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Martial World - Chapter 1522


Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522 - To Seek Survival In The Face Of Death




Tian Mingzi slowly extracted a long sword from his spatial ring. This sword was black with a narrow blade. It was eight feet long and engraved with images of cruel and savage demons.

This was not the first time that Lin Ming had seen this sword. Tian Mingzi's weapon was a strange sword variation, not much shorter than his Phoenix Blood Spear.

With Tian Mingzi's strength in combination with this strange sword, the strength he could display in battle was hard to imagine.

’’Although your strength is nothing compared to mine, I will do everything in my power to kill you and not give you the tiniest chance to resist!’’ Tian Mingzi said, his killing intent completely locked onto Lin Ming. He slowly advanced;each step he took was on a life zone dao pattern.

While pretending to be dead in Bai Qi's tomb, Tian Mingzi carefully memorized where Lin Ming stepped. He knew where safety was and where danger was.

As long as he didn't step on a death zone dao pattern then the grand array formation in Bai Qi's tomb would not activate.

Seeing Tian Mingzi perfectly avoid the death zone dao patterns, Lin Ming's complexion was solemn. His complete divine sense radiated outward as numerous possibilities were calculated in his mind.

Today, he would face a second life or death crisis!

Growing to this point, Lin Ming had faced countless life or death crises! Forgetting the past, just after entering God Burying Ridge, Lin Ming had faced numerous dangers on the edge of death. Just a single step and he would have tumbled down beyond redemption!

After experiencing all these dangers, this caused Lin Ming to be even calmer the more dangerously critical a situation was!

Facing Tian Mingzi head on, Lin Ming could come up with no strategy that allowed him to live. This was an enemy that was two and a half large boundaries higher than him. At most, Lin Ming could jump two large boundaries to barely contend with someone.

The further a martial artist went in their cultivation, the greater the disparity was. This was why early on Lin Ming was able to jump two and a half large boundaries to fight, but now, even after experiencing innumerable lucky chances and repeated fortuitous encounters, he could only jump two boundaries to fight.

’’Tell me your secrets. I know that you have some heaven-shaking secret on your body. If you tell me then I will let you die in peace. If you don't tell me, then I will break your hands and feet, waste away your meridians, suck out your blood energy, crack open your bones, and turn you into a pile of rotten meat. I will make it so that you won't even have the strength to resist mortals. Then, I will tear out your soul and obtain your secrets all the same, the only difference being that it is a little bit more troublesome for me. But for you, the pain you will experience will be indescribable.’’

As Tian Mingzi spoke, his aura reached the limit!

As for Lin Ming, at this time he was still calculating the only possibility to escape from this disaster!

Tian Mingzi frowned. ’’You really are courting death. Although there is no hope for you to escape, I won't give you any time to think about it!’’

As Tian Mingzi spoke, he rushed forwards like an ancient vicious beast, directly impacting towards Lin Ming!

In these years, Tian Mingzi and Lin Ming hadn't fought many times. But each time Tian Mingzi thought Lin Ming had no path to escape, Lin Ming was always able to flee to the heavens. This was the case at the Sky Spill Continent and also the case at Tragic Death Valley.

Now, in Bai Qi's tomb, no matter how much Tian Mingzi was assured in his plan, he wouldn't give Lin Ming any chance to think about escaping!

As Tian Mingzi attacked, Lin Ming also moved. Lin Ming revolved his true essence, pouring all of it into the Phoenix Blood Spear. Then, Lin Ming reversed his body, releasing the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to the extreme. A billion jins of strength erupted and Lin Ming threw the Phoenix Blood Spear straight out!


The Phoenix Blood Spear shot forwards like a meteor as it tore through the void. However, the direction of the attack was not towards Tian Mingzi, but towards an absolute death zone rune atop Bai Qi's grave!

At this moment, Lin Ming used the Phoenix Blood Spear as the weapon to attack an absolute death zone rune.

Once this absolute death zone rune was activated, terrifying black light would rain down from the heavens, directly attacking the person who touched it. Even if Lin Ming had thrown the Phoenix Blood Spear and hadn't even touched this death zone rune, he still wouldn't be an exception!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

At that moment, several hundred beams of black divine light shot towards Lin Ming like hundreds of divine swords!

And at this time, Tian Mingzi had arrived just in front of Lin Ming;he too had to face the attack of the black divine lights!

For a time, Tian Mingzi's complexion changed. He never imagined that Lin Ming would be so ruthless. The moment that Tian Mingzi attacked, Lin Ming had also moved against the death zone runes, making it so that both of them fell into danger! However, if Lin Ming wanted to use this method to kill Tian Mingzi then he was far too naïve. Lin Ming was the focus of this attack and Tian Mingzi was only collateral damage.

This attack of divine light was far too fierce and brutal without any angle to dodge. Even for Mister Zhou and Ash Murder, when they touched these absolute killing zone runes, they still couldn't dodge and had to face these black lights head on!

’’This brat, is he thinking of committing suicide!’’

Tian Mingzi's pupils shrank. In that instant he could only forcefully withdraw his attack and retreat, stimulating all the true essence within his body to resist that black divine light!

With Tian Mingzi's strength, it was impossible for this black divine light that had been weakened over billions of years to easily kill him. Even so, he had to resist this black divine light with all his strength. If he tried to exterminate Lin Ming underneath the deluge of this black divine light then he too would die without a grave here.

