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Martial World - Chapter 1536


Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536 - Facing a Great World King




As Lin Ming's consciousness withdrew from the star space, Xiao Moxian was the first to welcome him back.

’’Lin Ming, I knew you would succeed!’’

At this time, Xiao Moxian had already used energy to form a long black dress. After experiencing her phoenix nirvana her body exuded a strange and enthralling appeal. It was no longer just the simple pureness of a young girl but contained many flavors of grace and charm.

After Lin Ming broke through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and obtained Xiao Moxian's primordial yin blood and baptism of her phoenix nirvana, the yin yang energy within him had also become balanced and the rise in his strength was not a small matter.

As for Xiao Moxian, she had broken through to the divine Lord realm and experienced her first phoenix nirvana;her strength had risen even more than Lin Ming's!

After several hours of cultivation, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had both been reborn. There was no comparison between the past and current them!

The two of them both contained a dreadful supernatural power within them, one that wanted to break free!

’’Xian'er, let's go!’’

Because of the substantial change in their relationship, the way Lin Ming called Xiao Moxian also changed. Xiao Moxian held onto Lin Ming's hand and followed him out.

She was well aware that outside of Primordius Heavenly Palace, there was a Great World King waiting for them!

However, this didn't cause her to feel fear. Rather, it ignited a blazing fighting spirit in her heart.

The divine Lord realm to challenge a Great World King!

Looking at the broad world, since ancient and modern times, just who had this sort of daring boldness!?

At this time, outside of Primordius Heavenly Palace, Tian Mingzi was looking at the skies with suspicions. The nine stars had long since vanished.

Just two hours ago, the extremely dim nine stars had become incomparably bright. Among them, the Army Breaker Star was especially brilliant, like the luminescent moon shining on a clear night.

Because of that, Tian Mingzi's thoughts had become chaotic and he had spared no expense to use an arcane skill, even using his blood essence to form heart demon seals again and again. But due to the array formation protecting Primordius Heavenly Palace, he had no idea whether or not his attacks had been effective. Afterwards, those nine stars had brightened for a long time before slowly dimming down and then vanishing completely.

This scene caused the overly cautious Tian Mingzi to frown. He had no idea just what had happened.

It had been countless years since anyone had broken through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and even any ancient texts that described the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had been lost to time. Tian Mingzi had no idea what sort of phenomena would occur when a martial artist tried to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

After seeing the nine stars disappear, Tian Mingzi believed that Lin Ming should have failed in his breakthrough.

’’This brat is really the reincarnation of a demon god. Even the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace that were cursed by the Heavenly Dao have produced such a phenomenon because of him, it was like he had nearly made his breakthrough! Luckily, my heart demon seals are especially used to stir martial artists' heart demons when they are attempting a breakthrough... otherwise, that brat really might have been successful in his breakthrough!’’

Tian Mingzi calculated in his mind. He felt that this speculation was the most reasonable.

Perhaps, because of the heart demon seals and the energy backlash from failing to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, Lin Ming's mortal body might have already collapsed and he may have been in a dying state.

Looking at Primordius Heavenly Palace, this inestimably valuable palace was still covered with a powerful array formation. It would be impossible to shatter its defenses in a short period of time.

Tian Mingzi diabolically grinned. ’’Such a wonderful treasure and yet you cannot drive it with your own power. You can only rely on using nine sun jades to supply the required energy to power the array formations, that is truly a waste! Then, let me help you receive this treasure! Moreover, all the secrets on your body will also be mine! I will allow you to maintain whatever feeble existence you still have for several more days while I restore myself to my peak state, and then I'll slowly refine this Primordius Heavenly Palace once more. After that, I'll pull out your soul and refine it, hahaha!’’

As Tian Mingzi imagined himself using a soul searching technique to discover all of Lin Ming's secrets, he became increasingly happy with himself.

In trying to kill Lin Ming for these last 20 years, the price he had paid was immeasurable. Not only had he severed his hand but he had even lost the Skydark Holy Lands that he had ruled for 50,000 years. Now, he had even been forced to burn 30% of his blood essence, greatly damaging himself in the process!

’’My lost blood vitality can be restored using Xiao Moxian. She has a half phoenix body and she also comes from the royal phoenix bloodline! If I use her to make a pill, not only can I fully recover my blood vitality but I'll even surpass my peak state in the past! For me to encounter Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian in the Asura Road is my life's greatest lucky chance!’’

If he was successful in killing Lin Ming, this would indeed be the most important moment in Tian Mingzi's life. He would inherit everything of Lin Ming's;even becoming an extreme Empyeran in the future would be easy. Thus, even though Tian Mingzi was a naturally cold-minded and sinister individual who hid his thoughts deeply, at this time he couldn't restrain his mood from wildly oscillating!

’’I'll sit in meditation, and three days later when I've restored my strength I will have a 90% chance of refining this Heavenly Palace!’’

Although Tian Mingzi desperately wanted to kill Lin Ming right now, he didn't immediately try to break through Primordius Heavenly Palace's array formation. Rather, he decided to wait until he restored himself to his top condition before killing Lin Ming. This was to ensure that his plan was successful and prevent Lin Ming from counterattacking him in any manner.

