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Martial World - Chapter 1538


Chapter 1538

Chapter 1538 - Hatred of 50,000 Years




Hum ~ hum ~ hum ~

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel viciously spun, soon about to cut through Tian Mingzi's demon slave!

This demon slave had been carefully raised by Tian Mingzi;it was equal to a contract beast in energy form. Once it was exterminated by Lin Ming, Tian Mingzi would suffer enormous losses!

’’Demon slave, wind the primordial spirit!!’’

Tian Mingzi roared out loud. In that moment, the demon slave phantom that was suppressed by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel emitted a shrill scream. Ignoring the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel that was cutting through its body, it hurtled towards Lin Ming!


With a loud cracking sound, the demon slave was split in half by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

The split up halves of the demon slave began to burn, turning into pure streams of gray energy that wound towards Lin Ming!

This was the demon slave's final desperate attack! After this strike, the demon slave would extinguish into smoke, no longer existing in this world. Tian Mingzi was planning to use this demon slave to suicide into Lin Ming, having both of them die together!

An ordinary contract beast would not be under the absolute control of their master;they wouldn't sacrifice themselves simply because they were commanded to. But, Tian Mingzi's demon slave was completely raised by him and was under his full domination. If it was ordered to risk its life in an attack then it would truly be reckless!

At the peak of its strength, this demon slave had 40-50% of Tian Mingzi's full strength. Even though this demon slave was nothing but a dried up lamp, the strength that it could erupt with at its final moment was still terrifying. On the spot, it turned into a giant net that came bounding towards Lin Ming!

Ca! Ca! Ca!

The surrounding 100 feet of space was completely sealed off. Lin Ming's complexion changed. This Tian Mingzi was too ruthless;he had sacrificed this contract beast that he raised for so many years and had forced it to burn away all its life essence.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt his heart shake. Just as he was being covered by the demon slave net, illusions grew thick in his mind!

Lin Ming saw illusions of terrifying scenes. First he had been captured by Tian Mingzi, his cultivation completely crippled and his soul sucked out to be refined. Then, Xiao Moxian was raped by him, and Lin Ming could only watch helplessly on as she was refined into a pill! Next, Lin Ming's primordial spirit was imprisoned by Tian Mingzi for a million years, forced to undergo endless torture and pain before disintegrating to ash!

These innumerable illusions flashed through Lin Ming's mind, the pain nearly causing his spiritual sea to be torn apart!

’’These are heart demons!’’

Lin Ming's mind shook. This demon slave was an energy life form, one connected to heart demons. Thus, it unexpectedly had the ability to affect his own heart demons.

’’Haha, Lin Ming, how is the taste of having heart demons enter your body!? I know that you have a will firm but this is a heart demon life form that I've carefully raised for 60,000 years! This demon slave is formed from the evolved obsessions of an ancient powerhouse. It was obtained by me, and then I used several hundred years to slowly refine it and cancel out its consciousness before it was fully subdued by me! Although I'm not relying on it to kill you, it's more than enough to imprison you!’’

A heart demon life form evolved from the obsessions of an ancient powerhouse?

Lin Ming was startled. Most martial artists' heart demons usually came in two extreme forms;one was something they feared more than anything else in the depths of their heart and the other was something they longed for incomparably.

Obsessions, in other words, were desires. When an unrivalled powerhouse died, for their obsessions to turn into an energy life form, that was truly incredible!

This attack that came from the demon slave burning its life away not only surrounded Lin Ming but also surrounded Xiao Moxian. Even if they knew that everything they saw was illusions, it was still difficult to rid themselves of these heart demons!

’’Phoenix Trueform!’’

Xiao Moxian cried out loud. The back of her clothes tore apart and two giant phoenix wings unfurled, stretching to the skies!

In that moment, wild and savage black flames rolled forth from Xiao Moxian like a tide, burning away the heart demons!

The black flames nearly reached the seventh level Concept of the Fire Laws!

Tian Mingzi's mind chilled. This Xiao Moxian was not easy to deal with;her strength wasn't much different from Lin Ming's. if this were to continue then the demon slave would be completely burnt away by her.

Tian Mingzi sneered, ’’You've actually cultivated to the seventh level Concept of the Fire Laws;even an ordinary World King who cultivates supernatural fire powers is no better than you! You are truly a pair of outstanding youths, but what a pity, you are both destined to die here today!

’’Shadow Snake Sword, explode!’’

Tian Mingzi suddenly shot out his sword. As his sword pierced towards Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, the surface of the black sword shimmered with a massive number of runes. As these runes shined, the sword began to disintegrate, erupting with an infinite rain of light!

Tian Mingzi wanted to blow up his own black sword!

This black sword had also been obtained by Tian Mingzi in an ancient mystic realm and was itself an Empyrean spirit treasure. However, the original artifact spirit had already died and thus Tian Mingzi had captured an ancient vicious beast to draw out its soul to replace the sword's artifact spirit.

Then, he had spent tens of thousands of years to completely refine this sword until he became of singular mind with it!

Because this artifact spirit had been placed in by Tian Mingzi and combined with the fact that he had completely refined the sword, he could use a thought command alone to have this black sword of his explode!

