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Martial World - Chapter 1515


Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515 - Violently Beating the Imperial Prince




A bright red light began sparkling within the eyes of the 108 sculptures, causing a deep sense of fear to stir within Ash Murder.

Their bodies were emitting a horrifying demonic power!

’’These sculptures...’’ Naqi looked at the 108 sculptures, frowning. He could sense a dangerous aura from them, one that made him feel sick and uneasy!

’’Mister Ash Murder!’’ Naqi couldn't help but call out.

’’It's no problem.’’ Ash Murder waved his hand. ’’The situation is still well within my hand.’’

Ash Murder took a step back, turning towards those 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers. Astral essence revolved all over his body as he maintained an air of calm around him.

Seeing Ash Murder's appearance, Naqi felt slightly relieved. Within this absolute killing zone of God Burying Ridge, he was far too weak. He needed the protection of powerhouses to survive here.

’’These 108 sculptures are guarding the divine trove. For such a divine trove, it would actually be more strange if there weren't guardians.’’ Ash Murder raised both his hands together, drawing dao patterns in the air.

’’We first must handle them, otherwise it will be extremely troublesome once we are digging up the treasures!’’

As Ash Murder spoke he formed thousands of dao patterns in the air with his hands. ’’33 Heavens, the gods of life and death, by the name of Ash Murder, seal away all existence!’’

Ash Murder's body shook as he shot out a gray chaos light. This chaos light was actually a little similar to the black hole from the divine Seal Art. Of course, it was immeasurably far from reaching the realm of the divine Seal Art. The divine Seal Art was a cultivation method created by a True divinity whereas Ash Murder's sealing technique was only from an incomplete transcendent divine might.

However, as a half-step Empyrean, Ash Murder's cultivation was able to make up for the difference in levels. Several thousand array symbols shot out, instantly blocking the void all around him. He actually wanted to seal away the 108 puppets!

As this sealing technique was shot out by Ash Murder, these 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers violently trembled. The red light in their eyes became increasingly savage and cruel and stone flakes shed off from their bodies. They had come back to life!

The strength of these 108 spectral soldiers gathered together. For a time, the entire hall was flooded in a storm of their potent demonic power.


The void shook and the earth trembled. The space crack behind the group suddenly closed as the black stone altar sealed away all exits once more.

’’Mister Ash Murder!’’

Naqi nearly lost his voice crying out as he saw the space crack disappear.

’’Don't worry... the situation is still under my control.’’

Ash Murder clenched his teeth as he spoke. At this time his face was extremely ugly. The strength of these 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers had far surpassed his imagination.

’’These are guard puppets formed by some sage! Moreover, they were all World Kings before their death!’’

Ash Murder's eyesight was outstanding. He could immediately see through a part of the 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers' array formation.

If this was really a true battle array formed by 108 World Kings then Ash Murder would die without a shadow of doubt. But currently, this was only an array formation composed of 108 World King corpse puppets. With this, he still had the strength to fight.

Although Ash Murder thought highly of himself and seemed overly arrogant, he truly did possess a certain level of ability. With his half-step Empyrean cultivation he was much stronger than Mister Zhou!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The gray chaos light that Ash Murder shot out formed gray ropes that wrapped around the 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers. These ropes were covered with shimmering runes. In Lin Ming's eyes, these runes were extremely crude, but with so many of them connected together in addition to Ash Murder's half-step Empyrean cultivation, they were extremely effective. Just three of these ropes could bind a celestial body!

But at this time, the 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers completely recovered. They raised their various weapons and chopped down at Ash Murder's sealing array!


108 weapons slashed down at these gray ropes!

This attack caused Ash Murder to pale!

Luckily, these iron-armored spectral soldiers had limited intelligence. The force of their attacks was spread all throughout the ropes. If they had joined together to attack one spot on the rope then it would have been immediately cut in half!

’’I can't divide my attention, come and lend me a hand! These 108 puppets form a battle array. If we can kill a few of them then the situation will become much easier to handle!’’

Ash Murder bellowed. At the same time, he waved his hand and tossed out two human-shaped puppets from his inner world as well as a blue wolf the size of an ox!

Ash Murder himself also refined puppets, and that blue puppet was his contract beast!

Two puppets, a blue wolf, in addition to Imperial Prince Naqi and two others, there were now seven fighters gathered on Ash Murder's side!

By himself, Ash Murder was using a sealing technique to prevent a frontal collision with those 108 iron-armored soldiers. He was well aware that if his sealing technique broke and those iron-armored spectral soldiers rushed towards them, the consequences would be inconceivable!

Seeing Ash Murder holding up the sealing ropes by himself and reaching his limit, Naqi and the others didn't hesitate. All of them joined forces to attack the iron-armored spectral soldiers!

Their ultimate attacks composed a simple battle array. With the three people, a beast, and two puppets joining their attacks, a raging torrent of energy erupted outwards!


Naqi shouted out loud, ready to release the tyrannical energy of their attack. The iron-armored spectral soldiers in Bai Qi's tomb were formidable, but after billions of years, their bodies had inevitably deteriorated. As long as they could land this attack, killing several of them shouldn't be a problem.

But just as he was about to attack, he felt a cold chill shoot up his back and into the heavens. A profound killing intent had locked onto him!

Someone was sneak attacking him!

This was the first thought that raced through Naqi's mind. He had experienced countless life and death battles and his body had been conditioned to reflexively respond to dangers in a time of crisis. He didn't think about anything else and immediately leapt forwards!