Then, Tian Mingzi casually set up an array formation around Primordius Heavenly Palace. To Tian Mingzi, Lin Ming was a turtle in a jar;there was no escape for him.

As Primordius Heavenly Palace was surrounded, Tian Mingzi grinned. But then, his smile froze on his face. He stared blankly on as the array formation surrounding Primordius Heavenly Palace was torn apart and a youth in black clothes stepped out, following by a young woman in a dress. These two people that just stepped out from the array formation were Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian!


Tian Mingzi couldn't even believe his eyes. He had been thinking of all possible means by which he could refine Primordius Heavenly Palace and yet Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian emerged on their own volition!?

Could they have realized that staying in there was the same as waiting for death, so they planned to rush out now and risk their lives battling him while he was at his weakest?

’’A wise decision, but still useless!’’

Even though Tian Mingzi was near exhaustion and he was covered with countless wounds, he was still a Great World King. He was an existence who could destroy a planet with his hand, so how could he be killed by a mere divine Lord powerhouse?

As for Lin Ming's avatar, Tian Mingzi didn't fear it anymore. He had only been surprised by the avatar's sneak attack before, but now he was prepared. He could absolutely use an array formation to imprison the avatar and then slowly refine it. No matter how powerful that avatar's bodily defensive abilities were, it was impossible for it alone to change the tide of this war.

’’Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, are you really that impatient to die? Haha, that is just what I like!’’ Tian Mingzi laughed. Although he was arrogant on the surface, the truth was that he was maintaining vigilance all around him in order to prevent Lin Ming from using any more of his dirty tricks. However, no matter how guarded he was, he still felt his heart shake as he saw Xiao Moxian's cultivation!

Xiao Moxian had also broken through to the divine Lord realm!

Just what was happening?

Tian Mingzi felt this to be unbelievable. He was well aware that just some time ago, Xiao Moxian had only been at the late divine Transformation realm. After entering God Burying Ridge and Tragic Death Valley, why would her cultivation base suddenly rise to the divine Lord realm in such a short period of time? Even if she were to ignore all consequences to her foundation and swallow any heavenly materials she could find, it would still be impossible for her cultivation to rise so quickly!

’’divine Lord realm, you also broke through the divine Lord realm! Good! Very good! But you still cannot change your fate of destruction. The only thing that will change is that when I use you for alchemy, I will be able to press out more of your phoenix blood essence to restore more of my lost blood vitality!’’

Tian Mingzi looked at Xiao Moxian and cackled.

Although he could see Xiao Moxian's breakthrough, he actually couldn't see Lin Ming's. Tian Mingzi didn't understand the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace to begin with, so he only thought that Lin Ming was still at the peak of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

However, he could faintly feel that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were much stronger than they were before. This caused him to be on full alert. He was only worried that Lin Ming would have some tricks up his sleeve, not that Lin Ming would be stronger than he was.

’’Tian Mingzi, aren't you afraid that the wind will bite your blathering tongue? Hehe, just you wait, I'll cut you up to feed to the dogs!’’

Xiao Moxian stood in sharp opposition, not backing down in the least. This caused Tian Mingzi to scowl.

’’You really have no idea of death or danger!’’

Tian Mingzi flicked his hand and a pill flew into his mouth. With it, an abnormal red color brightened his cheeks. His missing blood vitality seemed to become exuberant once more.

Without a doubt, this was a pill with a side effect. Eating too much of this would have a tremendous impact on his future.

Lin Ming sneered as he saw this, ’’Your body is already so ruined that you need medicines to fight? Your arm seems to have been severed too and the meridians haven't even fully healed. How pitiful... but, no matter how miserable you are I won't show any mercy at all. I will kill you now in your weakest moment!’’

As Lin Ming spoke to here, astral essence surged out from his body. An unimaginable great strength erupted from him like a tide!

Tian Mingzi's pupils shrank. His complexion became increasingly fierce and wild. ’’So your strength has made some progress, no wonder you're so arrogant. But, if you think that this alone is enough to defeat me then you are far too naïve! Let me show you what the strength of a Great World King is like! Today, I will make up for all the blood vitality I lost from your body!’’

Tian Mingzi drew the black sword from his spatial ring and stepped on the void, slashing out at Lin Ming. As this sword came slicing down, countless demons seemed to gush out from the blade. At the same time, this sword also carried with it a terrifying suction power. This was Tian Mingzi's Heaven Absorbing Demon Art that he used in conjunction with his attack!

Seeing Tian Mingzi's sword cut down, Lin Ming didn't evade or dodge. He locked onto Tian Mingzi's sword light and punched out!

In that instant, Lin Ming's great strength of 15 billion jins erupted, strength that surpassed that of a dragon!


With a loud crack, Tian Mingzi's sword light disintegrated into countless motes of black light. As for Lin Ming, his body only shook but he stood firm where he was without retreating a single step.


Tian Mingzi's was bewildered. Because he was cautious that Lin Ming would play some trick on him, that had only been a probing attack just now. Even though he hadn't gone all-out, it was still a terrifying strike. Despite this, he never imagined that Lin Ming would block it bare-handed with such ease.


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