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Martial World - Chapter 1537


Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537 - Fighting Tian Mingzi




Tian Mingzi's complexion changed as he saw that Lin Ming's strength had greatly increased. Although he had overdrawn his blood vitality and his boundary had dropped, a skinny camel was still larger than a horse. This sword strike of his was able to instantly kill a peak Holy Lord, but Lin Ming with his early divine Lord realm cultivation had been able to easily block it!

Although Tian Mingzi had only used 30% of his strength there, didn't Lin Ming also not use his complete strength?

’’You...’’ Tian Mingzi's lips shook as he spoke. An inconceivable possibility appeared in his mind, but only this possibility could reasonably explain what just happened!

’’You... you broke through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!?’’

As Tian Mingzi looked at Lin Ming now, his eyes were filled with fear and dread!

Lin Ming was far too fearful, fearful to the point that it suffocated him!

Originally, Tian Mingzi with his Great World King cultivation had joined forces with an ordinary World King, two half-step World Kings, some guides and underlings, and later even a half-step Empyrean. This amazingly mighty lineup of martial artists had been used to hunt down a late divine Transformation realm martial artist through the God Burying Ridge. That could simply be called the most ludicrous joke in the world. If news of this were to ever spread out then they would all be laughed at as idiots who tried to kill a chicken with an oxen knife.

Not even hunting down a strong World King would require such a luxurious lineup!

However, this amazing lineup of individuals, in hunting down a single junior, had met an unexpected result!

First, they had forced Lin Ming into Tragic Death Valley, a land that no one had ever emerged from for 10 billion years. However, not only did Lin Ming leave unscathed but he had also obtained massive benefits, benefits that allowed him to break into the divine Lord realm!

Even a divine Lord realm martial artist still wasn't worthy to be chased by such a strong group. Once they found him they could instantly crush him to death!

But following that, Lin Ming had lured them all into a danger zone, using all sorts of traps and methods in addition to his own terrifying combat strength to kill them all off one at a time!

If Ash Murder, Mister Zhou, and all the others who came before had made the grave mistake of underestimating their opponent, then Tian Mingzi could be said to have treated his with the utmost sincerity, stopping at nothing to ensure victory. He hadn't even hesitated to use up his own blood essence and even then he had only caused Lin Ming to receive heavy wounds and be forced back into Primordius Heavenly Palace. Afterwards, he had even used his heart demon blood curse so that Lin Ming's heart demons would burst out during his breakthrough and he would perish.

But, the reality was that Lin Ming had closed up in Primordius Heavenly Palace and had broken through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, allowing his strength to reach unprecedented heights!

This Lin Ming had been set in death trap after death trap but had found the path to survival, making it so that no one could summon the courage to face him!

Even if Tian Mingzi were a Great World King, he was also the same.

However, now that matters had come to this step it was impossible for him to retreat. He had severely damaged his life source and if he didn't kill Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian now then it was likely he would fall to the boundary of an ordinary World King in the future. Not just that, but his lifespan would be damaged and it would be nearly impossible to progress a single inch forwards in his future cultivation. To Tian Mingzi, this was a fate worse than death!

Now, in this sealed off space, it was either he would perish or they would die!

’’Good! Very good!’’ Tian Mingzi's eyes were dignified. Although his words seemed confident, he lacked any assurance in his heart. If he were in his peak state then no matter what breakthroughs Lin Ming made he could still easily suppress him. But now, he had lost all grasp of the situation because he simply didn't know how strong a martial artist would become after reaching the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

There was simply no reference target for this. This was because the saints didn't cultivate the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace;their race had a body transformation technique that was easier and suited them more. Thus, it could be said that within the current universes of the 33 Layered Heavens, only Lin Ming had reached the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. His achievements could not be replicated!

Facing this enemy that he didn't understand at all, Tian Mingzi could only try his best!

Tian Mingzi spread out his arms. Behind him, the phantom of a demon god formed. All of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy gathered towards this demon god!

A Great World King was still a Great World King. Even after being reduced to such a state he could still display such a powerful technique.

Tian Mingzi shot out the black sword in his hands. This sword seemed to turn into a black snake, winding through the air before falling into the hands of this demon god phantom.

Tian Mingzi had given his sword to the demon god phantom!

Seeing this, Lin Ming was startled. He could faintly feel that Tian Mingzi's sword was extremely unusual. Its shape was strange, with the blade being longer than an adult male was high, and yet the blade was as narrow as a flower petal. It was difficult to apply any sort of force with this sword and thus difficult to understand why any refining master would design a sword like this.

But seeing this demon god phantom gradually take shape in the air, Lin Ming was able to speculate that this demon god phantom wasn't summoned by Tian Mingzi, but had always been sealed within the sword!

Then, Tian Mingzi struck his chest with his fist and spat out a mouthful of blood into the demon god phantom. As this demon god phantom absorbed Tian Mingzi's blood, it became increasingly real and its expression became increasingly fierce!

Witnessing this scene, Lin Ming felt his heart skip a beat. Tian Mingzi had actually used his own blood to raise this demon! In the legends, there were witches and shamans that raised poisonous bugs in their body, feeding them with their own flesh and blood. This demon that Tian Mingzi released was in a similar situation.

