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Martial World - Chapter 1508


Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508 - Chaos Prison




Deep within Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming was sitting in meditation in the main hall. He already felt a sense lock onto Primordius Heavenly Palace;Tian Mingzi had really given chase.

Moreover, Lin Ming expected that not only would it be Tian Mingzi, but Imperial Prince Naqi and his followed would soon join the hunt.

Lin Ming saw Imperial Prince Naqi and his group in Heavendevil City. They had a World King powerhouse in their ranks as well as two half-step World Kings. Once Tian Mingzi was added into this mix, he would have to face at least two World Kings and their subordinates.

’’Lin Ming, what do you plan on doing?’’ Xiao Moxian glanced at Lin Ming. In her opinion, even though Lin Ming had broken through to the divine Lord realm, it was still impossible for him to simultaneously contend with so many powerhouses. The difference between a divine Lord and World King was simply far too great.

’’I must lure them deeper. In God Burying Ridge there are seven death zones. I will choose the most dangerous one and wait for them there!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, his eyes shimmered with a deep killing intent. He knew that whether it was Tian Mingzi or Imperial Prince Naqi, neither one of them would give up on chasing him down here. This was similar to Lin Ming not giving up on a lucky chance even if the situation was dangerous.

His advantage was that he understood the dao field of God Burying Ridge. With it, he could use the terrain to his benefit.

Xiao Moxian's heart skipped a beat as she heard this. Although God Burying Ridge's dao field was far less dangerous than Tragic Death Valley's God Beast Tomb array formation, it was still extremely terrifying. In the legends, it was said that even Great World Kings perished here. If Lin Ming chose the most dangerous death zone of them all, then it was unknown just how brutal the battle would be.

’’Do you plan on even killing Tian Mingzi?’’ Xiao Moxian gasped. Tian Mingzi's cultivation was simply far too different from their own. Lin Ming had just stepped into the divine Lord realm. For him to kill the Great World King Tian Mingzi, this was an unimaginable feat.

Lin Ming said, ’’Tian Mingzi is an extremely deep and secretive individual. In the past when he was a direct disciple of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, he came into contact with the saint race and became their spy. Finally, by relying on his own strength and plots he was able to undermine the entire Verdant Feather Holy Lands. Even the Great World King of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was killed off by him. If I want to kill him, I have no assurance of being able to do that at all.’’

According to Mo Eversnow, Tian Mingzi was a dreadfully talented individual, no worse than Mo Eversnow herself. If his plans hadn't been ruined at the Sky Spill Planet and he also lost a hand, then he would have become an Empyrean sooner or later. Moreover, Tian Mingzi had no background to speak of. He was nothing more than a common mortal martial artist. For him to arrive at this level with his talent and schemes was already astonishing enough.

Lin Ming would certainly fear such a ruthless character.

In truth, if it were possible, Lin Ming didn't want to toss himself into a life or death battle with Tian Mingzi right now. To face someone that he didn't know the full strength of and was also two and a half large boundaries higher in cultivation, this was a truly unwise decision.

However, if Lin Ming didn't face Tian Mingzi then his only choice was to hide away in Tragic Death Valley once more to seek out protection and then nothing would change. Tian Mingzi would keep guard outside Tragic Death Valley, and as for Lin Ming, he would have to go into seclusion there. In the dark and desolate land of Tragic Death Valley, it would be nearly impossible to make another breakthrough.

Lin Ming's cultivation in seclusion had already reached a bottleneck. He needed to continue tempering and sharpening himself through tribulations and battles in order to walk further down the road of martial arts.

Primordius Heavenly Palace shot forwards like a meteor. In a situation where he was speeding forth without any consideration for the massive amount of energy consumed, everything passed by in a flash. Soon, Lin Ming arrived at his destination. A hundred miles in front of him was a land of absolute darkness, a void of chaos.

This entire land was covered in black fog. In the midst of this swirling fog was a massive tear in the void. The tear revealed endless darkness, and this darkness seemed as if it led to a different time and space.

This was the most dangerous death zone of God Burying Ridge - Chaos Prison!

Here, time and space were incomparably chaotic, as mixed up and crazy as a labyrinth. If a divine Lord or Holy Lord realm martial artist were to enter, they would instantly lose themselves in the chaotic space-time and be forever unable to leave.

Even for a World King powerhouse, once they entered deep into Chaos Prison, they would have to face the terrifying force fields and space-time storms within. They would have to consume a massive amount of energy, and if they couldn't escape in a short period of time then they would also die there.

’’This place is...’’

Seeing this black fog that emitted a horrifying aura, Xiao Moxian was startled. She knew that Lin Ming was about to fly into this land!

In these past years, Xiao Moxian had perceived the Asura Sutra First Volume and also had the basic ability to judge and determine the God Burying Ridge dao field. She could instantly see that this place which Lin Ming chose could be called the riskiest and most deadly place of the entire God Burying Ridge!

