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Martial World - Chapter 1510


Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510 - Provoke





A dreadful explosion burst out from the endless black void, accompanied by faint pained screams. In the next moment, a space crack opened and several wounded people were pushed through, in an extremely distressed and miserable state. They were part of Mister Zhou's group.

There were originally seven of them, but now only five were left;the other two had died.

The ones surviving were only Mister Zhou, a half-step World King martial artist, a late divine Lord martial artist, and the two Spider Brothers.

Even in this Chaos Prison where killing intent was everywhere, the Spider Brothers' experience and intuition were able to be displayed to a great affect. It was the reason their group had managed to survive until now.

’’What place is this?’’

Mister Zhou looked at the magnificent ancient altar in front of him. They had just been in a chaotic space storm but in the next moment they had arrived within a grand hall;it could only be said that the space-time within Chaos Temple was far too chaotic.

Besides this ancient black stone altar, there were also 108 stone sculptures surrounding it. The altar was covered in dao patterns that exuded a deep killing intent, as if there was some incomparably powerful strength sealed within it.

’’There is a treasure here!’’

Mister Zhou's eyes brightened. The aura all around was definitely not because the origin energy here was too rich, but because there were some rare treasures sealed away here!

Mister Zhou didn't recognize these dao patterns that originated from the same source as the Asura Road Master's dao patterns, and thus he definitely didn't know that it was a grave. But, just based on his many years of experience he was able to conclude that there were some great treasures beneath the altar!

His judgment was not wrong. Whether or not Blue Throne Bai Qi's corpse was interred beneath the altar, there would definitely be a massive number of funeral objects buried with him. These funeral objects would hold an unparalleled attraction towards a World King powerhouse!

’’Old Zhou, what do we do? Do we continue chasing after Lin Ming or should we dig up the treasures here?’’

The half-step World King said from beside Mister Zhou, a bit of uncertainty in his voice. As they arrived here they had encountered many dangerous situations. Even though they saw a treasure in front of them they still didn't dare to recklessly act. No matter what it was, anything in Chaos Prison wouldn't be easy to take.

Mister Zhou thought for a moment. ’’We must chase after Lin Ming but we also cannot give up these treasures. It was said that God Burying Ridge is related to the Asura Road Master, so perhaps these treasures were left behind by him!’’

Just what sort of character was the Asura Road Master? Let alone an ordinary World King like Mister Zhou, even an Empyrean powerhouse would greedily covet the Asura Road Master's treasures.

For all martial artists, if they didn't struggle for a lucky chance when it was placed in front of them, then they simply didn't need to cultivate the martial path.

And hearing Mister Zhou's words, the Spider Brothers grimaced, their complexions changing. In their eyes, this black stone altar was a danger zone amongst danger zones;they couldn't even run in time, much less think of digging for treasures here!

’’You... you...’’ The older Spider Brother gulped. ’’Do you know what place this is? Demonic power, black stone altar, and also 108 puppet guards, this is an absolute death zone. Once the great array formation is activated here then all of us will die!’’

As the older Spider Brother spoke, his face paled and his lips shivered. He was well aware that even if they dug out some treasure here there would be no share for them. For them to come here was simply asking to die.

’’I beg you to let us brothers go!’’

The younger Spider Brother fervently begged. The deeper they ventured into Chaos Prison, the lower the chances that the two of them would emerge alive.

’’What long-winded nagging!’’ Mister Zhou's eyes turned cold. ’’If you continue babbling nonsense then I'll kill you both here!’’

Mister Zhou's voice was filled with killing intent. At this moment, from beside Mister Zhou, the half-step World King said with a sound transmission, ’’Old Zhou, we should use these two as pathfinder stones. Let's make them step on the altar floor first to see if there is any danger.’’

As this point was suggested, Mister Zhou's thoughts stirred. ’’Your suggestion is good, but now isn't the time for that. We should wait for Mister Ash Murder to arrive here. His Highness the Imperial Prince has our tracking mark and with Mister Ash Murder's strength they should definitely be able to find us even in this absolute death zone. When we've all gathered together then it won't be too late to have these two cannon fodders explore the way for us.’’

’’Old Zhou, you're right, haha! We should wait for Mister Ash Murder to arrive. Once he does, all of the treasures will be ours!’’

The two martial artists beside Mister Zhou were elated. If the Asura Road Master had buried treasures here, then although they couldn't eat the meat they could still have a bit of the soup. Perhaps they might even stumble into their own lucky chance here.

Like this, Mister Zhou and his group sat down and began to meditate. Hidden within the array formation, Lin Ming frowned. These people weren't foolish enough to rush into the array formation to dig for treasures, but instead seemed as if they were waiting for others.

Lin Ming noticed that their group was missing Imperial Prince Naqi and Tian Mingzi. His first thought was that they must be coming to reunite with Mister Zhou.

Lin Ming had Tian Mingzi's tracking mark on him. Even if he was hiding in this array formation, Tian Mingzi would still sense him. Lin Ming certainly wouldn't idly sit by and allow all of his enemies to gather together in one place.

’’If you don't want to move into the array formation then I'll help you!’’

Lin Min sneered. Like this, he emerged from the shadows of the array formation.

As he stepped out from the shadows of the array formation, his aura was no longer isolated by it. He was immediately sensed by Mister Zhou and his group.

