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Martial World - Chapter 1511


Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511 - Absolute Killing Array




Mister Zhou's complexion became so dark and gloomy that it seemed water could be squeezed out of his face. His killing intent burst out with an unprecedented intensity, all of it falling onto Lin Ming!

However, Lin Ming remained unmoved. He carelessly said, ’’Three... two and a half... two... one and a half... hey, I've already counted to one and a half, aren't you guys going to come and die yet?’’

Lin Ming was purposefully trying to anger them. As he spoke to here, he suddenly noticed that the Spider Brothers seemed to be wanting to sneak away. He laughed, saying, ’’Hey, you two Imp race turtles, where do you think you're running off to? You haven't even fought me yet, just how sad is that!’’

The Spider Brothers felt that the situation was spiraling out of control. Once these people were provoked into doing something by Lin Ming, they would definitely be dragged into their deaths. They were thinking to quietly escape, but Lin Ming's words immediately caused them to freeze in place.

At this time they didn't have any thoughts of even trying to bother Lin Ming. Mister Zhou was like a powder keg ready to blow up at any moment. The slightest action that caused Mister Zhou to be unhappy could set him off, causing him to kill them both out of shame and anger!

However, Mister Zhou seemed as if he didn't care about the Spider Brothers at all. He continued to stare at Lin Ming, his eyes filled with killing intent.

’’Hahaha, if you keep staring your eyeballs might pop out. Really, how boring of you. There are only two numbers left! One! Zero!’’ Lin Ming finished counting down from ten and then waved his hands, saying, ’’I'm not going to wait here for you;I'm leaving first. If we have another chance then let's meet again in the future!’’

Lin Ming turned with a flourish, swaggering away as he left.

This caused the two saint race martial artists beside Mister Zhou to become so angry that fires seemed to fan out from their eyes. ’’That brat, he must be faking things!’’

Someone shouted.

The truth was that Mister Zhou was also suspecting this. This was possibly some play that Lin Ming was putting on to run away! If they watched helplessly as Lin Ming managed to escape like this then not only would this become the greatest shame of his life but he would also become the laughing stock of the entire saint race! He would even be punished by the rules of his people!

But to really run over and grab Lin Ming... he didn't have the courage to do so!

Thinking of this, Mister Zhou suddenly roared out loud. He reached out a hand and grasped towards the Spider Brothers!

The Spider Brothers weren't Mister Zhou's match at all. They cried out in fear as a golden hand made of astral essence grabbed them both!


’’Forgive us!’’

The Spider Brothers shouted out with pale faces. However, Mister Zhou didn't care about their objections at all. He grabbed both of them and his muscles bulged out as he threw them towards Lin Ming with all his strength!

In that moment the Spider Brothers felt as if their bodies were being torn apart by a tremendous strength. The terrifying speed they were sent hurtling forwards at struck them like a bolt of thunder!

Mister Zhou himself was a body transformation martial artist. Once he erupted with all his strength, his steps could shatter the earth and his fists could sunder mountains and rivers. The Spider Brothers were tossed forwards like sand bags, so hard that even a tiny planet could be crushed! As for a divine Lord realm martial artist, they would be smashed to death!

He wanted to use the Spider Brothers to smash Lin Ming to death. At the same time, he could also use them to investigate the mysteries of the black altar and see if this was a trap laid down by Lin Ming.


The Spider Brothers hurtled forth like a meteor. Their sad and miserable cries were torn apart by the tremendous currents of astral essence. Upon seeing this, Lin Ming's arrogant smile immediately vanished, instead replaced by a cold killing intent. He sneered, ’’So you finally started to do something. Although you think you are just probing me with some cannon fodder, this killing array isn't as simple as you think it is.’’

Lin Ming used a true essence sound transmission to rapidly speak. Before he finished speaking, the black altar in front of him suddenly shook. Then, a hundred thousand rays of black divine light shot out from the altar, piercing through the void like divine swords!

The Spider Brothers were struck by these divine swords and were instantly split apart, turned into nothing but minced meat!


At nearly the same time, an even thicker beam of black divine light struck the Spider Brothers, reducing their minced meat to ashes!

Finally, their corpses didn't even remain atop the altar. This was Blue Throne Bai Qi's grave, no one was allowed to blaspheme it!


Mister Zhou's pupils contracted. The Spider Brothers being split apart and reduced to ash by the hundred thousand rays of divine light was horrifying, but also within his expectations. However, what shocked him the most was that when those black beams of divine light were randomly shooting about, he could see Lin Ming clearly standing atop the altar, not moving at all within the storm of black divine light. Even so, those black beams of divine light seemed to have eyes, all of them avoiding Lin Ming, not even touching the hem of his robes!

’’He can control the great array formation here!?’’ Mister Zhou was panic-stricken as he thought of this. If this were true then that was truly dangerous!

’’That's not right! If he can control the array formation here then he should have been able to use it to directly attack me. There should have been no reason for him to provoke me into doing something. No, he shouldn't be able to control the array formation but he should be able to see through it. The area where he is standing should be the life zone of this array formation where no divine lights are able to attack him!’’

Mister Zhou instantly thought. This situation was slightly better. However, Lin Ming was already in an invincible position, it would be impossible for them to kill him!

’’We're withdrawing!’’

Mister Zhou was decisive in his decision. Seeing that it was impossible to kill Lin Ming, he needed to convene with Mister Ash Murder and further consider the situation.

He believed that with Mister Ash Murder's strength, combined with Tian Mingzi, they would have the ability to kill Lin Ming. After all, this Chaos Prison was only known as a danger zone where World Kings died. If one was strong enough they could still break through the array formation!

However, Lin Ming only laughed. ’’You still think you can run away now? It is too late! This is the tomb of Blue Throne Bai Qi! You want to walk away like nothing happened after disturbing Senior Bai Qi's grave? Keep on dreaming!’’

Lin Ming's eyes were icy cold. At this time, the 108 sculptures around the altar began to shake. Their eyes opened, revealing sparkling red lights. These sculptures were actually alive!

Seeing this scene, Mister Zhou felt all the hairs on his body rise. These puppets were emitting a dreadful aura of demonic power;it was hard to imagine how strong they were!

To deal with several of these sculptures was manageable, but if he wanted to simultaneously face 108 of them together, he would be hacked apart in the onslaught of attacks!

Mister Zhou couldn't bother with saving his subordinates. He turned around, wanting to flee alone. But as he turned, he saw something that left his entire body cold. The entrance to this hall, the narrow space crack that they had travelled through, had vanished!

The exit had been blocked!

’’Damn it all!’’

Although Mister Zhou had already guessed that this was an absolute killing zone, he didn't think it would be dangerous to such a degree. He originally thought that the only danger in this hall was the altar and that it would have many traps hidden within it, thus the reason he had used the Spider Brothers to probe it. In the worst case situation the Spider Brothers would die a miserable death and the rest of them could safely retreat. However, he didn't expect that just probing the altar would trigger the absolute killing array here!

’’Break for me!’’

Mister Zhou punched his fist against the sealed space barrier, wanting to shatter through the void and escape. However, the space barrier remained motionless. There was no path for them to escape!


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