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Martial World - Chapter 1518


Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518 - Sacred Soul Primal Spirit




In the fierce combat, Ash Murder stepped onto a death zone once more!

Ash Murder wasn't like Lin Ming and didn't understand the Asura Road's array formations. It was inevitable that he would step into a death zone.

When Ash Murder's foot fell down, the ground of the entire hall shivered. An indescribable killing intent enveloped Ash Murder's heart, causing him to be shocked.

He instantly realized that he had stepped onto a death zone dao pattern!

No matter how much he calculated things, it was impossible for Ash Murder to avoid all the death zones;he would touch one sooner or later! Without thinking, Ash Murder immediately drew backwards.

But at this time, an extremely strong power of space bound his steps. Then, a life reaping black light howled towards him!

This black light wasn't enough to take Ash Murder's life. But in his current condition, he had already been injured and had even burnt his blood essence as well as a massive amount of astral essence. If he was struck by this black light then that would be adding wounds upon his wounds, making it difficult for him to continue facing these iron-armored spectral soldiers!

In this life or death moment, Ash Murder exploded with a thunderous roar. ’’Sacred Soul Primal Spirit!’’

As Ash Murder roared out loud, there was an explosive crackling sound. From within Ash Murder's body, it seemed as if something had been freed. A crazy wave of demonic power surged forth, forming the phantom of an ancient beast behind Ash Murder's body. This ancient beast had two wings, with the body of an animal and the head of a man.

This ancient vicious beast had an illusory body but the aura it emitted was beyond terrifying. As that black light came crashing down, it erupted an incomparably dreadful power that smashed apart all the surrounding space.

The space within Bai Qi's tomb had already been locked down by the array formation. Once the killing array began, the space barrier would be closed, sealing away all paths of exit. However, when Ash Murder summoned this ancient vicious beast phantom, he forcefully broke open a crack in space!


Within Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming was bewildered. Although the grand array formation of Bai Qi's tomb had greatly weakened through the billions of years, it still wasn't something that an ordinary half-step Empyrean could break through.

He could feel that this man-faced ancient vicious beast wasn't a part of Ash Murder's soul. Rather, it was the soul and flesh-blood essence of an ancient beast that had been sealed within his body.

In this crucial moment, Ash Murder released this power, causing his strength to instantly rise!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Several beams of black light shot forwards! That Sacred Soul Primal Spirit savagely roared out, its body immediately bulging outwards, wrapping around Ash Murder to resist that black divine light.

Puff puff!

All of the black light rained down in a dreadful deluge, sounding as if a thunderstorm was rolling past. A dreadful atmosphere filled the entire hall!

In this crazy explosion, the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit phantom was torn to pieces by the black light. Ash Murder's entire body was covered in blood;he was nearing his limit.

’’Break for me!’’

Ash Murder cried out. He burnt 10% of his blood essence!

A ghostly red sheen began shining over his body. As he struck the space barrier with all his strength, three surrounding iron-armored spectral soldiers were sucked into the shockwaves, their bodies cracking apart and then exploding into fragments.

’’God Stranding Rope!’’

Ash Murder linked his fingers together. Seven or eight masses of chaos energy gathered together into gray ropes that flew towards Primordius Heavenly Palace, instantly tying it down.

Lin Ming immediately understood what Ash Murder was trying to do. He didn't plan to fight this iron-armored spectral soldier array formation. Rather, he wanted to break through the void and then escape from Bai Qi's tomb, dragging Lin Ming and Primordius Heavenly Palace along with him!

As long as he escaped here then Primordius Heavenly Palace would eventually run out of energy. At that time, both he and Xiao Moxian would die without a doubt!

’’Lin Ming, what do we do!?’’ Xiao Moxian felt her heart tighten as she saw those God Stranding Ropes wrap around Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Although Primordius Heavenly Palace was large, if it was sealed away by Ash Murder using his special sealing technique and then taken into his inner world, then carrying it through a small space crack wouldn't be a problem.

Ultimately, even though Primordius Heavenly Palace was a peak Empyrean spirit treasure, Lin Ming's cultivation was the limiting factor. He was simply unable to activate its movement and could only depend on the great array formation that already existed within Primordius Heavenly Palace. This placed him in a completely passive situation.

’’We can't just wait here to die. We must risk our lives!’’

In that moment, a sharp light flashed through Lin Ming's eyes. This Ash Murder that had come from nowhere had far exceeded his expectations;this was the strength of a half-step Empyrean, someone only inferior to an Empyrean existence. Looking at the entire divine Realm, there were likely no more than a thousand such characters.

Rumble rumble rumble!

A ghostly battle chariot rolled toward Ash Murder. The spectral soldier standing atop this chariot grasped a dark axe as it chopped down at Ash Murder's head. Gray flames burned all over it, emitting a thick aura of death.

Ash Murder didn't turn around. He bent his body at an incredible angle to evade the attack and then his arms stretched out to wrap around that spectral soldier's neck. With a cracking sound, Ash Murder forcefully twisted off that spectral soldier's head!

Like this, Ash Murder had already destroyed 30 some iron-armored spectral soldiers. The fewer spectral soldiers there were, the easier it was for Ash Murder to handle them. But at this time, Ash Murder had repeatedly used arcane skills and had even combusted his blood essence;he wouldn't be able to last for much longer. If he continued to fight then it was possible that he would perish together with these iron-armored spectral soldiers.

’’Break for me!’’