Tian Mingzi could resist the attack of divine light several times, but Lin Ming was in a far worse position. Once he was struck by this black divine light, then whether it was his protective true essence or his mortal body defensive capabilities that far surpassed other martial artists of the same step, they would all be torn apart like the thinnest pieces of paper!

In that moment, Lin Ming's complexion was as calm and cold as a glacier. Seeing these hundreds of black divine lights shoot at him, their trajectories all reflected within his eyes.

’’Asura Heavenly Dao!’’

Lin Ming cried out, his body erupting with energy once more. In front of him, the phantom of the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel appeared again. He wasn't thinking to use this to block the black divine light, but the black divine light still came from the same origin: the Asura Heavenly Dao. Because of this, the black light was also similarly restrained by the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. This was a point that Lin Ming clearly understood after training in the first volume of the Asura Sutra.

In this hopeless situation, Lin Ming had to bet his life on a single move. With the Asura Heavenly Dao, he had to restrain the black divine light, forcefully opening up a slim chance of survival in the barrage of light that had no dead angles.

Even though Lin Ming had had already cultivated the Asura Sutra to the degree that it would give him this chance, he still didn't fully grasp whether or not he could truly accomplish this.


Lin Ming roared. The Heretical God Force erupted to its limits, and the Gate of Life burned with blood essence. The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel was shot forth with all his strength!

In that moment, the attack trajectory of the black divine lights slightly shifted. Although this shift didn't seem worthy of mention at all, it was the difference between life and death for Lin Ming!

Lin Ming's pupils contracted. His body twisted at an unbelievable angle. At this moment he was like a slippery fish, shuttling back and forth through the beams of black divine light!


Not too far away, Tian Mingzi felt his mind shake as he saw all of this happen. This was because as the one who had stirred up the absolute death zone dao pattern, Lin Ming had to withstand an onslaught of black divine light that was ten times worse than what he had experienced. Moreover, these black lights left no paths open for dodging. If Tian Mingzi were the one placed in this hopeless situation, even he wouldn't be able to avoid the black divine lights. He would have to forcefully withstand three or four black divine lights, and although he wouldn't die, he would still be injured.

Tian Mingzi originally thought that Lin Ming would undoubtedly die in this situation. However, he never imagined that Lin Ming would be able to dodge these black divine lights!

How was this possible!?

’’Break again!’’

Just as Lin Ming was about to run through the net of black divine lights, he punched out his fists, sending a current of true essence smashing into a second death zone rune. This action caused Tian Mingzi to be thoroughly shocked.

Lin Ming hadn't even yet fully dodged the divine lights from the first absolute death zone rune, but he had now attacked a second one! He was insane!

Two nets of divine light gathered together. This terrifying attack was life-threatening even to someone like Tian Mingzi. Even so, Lin Ming placed himself in the midst of this danger!

From the inconceivable way Lin Ming had dodged just now, Tian Mingzi could confirm that Lin Ming struck the death zone dao patterns not to kill himself but to seek a road to survival in the face of death!

But, Tian Mingzi didn't have time to think just what road to survival Lin Ming had found. With the net of black divine lights gathered around Lin Ming, Tian Mingzi couldn't approach him right now. But, as soon as those black divine lights ended, Lin Ming would die.

Hu - ! Hu - ! Hu - !

The hundreds of black divine lights from the second absolute death zone rune fell down on Lin Ming in a horrifying deluge.

These black divine lights superimposed on those from the first wave, becoming even more dense and dangerous!

At this time, Lin Ming's heart was calm and still to the extreme. The paths of the divine lights were all reflected in his eyes as he revolved his divine sense to its utter limit. He flushed right and left, finally closing in on Tian Mingzi's enchantment.

As Tian Mingzi saw this, his entire body shook. He finally understood just what Lin Ming was planning. Lin Ming was planning to use himself as the lure to guide those black divine lights into attacking his enchantment. As long as the enchantment was broken, Lin Ming would be able to return to Primordius Heavenly Palace!

And now, Tian Mingzi had to face the absolute killing array in Bai Qi's tomb that had been activated by Lin Ming!

Even so, a good half of this array formation had been broken by Ash Murder. Of the original 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers, around half of them had been destroyed and the remaining half wasn't too great a threat to Tian Mingzi. But, Tian Mingzi wasn't willing to let Lin Ming's plan succeed because he had a premonition that once Lin Ming returned to Primordius Heavenly Palace and was given a chance to catch his breath, he would inevitably produce some unbelievable method again and again to deal with him. In the end, Tian Mingzi might even be the one played to death!

’’Lin Ming, I won't let you!’’

Finally, Tian Mingzi moved. Disregarding the threat of the black divine lights, he fired right into Lin Ming!

The enchantment that Tian Mingzi laid down blocked Lin Ming from returning to Primordius Heavenly Palace. With Lin Ming's strength, it was impossible for him to break past this barrier and Tian Mingzi wouldn't give him the chance to do so.

But now, Lin Ming was guiding these terrifying black divine lights, a force that could even kill World Kings. With a barrage of hundreds of black divine lights striking Tian Mingzi's enchantment, it would be pierced through like paper!

’’Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!’’

Lin Ming shouted out as he used the Asura Heavenly Dao a second time!

The first barrage of divine lights had yet to pass, and now with a second wave added on, Lin Ming had to use the Asura Heavenly Dao yet again. This placed a tremendous burden on his body!

’’Open again!’’

Lin Ming roared. All the blood vessels under his skin bulged out. With the Gate of Life, he burnt 10% of his blood essence!


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