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Martial World - Chapter 1539


Chapter 1539

Chapter 1539 - Young Demon God




Of the three wondrous divine tools of the universe, Xiao Moxian only knew the legends of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. This was because the Good Fortune Saint Son had deliberately displayed it to the world. As for the Magic Cube and Purple Card, Xiao Moxian didn't know about them at all. There was no consensus on their names either. Throughout the different epochs and different universes, they had taken different names.

Even though Lin Ming and Tian Mingzi had repeatedly used the term Magic Cube, Xiao Moxian had no idea what they were referring to.

’’Heart demon cage, shatter!’’

Lin Ming shouted out loud. The Magic Cube raised a vortex of energy that spun around like a saw. The great heart demon web formed by the demon slave was torn apart by the Magic Cube!


The moment the demon slave completely died, it sent out a lung-retching scream. However, it could not change its fate of being swallowed up by the Magic Cube. It turned into a gray flow of energy that was gathered into the Magic Cube.

The demon slave was originally a heart demon life form. Heart demons, souls, thoughts, wills - all of these were under the category of divine within the trifecta of essence, energy and divine, thus it was utterly suppressed by the Magic Cube!

To use the Magic Cube to swallow up the demon slave was far too simple!

The ash gray Magic Cube revolved in Lin Ming's palm. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian instantly regained their freedom to move;all of the heart demon phantoms and endless illusions around them immediately disappeared!

In that instant, Tian Mingzi's complexion became horrendously ugly. His entire body shook with rage, so angry that his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

’’So that's how it is! I finally see! I never imagined this was possible! To think that the Magic Cube was obtained by you of all people, hahaha! How ironic. For 50,000 years i've done everything in my power to secretly search for this object that now lies in your hand, and yet I never knew any of this!’’

Tian Mingzi felt nothing but utter hate and loathing in his heart! If he had known that the Magic Cube was in Lin Ming's possession then how wonderful would it have been if he had killed Lin Ming when he was still small and weak!

’’Tian Mingzi, you are finished! Today I shall kill you, for myself, and also for the millions of souls that died for the Verdant Feather Holy Lands!’’

Lin Ming gathered all of his strength, pouring every last ounce into the Magic Cube!

For a time, a trillion stars seemed to extinguish themselves as the world fell into a dark, ash gray space. Tian Mingzi felt a horrifying strength break into his body and lock onto his soul!

The Magic Cube was a divine tool of the soul. When Lin Ming was still weak the Magic Cube was only able to serve as a passive defense. When something broke into his spiritual sea and tried to seize his body, only then would the Magic Cube counterattack on its own.

But now, with Lin Ming's strength having risen to the divine Lord realm, he was able to stimulate the movement of the Magic Cube. This was completely different from the past. The Magic Cube could be controlled by Lin Ming and used to attack the enemy. Even if the enemy's soul was protected by their mortal body, their soul would still be impacted by the Magic Cube!

In this wild and manic soul storm, Tian Mingzi felt his own soul shake life a leaf in a storm, almost torn from his body in the next moment!

For a time, he found it hard to control the Shadow Snake Sword to make it explode! Moreover, the key problem was that now with the web of the demon slave shattered by Lin Ming, even if the Shadow Snake Sword were to explode, Lin Ming would still be able to block it!

If so, not only would he not be able to injure Lin Ming but he would have lost his own Empyrean spirit treasure in vain!

And at this moment, Lin Ming rushed towards Tian Mingzi like a tiger descending the mountain. Strength erupted from his body as the Purple Temple Dao Palace gathered the power of the heavens' stars. Lin Ming grasped his Phoenix Blood Spear and thrust right towards Tian Mingzi's head!

’’Asura Heavenly Dao, Demon Extermination!’’

After Lin Ming opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace he used another technique within the Asura Sutra. This was a body transformation martial skill, and now with the support of the heavens' stars, Lin Ming was strong enough to use it!

Seeing Lin Ming's spear thrust towards him and even crushing the surrounding space, Tian Mingzi's complexion greatly changed. He recalled the Shadow Snake Sword, and without a thought to the danger to his life, he forced out another mouthful of blood essence and spat it on the Shadow Snake Sword. After the Shadow Snake Sword absorbed this blood essence it turned a deep shade of reddish black.

A demonic wind howled, like 10,000 grieving ghosts were crying out for justice!

’’Even if you have the Magic Cube, so what!? In the past, Mo Eversnow couldn't kill me even when she burnt her soul, and now my strength cannot be compared to how I was 50,000 years ago!’’

