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Martial World - Chapter 1531


Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531 - Crimson Space




Lin Ming's breakthrough was originally defying the heavens' will to forcefully change one's life. To break through the chains of the Heavenly Dao was indescribably difficult. Even though Lin Ming's mortal bodily foundation had reached this degree of tempering, he still only had a 10% chance of succeeding. Finally, he still had to rely on absorbing Xiao Moxian's phoenix blood essence in order to have some hopes of succeeding.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming simply wasn't able to tolerate any interference.

And Tian Mingzi was doing things to the extreme;he didn't want to give Lin Ming even the smallest chance of rising back up. Even if he had to desperately damage his blood vitality and affect his future cultivation, he still wouldn't hesitate!

’’Lin Ming, your life is too resilient. You being my enemy is a challenge to my own destiny, the most dangerous risk! I will stop at nothing in order to kill you, today is the day you die!’’

Ever since ancient times, those who dared to oppose extraordinary individuals with great destinies always had to face enormous risks. Not to mention the world of martial artists, even in the mortal world, those emperors that founded their own kingdoms would have to face countless assassination attempts as they tried to rule the world. And in the end, all of those assassins would fail!

Tian Mingzi crazily raved. Not only did he use his heart demon technique but he also attacked Primordius Heavenly Palace at the same time, causing the entire Heavenly Palace to tremble!

If Primordius Heavenly Palace trembled, that would inevitably cause the energy around Lin Ming to become chaotic. Moreover, with the addition of the ghostly illusion energy, all of this caused Lin Ming to have even more difficulties in his breakthrough.


Lin Ming's eyes were red with rage. He roared out loud as his fist smashed out. Swathes of illusions were shattered by his fist, but when this fist reached the nine star dao diagram it had already weakened by a great deal. Finally, it only tore open an infinitesimally small part of the dao diagram, one not even worthy of mentioning.

Not just this, but the nine star dao diagram slowly regenerated. If Lin Ming couldn't tear open the nine star dao diagram then the result would be defeat!

If his breakthrough failed then Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian would both die!

’’Lin Ming!’’

In Primordius Heavenly Palace, Xiao Moxian was anxious. She continued to hold Lin Ming's hand. Because she had consumed her source blood vitality, her face was pale as if she were sick.

She grit her teeth, opening her lips wide once again to pass more of her phoenix blood essence to Lin Ming.

At this time, Xiao Moxian's smooth and soft arms and body were weightless, as if she would fall into Lin Ming's embrace at any moment.

In the dark void, Lin Ming was concerned as he felt the pure strength of Xiao Moxian's phoenix blood essence enter him. She had already used up a great deal of her blood essence. If she were to use up any more then the damage would be inconceivable!

’’Ji Xian'er, do not pass me the energy of your blood vitality!’’

Lin Ming shouted out, but Xiao Moxian didn't stop at all. Lin Ming became increasingly anxious. ’’Ji Xian'er, even if you pass me your phoenix blood essence it will only allow the two yang energies within my body to achieve yin yang harmony, but I actually cannot fuse them. With Tian Mingzi disturbing me, I won't be able to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace like this!’’

Lin Ming was burning with impatience, his eyes widened to the point of cracking. There was too much weighing down on his shoulders and yet he couldn't fulfill his promise.

He hated himself. He was unwilling!

’’Break for me!’’

Lin Ming roared out loud, his entire body releasing explosive crackling sounds. He burned the Gate of Life's blood essence without regard for the consequences in exchange for strength that he could barely control. The meridians all throughout his body began to tear apart.

Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!

Lin Ming's fist punched out through burning his life to the limit. His strike smashed through the illusions and crashed into the nine star dao diagram, causing a shocking gap to be ripped open!

However, as Lin Ming tore through the nine star dao diagram, he could sense infinite ghosts and illusions swell up from all around him, attacking his innermost feelings! The fiercer Lin Ming's attack was, the more energy he released and the more emotional his heart was, making it much easier to experience a backlash of his heart demons.


Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood. His vision dimmed and he was sent flying backwards.

Kacha! Kacha!

The nine star illusions shattered and Lin Ming's consciousness was ejected into the endless void. Like this, his breakthrough had already reached the brink of failure!

Outside of Primordius Heavenly Palace, Tian Mingzi had also realized this point. He devilishly grinned.

Although he couldn't see what was happening inside of Primordius Heavenly Palace, he could extrapolate what was occurring from the starlight outside that suddenly dimmed down.

’’Nearly 20 years of grudges will be brought to completion today!’’

Tian Mingzi lifted his grievously wounded body and bit down on his tongue, taking out a wisp of blood essence. He wet his finger with this blood essence and began to draw a scarlet blood symbol in the air!

Curse of the Demon Heart!


As this curse seal landed on Primordius Heavenly Palace's array formation, Lin Ming shook like he had been struck and began to fall down.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Seeing Lin Ming fall down, Xiao Moxian felt like someone had violently gripped her heart. She stretched out her delicate arms, embracing Lin Ming against her chest.

Xiao Moxian's front was dyed red with blood. Lin Ming felt as if he had fallen into a bath of warm and fragrant incense;all he could smell was the fresh virgin scent of beauty.