’’This is Chaos Prison!’’ Lin Ming said without turning around. To the speeding Primordius Heavenly Palace, a hundred miles took nothing more than several blinks of an eye. Then, with an unstoppable momentum, Primordius Heavenly Palace broke into Chaos Prison like a comet crashing into the earth!

Xiao Moxian held her breath. She believed that Lin Ming could easily flit through Chaos Prison normally, but to do so when being chased by two World Kings, this was a true life or death struggle!

Even though Lin Ming was familiar with the God Burying Ridge dao field, the force fields and space storms in Chaos Prison were the same to everyone. If Lin Ming was sucked into one of them he would die like everyone else. Lin Ming's one advantage here was that he could follow the dao field within Chaos Prison and avoid these fatal storms.

Ka ka ka!

As Primordius Heavenly Palace entered Chaos Prison, the entire structure shook. In the center of the array formation, three nine sun jades immediately shattered, turning into ash.

It was obvious that Primordius Heavenly Palace had just been struck by the force fields and storms here and consumed a massive amount of energy to defend itself!

Lin Ming said, ’’If we stay within Primordius Heavenly Palace then there is no way for us to avoid the force fields and storms. We must leave this place. Enter my inner world and let me handle the rest.’’

Lin Ming said without further explanation. He began to take back Primordius Heavenly Palace, and in the next moment he and Xiao Moxian were teleported outside.

This place was like a universe filled with a thick and sticky black space. There were wild storms everywhere and also terrifying raging currents of energy. Space and time was muddled and killing intent shot out in all directions. Many dangers were invisible and unable to be sensed. If one were to die here, there would be nothing left of their corpse.

As Lin Ming drew Tian Mingzi to this danger zone, in order to guarantee that he could be as flexible as possible, his only choice was to put away Primordius Heavenly Palace and place himself in the midst of absolute danger.

Xiao Moxian deeply stared at Lin Ming. There seemed to be many words she wanted to say reflected in her eyes, but she also knew that now was not the time to talk. She grit her teeth, stamped her feet and plunged into Lin Ming's inner world.

Xiao Moxian was well aware that before breaking into the divine Lord realm it would be impossible for her to assist Lin Ming in any way. If she carelessly interfered then she would instead drag him into harm's way. Hiding out in his inner world was the best choice in the current situation.

This was also the same as handing her life over to him. If Lin Ming died, she would perish with him.

After several breaths of time, Tian Mingzi arrived outside Chaos Prison like ghosts and gods. He looked deeply at the terrifying void of fog beneath him, his complexion gloomy and uncertain.

’’This boy, he wants to lure me inside!’’ Tian Mingzi knew that this was a danger zone, however he had no choice but to enter!

’’Could Lin Ming... have something he can rely on to survive in this danger zone?’’

Tian Mingzi knew that there was a reason for Lin Ming leading him here. The most logical explanation was that this danger zone suited Lin Ming the most.

With a deep breath, Tian Mingzi revolved his protective true essence to the limit. In the next moment, he shot into Chaos Prison like a falling star.

When Tian Mingzi laid an array formation down outside of Tragic Death Valley, he had left a tracking mark in the array formation too. Afterwards, when Lin Ming stepped into the array formation, this tracking mark was naturally kept on his body.

This was one of the things that Tian Mingzi was relying on to hunt down Lin Ming. Otherwise, if he were to fly into Chaos Prison then it would be difficult to find him.

Arriving soon after Tian Mingzi was Imperial Prince Naqi and his group. Before they neared Chaos Prison, the God Burying Ridge guides, the Spider Brothers, quickly changed complexions.

’’Stop! Stop! Slow down! We cannot go any further! That is a danger zone in front of us! Anyone who enters will die!’’

The Spider Brothers anxiously cried out.

’’Mm?’’ Imperial Prince Naqi frowned. He glared at the Spider Brothers, his vision fierce and swift.

At this time, the two brothers were paler than paper. They absolutely didn't want to take another step forwards.

’’That is an extremely perilous land before us. In these years there has never been a God Burying Ridge guide who dared to fully enter. I fear that even if a World King powerhouse were to enter they would still suffer fatal dangers and be unable to leave!’’

The Spider Brothers had no information about Chaos Prison. Of those that entered Chaos Prison, very few survived. Even for those surviving, they had no reason to share any information about such a danger zone with the Spider Brothers. But, just by surveying the surrounding environment and using their own intuition, they knew that this place couldn't be casually entered, otherwise they might suffer the fate of total annihilation.

’’An extremely perilous land where even World Kings would perish?’’ As Imperial Prince Naqi looked at Chaos Prison, he cracked his knuckles, explosive sounds echoing out from them.


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