The might of an exploding Empyrean spirit treasure was unimaginable! For instance, if Primordius Heavenly Palace were to explode, the consequences would be incredible. Even a planet would be blown up!

Of course, Tian Mingzi's black sword was far inferior to Primordius Heavenly Palace in grade. Even so, this was not something that Lin Ming could withstand! If an Empyrean spirit treasure were to explode near their bodies then both Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian would be completely destroyed!

’’Hahaha! Lin Ming, you are far too naïve! I know that your strength has greatly risen because you broke through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, and as for me, I have nearly exhausted all my strength. You rushed out now, choosing what you thought was the perfect time and situation to do so, but the difference in our cultivation is far too great! Even though I am a dried up lamp I still have limitless methods to kill you! I am willing to abandon my demon slave and my Shadow Snake Sword, all to eliminate you! As long as I can kill you then everything I've lost can be recovered!’’

Tian Mingzi's attack could be called meticulously calculated and prepared in advance. Although abandoning his demon slave that he had spent tens of thousands of years raising and Shadow his Snake Sword was an enormous loss, he didn't miss them too much because he knew that the secrets on Lin Ming's body far exceeded the value of those two!

Seeing the dazzling runes on the Shadow Snake Sword shine to the extreme as it began storing a massive explosive force, Lin Ming didn't panic at all. Rather, he sneered and said, ’’Tian Mingzi, are you really so sure that there is some heaven-shaking secret on my body that is enough to make up for everything you've lost? Since that's the case, let me show you just what my secret is!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, his momentum rose beyond description, as if he was ready to wield the heavens and earth, dominating all of existence.

Tian Mingzi was shocked as he heard this. Lin Ming really did have a heaven-shaking secret on him... just what could it be!?

He stared with eyes wide open, his concentration completely focused. At the same time, he also stimulated the energy within the Shadow Snake Sword to explode! He wasn't so stupid that he would miss the best chance to attack just so he could see what Lin Ming's secret was!

’’Could it be the inheritance of a True divinity level character?’’

Tian Mingzi instantly thought. In his opinion, he had thought that in front of Lin Ming's current achievements, even the inheritances of peak Empyreans weren't anything at all. In the entire divine Realm, there were over a handful of peak Empyreans, and this was even more when the dead were included!

With so many peak Empyrean descendants, not a single one of them was able to compare to Lin Ming.

In that moment, Lin Ming sunk his thoughts into his inner world. A vast and boundless aura of the Great Dao surged out from Lin Ming's body, as if everything had returned to the most primal era. With Lin Ming's inner world as the core, a black and mystical vortex appeared!

’’Power of the heavens' stars, gather unto my body, Purple Temple Dao Palace!’’

Lin Ming roared out. Within his inner world, a magnificent Dao Palace shining with glory appeared. In that moment, the vault of Bai Qi's tomb seemed to vanish, replaced with an endless starry sky!

Endless starlight gathered into a vast river of sparkling lights, all of it flowing into Lin Ming's inner world!

Lin Ming's strength began to wildly grow!

And, all of this crazily growing strength was poured into a gray cube within Lin Ming's inner world!

’’Reveal yourself, divine Crystal Magic Cube!’’

Lin Ming had stepped onto the peak of the early divine Lord realm and had also broken into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. With his dragon and phoenix blood energy brought into harmony, on this day he had finally obtained the ability to galvanize the Magic Cube's strength!

When Mo Eversnow had been a half-step World King she had also been able to do this because her talent was outstanding and her strength far surpassed that of all other half-step World Kings. At that time, Mo Eversnow had the ability to stimulate the Magic Cube. Of course, wanting to activate its powers to the max still required her to burn her soul to do so. And now Lin Ming's strength was no weaker than that of Mo Eversnow in the past!

The ash gray cube floated out from Lin Ming's inner world, slowly revolving in the skies. Mysterious runes appeared all over its surface. With a single glance, one could feel their soul be trapped, forever unable to leave!

It was like this ash gray cube contained a universe unto itself, limitless, boundless, so vast that even a True divinity could not explore its depths!

’’This is... this is...!??’’

As the Magic Cube appeared, Xiao Moxian had no reaction. As for Tian Mingzi, he was shocked beyond all description. A maddening demented light colored his complexion!

’’Magic Cube! The divine Crystal Magic Cube! How could it possibly... how could it possibly be in your hands! You... you... you... you actually...’’

Tian Mingzi pointed a shaking finger towards Lin Ming, his words filled with anger, shock, fear!

This was an object he had waged war for, something he had spent a massive amount of effort to take, but Lin Ming had unexpectedly obtained it! He had overthrown the Verdant Feather Holy Lands for this item alone. He had killed the old World King of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands and had hunted their Saintess to her death, and yet all of his efforts had become a gift to Lin Ming!

How could he not be angry about this!?

’’I knew it! I knew that bitch Mo Eversnow hadn't yet died! If you picked up the Magic Cube then you must have seen that whore!’’

Tian Mingzi's expression wildly shook, as if he were losing his mind. To see Tian Mingzi lose his calm like this surprised even Xiao Moxian. Just what was that black cube? Why would Tian Mingzi have such a great response to it?


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