?’’

Qin Xingxuan was shocked. She rarely saw the mysterious Seven Profound Martial House Master. His movements were erratic and he drifted from place to place. His strength was incomparably deep. He had already stalled at the peak Houtian boundary for a very long time, and it was said that he had already taken a half-step into the Xiantian realm!

Ouyang Dihua's mouth twitched as soon as he saw this man, who was holding a long zither, appear, and he took advantage of this moment to withdraw his area. This zither-holding man was the Seven Profound Martial House Master, Qin Ziya.

Before Qin Ziya joined the Seven Profound Valleys, he was only a mere wandering musician. Afterwards, he had done his obeisance and entered into the Seven Profound Valleys' Zither Faction. At that time, he was already 20 years old.

Since Qin Ziya had started cultivating martial arts at 20 years of age, he had already missed the golden period for a martial artist to cultivate. Still, as things were, he managed to unexpectedly enter into the Pulse Condensation Period at 31 years, and then stepped into the Houtian realm at 36 years of age. When he was 45 years old he had reached the peak Houtian realm.

Such a talented genius of cultivation had shocked even the elders of the Seven Profound Valleys. However, it was a great loss that he had missed the golden age for a martial artist to cultivate. So even though Qin Ziya was reborn, he had encountered an enormous bottleneck as he tried to enter the Xiantian realm. Now, he toured the world at his mercy of his own whim, and also held the post of Sky Fortune Kingdom's Seven Profound Martial House Master. This was because he wished to travel and find a breakthrough in his mind and also in his zither skill.

’’Sir Ouyang, can you consider giving me face, and consider this matter ended today? How about it?’’

Qin Ziya said this, smiling. His voice had a very strange fondness, as though one were listening to a spring breeze.

After a silence, Ouyang Dihua quietly said, ’’Since Martial House Master Qin says so, I naturally will not pursue this matter.’’

Since Qin Ziya had personally showed up, Ouyang Dihua would certainly take this opportunity and show him respect. Ouyang Dihua was also a bit in awe of Qin Ziya. Once Qin Ziya entered the Xiantian realm, he would also be an elder. With his talent in the Zither arts, his status would not necessarily be lower than his uncle's.

’’Little Brother Lin, this is for you.’’ Qin Ziya flicked his wrist. It wasn't clear how he moved, but a crimson colored Lingzhi the size of a baby's palm appeared in his hand.

With a wave of his hand, the Blood Lingzhi flew towards Lin Ming as if it had some sort of intelligence.

500 year old Blood Lingzhi!

After Lin Ming caught the Blood Lingzhi, he could feel the rich essence begin to flow into his hand. His heart couldn't help but rapidly beat with excitement.

A 500 year old Blood Lingzhi was extremely rare. Only a large sect would know the secret methods with which to cultivate it, and their survival rate were also very low.

Most Blood Lingzhi reached the end of their lifespan at 300 years of age. If the plant was not picked, then it would simply be wasted. A 300 year old Blood Lingzhi grew to the size of a washbowl, and was considered an incomparably wondrous miracle medicine in the world of mortal men.

This sort of Blood Lingzhi was already very precious. A Blood Lingzhi that was older would be much harder to find in the mortal world. There were only some sacred mountains that were rich in spiritual essence that the largest sects could look through.

When a Blood Lingzhi reached 300 years of age, its essence would begin to compress, and it would gradually decrease in size. A 400 year old Blood Lingzhi was the size of a scoop, but a 500 year old Blood Lingzhi was only the size of a baby's palm.

Although the Blood Lingzhi was smaller, what was concentrated was actually its enriching essence. This Blood Lingzhi was able to supplement one's flesh and body, causing a martial artist's vitality to be especially buoyant, and also increase one's strength.

A 500 year old Blood Lingzhi was a wondrous medicine that martial artists who seeked strength yearned for in their every waking dream.

