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Martial World - Chapter 1516


Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516 - The Furious Ash Murder




Seeing Imperial Prince Naqi grievously injured by his spear strike, how could Lin Ming give him a chance to recover? Taking advantage of his weakened state, Lin Ming stepped forwards, slashing out the Phoenix Blood Spear to take Naqi's head!

To finish off his opponents without any reservation, this was how Lin Ming fought!

’’Your Highness!’’

Beside Naqi, Manyu cried out in panic. If the Imperial Prince died then it would be because of his protection being flawed. Once he returned to the saint race he would suffer extreme penalties.

’’You dare to injure the Imperial Prince of my people? I'll take your life!’’ Manyu grabbed a saber and cut out at Lin Ming's waist, wanting to use this attack to force him back.

Lin Ming shouted out loud and a broad and ancient stone gate appeared beside him. This stone gate was as stable and still as a mountain, completely blocking Manyu's saber strike!


The saber slashed down on the stone gate. The stone gate only trembled a little but not a single mark was left behind.

’’Out of my way!’’

Lin Ming struck his palm out on the stone gate. The stone gate howled out, suppressing Manyu!

’’This brat!’’ Manyu was shocked. Lin Ming's strength had far exceeded his imagination! By himself, he actually faced all of them together and had taken the upper hand! Although it could be said that Lin Ming took advantage to sneak attack them the moment they were all focused on dealing with the 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers, for him to accomplish this was nearly unbelievable. After all, he only had an early divine Lord cultivation.

Manyu didn't have time to think about how Lin Ming broke into the divine Lord realm in just a few years;he had to face off against this incomparably heavy Primordius Gate. This area was an absolute killing zone. Although Lin Ming was able to recklessly dash about, Manyu definitely didn't have the courage to do so.

He slashed out several hundred saber lights, all of the saber lights crashing onto the Primordius Gate and releasing a dazzling explosion. At the same time he roared out loud and used his fists to punch against the Primordius Gate. He wanted to use his powerful saint race body to forcefully resist the Primordius Gate.

His entire body swelled with blood vitality, some of it even leaking out the corners of his mouth. He turned around and what he saw left his body icy cold. Lin Ming had already arrived in front of Naqi. Naqi's face was pale. Right now, his life hung on the thinnest thread!

Lin Ming's attack was merciless. With a sharp thrust of his hand, the Phoenix Blood Spear whistled forth, howling towards Naqi like a raging red dragon!

As long as this spear struck, Naqi would die without a burial ground!

But as soon as the Phoenix Blood Spear was about to strike Naqi, a gray rope whipped outwards and wrapped around Naqi, immediately carrying him away!


The Phoenix Blood Spear heavily smashed into a space barrier. The space barrier trembled and divine light shot out, but the space barrier didn't even have the tiniest crack. This was the space barrier that held Bai Qi's grave;not even a Great World King was able to break through it.

’’Just a little bit more!’’

Lin Ming darkly sighed in regret. Just a little more and he would have killed Naqi!

As he turned around, he saw Naqi wrapped in the gray rope and shooting towards a gray-robed man. Naqi entered his inner world, vanishing from sight.

This gray-robed man was that mysterious Mister Ash Murder.

’’So you are Lin Ming! To think that you would ambush us here. You little beast, I will take your life!’’

Ash Murder was so angry that his insides were gurgling within him, seething with rage! Lin Ming had chosen the time when his concentration was completely focused on other matters to sneak attack him. Before this, he didn't even know that Lin Ming had been hiding here. Lin Ming's sudden appearance had left Ash Murder startled.

The battle array that Imperial Prince Naqi and the others formed had been shattered by Lin Ming, and the two puppets were also crushed apart by him. Not just that, but Lin Ming had made him lose his concentration in order to save Naqi. This caused the pressure of those 108 puppets to be even greater on him!

’’This brat was already long waiting in ambush here. He was waiting for us to break out of the array formation before he sneak attacked us!’’

Ash Murder wasn't an idiot;he was able to immediately understand what was happening. A junior that was only several dozen years old was able to freely move within a danger zone of God Burying Ridge, a place where even World Kings could perish. Not just that, but he was able to keep guard in this ancient array formation and ambush a half-step Empyrean!

This boldness and these methods caused even Ash Murder to feel a cold chill run down his spine.

Lin Ming glanced at Ash Murder and simply didn't bother him with. He turned around and immediately attacked Manyu!

Although Ash Murder had invested all of his strength into sealing away the 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers and was unable to divert his attention, he still possessed a half-step Empyrean cultivation and likely had many terrifying abilities. Lin Ming found it hard to contend with an ordinary World King right now. If he approached Ash Murder, a simple strike would severely wound him or even kill him.

The most intelligent plan would be to wait until Ash Murder was completely exhausted by the iron-armored spectral soldiers, and then Lin Ming could wait for a chance to deal with him.

’’Brat, you really do not know the meaning of death or danger!’’ Manyu was already enraged by Lin Ming. He had been caught off guard by Lin Ming's sneak attack and now that he saw Lin Ming continue to attack him, he roared out loud, grasped his saber and slashed out at Lin Ming!

All of his strength was poured into this saber strike without any held back! He had already seen Lin Ming's strength with his own eyes, but he didn't believe that Lin Ming had the strength to kill a half-step World King in frontal combat.

