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Martial World - Chapter 1529


Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529 - Extreme Yin Blood Essence




The Grandmist Spirit Bead essence was originally an extremely violent and tyrannical blood essence energy. If one's cultivation was insufficient, then directing the Grandmist Spirit Essence into the body would cause their body to perish through exploding. This was like a mortal swallowing down a bar of gold;their body wouldn't be able to digest it and their stomach would swell until they died.

Lin Ming's situation was already extremely poor. In this state, he forcefully swallowed another 20% of the essence energy. The burden this placed on his body could be imagined.

In the endless empty universe, Lin Ming roared out loud. With the support of this wild and brutal Grandmist Spirit Bead essence, he punched out at the nine star dao diagram! After directing the last 20% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence into his body, Lin Ming had already cut off all avenues of retreat. He could only bet everything on this last desperate attempt!

With Lin Ming's current strength and his ruined body, it was impossible for him to fully absorb this 20% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence. If he couldn't break through the nine star dao diagram then he could only wait for his body to explode!


Lin Ming attacked with everything he had, even splitting apart his fingers. The nine star dao diagram wildly shook, but, it still didn't break.

’’It's still not enough!’’

A deep sense of unwillingness surged in Lin Ming's mind. Even though he had ignored the ramifications of swallowing this latest 20% of the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence, the strength he needed was ultimately far too distant from being able to break through the nine star dao diagram.

If this continued then it wouldn't be long before Lin Ming's body ruptured and his inner world exploded into pieces!

’’Essence energy avatar, second seal, release!’’

Lin Ming shouted out. The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar that he inherited from within the bronze temple had a total of three seals. These three seals were left behind by the Asura Road Master and each successive seal was bound more tightly than the last.

The final seal was the most formidable. With Lin Ming's current cultivation he was unable to release it, but he was able to unbind the first two.

In the bronze temple, Lin Ming had undone the first seal. Using the strength that was released, he expanded his inner world and broke into the divine Lord realm!

With Lin Ming's understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, he still wasn't able to fuse his true self with his avatar. He could only use the method of undoing this seal and obtaining energy from his avatar.


When Lin Ming released the second seal there was a loud explosion like 10,000 bolts of thunder crashing down together, like endless God Beasts roaring out!

An indescribably dreadful strength erupted like a volcano, surging out like a tsunami. This strength flooded out from the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar and all of that extra strength impacted straight towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming's Essence Spirit Embryo stone avatar had already reached an inconceivable boundary in the intensity of its mortal body. As this wild and brutal power erupted from within it, it was still able to withstand it. However, Lin Ming's true self was different. As this incomparably fierce strength flooded his body, in addition to everything before it, his body began to crack apart.

The reason Lin Ming crazily summoned all the strength he could was in order to shatter past the nine star dao diagram. As long as he could break through it then there would be a point where his strength could be released. He would be able to break into the next boundary and allow his strength to rapidly rise.

However, if the nine star dao diagram didn't break then everything would reverse. Lin Ming would die beneath the suppression of the nine star dao diagram and the havoc that was being wreaked upon him by it.

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

In this black void, Lin Ming could only use the strength of body transformation. With his strength that reached 2 billion jins, he struck out with the Celestial Tyrant Manual's Hundred Layered Waves. In that moment, Lin Ming's bodily strength increased by several times, breaking straight past the critical point of 5 billion jins!

This horrifying strength crashed into the nine star dao diagram, causing it to violently shake!

Energy wildly raged outwards, causing the surrounding void to tear apart like scrap paper. A crack finally appeared in the nine star dao diagram!

Seeing this crack in the dao patterns, Lin Ming's eyes brightened. He was like a parched traveler in the desert who finally saw an oasis!

This crack was his final ray of hope. Otherwise, if this were to continue then his mortal body might not be able to last for another incense stick of time!


Lin Ming's fist smashed out again and all the muscles of his right arm split apart. Ignoring his collapsing body, he revolved the Celestial Tyrant Manual to the limit. The crack in the nine star dao diagram was expanded once more by Lin Ming's strike!

At this time, Lin Ming had already reached his limits. He bit down on his tongue, burning his blood essence through the Gate of Life. Then, he struck out with a third punch!


His bones released a deafening explosive sound as they shattered. Lin Ming's face twisted in pain. The bones in his right arm had completely shattered and his hand was hanging down at a strange angle;he was unable to make a fist!

’’Damn it!’’

For a time, Lin Ming's pupils shrank. As he stared at his ruined right arm his entire body shivered.

Without a continuous barrage, the crack in the nine star dao diagram began to slowly regenerate!

Even if one used absolute strength to tear down a dao diagram of the Heavenly Dao, it would still slowly recover.

Just a little bit more!

Lin Ming bit down with his teeth, a furious rage blazing within him. He still had his left arm but this left arm would at most be able to punch three more times. With these three punches it was impossible for him to break through the nine star dao diagram.

’’Will the heavens kill me?’’

Lin Ming was unwilling! He was less than 60 years old and had walked down the road of martial arts for just over 40 years. He had passed through many great storms, suffered many tribulations, defeated countless extraordinary individuals, and had passed through innumerable life or death dangers to arrive at this step. Through all that, he finally stood at the peak of all young human geniuses!

How could he be willing to perish like this?

Although he had weakened, at the same time a terrifying energy wildly raged through his body, attacking his meridians!