Mister Zhou's eyes shot open!

’’Who is it!?’’ He leapt up, his eyes focusing on Lin Ming. At this time, the light within the hall was extremely dim and Mister Zhou's eyes were like bolts of lightning in the dark skies, piercing through the layers of gloom to see Lin Ming.

’’Lin Ming!? It's you!?’’

Mister Zhou looked at Lin Ming with incredulity.

Lin Ming had actually appeared here and even presented himself in front of them! He simply didn't know the meaning of life or death!

Around Mister Zhou, everyone began taking out their weapons. Several senses locked tightly onto Lin Ming.

’’You little beast, you are courting death!’’ The half-step World King saint said, a diabolic grin crossing his face. In his opinion, Lin Ming was simply a cunning brat, as slippery as a cockroach. Once someone grabbed onto Lin Ming, killing him would be extremely simple.

’’I'll kill you in three moves!’’ The saint martial artist said, about to attack. However, Mister Zhou blocked him. ’’Don't be impulsive. This is a trap!’’

Mister Zhou didn't believe that Lin Ming was an idiot. If he dared to appear in front of them even when he wasn't their match then he must have something he was relying on. The best explanation would be that there were traps here.

’’Haha!’’ Lin Ming laughed. ’’Are you all so gutless? Weren't you chasing after me? Now the five of you are all standing there and each of you have a cultivation higher than mine, and yet you're too scared to attack me. You lot are nothing but little turtles, hahaha!’’

Lin Ming loudly shouted. Mister Zhou and the two martial artists besides him immediately developed ugly complexions.

They had a World King and a half-step World King on their side, and yet they were being taunted by a junior like this.

’’I must say, old man, what is your name again? When I was leaving Heavendevil City I ran into you. At that time, I was surrounded by you all and saw you riding some stupid-looking monster beast. Your eyes were closed shut and you were wildly waving your arms around like a dumb clown, mumbling crap like some ridiculous side street con artist. I must ask, what were you doing at that time? Were you acting? Were you pretending to be a clown? If you were pretending to be a clown then good job, you even fooled me.’’

Lin Ming said. The time he spoke of was when he followed Fatty Zhou to leave for God Burying Ridge. At that time, at the city gates, he had bumped Imperial Prince Naqi and his group. Mister Zhou had been using his Heaven Spying Art to seek out Lin Ming's trail, but because Lin Ming was using the Bodily Rebirth Technique to conceal his appearance, Mister Zhou wasn't able to discover him at all.

Now being mocked by Lin Ming like this, Mister Zhou was livid. Before this, he had openly bragged that as long as Lin Ming was within 50 miles of his Heaven Spying Technique, he could immediately find him through any appearance concealing technique. No matter how well hidden he was, he would still be able to grab Lin Ming. But now, Lin Ming was telling him that he had waltzed away from right in front of him and he hadn't even noticed!

Everyone beside Mister Zhou looked at him. Indeed, Lin Ming's description just now was truly the period when Mister Zhou was entering the city. In other words, Lin Ming had truly avoided them at the city gates. Mister Zhou, a World King powerhouse, had used his special secret technique and yet couldn't sense a divine Transformation youth. If this matter were to spread out then it would shame him to no end!

’’You little beast, I'll smash you in half!’’ Mister Zhou's eyes flooded with an ominous light. He stepped forwards, nearly wanting to attack.

Lin Ming laughed out loud. ’’You think you can? I'm standing right here right now, and yet all you can do is talk? Do you have any guts at all? With so many World Kings and divine Lords, all you can do is stand there and blabber on? In the future, sooner or later there will be a day when I kill my way into the saint race and exterminate all of your people. Whether they are men or women, I will waste away their cultivation and make you all into slaves!’’

Lin Ming was too arrogant. This simply wasn't the way he had acted in the past. Mister Zhou felt blue veins bulging out from his forehead. In his life, he had never been so aggrieved before. A junior that was several cultivation boundaries lower than him was actually cursing him to his face and yet he was completely helpless to do anything about it!

’’I think you are all little turtles. I will give you all ten breaths of time. If you aren't going to do anything then I'm going to leave. I don't have the time or patience to chatter with you. You can either come over here, wash your necks and prepare to die, or you can hurry up and get the hell out of my way! Go return to your grandmother's home. If all of you are such cowards then why did you enter this place to try and join in on the fun? You shouldn't have bothered coming here to begin with!

’’I'm going to start counting now. Ten... nine...’’

Lin Ming became increasingly arrogant, just like a wastrel scumbag young master of a noble family, looking down at everyone as if they were worth nothing at all.

The more Lin Ming's current personality diverged from how he was in the past, the more suspicious Mister Zhou became and the less willing he was to move half a step forwards.

’’This brat is too conceited! Old Zhou, I will go myself and kill him in three moves!’’ From beside Mister Zhou, the half-step World King powerhouse was nearly crazy with rage. In his eyes, humanity was nothing but a lowly race that only deserved to be slaves of the saints. But now, this human that he could kill as easily as turning his palm was insulting them to their faces. If he could tolerate this, what else could he tolerate?

Lin Ming laughed, continuing to count. ’’Eight... seven... six... I must say, you talk so much and yet you do nothing at all. If you think you can kill me in three moves then I'll eliminate you in three moves instead! Perhaps I'll just trample you to death with one foot!’’


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