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Martial World - Chapter 1525


Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525 - Like Rain With Water





A horrifying explosion rang through Primordius Heavenly Palace. These were the sounds of energy detonations that were wildly surging outside from the fierce battle between Tian Mingzi and the iron-armored spectral soldiers!

Even if Tian Mingzi was severely wounded, his strength was still formidable. His black sword was like the scythe of a death god, reaping through the battlefield and shearing iron-armored spectral soldiers in half!

’’Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

Tian Mingzi's right hand reached out and a terrifying suction force locked onto the spectral soldier that he had just killed, drawing out all of its strength to completely gather into him!

Tian Mingzi planned to restore himself using the dregs of this battle in order to reduce the total energy he lost to the barest minimum.

This was also the tyrannical feature of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. In a battle, one could use this overbearing technique to absorb the enemies' strength, becoming ever stronger during battle!

In a situation where there was a great difference in strength, then after a battle ended, the martial artist who used the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art would have even more energy in their body than they did at the start.

’’Mm!? This power is...!’’

As the strength from the spectral soldier entered Tian Mingzi, he felt his entire body shake and his meridians become chaotic, his blood tumbling within him!

The strength within the spectral soldier's body was extremely unique. It carried a terrifying demonic power that was incompatible with the Laws that Tian Mingzi knew of, as if it were its own independent Laws!

Not only could Tian Mingzi not use this strength, but it caused his true essence to run amok, nearly causing him to vomit blood!

’’Damn! How could this happen!?’’

Tian Mingzi was breathless with anger. Since he didn't understand the Asura Heavenly Dao he certainly wasn't able to control the strength contained within these iron-armored spectral soldiers. When he sucked in this strength that was infused with this strange devilish power, it was like eating a handful of poison powder.

When a mortal ate food they couldn't digest their stomach would be pained and uncomfortable. As for a martial artist that sucked in energy they couldn't control, the result could be imagined. This power wildly rampaged through Tian Mingzi's meridians, creating a tremendous burden on his already damaged meridians!


Tian Mingzi's clothes tore apart. Several black arrows of energy shot out from his acupoints;he had forcefully pushed out this demonic power!

This brief collision left Tian Mingzi grimacing. Against these iron-armored spectral soldiers, he actually wasn't able to use this Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!

Without the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, this battle would be that much more difficult.

’’I cannot recklessly engage them head on. I must use guerilla tactics and avoid any frontal confrontation as much as I can to reduce my energy usage to the minimum.’’ Tian Mingzi didn't fear contending with this incomplete group of iron-armored spectral soldiers. Rather, what he feared was Lin Ming, who was hiding away in Primordius Heavenly Palace!

He had no idea just what methods Lin Ming had remaining. The more strength he had left, the safer he would be.


’’Lin Ming, you don't need to hurry...’’

Xiao Moxian supported Lin Ming to sit atop a black stone bed. This stone bed was formed from chaos stones;it was where Empyrean Primordius usually cultivated.

Just this stone bed was a unique Empyrean spirit treasure. Although, its level was quite ordinary among Empyrean spirit treasures.

There were many similar treasures in Primordius Heavenly Palace. If any of these treasures were taken to the outside, they would become objects that World King Holy Lands would brutally wage war for.

By sitting on this chaos stone bed, the chaos energy in one's body would be pulled along by the stone bed so that it spontaneously circulated on its own, thus providing a cultivating effect.

Now with Lin Ming severely wounded, he could also sit on this stone bed to direct the chaos stone energy into his body and slightly make up for the blood vitality he lost.

’’I'm fine. I need to speed up the flow of time here to the longest possible - 1 to 500!’’

Within Primordius Heavenly Palace were many array formations, one of them being an array formation that could control the flow of time;there was no need for Xiao Moxian to personally set up an enchantment.

In a time enchantment where the temporal flow was sped up to a ridiculous degree, it was simply impossible to cultivate. But, using it for recovering wasn't a problem at all.

Now, Lin Ming needed to restore his injuries as soon as possible.

By relying on his own formidable regenerative abilities and all sorts of top ranked pills, Lin Ming could restore the wound on his lower abdomen in a mere two to four hours.

As for the blood vitality he was missing, that was a bit troublesome. No matter what, it would take some time.

And this was under the assumption that all sorts of top medicines were taken.

Lin Ming didn't have such a long time to restore himself. By the time he was recovered, Tian Mingzi would have already finished his battle.

’’Ji Xian'er, you and I are both in an extremely dangerous situation. I have a feeling that once Tian Mingzi breaks through the iron-armored spectral soldiers, although he will have consumed a great deal of strength, he won't be completely exhausted. If that happens, even if you and I are completely restored, the both of us combined will not be his match...’’

Lin Ming's expression was grim. The moment that Tian Mingzi defeated the iron-armored spectral soldiers would also be his weakest moment. If Lin Ming couldn't defeat Tian Mingzi at this time, then as more time passed, Tian Mingzi would only become increasingly strong.

At that time, their only destiny would be to slowly stand by until they were killed or refined into pills.

’’Then what can we do?’’ Xiao Moxian asked Lin Ming. At this time, she had no idea what they could do. In this God Burying Ridge she had experienced all sorts of dangers and tribulations, and she had slowly become accustomed to relying on Lin Ming to come up with a plan for these times.

’’First I need to recover. Come and help me.’’

Lin Ming said. He took out some blood vitality restoring pills from his spatial ring and swallowed them all down as he started to meditate.