Ash Murder roared out in his heart. At this time, he was resisting the onslaught of dozens of iron-armored spectral soldiers. Behind him, the severely damaged Sacred Soul Primal Spirit was breaking apart the space barriers of this hall!

The iron-armored spectral soldiers were only lifeless objects with no wisdom of their own. They would first attack things that threatened them, and as for the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit, it was only smashing the space barrier. Because of this, all of the iron-armored spectral soldiers had focused their attacks on Ash Murder and just a bit less than half of the space barrier had been ripped open by the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit!

This fight was becoming increasingly intense. Ash Murder's eyes were red from fury and slaughter and he had already burnt over 20% of his blood essence. Wounds covered his entire body and his two wings had been completely torn off. His chest and back both had bones exposed, and there were even some that revealed his damaged organs.

He had already neared his limit.

And at this time, behind Ash Murder, the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit had forcefully withstood the barrage of black lights and was now using its remaining strength to break open the space barrier;it was nearly exhausted of power.

Ash Murder grit his teeth. Today's battle had cost him serious losses!

He glared towards Lin Ming's direction with brutal hatred in his eyes. Everything that he lost today would be made up for by Lin Ming's body. Thus, even if carrying away Lin Ming caused his own chances of escaping to be that much lower, he would still do it with no regrets!

If he didn't kill Lin Ming then his thoughts would never flow smoothly for the rest of his life.

’’Mm? Something's wrong!’’

Looking towards Primordius Heavenly Palace, Ash Murder felt a foreboding premonition in his heart. Out of the God Stranding Ropes he used to bind Primordius Heavenly Palace, someone had torn up a small section of it. This was proof that someone had taken advantage of the chaos of battle to secretly escape.

’’This brat!’’

Ash Murder felt a profound restlessness surge in his heart. He cast out his sense like a tide, searching for Lin Ming. However, he wasn't able to find him at all.

’’Damn it all!’’

Ash Murder was sure that this wasn't just Lin Ming's plan to distract him and lead him away. During his short contact with Lin Ming, he could feel that although Lin Ming was young, the way he handled his affairs was decisive and crafty. He didn't believe that Lin Ming would just sit here, waiting for his death.

’’Where is he?’’

The longer Ash Murder couldn't find Lin Ming, the more uneasy he became. But in the moment that he had diverted his concentration to search for Lin Ming, an iron-armored spectral soldier had grasped a spear and stabbed Ash Murder's back!

The ghostly fires burnt his flesh. Blood shot into the wind!


Ash Murder roared. He turned and smashed his palm against the iron-armored soldier's head, breaking it open.

Now, he had killed over 40 iron-armored spectral soldiers!

All this time, Lin Ming had been hiding in the shadow of the black stone altar's array formation. The moment that Ash Murder shattered the head of this iron-armored spectral soldier, he rushed out like a cheetah!

He stepped on the Space Laws, his speed reaching incredible levels. As he hurtled out from the shadow of the array formation, he had already calculated his path to avoid all the death zone dao patterns.

Lin Ming gripped his spear in both hands, his bodily strength climbing to the peak. His target was actually the Sacred Soul Primal Spirit phantom that was trying to break through the space barrier!

Lin Ming's goal was obvious. He wanted to kill this Sacred Soul Primal Spirit phantom that was already injured, and then trap Ash Murder in Bai Qi's tomb and strangle him to death here!

’’Lin Ming, you really came out! Did you think I wouldn't be ready for this!?’’ Ash Murder demonically grinned as he saw Lin Ming shoot towards his Sacred Soul Primal Spirit. Lin Ming's plan was extremely vicious, but what a pity, a half-step Empyrean was still a half-step Empyrean. Even though he was severely wounded his combat strength was still terrifying, so how could he be successfully sneak attacked by a junior like Lin Ming!

’’You are hopeless!’’ The severely wounded Ash Murder forcefully spat out another mouthful of blood essence, burning it away. This was the limit of blood essence he was able to burn. A half-step Empyrean far surpassed Lin Ming in strength to begin with, and now by burning his blood essence, he became even stronger!

It could only be said that Ash Murder feared and hated Lin Ming too much. Even though victory was in his hands, he still had to insure against all possibilities so that Lin Ming didn't have the tiniest chance to recover!

’’Once you leave the protection of this hall's array formation, you are nothing at all! I can pinch you to death with my hand! Since you seek death then let me help you on your way!’’

A grim light burst out from Ash Murder's eyes. With a roar, he punched away the iron-armored spectral soldiers in front of him and reversed himself to hurtle towards Lin Ming!

At this time, Ash Murder was already desperate. He didn't hesitate to spend any price to kill Lin Ming!

With Ash Murder's half-step Empyrean cultivation and also having burnt his blood essence, killing the divine Lord Lin Ming would only take an instant!

Lin Ming was extremely fast but Ash Murder was even faster. Even though Lin Ming distorted space, he was unable to avoid the eruption of energy coming from Ash Murder. The shackles of the power of space were stiffly torn apart by him!


Ash Murder punched out. In that moment, this fist locked down the space around Lin Ming, making him unable to avoid the strike. A terrifying fist potential erupted forwards like an avalanche. Not to mention Lin Ming, even a World King powerhouse would be pulverized to nothing by this strike!

Lin Ming suddenly froze. He was unable to break through the space that was locked down by this fist potential.

’’You're finished!’’

The bloody Ash Murder wildly cackled as his fist solidly smashed into Lin Ming's chest.


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