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Martial World - Chapter 1519


Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519 - Unimaginable





With a resounding crack, Lin Ming's protective true essence exploded as Ash Murder's fist smashed into him. In that moment, his ribs collapsed and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying backwards!

However, Ash Murder was the one who was surprised by his fist's damaging effects. He thought that his fist strike would tear Lin Ming apart, and yet it only caused him to vomit blood?

When his fist struck Lin Ming's body, Ash Murder felt like he had struck an ancient bronze bell that had been refined for an extremely long period of time, making his fist shake to the point of pain!

Even he didn't possess such a bodily intensity;this was simply incredible!

He was a half-step Empyrean who also specialized in body transformation and Lin Ming was only an early divine Lord powerhouse who took the body transformation as his subclass of martial arts. When comparing the both of them, how could there be any comparison at all?

’’What a durable mortal body, this boy must have had some strange fortuitous encounter!’’

Ash Murder was inexplicably shocked as Lin Ming crashed into the black stone altar. Although Lin Ming was coughing up blood his life force remained as vibrant and blazing as before, without seeming as if it would die down the least bit. It could even be said that his wounds weren't heavy at all.

’’This is impossible!’’

Ash Murder was completely dumbfounded. This fist strike had come after he burnt his blood essence and yet he hadn't been able to kill Lin Ming with it. In fact, he hadn't even been able to severely wound him!

Moreover, what shocked Ash Murder the most was that when Lin Ming was sent flying backwards, he didn't touch any death zones at all. Instead, he safely landed on the black stone altar, without triggering any traps. Besides the shaking wounds he had received he was relatively fine.

How could this be such a coincidence!?

Just as Ash Murder thought of this 'coincidence', he felt his entire body go cold as if he were dropped into an icy lake.

Something was wrong!

This wasn't a coincidence at all, but a path that Lin Ming had already calculated when he was sent flying backwards!

The speed Lin Ming rushed forwards with as well as the angle of collision was already calculated well in advance. Thus why he didn't touch any death zone runes.

This also meant that Lin Ming had intentionally been struck by him. From the start, he had never imagined that his attack would work out, but was planning on being struck instead. Just why would he do such a thing!?

An intense feeling of unrest surged in Ash Murder's heart. He turned around to look at his own Sacred Soul Primal Spirit!

But the moment Ash Murder turned around, seven or eight iron-armored spectral soldiers already rushed towards him from behind. They grasped their ghostly sabers and dark spears, striking at him!

However, from between the gaps of these iron-armored spectral soldiers, Ash Murder was clearly able to see another 'Lin Ming' flying towards his Sacred Soul Primal Spirit!

This Lin Ming was wrapped in thunder and flames, a deep red long spear in his hands. A terrifying vortex of energy swirled around the spear point, drawing in all the origin energy within Bai Qi's tomb. This was the black hole seed!

At this moment, Lin Ming had used his strongest strike, gathering the power of essence, energy, and divine into one. He used the Gate of Life to burn his blood essence and fused the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation into a soul attack. The Eight Inner Hidden Gates and Heretical God Force were released to the limit. Underneath his strongest state, he struck out with the divine Seal Art's Eternal Darkness!


As Ash Murder saw this happen, his eyes widened so much that blood flowed out!

However, with the iron-armored spectral soldiers blocking him, there was no way for Ash Murder to stop Lin Ming. He could only watch helplessly on as all of this occurred!

’’How is this possible!?’’

Ash Murder roared out in unwillingness. At this time, seven or eight spectral weapons slashed out towards him, not giving him any time to attend to other matters!

Time seemed to come to a standstill.

Whether it was the ghostly weapons that were swinging at him or Lin Ming who was attacking with his strongest strike, everything became extremely slow...

Ash Murder felt as if all the strength in his body was being sucked out. He grit his teeth and raised his claws that were dripping with blood, and then fired into the group of iron-armored spectral soldiers.

’’Get out of my way!’’

Two iron-armored spectral soldiers bore the brunt of Ash Murder's attack and were swept away, their necks broken. But at this time, a ghostly spear and saber stabbed into his body.

Beneath the impact of this tremendous strength, Ash Murder's organs were twisted to pieces. The pitch black ghostly spear forcefully punctured through Ash Murder's body and came through the other side, carrying with it a rain of blood!

At the same time, the black hole seed atop Lin Ming's spear point burst out with a black brilliance. In that moment, it was like a black sun had risen within this sealed off hall!

The Sacred Soul Primal Spirit wasn't without intelligence. Even though it was severely wounded, it still counterattacked Lin Ming. Its human-faced beast body spread its tattered wings and plunged towards Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming's attack was too sudden and his methods too ruthless. At his first strike, he released the limit of his strength and had even burnt his blood essence. As he collided with the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit, a dreadful detonation erupted.

Energy brutally surged outwards. Shockwaves of energy spread out like countless sabers. The Sacred Soul Primal Spirit that was already completely spent of energy was instantly shattered by Lin Ming's strike!

However, Lin Ming was caught up in this wild explosion. He was sent flying away like a ragdoll!

As Lin Ming flew backwards, he revolved the Space Laws to avoid the killing zone dao patterns.

’’Ji Xian'er!’’

Lin Ming shouted out. Xiao Moxian had already been waiting in advance. She revolved Primordius Heavenly Palace's grand array formation according to Lin Ming's direction, commanding it to receive him within it.


