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Martial World - Chapter 1512


Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512 - Killing a World King




’’Attack together! Risk everything!’’

In this life or death moment, Mister Zhou's eyes turned blood red. He joined forces with the other two to attack together!

But at this time, the iron-armored spectral soldiers had come alive. Their bodies emitted crackling 'ka ka ka' sounds as stone chips peeled off from their bodies, fluttering onto the floor!

These iron-armored spectral soldiers had glowing red eyes. Their bodies were withered and from these withered bodies one could faintly see visible skin texture!

As Lin Ming saw this he sucked in a breath of cold air. These iron-armored spectral soldiers weren't sculptures at all, nor were they puppets;they were true people that were molded over and sealed in black stone to form sculptures!

It was impossible for a living person to be sealed for billions of years. But, a corpse, if sealed away using some secret technique, had a possibility of being preserved for 10 billion years as an iron-armored spectral soldier!

These people might have been killed by Bai Qi before his death and then kept here as funeral objects to accompany him. But, none of that was important. What was important was that in Lin Ming's eyes, he could see that these people had all been World King level existences before their death!

108 World Kings!

It could be imagined that all those billions of years ago during the era when the Asura Road Master ruled the world, the martial arts civilization of that time had been at least 10 times more prosperous than it was now! 108 World Kings... although they had already died and had even been weakened over billions of years, when they joined together they were still a force that Mister Zhou wasn't able to deal with!


Mister Zhou and the two other saint martial artists attacked with all their strength. They released their strongest moves, barraging the space barrier in a vicious onslaught. However, even though the three of them joined together, they only managed to cause the space barrier to gently vibrate, without a single dent at all!

Like this, a deep sense of despair surged in Mister Zhou's heart. Although he knew that this was an absolute killing zone before he entered Chaos Prison, he didn't think the risks would be so bad!

Even the cowardly Spider Brothers who feared death had only described Chaos Prison as a place where World Kings might perish. But in Mister Zhou's opinion, the Spider Brothers had never entered this place and had exaggerated their description to serve as a deterrent from entering. So, Mister Zhou wasn't too afraid of entering Chaos Prison.

But now, he knew that the Spider Brothers simply weren't able to see the killing intent here and what he thought was their exaggerated description was actually far lacking compared to the truth. This place was not just a danger zone that a World King might die in, but even for a Great World King, this absolute killing zone was an extremely ominous land filled with fatal perils and little hope of surviving!

’’You little beast, your plan was good but since you want to harm me then I'll drag you to the grave with me!’’

Mister Zhou erupted with a roar. Together with his two followers, they all rushed towards Lin Ming. They wanted to attract those 108 iron-armored spectral soldiers to Lin Ming so that they would all perish together!

However, the moment that they hurtled towards Lin Ming, the saber of a spectral soldier immediately chopped towards the waist of the weakest late Saint Lord realm martial artist! Although this iron-armored spectral soldier no longer understood Laws, the arcane skills used to refine its corpse made its bodily strength several times greater than it had been before its death. It was invulnerable, immune to fire and water!


With a loud shattering sound, the saint martial artist's protective astral essence instantly exploded. With a keening shriek, his body contorted at an incredible angle. He wanted to use his powerful mortal body to resist the saber light and then use a secret body transformation skill to twist and avoid the saber blade.

However, the iron-armored spectral soldier was far too horrifyingly strong;all of that saint race martial artist's efforts were wasted! Just a single saber strike broke through the Saint Lord realm martial artist's protective astral essence and at the same time continued to cut through his spine, tearing apart all his organs in the meantime!

He had been split apart at the waist!

In that moment, the late Saint Lord realm martial artist felt the heavens and earth spin around him in a dizzying fashion. Like this, only the upper half of his body continued shooting towards the altar, but during this time several hundred divine lights shot out from the altar, scorching his remains to ash!

The scene of such a wretched death was truly eerie!

As for Mister Zhou and the other half-step World King powerhouse, their cultivation was far deeper. By relying on the horrible death of the Saint Lord realm martial artist as well as the slow speed of the iron-armored spectral soldiers, they circled around and rushed up the altar!

They had already prepared themselves. The moment that black beams of light exploded towards them, they forcefully twisted their bodies to avoid fatal wounds!

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Black divine light pierced through the half-step World King's arm and thigh. After all, his cultivation was lower and he couldn't compare with Mister Zhou. Because of this, he was pierced in several places. Although he avoided being hit in any vital zones of his body, to be so heavily injured on this dangerous altar was the same as dying soon after!

Only Mister Zhou flitted left and right, dodging beam after beam of black light as he rushed towards Lin Ming like a lively cheetah!


Black light wove around him. Mister Zhou didn't understand these dao patterns beneath him, thus he stepped on a death zone of the array formation!

As this death zone was activated, several hundred black divine lights shot towards him, sealing away any direction he could escape in. No matter how he twisted his body, he would have to withstand this strike!


Mister Zhou roared out, erupting his astral essence to the limit, forcefully resisting two beams of black light!

