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Martial World - Chapter 1514


Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514 - Mister Ash Murder




At this time, outside of Bai Qi's tomb, four saint race martial artists were floating in the endless starry skies. Among these four people was Imperial Prince Naqi!

Of the three people, one was Imperial Prince Naqi's subordinate, Manyu, a half-step World King. The other two wore gray capes, their bodies emitting a horrifying aura that was mysterious and dangerous.

One of these two gray-robed people was faintly in the lead. This person was Mister Ash Murder, the person Naqi had invited here.

Ash Murder was a saint, and had once been shown graciousness in the past by the first ranked disciple of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Now, by helping Naqi, this was the same as returning the favor he owed from the past.

’’Mister Ash Murder's sense is truly sharp. Even such a secretive warning array formation was easily discovered by you!’’

Imperial Prince Naqi praised from his heart. He didn't know that he had unknowingly stepped into a warning array formation. Even with Mister Ash Murder reminding him, he still wouldn't have been able to see it. Only when Mister Ash Murder destroyed the array formation had he been able to sense it.

’’This warning array formation shouldn't have been laid down by that brat Lin Ming, right?’’

Imperial Prince Naqi rubbed his chin. If Lin Ming was somewhere ahead of them, laying down a warning array formation so that he could ambush them or escape ahead of time was a highly likely possibility.

The only problem was that Naqi didn't believe this. He found it hard to imagine that Lin Ming's attainments in array formations had reached such a high degree, to a degree that he couldn't sense it at all and only someone like Ash Murder could do so. This disparity was simply far too great.

He admitted that he was lacking in certain aspects when compared to Lin Ming, but he wouldn't be lacking to such a degree.

Ash Murder hesitated for a moment and then said in a deep and icy tone, ’’It shouldn't be him. This warning array formation comes from the same lineage as the killing array formations here. The dao patterns and array symbols are very similar;it's unlikely that they stem from the hands of a junior.’’

When Lin Ming laid down the array formation, he had used the exclusive dao patterns of the Asura Heavenly Dao. This was also the reason why Imperial Prince Naqi, as well as Mister Zhou, hadn't been able to sense the warning array formation.

’’So that's how it is. If it was part of the killing array formation here then it's not surprising that I wasn't able to discover it!’’

Imperial Prince Naqi immediately became aware, feeling that this argument was fair. He laughed, ’’Mister Ash Murder is too fierce. All the dangers that we encountered along the way weren't able to hinder Mister Ash Murder at all. Speaking of it, these so-called killing zones must be nothing but fun little danger games to Mister Ash Murder. Perhaps even calling them 'games' is too high a word, hahaha!’’

Imperial Prince Naqi laughed out loud. His subordinate Manyu also followed in kind. ’’Your Highness is right. Although this God Burying Ridge is risky, that also depends on the person. With Mister Ash Murder's strength, coming in and out of here should be extremely easy!’’

Ash Murder only faintly smiled at the flattering of these people. His strength had already reached the level of a half-step Empyrean and in these past years he had also studied ancient arrays. Thus he didn't fear the killing array formations too much. Although he couldn't freely wander about, he wouldn't meet any dangers as long as he was a bit more careful.

’’In the past, the Saint Sovereign's disciple, Empyrean Saint Mountain, gave me a great graciousness. And now, today I shall help you eliminate this future disaster to the saint race. This can be considered as returning the favor. As for breaking through array formations, that's just something I happen to be an expert at. In this God Burying Ridge, the only place I somewhat fear is Tragic Death Valley. As for the other places, they can't be considered much at all. Even for that Tragic Death Valley, once I break into the Empyrean realm, I will also go in to take a look!’’

Ash Murder's words were calm and plain but filled with a high degree of confidence. He truly did want to go to Tragic Death Valley.

’’Haha, Mister Ash Murder, I think perhaps the rumors of Tragic Death Valley are overly exaggerated. Even that brat Lin Ming was able to enter Tragic Death Valley and also safely leave. I think that this Tragic Death Valley is far too mediocre!’’

Imperial Prince Naqi coldly coughed. If Lin Ming had truly traveled into Tragic Death Valley and then safely left, he would become the sole person in 10 billion years to do so. Naqi naturally refused to accept this no matter what, thus he had to disparage Lin Ming at any given opportunity.

Mister Ash Murder coldly sneered. ’’Tragic Death Valley is indeed extremely dangerous. Although you say that Lin Ming safely emerged from Tragic Death Valley, I can't believe that at all!’’

’’Mm?’’ Imperial Prince Naqi was stunned. ’’This is something that Tian Mingzi saw with his own eyes. Does he have some reason to lie?’’

’’Anything is possible.’’

A contemptuous light flashed in Mister Ash Murder's eyes. Words could be unreliable;only seeing was believing. If someone were to say that a divine Transformation realm youth had entered Tragic Death Valley, a place where even Empyreans perished, and had then safely emerged to become the first person to do so in 10 billion years, then he found that impossible to believe. Moreover, Ash Murder had also studied Tragic Death Valley in the past and knew that Empyreans had indeed died there!

For a junior like Lin Ming to do something as ridiculous as breaking out of Tragic Death Valley, Ash Murder wouldn't believe it even if he saw this happen with his own eyes, much less believe it based on someone else's account.

’’It's either Tian Mingzi is being untruthful, or that Lin Ming in truth never entered Tragic Death Valley to begin with and was only camouflaging himself!’’