Just as Lin Ming was about to crash into Primordius Heavenly Palace, a gray light shout out and wrapped around him. In the next moment, Lin Ming felt himself tumbling into a soft form as an enchanting scent filled his senses.

In the final moment, Xiao Moxian had caught Lin Ming. After being struck by those energy shockwaves and now being caught in the embrace of a beautiful young woman, Lin Ming felt much better than before and his nerves even relaxed a bit.

He had succeeded!

Underneath the gaze of a half-step Empyrean powerhouse, had had sneak attacked the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit and had succeeded in doing so!

This had been an extremely risky plan. Lin Ming was far from being Ash Murder's match. If Ash Murder grabbed onto him, he would have suffered the fate of instant and immediate death.


Ash Murder's bloodied body fell onto the ground. Two cruel weapons were thrust into his chest and stomach. Not too far away, the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit had already been exploded into pieces by Lin Ming!

In such a condition, the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit had fallen into an everlasting sleep. Without a transcendent divine miracle pill it would be impossible to awaken it. And at this time, Ash Murder himself was a lamp without oil;his hopes of leaving this hellish place had now become extremely slim!

Without the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit it was impossible for him to have any free time to attack the space barrier. Moreover, Ash Murder was no longer able to resist the attacks of the remaining spectral soldiers.

He looked towards the direction of Primordius Heavenly Palace, his eyes blazing with hatred and despair.

In this battle, every choice Lin Ming made had been upon the precipice of life or death! In this battle, he had faced an enemy over ten times stronger than he was but had used the array formation here as well as all sorts of guerilla tactics to instead kill those who had come here to kill him!

Especially in this final strike, he had calculated his escape route ahead of time, had lured the tiger out of the cave, and had then used diversionary tactics to strike down Ash Murder's last hope!

To lose to such an opponent, to lose to a mere junior that was only several dozen years old with a divine Lord cultivation, Ash Murder felt frustration and depression fill his heart.

At the start he had indeed underestimated his enemy, but later, he had lost even after he dropped any contempt he had.

Ash Murder looked towards the black stone altar. The 'Lin Ming' that was struck by him had already shakily stood up. This Lin Ming looked at him, a hint of pity in his eyes. Then, this Lin Ming flew towards Primordius Heavenly Palace.

At this time, Ash Murder was no longer capable of stopping him.

Up until now he still couldn't understand why there were two Lin Mings. Based upon the manners and movements of these two Lin Mings, it was impossible for one to be a puppet. If so, it could only be an avatar!

How could Lin Ming have such a powerful avatar?

’’Hah - !’’

The array formation of Primordius Heavenly Palace revolved once more. Then, another Lin Ming rushed in!

This Lin Ming was not the Lin Ming that was being held by Xiao Moxian. But, there wasn't any difference in their auras. It was only that this new Lin Ming was holding not the Phoenix Blood Spear, but a red spirit artifact that appeared similar.

Just then, this Lin Ming had been the one to withstand the frontal attack of Ash Murder's fist. This Lin Ming's chest had been pounded in by Ash Murder's strike, and he had even spat out blood and had his organs break apart.

Even so, his life force remained as vibrant as before despite his combat strength having dropped by a great deal.

As Xiao Moxian saw this new Lin Ming appear, she shouted out in praise. ’’Fierce! Too fierce! A mortal body equal to the Saint Lord realm was able to receive the frontal strike of a half-step Empyrean and only be severely wounded! Moreover, this wound is...’’

Xiao Moxian looked towards the chest of the new Lin Ming. The muscles of his chest were slowly creeping together, visibly regenerating!

Such a terrifying defensive ability and such a terrifying resiliency, this was something that not even Xiao Moxian with her half God Beast body could hold a candle to!

’’This is indeed worthy of being the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. I must say Lin Ming, your true self is too pitiful, you're so much worse than your avatar!’’

Lin Ming ruefully smiled, ’’How can I possibly compare with him? The life that is bred from an Essence Spirit Embryo Stone is no worse than a God Beast's body to begin with. And not just that, but even if you ignore perception, his mortal body was similar to yours from the start, and in addition, he has been nourished by the Asura Road Master's God Beast Tomb array formation for billions of years! In terms of the intensity of his mortal body, he is far superior to you and me!’’

In the bronze temple, after Lin Ming had divided a portion of his soul to occupy the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, this Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had become eternally marked by Lin Ming's soul. Like this, his facial appearance, his limbs, his hair, his bloodline, everything was completely similar to Lin Ming.

His energy was inherited from Lin Ming and his cultivation realm was also similar to Lin Ming's. It could only be said that this Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was a perfect clone of Lin Ming.

The only difference was that this Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was focused in mortal body intensity and the body transformation system;it had no combat strength in the essence gathering system.

With this sort of essence spirit avatar, Lin Ming's combat capabilities had more than doubled. It was only because of this avatar's formidable defensive abilities that Lin Ming dared distract Ash Murder to launch a sneak attack.

’’Awesome! Doesn't this avatar have two more seals that aren't undone yet? If you undo those seals, just how strong will it become? It's truly worthy of being called the Asura Road Master's masterpiece. How could any inheritance that he left behind be bad? Otherwise, he'd probably be too ashamed to put it out.’’

Xiao Moxian patted the strong mortal body of Lin Ming's avatar, grinning as she spoke.

Lin Ming's avatar had an intelligence of his own. But, because the avatar's soul was a part of Lin Ming's soul, this avatar's intelligence was the same as Lin Ming's. With Lin Ming in front of his avatar, he naturally didn't control it.


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