Tian Mingzi wildly roared. He grasped his Shadow Snake Sword and cut towards Lin Ming!

This was Tian Mingzi's strongest strike, one he made by overdrawing his life!

Facing this sword, Lin Ming's expression was indifferent. 15 billion jins of strength erupted from his body. Supported by his arcane techniques, his strength rose again to the power of five dragons!


A dreadful sonic explosion blew up like a detonating star. The world collapsed all around them. Tian Mingzi felt an indescribably great strength ram into his body, causing his palm to shake, his arm to go numb and the Shadow Snake Sword to fly away from his hand!


Tian Mingzi cried out, inexplicably shocked. Although he had speculated that Lin Ming's strength had risen after opening the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he never imagined it would be to such a degree. Lin Ming's strike could even shatter a planet!

With his bodily strength alone, Lin Ming had reached such a terrifying boundary. And when supported by his true essence and astral essence, anyone that faced Lin Ming would feel as if they were facing an ancient grand dragon in human form!


Lin Ming roared. He gripped his spear, aiming it at Tian Mingzi's head and bringing it smashing down!

Tian Mingzi desperately revolved the Space Laws to avoid this spear strike. But in that time, the gargantuan strength had already caused space to collapse, making the Space Laws unusable!

Tian Mingzi stared helplessly on as this unbelievably terrifying spear rushed towards his own head!

Time seemed to slow down. A strong sense of despair and unwillingness swelled up within Tian Mingzi's heart!

Lin Ming was far too strong. After breaking into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he could honestly and openly face off against a true World King! In addition, with the Magic Cube supporting him, his strength could already allow him to rule his own domain in the divine Realm! He was no longer a young genius but an overlord!

In this life or death moment, Tian Mingzi twisted his head to the side. But then, Lin Ming's spear still crashed into his right shoulder.


With a loud explosive sound, the terrifying strength of five dragons fell onto Tian Mingzi's body like an unending waterfall. His protective true essence shattered and all the bones in his entire right side directly shattered like twigs. His organs burst open and blood and flesh splashed outwards!

Lin Ming's spear had forcefully torn open half of Tian Mingzi's body, tearing off his right lung and nearly severing him in two!

In that moment, Tian Mingzi's pupils lost their focus. The right half of his body drooped down and his hand was left hanging, with blood gushing out of him!

Even in ordinary times, such a heavy wound would nearly kill Tian Mingzi. This was not a strike that a Great World King could afford to take.

Much less, Tian Mingzi was in an almost exhausted state right now without much energy left. Before this he had repeatedly forced out his blood essence to use his secret techniques. And now, receiving such a heavy wound nearly destroyed his life source.

A person's life source was their very foundation. Once it was destroyed it was nearly impossible to continue living. Even a transcendent divine pill would only be able to extend their lifespan a little bit. Sooner, and not later, death would come to claim them.


Tian Mingzi humorlessly chuckled, vomiting blood the entire time. A year ago he had rushed into God Burying Ridge with great ambitions in his mind. With his Great World King cultivation, he hunted down the late divine Transformation Lin Ming. But, he never imagined that this event which should have been his life's greatest lucky chance would actually lead to his current fate!

All of those who hunted Lin Ming, whether they were World Kings or half-step Empyreans, were killed off by Lin Ming, one at a time!

Not just that, but he possessed the Magic Cube and the inheritances of numerous powerhouses. Such a character was as terrifying as a true demon god!

However, no one would know about any of this because everyone who hunted after him had died! He would become a freakish monster that hid in the shadows of the juniors, an existence whose strength already surpassed the giants of the older generation!


Tian Mingzi spat out a mouthful of blood. He wanted to say something but all that came out from between his lips was more and more blood.

And at this time, Lin Ming punched out with his fist, smashing into Tian Mingzi's throat!

The trillion true essence threads of strength training's flow like silk instantly erupted in Tian Mingzi's throat, turning his spine into nothing but muddied flesh!

Tian Mingzi's head fell down at an awkward angle. An unwilling and sad smile still hung on his lips, making him look like a macabre puppet.

Then, Lin Ming pulled out the Phoenix Blood Spear and swept it out, cutting off Tian Mingzi's head.

A fierce and ambitious individual, one who had lived for 100,000 years, one who was soon about to enter the half-step Empyrean realm, had been killed by Lin Ming like this. His head bounced on the ground like a rubber ball, his eyes perfectly round, dead with everlasting regrets.


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