Mister Ash Murder said with absolute confidence. Naqi was startled, but he felt this was also extremely likely. At the time, besides Tian Mingzi, no one else had seen Lin Ming fly into Tragic Death Valley. And afterwards, none of them had seen Lin Ming emerge from Tragic Death Valley with their own eyes. They had only heard about his whereabouts and had caught up to him here. Who knew if Lin Ming was simply making circles around Tragic Death Valley?

’’A bystander can see the situation clearly. What Mister Ash Murder says is right. I was far too ready to believe in the words of others. This is mainly because I subconsciously believed that Lin Ming had an unbelievably great destiny upon his body, thus it was likely that anything incredible could happen to him and not be strange at all, so I believed everything I heard.’’

Naqi frowned as he spoke. He needed to reconsider everything that Tian Mingzi had told him. It wasn't because he thought that Tian Mingzi was lying to him on purpose, but as Ash Murder said, if Lin Ming with his divine Transformation realm cultivation was really the first person to leave Tragic Death Valley safely in 10 billion years, then this was simply too unbelievable, no matter who heard it.

Naqi believed that because he had been defeated miserably by Lin Ming in the past, he subconsciously thought that it was possible for Lin Ming to create any miracle afterwards. This sort of thinking was the same as being mentally defeated before he even fought Lin Ming. Once a martial artist developed this sort of thinking it was nearly impossible for them to surpass the other party.

’’Tragic Death Valley is a place where even Empyreans will be trapped forever. If you say a divine Transformation realm junior can break out then you are simply taking the world as a joke!’’ Ash Murder snorted in scathing disdain at Tian Mingzi's opinion. ’’Imperial Prince, in the future you will be a leader of the saint race and your achievements might be no worse than the Good Fortune Saint Son's. You must not let a human junior throw your heart into confusion.’’

Ash Murder looked at Naqi and meaningfully said.

Naqi respectfully said, ’’This junior is truly ashamed. In these past years, during the battle at Chaotic Blood Continent as well as leaving my name upon the Emperor Stone, I have been defeated twice. Those events have really left this junior impatiently angry. In truth, when I fought Lin Ming in the battle on Chaotic Blood Continent, I wasn't any worse than he was, and when we left our names upon the Emperor Stone, that wasn't a true contest of our strength! I will restore my confidence and kill Lin Ming so that my heart of martial arts will achieve perfection.’’

’’Mm, it's commendable that you can realize this. Let's continue forwards now. That human junior shouldn't be too far away.’’

They had temporarily lost track of Mister Zhou's trail. But, they weren't worried about this, because in Chaos Prison, there were many space barriers and space-time storms, so it was normal to lose contact with tracking marks.

Like this, the four people passed through a space crack and then arrived in a grand hall.

Within this grand hall was a magnificent black stone altar. It immediately attracted the attention of the four.

The black stone altar was covered in dense layers of dao patterns. 108 fierce sculptures surrounded it, flooding the hall with a terrifying demonic power!

’’Mm? This place is...’’

Imperial Prince Naqi's eyes brightened. He could immediately sense that this place was extraordinary!

’’Interesting, interesting!’’ Ash Murder traced his beard, laughing. He had used his sense to investigate just now and discovered that there were likely some treasures buried beneath the black stone altar!

’’The heavens truly help me! If I'm not wrong then there are treasures in this place, and there must be a buried divine trove of some sort! I have come to God Burying Ridge several times before but I never imagined that there would be such great treasures buried in this danger zone. This is a tremendous lucky chance. Although I first came here to hunt down some human junior, this is a perfect coincidence, hahaha!’’

’’Buried treasure!’’ Imperial Prince Naqi was immediately enthused by these words. He and Ash Murder were travelling together and Ash Murder also owed a favor to his Good Fortune Saint Palace. By all reasoning, a part of the treasures should be divided to him!

Moreover, it was said that this God Burying Ridge was connected to the Asura Road Master. If so, then perhaps this buried treasure was also related to the Asura Road Master. The value and rarity of the Asura Road Master's treasures could be imagined!

However, being enthused was only being enthused. Imperial Prince Naqi still didn't lose his calm.

’’Mister Ash Murder, the aura of demonic power here is too thick, and those 108 sculptures are each concealing a deep killing intent. This is a danger zone, and although there is buried treasure here, obtaining it will not be easy!’’

’’Of course!’’ Ash Murder easily responded, his face filled with confidence. ’’This divine trove is guarded by layers upon layers of protections, so how could it be easy to obtain? Even someone like me must use some effort, but that is only some effort and eventually I will obtain the treasures. These array formations have already existed for billions or even ten billion years. If the might of the array formations in the past were at a ten, then their present state can only be called a one!’’

Ash Murder wasn't blindly confident in himself. No matter what array formation it was, it would be greatly weakened over 10 billion years of time. Moreover, he possessed a half-step Empyrean cultivation as well as an understanding into ancient array formations. He was confident he could eventually break through the array formation here.

’’Guard me. I will study the dao patterns first.’’

Upon saying this, Ash Murder carefully stepped forwards. The step he took avoided the death zones runes. Although he didn't understand the Asura Heavenly Dao, by relying on his experience of ancient arrays he could faintly feel his way through one or two steps.

Although Ash Murder didn't step on any death zones, because of Mister Zhou's previous invasion, the great absolute killing array within Bai Qi's tomb was already activated. Now, this step of his had become the fire that lit the fuse. Those 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers began to restlessly stir, the red light in their eyes becoming increasingly bright!


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