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Martial World - Chapter 1523


Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523 - Lin Ming's Counterattack




Black light shot out and energy wildly raged about in the air. Beneath the cover of countless killing intents, Lin Ming tightened his protective true essence to the limit, rushing left and right without any defensive protections.

This was because Lin Ming was well aware that even if he stimulated his protective true essence to the limit, against this black light, any defense he summoned was no different from paper! If this was the case, then he might as well focus all of his concentration and true essence on the Asura Heavenly Dao!

Three beams of divine light that couldn't be avoided had their trajectory forcefully changed by Lin Ming. In that instant, Lin Ming became flexible as if he had no joints at all and passed through a narrow slit between those black lights at an inconceivable degree. But at this time, the fourth unavoidable beam of black light came shooting at him. Because Lin Ming had consumed too much strength too quickly, he simply wasn't able to deal with it. There was no way for him to avoid this!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. He chose not to use his true essence to protect himself when withstanding this divine light because he knew that doing so was useless.

He twisted his body once more, allowing this black beam of light to pierce through his lower left abdomen.

This part of his body didn't have any vital zones. If his body had to be pierced somewhere, then having it pierced here was much better than his chest or head.


In that moment, the black light easily punctured through Lin Ming's body. Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood, biting down on the tip of his tongue as he stimulated the divine Mist Heart Mantra. With this, his consciousness didn't flicker in the slightest, even with the severe pain that wracked his body.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The black divine lights that Lin Ming avoided fell down on Tian Mingzi's enchantment in waves. With the sound of a rolling thunderstorm, this barrier exploded like glass!

In that moment, Lin Ming didn't reveal any happiness at all. With his emotionless face, he calmly continued hurtling towards Primordius Heavenly Palace!

’’Dream on!’’

A voice struck Lin Ming's ear like a peal of thunder. Tian Mingzi had finally attacked!

Tian Mingzi shot into a place where the divine light was the sparsest. By revolving all the strength in his body, he forcefully withstood a beam of black light. Although this black divine light wasn't able to pierce his body, it still ravaged his back muscles, tearing them apart.

Tian Mingzi simply wasn't able to care about the wounds on his back. His sword cut forth and a black vortex appeared from thin air, ’’Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

In that moment, a dreadful suction force erupted like a tide, directly locking onto Lin Ming!

Because it was weakened by the black divine light and also because of the haste in which it was used, this Heaven Absorbing Demon Art wasn't even a tenth of Tian Mingzi's usual strength. However, when it locked onto the severely wounded Lin Ming, he still slowed down. Lin Ming was like a fly that fell into a giant spider web, his speed sharply plummeting!

The dragging force of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art was simply far too strong. Lin Ming was unable to continue forwards.

’’I'll drain your blood dry!’’

Tian Mingzi made a claw with his right hand and pulled it backwards. The terrifying suction force of the Heaven Absorbing Demon instantly shifted to Lin Ming's lower abdomen where he had been pierced through. Tian Mingzi actually wanted to use his Heaven Absorbing Demon Art to suck out all of Lin Ming's blood from his wound. From this move, one could see just how cruel and insidious Tian Mingzi's methods were!

In that moment, Lin Ming's body shook. He felt all of his blood vitality being gathered into his lower abdomen by that suction force, wanting to gush outwards. He grit his teeth, locking in his blood vitality with true essence.

Tian Mingzi's eyes flashed with a grim light. His right hand tightened, as if he wanted to crumble something in his grasp.


With a loud cracking sound, Lin Ming's true essence lock was shattered by Tian Mingzi's strength. A pillar of brilliant blood erupted from Lin Ming's abdomen like a fountain!

Lin Ming's lips trembled and his face began to whiten.

’’Hahaha! Today is the day you die!’’ Tian Mingzi wildly laughed. He waved his hand and his black sword appeared in his grip. With the sound of howling wind, he hurtled towards Lin Ming!

With the strength of a Great World King and his true essence fused into his sword, this sword strike could even pierce through a celestial body. It was impossible for the wounded Lin Ming to resist it!

Moreover, Lin Ming's movements were bound by the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art;it was impossible for him to defend!

The black sword came shooting towards Lin Ming's heart. If it struck its target, Lin Ming would die here and now!