As he rushed forwards, Naqi caught a glimpse of the person who was sneak attacking him. Then, his mind shook!

’’Lin Ming! It's you!’’

A blazing anger ignited in Naqi's eyes. He watched helplessly as Lin Ming appeared from the shadows like a ghost, grasping the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hand. Behind him, the phantom of a massive True Dragon had appeared!

The power of fire and thunder heavenly tribulation gathered onto the Phoenix Blood Spear. Howling flames and churning thunder wove together, forming a sea of red and purple!


A spear thrust forwards with unstoppable momentum, exploding towards Imperial Prince Naqi and the others! The temporary combat array they formed immediately exploded to pieces, and the energy they gathered was also blown up by Lin Ming's spear. A terrifying wave of energy blew outwards. The two puppets that Ash Murder released were caught up in this detonation of energy and broke into pieces!

Ash Murder's puppets shouldn't have been so weak. But, something like a puppet depended on their energy to fight, and at this time the two puppets had gathered all of their energy to attack the iron-armored spectral soldiers. The puppets simply hadn't reserved any energy to protect themselves and had instead been struck down by Lin Ming!

After the puppets were instantly destroyed, Lin Ming's spear potential didn't end. He attacked once more!

And the one he chose to attack this time was Imperial Prince Naqi!

Out of everyone here, Naqi was not some strong and mighty figure, but he was an extremely important person. This was because his status was extremely special. If Naqi died then this would ruin the mentality of everyone here as well as cause tremendous losses to the saint race!

At this time, Ash Murder was using all of his strength to hold back the iron-armored spectral soldiers;he simply didn't have time to help. Naqi had to face Lin Ming directly!

Naqi drew backwards, using a halberd to block the waves of energy.

’’Lin Ming, despicable villain like you can only ambush others!’’

At this time, Naqi's eyes as he glared at Lin Ming could nearly spit out fire!

’’You are calling me a despicable villain? I am younger than you and yet to hunt me down you actually brought a half-step Empyrean as well as two World Kings. Yet, you still call me a despicable villain? Do you have any face at all? If you have the courage then come and fight me yourself. If you are too scared then you are even less than a turtle!’’

Lin Ming shot out his spear straight towards Naqi's chest. ’’Hey turtle, why aren't you running? Are you planning on meeting my strike head-on?’’

Lin Ming's imperious attitude enraged Naqi!

’’Do you think I really fear you? During the battle on Chaotic Blood Continent, you only won because of a magic tool, that wasn't your ability at all! Take my halberd!’’

The hate and anger within Naqi's heart erupted like a volcano. Facing Lin Ming's spear, he no longer evaded but instead struck out his halberd in an open welcome!

Naqi's halberd was like a falling mountain. Golden light radiated outwards!

Seeing Naqi's strike falling down, Lin Ming fiendishly laughed. He simultaneously released the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and Heretical God Force to the limit. The Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands emitted a keening cry. For a time, his spear light howled out like a True Dragon.

’’Imperial Prince, be careful!’’

Ash Murder shouted out from behind Naqi. However, this warning was too late.

Naqi's all-out strike, that dazzling and thick golden spear light, was actually instantly torn into pieces by the True Dragon phantom formed by Lin Ming's spear. This True Dragon seemed all-powerful, undefeatable as it roared towards Naqi!

Just the aura of that dreadful True Dragon caused Naqi's protective astral essence to shake, as if it would collapse at any moment.

Naqi was panic-stricken. Just how was this possible!?

He never thought that he was much worse than Lin Ming. Even though he lost to Lin Ming in the contest of the Emperor Stone, that was only the difference in talent and potential. Something like potential only slowly translated to strength over a long period of time.

In terms of current strength, Naqi didn't think he would lose to Lin Ming. At least, not by much.

’’Imperial Prince Your Highness!’’

Beside Naqi, the half-step World King, Manyu, rushed forwards, slashing his saber down at the True Dragon phantom. However, even after being cut by this saber, the True Dragon phantom continued with unstoppable force.


Lin Ming shouted out. All of the strength poured into the True Dragon phantom instantly erupted. That half-step World King was blown away. As for Naqi, he bore the brunt of this attack. Lin Ming's spear smashed into his chest!


Naqi's protective astral essence shattered to pieces along with the treasure armor he wore. His ribs broke apart and he spat out a great mouthful of blood. His organs ruptured and he was sent flying backwards like a torn up sack.

’’How could... this be... he... he is not at divine Transformation... he is a divine Lord!’’

Naqi's eyes were blurred and empty. The moment that he was struck by Lin Ming he also determined Lin Ming's cultivation. At that time, it was like someone had pulled out his spine.

Lin Ming's spear strike not only crushed Naqi's ribs and organs, but it also completely annihilated his confidence!

He couldn't believe that a mere several years ago, Lin Ming had only been at the middle divine Transformation realm and now he had grown into the divine Lord realm!

As for Naqi himself, during the battle of Chaotic Blood Continent he had only been at the late Saint Transformation realm. And even now, he was still at the late Saint Transformation realm. Although his strength had grown, his cultivation remained stranded where it was. Compared to Lin Ming, this was the same as the heavens and earth.

’’This is... because of the approval of the Emperor Stone? How can I... ever... surpass such potential...’’ In that moment, Naqi's physical wounds were not as great as the wounds of his mind. He had completely lost all courage to face Lin Ming.


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