A saber cut out, the saber light piercing through the dark like a bolt of lightning. At this time, the Phoenix Blood Spear was still covered with the interwoven power of thunder and fire, but it was different from the previous red and purple spear light. This time, Lin Ming's spear also contained a gray light, one that seemed to swallow all of existence!

This gray light was concealed in the spear light, seeming common and humble, something that no one would notice. After all, it wasn't strange for a martial artist's attack to cause an eruption of multi-colored lights. These lights were the colors of the various Laws.


An explosive whistling burst out and Lin Ming's figure suddenly came to a stop. His spear crashed into the saber and the power of thunder and fire erupted, surging outwards!

A terrifying impact spread through Lin Ming's body, causing him to fly away. He didn't lose his balance because of Manyu's attack, but had used the attack to swiftly bounce away like a bird. As for Manyu, his body shook for a moment before he stabilized himself.

’’Manyu, join forces with my contract beast and delay Lin Ming! I just need you to buy me some more time!’’

Ash Murder shouted as blue veins stuck out all over his face. In that collision just now, Lin Ming had been forced back and Manyu had only shaken a bit. This allowed Ash Murder to let out a breath of relief. As long as Manyu could suppress Lin Ming, then all he had to do was seal away these iron-armored spectral soldiers. Once he did so, killing Lin Ming was only a matter of time.


With Ash Murder's order, the silver blue wolf contract beast let loose a howl as it hurtled itself towards Lin Ming!

In that explosion just now, the silver blue wolf had also been injured. But, the life force of an ancient vicious beast was extremely tough. Even if it were severely wounded it could still stubbornly continue fighting!

The silver blue wolf flanked Lin Ming and leapt at him. At Ash Murder's order, Manyu should have joined in to attack from Lin Ming's right. However, as the blue wolf rushed forwards, Manyu remained motionless as before.

During his collision with Lin Ming just now, when Manyu broke through the thunder and fire heavenly tribulation, an all-swallowing black light had shot into his spiritual sea!

This black light was a soul attack that came from the inheritance of Empyrean divine Mist - this was Empyrean divine Mist's transcendent divine might!

Empyrean divine Mist's soul attacks were completely different from all other soul attacks that Lin Ming knew of. Most soul attacks used one's own soul as the weapon, and if the attack failed, one would receive a backlash to the soul. But, Empyrean divine Mist's soul attacks could actually use energy to directly strike an opponent's soul, without any need for using one's own soul as the attack medium.

As long as one fused this energy into their attack, then this attack would have both a material attack as well as a soul attack;this was a nearly unstoppable strike!

’’What is happening?’’

Seeing Manyu remain motionless, Ash Murder was confused. Manyu hadn't died but his mind had entered a state of utter chaos, one that he was unable to rid himself of.

And at this time, Lin Ming welcomed the silver blue wolf. With a loud shout, he opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to their limits. The phantom of a True Dragon reappeared behind him. ’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

In an instant, 100 spears thrust out and fused as one. Lin Ming's bodily strength suddenly increased by several times, reaching several billion jins of strength!

After losing Manyu's pincer attack, the silver blue wolf had to face Lin Ming alone!


Lin Ming's spear crashed into the silver blue wolf's skull!

An impact force of several billion jins erupted. With a loud cracking sound, the silver blue wolf's skull caved in and its two eyeballs were popped out by the pressure.


The silver blue wolf emitted a sorrowful howl. Its magnificent body was directly pounded into the ground by Lin Ming's brutal and absolute strength. Fresh blood and pieces of meat were sent flying out!

Lin Ming's attack was ruthless, giving no chance of reprieve. He stepped forwards, thrusting his spear out at the silver blue wolf's throat!

The Phoenix Blood Spear pierced through, and with a twist, the silver blue wolf's throat and neck were torn apart as the spine was completely severed. Like this, the silver blue wolf died a miserable death!


Seeing Lin Ming kill his own contract beast, Ash Murder's eyes turned red with rage! His blue wolf wasn't strong. Although the blue wolf was an ancient vicious beast, ancient vicious beasts normally grew at a slower pace than the mortal races. He had tamed the blue wolf far too early and although Ash Murder was at the half-step Empyrean realm, the blue wolf was only equal to a mid to late Saint Transformation realm martial artist. At this point, the blue wolf was no longer able to provide much help to Ash Murder, but Ash Murder had always felt an extremely deep sentimentality towards this contract beast that he had raised for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, this contract beast of his had been killed by Lin Ming's spear strike. How he could not hate!?

’’Brat, I will pull out your soul and tear you to pieces!’’

Ash Murder angrily roared. He felt like a lion that had been wrapped in chains and was now being played around with by a mouse!

As for Lin Ming, he simply didn't care about Ash Murder's threat. He turned around and rushed towards Manyu, who was still frozen by his soul attack!

At the same time, Ash Murder's body burnt all over with gray flames. His face turned as red as fresh blood!

Then, he suddenly bit down on the tip of his tongue and spat out blood essence. This blood essence began to brilliantly burn!

Ash Murder had been pushed to the brink by Lin Ming. Without any hesitation, he burnt his blood essence to use an arcane skill. He vowed to kill Lin Ming here and now!


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