There was the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence as well as the unsealed strength from the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. These two strengths were both at the extreme yang. As they collided within Lin Ming's body, they were like two volcanoes erupting together!

These two extreme yang strengths weren't willing to submit to anyone, and with Lin Ming's ruined body it was impossible for him to subdue them. They continued to ravage through Lin Ming's body, using his body as a battlefield. If he wasn't able to suppress them then he could only wait for his body to explode into pieces!

’’The Heavenly Dao does not abide me. In the end, am I unable to overcome the Heavenly Dao?’’

Within Lin Ming's body, the two yang energies became increasingly wild, smashing into each other more and more, completely unable to be subdued. Lin Ming grit his teeth, his fingernails digging deep into his palm. With his current state, wanting to evenly stabilize these two yang energies was completely impossible.

The condition of his body became increasingly worse. His eye sockets began to crack apart and his eyes bled.

In that moment, he could feel death floating close by. In his life, he had only encountered this feeling once, when he had broken into the ninth stage of Life Destruction and experienced a nine by nine heavenly tribulation.

As Lin Ming was about to collapse and have the two energies blow up his body, he felt a soft, feminine yin energy enter his body. This strength was like a stream of clear spring water, revitalizing his ruined body.

’’This is...’’

Lin Ming was startled. He could faintly feel this soft feminine strength slip in between the two fierce yang energies, causing those two violently clashing energies to calm down.

Although this strength was far from being as formidable as the two yang energies, it was pure to the extreme. The soft and soothing attributes of this energy was able to smoothly stabilize the two other energies, achieving a state of yin and yang balance.

’’This is Xiao Moxian...’’

Lin Ming immediately realized. At this time, the only one who could release such a pure and soft blood vitality was Xiao Moxian.

From this soft feminine strength, Lin Ming could sense the rich energies of phoenix blood. As it was light and clear as water, it also carried with it a faint aura of flames.

But what surprised Lin Ming was that this strength was completely different from the time when he and Xiao Moxian held hands. Not only was Xiao Moxian sending out her True Phoenix blood energy, but it carried the aura of life force, as if this energy came from her source of life.

’’Phoenix blood essence!?’’

Lin Ming's mind shook. His consciousness forcefully withdrew from the black void where he was attempting to break through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and his eyes shot open to see Xiao Moxian.

At this time, Primordius Heavenly Palace was completely wrapped up in the divine light of the nine stars. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were placed within this endless world of starlight. She held onto his hand, her bright red lips open as a stream of rich blood energy fluttered out from between then and towards Lin Ming.

This power of blood vitality transformed into the appearance of phoenixes in midair. They were beautiful and enchanting, releasing clear and pleasant cries.

This was Xiao Moxian's source blood energy and also her True Phoenix blood essence!

In the past, one could see how precious phoenix blood essence was from how much the Ancient Phoenix Clan treasured just a single drop. And, the Ancient Phoenix Clan's phoenix blood essence came from the dead body of a phoenix, drawn out using a secret technique. That blood essence had been preserved for countless years and was far inferior to Xiao Moxian's phoenix blood essence in terms of purity;her phoenix blood essence was brimming with life!

Moreover, the Ancient Phoenix Clan's phoenix blood essence had come from the corpse of a phoenix that was thousands of miles long. That phoenix corpse had a tremendous amount of blood essence within it, so how could a single drop of that compare to the pure and highly condensed phoenix blood essence within Xiao Moxian?

A phoenix that underwent nine stages of nirvana could burn their blood essence infinitely without damaging their life source at all. But, this was restricted to burning their blood essence. If they were to give their blood essence to others, that would be a permanent loss, one that was extremely difficult to recover from!

This could be said to be Xiao Moxian's most precious thing. It was what the countless individuals who tried to obtain her body considered to be the most valuable treasure!

But now, Xiao Moxian was directly giving this phoenix blood essence to Lin Ming to stabilize the two violent yang energies within him.

’’Ji Xian'er!’’

Lin Ming anxiously shouted out. If Xiao Moxian gave him her blood essence then not only would this affect her current cultivation but also her future lifespan and achievements!

Hearing Lin Ming's shouting, Xiao Moxian opened her eyes. Her pupils were dark like the bottom of a lake, as cold as an iceberg.

’’Why are you doing this? This kindness is too heavy.’’ Lin Ming was unable to shoulder this burden. ’’If you give me your life's most precious blood essence, then even if I break through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace it will still injure your life source and cause permanent damage to your cultivation. How will I have the face to stand tall in this world?’’

The blood essence in Xiao Moxian's body was no trifling matter.

A martial artist with a weaker cultivation could restore their lost blood essence without much difficulty. But for someone like Xiao Moxian, her blood essence could be called that of the highest grade within the entire divine Realm. Once she lost her blood essence then restoring it would be incomparably hard, a journey filled with endless hardships.

Listening to Lin Ming's words, Xiao Moxian lightly sighed. ’’We both might die here. If you don't break through to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, do you think I will still live on?’’

Speaking to here, she seemed to suddenly remember something. She said in an extremely quiet voice, ’’In the future, won't you and I be mortal enemies? If I give my blood essence to you and discard my own bloodline, then my grandfather and the Monster Emperor will have no need for me to become the future ruler of their two races. Then, I'll have saved you the trouble of having to fight with me. Isn't that just wonderful?’’


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