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Martial World - Chapter 1524


Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524 - Tragic




’’Counterforce - Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

Tian Mingzi recklessly released the energy absorbed by the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art to withstand this strike!

And at this time, Lin Ming's avatar came shooting towards Tian Mingzi without fear. Without any consideration for the black lights all around it, it wanted to attack Tian Mingzi!

Tian Mingzi's complexion instantly turned ugly. He had personally witnessed Lin Ming's avatar being punched in an all-out strike by a half-step Empyrean powerhouse, and yet it had only received injuries.

The defensive capabilities of this avatar were simply like those of a farm animal!

Just from this alone, Tian Mingzi knew that in a competition of defense, he couldn't compete with this vicious beast in human form. In a situation that he couldn't defend, there was no way he could resist the all-out attack of a half-step Empyrean.

Those with bare feet did not fear shoes with holes. This was only Lin Ming's avatar, but the one defending was Tian Mingzi's true self. To go all-out with his true self against an avatar, only an idiot would do something so stupid!

’’Who cares if you attack me, I will block all attacks together!’’ Tian Mingzi's eyes flashed with a grim light. In this moment, he stimulated his strength to the extreme!

The main threat to him was from those black divine lights. As for the attack of Lin Ming's avatar, he simply didn't care about it.


Lin Ming's avatar smashed its spear into Tian Mingzi's black barrier. The terrifying mortal bodily strength of that avatar erupted like a volcano!

Lin Ming's avatar specialized in body transformation and its mortal body was far superior to that of Lin Ming's true self. It was a God Beast Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. In the bronze temple, it had been refined over billions upon billions of years with the essence energy of 33 extreme God Beasts. In terms of how formidable its body was, this avatar far surpassed both Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, and completely outclassed Imperial Prince Naqi. This was a grand masterpiece of the Asura Road Master;how could Naqi possibly compare with it?

Thus, this avatar's physical strength was almost 10 times stronger than Lin Ming's true self, reaching up to 10 billion jins!


The spear of Lin Ming's avatar pierced into Tian Mingzi's black barrier and actually caused a crack to appear in the surface!

Although only a tiny crack appeared, this meant that Tian Mingzi's barrier had greatly weakened. If he were to meet another powerful attack then his barrier would completely collapse.


At this moment, Tian Mingzi was completely panic-stricken!

He knew that Lin Ming's avatar was fierce, but he thought it was only its defensive capabilities. No matter what, he never imagined that its striking power would also be so terrifying. Disregarding the essence gathering system, disregarding the various Laws and martial skills, in terms of frontal impact ability alone, Lin Ming's avatar far surpassed his true self! If Lin Ming's true self was a mortal fighter then Lin Ming's avatar was a wild tiger! When facing off head to head, how could a mortal fighter compare to a tiger?

Seeing the black divine lights come shooting down, Tian Mingzi's eyes nearly popped out with rage. In that life or death moment he bit down on his tongue and burnt his blood essence!

For Tian Mingzi who dreamed of breaking into the Empyrean realm, there was no need to mention how precious his blood essence was. Ten years ago, he had lost a hand to Lin Ming and now he was forced by Lin Ming to burn his blood essence. This was decision he only made as a last resort!

However, even though he burned his blood essence, Tian Mingzi didn't have enough time to use a defensive martial skill because the black divine lights had already arrived in front of him. Now, he could only use this black barrier that had a crack in it to withstand this attack!


Lin Ming's avatar had ruined Tian Mingzi's plans, forcing him to directly face the impact of these black divine lights.

Lin Ming definitely wouldn't block these black divine lights for Tian Mingzi. If the avatar had to withstand the attack then both of them would do so together!


Tian Mingzi wildly roared out, the anger blazing in his heart hot beyond imagination. It was clear that he was far stronger than Lin Ming and he had done everything in his power to kill him. Whether it was disguising himself as Ash Murder's follower, hiding away to sneak attack, isolating Lin Ming from Primordius Heavenly Palace with an enchantment, or drawing out Lin Ming's blood through his wound with the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, everything Tian Mingzi did could be called desperately trying to kill Lin Ming no matter the cost. All of this was so that Lin Ming wouldn't have the tiniest sliver of hope to survive. But, the end result was that through all the twists and turns, he was forced once more by Lin Ming into a dangerous situation!


Several hundred black lights solidly smashed into Tian Mingzi's barrier. The barrier that had been struck once already suddenly produced a massive fissure that raced down it before it shattered into pieces. Tian Mingzi coughed, vomiting out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying away!


As he was sent flying backwards, a black light pierced through his right shoulder, mincing his shoulder blade to pieces!

Feeling this severe pain in his shoulder, Tian Mingzi's complexion completely changed. To a Great World King, this sort of wound only needed a single day to regenerate. But in his current situation, this pierced shoulder would actually affect his combat strength, causing all sorts of serious consequences for him.

At this time, beside Tian Mingzi, Lin Ming's avatar was also struck by the raging river of black divine lights. The avatar was flushed away, distressed and gushing blood all over.

However, this avatar was extremely formidable. Even with such heavy damage, although its bones and muscles had been torn apart and its organs had been scrambled up, its body hadn't been pierced through. In terms of mortal bodily defense, Tian Mingzi was far from being able to compare with it.

Energy surged, wildly storming about. Tian Mingzi suppressed the harrowing pain in his shoulder to form a final shield of protective true essence to block the shockwaves of energy. Even so, a great deal of this energy broke into Tian Mingzi's body where it wildly rushed through his meridians!

Pa pa pa!

Tian Mingzi's blood vessels collapsed one after another, blood spraying from his body!