’’You're finished!’’

Tian Mingzi maniacally grinned. It was like he could see the future where Lin Ming was slowly dismembered by his sword.

He had hunted Lin Ming down for a full ten years. This Lin Ming with his countless secrets had cost him a hand and also the foundation that he spent 50,000 years building. Now, Lin Ming would finally die at his hands today!

The keen sword whistled forwards. The distance of only several hundred feet passed by in a flash. Then, just as that sword was about to pierce through Lin Ming's body, a shadow shot forwards like lightning, blocking Lin Ming from that black sword!


Tia Mingzi was startled, but his black sword had already struck that shadow!

With a loud ringing sound the black sword was deflected backwards. As for that shadow, it simply shook a little but didn't receive any damage at all.

Tian Mingzi's eyes focused. This shadow was only the size of a table;it was Lin Ming's Primordius Heavenly Palace!

After the enchantment was shattered by the black divine lights, Lin Ming could fly to Primordius Heavenly Palace, and naturally, Primordius Heavenly Palace was able to fly towards him. But, the one temporarily controlling Primordius Heavenly Palace was not Lin Ming, but Xiao Moxian!

Xiao Moxian had already controlled Primordius Heavenly Palace once before, and now this was the second time. In a critical moment, she had used Primordius Heavenly Palace to block this fatal strike against Lin Ming!

’’Damn it!’’

Tian Mingzi wanted to attack once more, but at this moment, a brilliant rainbow-hued beam shot out from Primordius Heavenly Palace, wrapping around and dragging in the severely wounded Lin Ming.

Hoh - !

Xiao Moxian flew up to grab Lin Ming. As she grabbed him, her hands were shaking slightly.

’’Lin Ming, are you okay?’’

Xiao Moxian's breath caught in her throat, her voice trembling. When Lin Ming had been pierced through the abdomen by the black divine light and then had a fountain of his blood come gushing out when Tian Mingzi used the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, she had felt her heart shrink.

’’I'm... fine...’’

Lin Ming's complexion was pale and his lips were dry. Just now, almost 80% of his blood had been sucked out! He had also lost a great deal of his blood vitality.

’’The blood you drew out of me, I will make you pay back this debt.’’

Lin Ming grit his teeth, a thick killing intent shining in his eyes.


’’Just a little more, just a little more and I would have killed him, damn it all!’’

Tian Mingzi was breathless with anger. He reached out his hand, wanting to call back his black sword. But at this time, he heard a rumbling behind him.

Tian Mingzi turned to see Lin Ming's Essence Spirit Embryo Stone grab onto the Phoenix Blood Spear and come hurtling at him.

With the strength that Lin Ming's avatar had, Tian Mingzi wasn't scared of it at all. But, the crux was that behind Lin Ming's avatar, there were hundreds of black divine lights chasing him.

That explosive rumble just now was the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone actively attacking the death zone rune. It was deliberately drawing in black divine lights to attack Tian Mingzi!

That death zone rune was far too close to Lin Ming. Moreover, with the angle that Lin Ming had chosen, it was impossible for Tian Mingzi to avoid it!

Lin Ming's true self had already been severely wounded be Tian Mingzi and the black divine light. When his body was pierced through and a massive amount of his blood vitality was drawn out by the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, Lin Ming's fighting will hadn't diminished in the least. Even though his true self had lost his combat strength, he still controlled his avatar to activate the black divine lights and calculate the best angle to attack Tian Mingzi.

His avatar would have to withstand the black divine light with Tian Mingzi. No one was going to emerge from this unscathed!


Tian Mingzi's complexion changed. He never imagined Lin Ming would be so ruthless. When he was on the verge of death, he had actually used just several breaths of time to come up with this plan and turn the tide of battle!

The black lights were imminent and threatening;there was no way for Tian Mingzi to evade!

Tian Mingzi clenched his jaw. ’’Lin Ming, only one of us can live beneath the heavens!’’

He roared out, erupting his true essence to the limit. Demonic energy surged around him, forming a black protective shield.

He was well aware that he had to resist this strike by paying the lowest price possible. If he suffered devastating wounds from these black lights then he would absolutely fall into tremendous danger!


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