’’Hahaha! Lin Ming! This demon slave that I carefully raised is for when my true self has been severely wounded! It can display 50% of my peak strength! You can die now!’’

Tian Mingzi raved. Then, the demon god phantom hurtled forwards, billowing demonic energy that surged all about it, condensing into ash gray pythons that twisted above the sword before cutting straight down!

’’A demon slave with 50% of your combat strength?’’

Hearing Tian Mingzi's wild laughter, Xiao Moxian was shocked. A Great World King truly did have endless methods to use;she never imagined Tian Mingzi would have such a backup plan. Just from looking at the billowing demon energy of that demon god phantom, she could see just how strong it was!

A demon slave with 50% of Tian Mingzi's peak combat strength? How could she and Lin Ming block it?

And as Xiao Moxian's mind wavered, the demon slave roared out loud and rushed towards Lin Ming. A terrifying demon will turned into a beam of dark light that shot into Xiao Moxian's spiritual sea. This was the heart demon seal that Tian Mingzi had used before!

Without being weakened by Primordius Heavenly Palace's array formation, this heart demon blood seal was over ten times more powerful than before!

’’Be careful!’’

Just as this heart demon was about to enter Xiao Moxian's mind, Lin Ming's voice cracked in her ear like a shocking thunderclap!

In his voice, he had fused the divine Mist Heart Mantra, using the Laws of the soul forging system to block the heart demon blood seal that was trying to drill into Xiao Moxian!

’’Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!’’

Lin Ming's spear swept out and drew a dao diagram in the air. This dao diagram had countless demons sealed within it, all of them fierce and dreadful!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The dao diagram revolved, suppressing and smashing apart the heart demon blood seal like a massive grinding pan!

Xiao Moxian's mind shook. Only then did she free herself from the shackles of the heart demon.

She was startled by what had just happened;she had almost fallen into Tian Mingzi's trap.

’’He's lying to you!’’ Lin Ming quickly said to Xiao Moxian with a true essence sound transmission.

Xiao Moxian eyebrows shot up. She immediately understood what Lin Ming was saying!

Perhaps Tian Mingzi might have really raised a demon slave so he could bring it out whenever his true self was injured. But, the strength of this demon slave wasn't as formidable as Tian Mingzi had described.

The reason for this was that Tian Mingzi had to face the iron-armored spectral soldier array and had repeatedly burnt his blood essence to defeat them. If this demon slave really did possess 50% of his peak strength then why would he need to burn his blood essence now?

In other words, Tian Mingzi had already used this demon slave to deal with the iron-armored spectral soldier array, causing the origin energy of the demon slave to be severely damaged and its strength to have lowered.

But no matter what the truth was, Tian Mingzi was simply making empty claims about this demon slave.

And there was only one reason he did this. He wanted to produce a brief moment where Xiao Moxian's mind wavered so he could use a heart demon blood seal to invade her spiritual sea and stoke her heart demons!

’’Guard your mind. This Tian Mingzi wants to deal with you first so he can suck up your phoenix blood essence to recover his own strength and then deal with me!’’

Lin Ming quickly said. Xiao Moxian grimaced. This Tian Mingzi was far too sinister!

But, one couldn't blame Xiao Moxian for being too careful in thinking this. Tian Mingzi's acting was far too real, and in addition to his Great World King boundary, it was easy to believe that he had some ultimate hidden card in his hands.


At this moment, the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel released an explosive sound. After it crushed the demon heart blood seal to dust, it began grinding down on the demon slave!

Lin Ming stepped on space. As he raised his hands, tremendous supernatural powers rushed forwards with overwhelming momentum!

He grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and pointed it straight between the demon slave's eyebrows. ’’All demons in this world, be received into the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, never to enter samsara, forever and ever imprisoned to be used by me!’’


The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel flew forwards like a horrifying spinning saw wheel. The demon slave released heart-rending screams as the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel tore into its body!

Xiao Moxian's thoughts were right. This demon slave, in its peak state, might have had 40-50% of Tian Mingzi's strength. However, because Tian Mingzi needed to break through the iron-armored spectral soldier array as soon as possible so he could hinder Lin Ming's breakthrough, he had summoned the demon slave, greatly consuming its energy. Now, it was far inferior to how it was in the past!

Xiao Moxian watched as the demon slave was cut apart. Lin Ming's words were like the proclamation of heaven, seeming as if he were ordering the slave demon to be sucked into the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. She couldn't help but feel admiration at Lin Ming's combat strength.

Xiao Moxian had broken into the divine Lord realm and had completed her first phoenix nirvana;currently, her strength wasn't too far off from Lin Ming's. But, in terms of true combat experience, the Xiao Moxian who grew up in Demondawn Heavenly Palace was far inferior to the likes of Lin Ming and Tian Mingzi, who wandered the world in search of adventures, experiencing countless dangerous life or death situations. Even if their strength was similar, the combat strength that Xiao Moxian could display on the battlefield was far inferior to Lin Ming's.

As she admired Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian also felt an indescribable affection towards him. Even though she was a proud daughter of heaven who possessed a nearly unrivalled talent and had even completed her first nirvana during the divine Lord realm, or even if she were to become a True divinity in the future, when she was with Lin Ming she knew that he would always stand in front of her, forever protecting her and giving her an inexplicable sense of safety.


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