He crashed into the black stone altar. In the final moment, he barely managed to change his direction to avoid landing on another death zone dao pattern. Luckily, Tian Mingzi had remembered where the majority of the death zone dao patterns were, otherwise if he were to strike another one now then he might have simply died here.

Lin Ming's avatar also crashed into the black stone altar, its entire body covered with blood.

Looking at the area where Tian Mingzi fell, Lin Ming's avatar darkly sighed. According to the angle of the black divine lights, Tian Mingzi should have fallen into another death zone dao pattern. But, Lin Ming hadn't placed much hope in this to begin with. He didn't think that the prudent and cautious Tian Mingzi would make such a low-level mistake.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Ming's avatar flashed away, flying straight towards Primordius Heavenly Palace!

Tian Mingzi saw Lin Ming's avatar escape, but didn't stop him at all.

His current condition was extremely bad so it would be hard to instantly create another enchantment, and even if he did, he might not be able to block Lin Ming's avatar.

Moreover, even if he blocked Lin Ming's avatar, it would be hard for Tian Mingzi to do anything in a short period of time. This avatar's defensive capabilities were far too dreadful. If they fought then this avatar might disregard all consequences to strike another death zone dao pattern, wanting them both to perish together. If that were to occur, Tian Mingzi found it hard to imagine what the consequences would be.

The moment that Lin Ming's avatar entered into Primordius Heavenly Palace, Tian Mingzi felt a thick killing intent surge up from behind him.

He turned around to see the remaining 50 some-iron armored spectral soldiers come to life once more. The stone chips on their bodies had already fallen and a red flame lit up their eyes. They grasped their deadly weapons and began moving towards him!

Although Lin Ming and Tian Mingzi's battle seemed as if it occurred over a long period of time, the truth was that everything had happened far too quickly. The battle could only be described as ever-changing. From the time when Tian Mingzi rushed towards Lin Ming's true self, to the time at which Lin Ming activated the death zone dao pattern to draw the black divine lights into helping him enter Primordius Heavenly Palace, and even to the time that Lin Ming's avatar had triggered another death zone dao pattern, causing tremendous losses to Tian Mingzi, all of this had occurred in just several breaths of time!

And, several breaths of time were all that were required for those iron-armored spectral soldiers to reawaken. Now, they had finally entered their combat state.

For a time, Tian Mingzi's complexion became even uglier. This iron-armored spectral soldier array formation had only half of its spectral soldiers remaining and was far weaker than it was before. Perhaps it was only at 20-25% of the original array's strength. But now, Tian Mingzi's condition was also extremely poor. His shoulder was ruined and he had lost the ability to move one of his arms. His blood was chaotically moving within his body and many of his blood vessels had exploded. He had even been forced to burn some of his blood essence.

To fight against 50 iron-armored spectral soldiers in this situation, the difficulty of this could be imagined!

In terms of strength, Tian Mingzi was a peak Great World King, not much worse than the half-step Empyrean Ash Murder. But in terms of endurance and defensive capabilities, Tian Mingzi was far inferior to Ash Murder, who was from the saint race. Ash Murder cultivated body transformation and even in a situation where he was extremely wounded he was still able to maintain a considerable amount of his combat strength. This was not something that Tian Mingzi could copy.

Facing these iron-armored spectral soldiers, Tian Mingzi had fallen into a life or death struggle!

’’Well done, Lin Ming!’’ Tian Mingzi gazed towards Primordius Heavenly Palace with hatred shining in his eyes. He could already foresee that in order to defeat these remaining iron-armored spectral soldiers, he would need to pay a heavy price!

However, Lin Ming wasn't much better off. He had lost almost 80% of his blood and his blood vitality had been deeply diminished.

As for his avatar, it would be unable to fight again. After being struck by so many divine lights, it wouldn't have any combat strength for some time.

Now, what mattered the most was whether or not Tian Mingzi would have to pay some sky-high price to destroy all these iron-armored spectral soldiers.

If Tian Mingzi had even just 20% of his combat strength left afterwards, Lin Ming still wouldn't dare to leave Primordius Heavenly Palace. At that time, if Tian Mingzi were to simply sit down, meditate, and restore himself to his peak state then Lin Ming would die without a doubt.

’’Lin Ming, for you to achieve what you have, I truly do admire you. But, you will die, no matter how deep the price I must pay. I will kill you and take all the secrets from your body!’’

Tian Mingzi said with a true essence sound transmission towards Primordius Heavenly Palace. The palace array formation didn't stop sounds without striking power, thus Lin Ming was able to hear all of this.

’’And there is you too, Xiao Moxian! You also must have left Tragic Death Valley and have been secretly assisting Lin Ming from the shadows to oppose me! When I break into your dwelling's grand array formation, I will toss you alive into a pill furnace and use your half-phoenix body and primordial yin for my alchemy to make up for the blood energy I have lost! You are nothing more than a turtle in a jar, there is no way for you to survive!’’

Tian Mingzi threatened Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian with words, wanting to shake their wills. Although this was a simple tactic, in this desperate situation it had a great effect. This was because everything that Tian Mingzi said had a chance of becoming reality!

After Xiao Moxian heard this, she paled.

Growing up until now, there were many people who had threatened her. Some people wanted to capture her to dual cultivate with her, and some people even wanted to rape her and take her primordial yin.

But, she had never encountered someone like Tian Mingzi who wanted to toss her into a pill furnace alive to refine her into a pill.

Thinking about how it would feel to be slowly refined alive into a pill, Xiao Moxian was terrified. Tian Mingzi was a brutal and ambitious person. He had no sympathy for beauty or lingering sentiments. For him, his only ambition was to conquer the world and become a god;he felt no emotions like lust or love.


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