However, the black light was far too terrifying. With a loud rumbling explosion, it was like an iron hammer on glass as it struck Mister Zhou's protective astral essence. With a resounding crack, Mister Zhou's protective astral essence shattered to pieces!

The weakened black light continued forwards, piercing through Mister Zhou's shoulder and thighs!

’’So fierce! I have no idea how long the great array formation of this tomb has been here, but it still has such unstoppable might! Even a World King saint martial artist with a powerful body was immediately pierced through.’’

Seeing Mister Zhou continuing to fly towards him, an excited light shined in Lin Ming's eyes!

All of the strength percolating within his body suddenly erupted to the limit. The phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared behind him, and in the bough of this tree, a dark blue divine Dragon was slowly flying around!

’’Rahh - !’’

A resonant dragon roar rang through to the highest heavens. Lin Ming took a step forwards, stepping onto a life zone of the array formation. He waved the Phoenix Blood Spear, releasing the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to their limits!

He actually had no plan to avoid Mister Zhou's strike. Rather, he intended to face it head on!

’’You little beast, die!’’

The current Mister Zhou was covered in blood. Although his present condition was extremely poor, this was a desperate life or death strike made by a World King;the might behind it was extremely terrifying!

Mister Zhou poured all of his remaining strength into his fist and punched out at Lin Ming!

Facing Mister Zhou's fist, Lin Ming held his spear in both hands and brought it pounding down. ’’Asura Heavenly Dao, Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!’’

In that instant, a dreadful demonic power poured into the Phoenix Blood Spear. This demonic power burned like divine flames, transforming into a winged Asura phantom with three heads and six arms. This Asura phantom's six hands each held different weapons, and behind it also spun the Wheel of Samsara. This Wheel of Samsara had similarities to the Wheel of Destiny Lin Ming saw at the City of Discord. It was one of the secret techniques located within the Asura Sutra, the inheritances of the Asura Road Master - this was the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

Lin Ming had trained for nine years, and after breaking through to the divine Lord realm, a powerful strength was contained within his body, needing to be released. Thus, he chose to directly confront a World King powerhouse;this would also be his first time doing so!


The Phoenix Blood Spear collided with Mister Zhou's fist! In his haste, Mister Zhou hadn't used a weapon. But to the saint race that were skilled in body transformation, their body was their best weapon!

A dreadful explosive sound flooded the area. Mister Zhou felt a titanic strength shoot up his shoulder. His arms went numb and a deep pain enveloped his fists. A trace of blood shot out from his hands!


Mister Zhou was shocked. He thought that his all-out desperate attack would kill Lin Ming, but the result had completely surprised him. Lin Ming had directly resisted this strike! Him, a World King powerhouse, was actually blocked by a human junior who was only several dozen years old!

This was simply a fantastical fairytale!

Although this was a hasty strike and he also didn't use a weapon, he couldn't believe that a junior several cultivation realms below him could possess such a terrifying combat strength!


Mister Zhou's pupils shrank. As he looked at Lin Ming, a deep fear threatened to overwhelm him. This boy had only grown for several dozen years and yet he had reached this level of ability. If he were given several hundred years to grow, just what would he become!?

At this time, Lin Ming also felt his blood tumbling within him and his true essence in chaos. After all, a World King was still a World King. Even though this World King was exhausted this was still his desperate life or death attack. With this strike, his fist had still been able to suppress Lin Ming's spear light.

Rumble rumble!

Energy exploded outwards like a tide. In the ruinous shockwaves of that energy, Lin Ming was forced backwards!

However, he had already calculated what path to take. The dao field of the black stone altar had long since been carved into his memory. Every time Lin Ming stepped backwards, he would step on a life zone of the black stone altar and evade the black divine light!

But, Mister Zhou did not have the ability. As he was forced backwards, he bumped into another absolute death dao pattern.

Woosh! Woosh!

Several incomparably thick beams of divine light shot towards Mister Zhou, blocking all directions that he could dodge in. At this time, Mister Zhou had yet to recover himself, thus it was impossible for him to avoid this attack!

Black light howled forwards. A blazing hatred and unwillingness flooded Mister Zhou's eyes.

Peng peng peng peng!

With a series of explosive sounds, Mister Zhou's protective astral essence exploded to pieces. His mortal body was torn apart by the black light and his head flew off. Dimly, Mister Zhou could see as his body became increasingly far away. Then, he saw Lin Ming retreat again and again, but those black beams of light all missed him, none of them even touching his clothes.

’’How can this be...?’’

Mister Zhou's pupils gradually lost focus. He found it impossible to imagine that a World King powerhouse like himself had hunted down a junior only several dozen years old, and the result was his current grim fate!

Not only would he perish here, but his last desperate attack hadn't been able to harm Lin Ming...

Amidst the whistling black light, Mister Zhou's torn up body was completely scorched to ash!

Like this, a World King powerhouse was turned to ash in front of Bai Qi's grave. This was the first World King powerhouse that Lin Ming had slain. Although Lin Ming hadn't directly killed him, he was the one who brought about his death.


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