He opened his eyes. What he saw was Xiao Moxian's pale face and her two eyes filled with tears.

Xiao Moxian tightly held onto Lin Ming. At this moment, it was like only the two of them existed in this world. At their time of death, they could still lean upon each other.

’’If we die here, will you regret it?’’ Xiao Moxian asked, her whispering lips close to Lin Ming's ear.

Lin Ming's nearly torn open eyes revealed a rare tenderness in this moment. He gently shook his head.

At this time, it was like all the sounds of the world had fallen far away.

Xiao Moxian suddenly cried, large drops of tears falling down her cheeks. ’’At the precipice of death, when someone is accompanying you, dying doesn't seem as scary as it should. But Lin Ming, I don't want you to die. I will give you my everything... and when you break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and escape from here, you will live on for a billion years, a trillion years, and my blood will always follow you!’’

As Xiao Moxian said this, she seemed to affirm a great determination. She wrapped her hands around Lin Ming's head and bent down over him, deeply kissing him.

Two pairs of warm lips brought with them a hint of blood as they touched together.

In that instant, time seemed to come to a standstill. In the endless starry skies, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian hugged each other, dark enchanting blood red flowers seeming to bloom all around them.

That charming moment nearly made Lin Ming fall into intoxication. However, he soon awakened from this drunken state and discovered that as Xiao Moxian was kissing him, she was pouring all of her phoenix blood essence through this kiss, as if she wanted him to inherit every last drop within her body!

Once she did this, she would perish like broken jade!


Lin Ming wanted to shove Xiao Moxian away, but she had tightly latched onto him, not releasing him no matter how much he struggled.

’’No... don't do this!’’

Lin Ming passed a sound transmission on with difficulty. ’’Even if you give me all of your blood essence... I cannot fuse with it so soon... and if it's just bringing those two yang energies into harmony, the blood vitality you passed me before was more than enough!’’

Even if Xiao Moxian poured all of her phoenix blood essence into Lin Ming, he still wouldn't be able to directly absorb it like that. When Lin Ming absorbed the bone of an Azure Dragon in the past, he had consumed a great deal of strength to do so. Although his cultivation was far higher than it was back then, Xiao Moxian's phoenix blood essence was hundreds and thousands of times purer than the strength of the Azure Dragon within him.

’’Can't fuse? Then I'll fuse with you!’’

Xiao Moxian's kiss became increasingly intense and fiery. Her body seemed to melt into his, joining together with him as one.

As blood vitality continued streaming into him, Lin Ming was becoming increasingly restless. Raising up his wounded body, he tried to push Xiao Moxian away, but in the chaos and confusion of the moment, he felt his hands shoving against an indescribable softness.

Looking down, Lin Ming could see that his hands were pressed onto Xiao Moxian's womanly peaks. The two solid peaks on her chest were pushed down by Lin Ming, containing a wondrous bounciness.

In that moment, Xiao Moxian groaned and her body trembled. She wanted to move back but her body instinctively softened, falling into Lin Ming as if she had no more strength left within her.

Her face was lit with a sunset glow illuminating the dappled waters. Her two hands wound up like snakes, winding around Lin Ming's neck as she affectionately kissed him. Her small red tongue roamed about, sucking on Lin Ming's everything.

In this time, a strength beyond description passed between their lips and spread to Lin Ming's limbs and bones. This strength was different from the phoenix blood essence that Xiao Moxian had fed to him, but its degree of purity was no less than her source blood essence. And most importantly, this strength wasn't blocked from fusing together with Lin Ming. Their two bodies seemed to melt together as one. This was Xiao Moxian's primordial yin energy. When she offered it freely without reserve, her aura was easily able to fuse with Lin Ming.

For a time, Lin Ming was overcome with chaotic sentiments. His heart filled with the fires of desire. He wanted to press Xiao Moxian beneath his body and wildly make love to her!

She was a perfect woman of the world and carried with her an indescribable gentleness and sharp mind. Even though Lin Ming's goal was to chase after the peak of martial arts and he had cultivated to the point of having a mind as still as water, it was still impossible for him to prevent the heated feelings growing in his heart.

However, Lin Ming still maintained a trace of clarity in his mind. He was deeply aware of what the word responsibility meant. His union with Xiao Moxian was something that the demon race and monster race would not permit no matter what, and if he took her primordial yin then this would cause a tremendous impact on her future.

The future... was an unknown. In fulfilling the desires of today, they might have to trade it for a painful consequence in the future.

'I'm married...’’ Lin Ming said, finding it hard to say.

’’And so what?’’ Xiao Moxian's body suddenly shook. She slowly separated from Lin Ming's burning hot lips. She faced him, just several inches away, staring at his face, her eyes so pure that no one would want to injure her.

Lin Ming was at a loss for how to respond.

’’I am not looking for some ending with you, nor do I have any hope that I will be together with you in the future. I just want to kiss you, simply give you my body. Isn't that something you want?’’

Xiao Moxian's voice trembled as she spoke. The tears in her eyes shined, sparkling as they tumbled downwards like little motes of starlight.

With a soft touch, Xiao Moxian's tears fell onto Lin Ming's face as they broke apart like shattered crystals.

At this time, Lin Ming was dazed.


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