As those present saw this faint aroma that was emitted by the crimson Blood Lingzhi, their hearts moved. Some people even took a deep gulp;this sort of miracle medicine simply could not be bought by money.

Before, Elder Wang had passed down a decree to Lin Ming. There were 4 promised rewards. They were the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, the 500 year old Blood Lingzhi, the Blue Miracle Pill, and the Body Spiritual Ichor. Although these rewards were staggeringly impressive, no one actually believed that Lin Ming could possible obtain them. But now, Lin Ming had obtained more than one. As for the rest, it was not an extreme impossibility that he could take those too.

This made those present feel jealous yet helpless. Lin Ming's strength had already been displayed before their eyes;there were no words they could say.

Lin Ming held the Blood Lingzhi in both hands and respectfully bowed to Qin Ziya. He said, ’’Thank you, Martial House Master.’’

’’Haha, do not thank me. This Lingzhi is not mine, but from the Seven Profound Valleys to be a reward given to gifted disciples. Since you passed the test that I set for you, then you have earned this Blood Lingzhi.’’

Lin Ming placed the Blood Lingzhi inside his spatial ring and he also put away the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead that he had picked up. He had no intentions of giving this bead back to Ouyang Dihua. He guessed that Ouyang Dihua would not confront him over this, and moreover, Ouyang Dihua would not want to admit that he gave this bead to Zhang Guanyu.

As Ouyang Dihua saw Lin Ming's movement, his complexion became increasingly gloomy. 'Lin Ming, Lin Ming, since you covet the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead so much, then you should use it well. I will wait for the day that you casually experiment with it and then kill yourself in the explosion!'

Because of the duel between Zhang Guanyu and Lin Ming, the original act of the grand banquet had already completely lost any meaning. And now, with the appearance of the Seven Profound Martial House Master, Qin Ziya, the atmosphere had reached its climax.

As far as martial artists were concerned, to meet the Seven Profound Martial House Master was similar to a commoner meeting the emperor. He had supreme authority, and his strength far exceeded anyone else in the Sky Fortune Kingdom. Even if it were a famous Houtian master like Muyi or Wang Xuanji, in the presence of Qin Ziya, they weren't even worth mentioning.

Ouyang Dihua had no interest in staying any longer. He patiently controlled his temper and said a few polite words to Qin Ziya, and then flicked his sleeve and stormed away.

Qin Ziya had no intention to stay either. After all, he was a figure that liked to flit around with the wind. After he drank a few cups of tea, he also departed.

Of this grand banquet, although the original purpose had been completely washed away, most of the guests were still in high spirits. They had witnessed all kinds of battles;it could be said that the night had reached climax after climax, and they were fully satisfied.

Of course, there were also those that were in a grim mood, such as the Tenth Prince, Yang Zhen. He had never imagined that Zhang Guanyu would suffer a crushing defeat by Lin Ming, and even have his hand turned into mush.

Zhang Guanyu had wanted to cripple Lin Ming, and the result was that he became partially disabled. The Tenth Prince had just found an ally, but now that ally was already finished. Also, Zhang Guanyu was the one that linked him to Ouyang Dihua. Without Zhang Guanyu, it wasn't certain that Ouyang Dihua would continue supporting him.

Thinking this, Yang Zhen felt nothing but bitterness.

Lin Ming was simply his life's darkest nemesis.

Certainly, there was one present who was in a much grimmer mood. This was the Allied Trade Association's Head of the Zhang Family, Zhang Fengxian.

When Zhang Guanyu was taken away, Zhang Fengxian felt as if the raging blood in his heart was rolling. He was immediately filled with a monstrous killing intent, and wanted to tear Lin Ming to shreds. But his personality was different to Zhang Guanyu's. He was at the helm of the Allied Trade Association so he had to maintain his reasoning and calm. He knew that at this moment he could not deal with Lin Ming! If he was too hasty, then it would absolutely be his Allied Trade Association that would suffer.


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