The pills that Lin Ming swallowed all had mild, nourishing properties. Currently, Lin Ming's blood vitality was too weak and he couldn't handle the more brutal medicines.

Xiao Moxian also sat on the stone bed. She sat on her knees, facing Lin Ming.

She pulled Lin Ming's hand into her own, continuously delivering the blood vitality within her own body.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were hard and flexible, a perfect complement of yin and yang. With the two of them together, Lin Ming's True Dragon energy blended with her True Phoenix blood. The energy between them echoed, becoming stronger, boundless.

As Lin Ming's True Dragon energy was nourished by the True Phoenix blood, it became increasingly vibrant and vigorous, rushing up like a river at high tide, endlessly swirling within him.

As for Xiao Moxian's True Phoenix blood, after it obtained the nourishment of Lin Ming's True Dragon energy, it became increasingly hot, like a never-ending flame, burning on until the end of time.

In this life or death moment, neither of them held back anything. Their aura, blood vitality, energies, and even their life force mixed together, lifting each other up.

This sort of feeling was as if Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had fused together as one.

Of course, Lin Ming's profits during this process were much greater. After all, he had lost a tremendous amount of blood vitality and had to rely on Xiao Moxian's primordial yin energy to make up for it.

After being revitalized by Xiao Moxian's blood vitality, the muscles over Lin Ming's lower abdomen began to wriggle about. His organs regenerated and the skin began knitting together. His wound was regenerating at a visible speed.

The origin energy exchange became increasingly quick. Xiao Moxian's body was dripping with sweat. As Lin Ming's vigorous yang energy entered her body she felt her entire body heat up. Blood rushed to her face, making her feel comfortable and warm, like her entire body was melting away into a puddle.

Even Xiao Moxian's inner world faintly trembled, seeming as if it wanted to break into the divine Lord realm!

Xiao Moxian had already entered the late divine Transformation realm. She had diligently cultivated in Tragic Death Valley for nine years and had also studied the first volume of the Asura Sutra. She was extremely close to breaking into the divine Lord boundary!

As for Lin Ming, he felt as if his entire body was being baptized in a bath of nectar. His entire body was comfortable and his pores opened up. The 360 acupoints on his body as well as the tens of thousands of pores were wide open, greedily absorbing the primordial yin energy that Xiao Moxian was releasing. As this energy circulated through Lin Ming's body, all sorts of changes occurred within him, accompanied by a myriad of different tastes.

In a time of crisis, the two of them had completely invested themselves in this cultivation process. They became familiar with each other's body. This sort of familiarity was not just their bodies, but even their bloodline, inner world, and spiritual sea was completely opened to the other party.

It was unknown how long this state continued for. Lin Ming's eyes remained shut tight and the wound on his abdomen had already completely healed. Even a good portion of his blood vitality had been restored. Although it wasn't to his peak state, it was far, far better than before.

After being in this state of perfect harmony, Xiao Moxian's large, pitch-black eyes opened. Her eyes blinked as she stared at Lin Ming right in front of her. She was only a mere three inches from his face, and at this distance she could clearly smell the unique and masculine scent wafting from his body. This scene smelled quite nice.

Lin Ming's face was strong, with distinct edges. He had extraordinary looks. His eyes were like stars and his eyebrows slanted up like swords. His body was filled with the spirit and soul of a vibrant, outstanding young elite, but he still retained the calm atmosphere of a mature martial artist.

At this time, Lin Ming's entire body was covered in sweat. His eyelids gently trembled and his body continued to release a strong yang energy. As this energy entered Xiao Moxian's body, it made her feel so good that she thought she was drunk.

She didn't know how long she had been staring at Lin Ming for. Her cheeks were red, endlessly alluring. Sometimes here vision was clear, and sometimes her vision was blurry.

At this time, Lin Ming opened his eyes.

After being discovered sneaking a look by Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian didn't evade his sight. She continued to stare at him as before, both of them in close proximity to each other.

Her eyes flickered. Within her eyes was the naïve innocence of a girl, the tender feelings of a young woman, as well as ten thousand flavors of emotions that had yet to mature. Just the light in Xiao Moxian's eyes had countless meanings that she couldn't express.

Seeing Xiao Moxian's eyes that were sometimes clear and sometimes blurry, Lin Ming was stunned for a moment. But at this time, he couldn't think about it too much. His palm turned and a black bead appeared in his hand. This was the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence that he obtained from the Eternal Demon Abyss.

This was the blood and flesh essence energy gathered by the Grandmist Spirit Bead over a period of a hundred million years. When Lin Ming was at the Eternal Demon Abyss he had used 10% of the energy within to break through his cultivation boundary. The remaining 90% had been left over because he was too weak to absorb it all.

Now that he had broken into the divine Lord realm, taking out the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence to restore his blood vitality was just the right timing.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead essence was an extremely potent and tyrannical medicine. Lin Ming had mixed together with Xiao Moxian in perfect harmony to restore a part of his blood vitality, and only then did he dare to think about absorbing it.

This Grandmist Spirit Bead that was covered with demonic runes slowly floated upwards, levitating between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. Xiao Moxian was stirred out of her thoughts. Then, her eyes shifted from Lin Ming's face to this mysterious black bead.

’’Lin Ming... this is...’’

From this black bead, Xiao Moxian could feel a blood vitality surging out like a boundless sea, causing her to be startled!


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