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Martial World - Chapter 1507


Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 - Lure the Enemy




Around Tian Mingzi, three martial artists stood up. These three were Imperial Prince Naqi's subordinates and had half-step World King cultivations.

Besides them, there were also two other people sitting;they were the Spider Brothers, the God Burying Ridge guides who had led them here.

The Spider Brothers were currently in the employment of Imperial Prince Naqi and were standing guard here for Lin Ming. In their opinion this was a pointless endeavor, but the rewards that Imperial Prince Naqi gave them were extremely rich so they didn't mind doing boring work like this.

’’Sage Tian Mingzi, who did you say came out?’’

The Spider Brothers casually asked. This crushed stone mountain valley was a life zone they had chosen based on their previous experiences and there shouldn't be any dangers here. Thus, they weren't too alarmed at hearing Tian Mingzi's words.

’’I am speaking of Lin Ming. He has emerged from Tragic Death Valley.’’

As Tian Mingzi spoke, a thick killing intent shined in his eyes. He extracted a black sword from his spatial ring. Underneath the dim light of God Burying Ridge, it shined with a cold sheen.

Upon hearing this, the Spider Brothers nearly jumped out from where they were sitting. ’’Lin Ming? The Lin Ming that you said entered Tragic Death Valley? He came out? Are you joking with us?’’

Tian Mingzi clearly didn't want to answer such inane questions. ’’Do you think that someone like me decided to wait here for ten months just to relax?’’

In Tina Mingzi's opinion, someone like Lin Ming with such a massive destiny upon his body wouldn't easily die. Now, he had confirmed his initial suspicions!

The Spider Brothers found this hard to accept. ’’Are you sure that he really entered Tragic Death Valley?’’

’’I saw it myself!’’ Tian Mingzi coldly responded. With that, he flew up and soared towards the direction where Lin Ming was!

Behind Tian Mingzi, Naqi's three subordinates glanced at each other before crumbling up a sound transmission jade slip to send this astonishing news to their master.

Lin Ming had been in Tragic Death Valley for nine years but only ten months had passed outside. Imperial Prince Naqi naturally couldn't wait outside for Lin Ming to appear in the surroundings of Tragic Death Valley, if ever. He needed to make the best use of his time and adventure as much as possible, thus he and his retinue had parted ways with Tian Mingzi.

Seeing the brilliant flash of the jade slip sound transmission with their own eyes, the Spider Brothers felt this was all unbelievable. Naqi's three lackeys began preparing to leave. They looked at the Spider Brothers and said, ’’You two need to hurry!’’

The Spider Brothers were still in a stunned shock, but the sudden shout of the three people seemed to wake them up from their dream.

’’This is impossible...’’

The Spider Brothers whispered. At this time, Naqi's three lackeys also soared up into the air, leaving the two Spider Brothers behind. The two Spider Brothers prepared to leave. They found it hard to imagine that Tragic Death Valley, the legendary land of doom that no one had ever emerged from in 10 billion years, had been broken today by a little baby boy.

At this time, a thousand miles away, a flame lit up in front of Naqi. This was the light of the sound transmission jade slip.

After listening to the sound transmission, Naqi's complexion turned gloomy. ’’The incoming message says that the array formation Tian Mingzi laid down has detected Lin Ming's trail. He has emerged from Tragic Death Valley!’’


Besides Naqi, Mister Zhou was panic-stricken. ’’That boy, he really came out!?’’

In these last ten months, Mister Zhou became increasingly aware as to how terrifying Tragic Death Valley really was. He had looked up some past texts and had confirmed that the rumors of Empyreans perishing in Tragic Death Valley long ago were true. Even Empyreans couldn't leave Tragic Death Valley and yet Lin Ming was able to;this was simply incredible.

’’Whether or not he really entered Tragic Death Valley and then left, or if he used some concealment technique and didn't really enter, at this time, we cannot let him run away!’’

Imperial Prince Naqi clenched his right fist as if he were squeezing Lin Ming in his palm. Naqi could feel a growing threat from Lin Ming. Originally, Lin Ming's hundred year challenge towards the Good Fortune Saint Son had been a joke to scoff at, but now, he could faintly feel that if Lin Ming were given a hundred years to grow, he would reach an unimaginable boundary!

At that time, he would surely become a great threat to the saint race.

As for himself, he definitely would not be Lin Ming's match.

’’Imperial Prince Your Highness, we must be careful. We do not know what sort of lucky chance he obtained after entering Tragic Death Valley. If we misjudge his strength then we might meet with unexpected failure.

Mister Zhou said, thinking it absurd himself that he would say such words. As a World King powerhouse, he actually dreaded a divine Transformation realm martial artist. If this were known, he would be the greatest laughing stock in the world.

’’I know. But, no matter how heaven-defying his lucky chance is it still won't change the disparities in cultivation. He was three great boundaries lower than us to begin with. I don't believe that he can overcome this, no matter what he does. Now that he's left Tragic Death Valley we must kill him no matter what the cost is, otherwise if he escapes then it will be far more difficult to hunt him down in the future!’’

Imperial Naqi shot up into the sky, soon followed by Mister Zhou and the others!

As for Tian Mingzi, he was already flying towards the mountain valley where Lin Ming was. To him, this several hundred mile distance took nothing but the blink of an eye.

Here, Lin Ming was already waiting with his arms crossed behind his back. Floating behind him was Primordius Heavenly Palace!

Xiao Moxian had already retreated into Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Lin Ming sneered as he saw Tian Mingzi. ’’Your patience has not disappointed me. I'm glad you waited this long.’’

As Tian Mingzi saw Lin Ming, his eyes suddenly widened, inexplicably shocked. In his caution, he hadn't missed a key change that had occurred to Lin Ming.

That was... Lin Ming's cultivation had reached the divine Lord realm!

’’The divine Lord realm! How is that possible!? In just ten months you broke through from the late divine Transformation realm to the divine Lord realm!?’’

Tian Mingzi knew that when Lin Ming entered Tragic Death Valley, he hadn't stepped into the late divine Transformation too long ago. In any case, it was impossible for a late divine Transformation realm martial artist to step into the divine Lord realm so quickly. For a normal martial artist, they often needed a thousand years to break through to the divine Lord realm from the divine Transformation realm. Some needed ten thousand years to cross this hurdle, and there were even those that never managed to surpass it in their lifetime. No matter how talented Lin Ming was, using even 20 years would have been considered a heaven-defying level of skill.

But now, he had only used ten months!

This was even more panicking than Lin Ming emerging from that death trap known as Tragic Death Valley!

’’You must have eaten some heavenly material!’’

Tian Mingzi's eyebrows shot up. He would never have imagined that there was a unique time enchantment in Tragic Death Valley that allowed a martial artist to cultivate in a completely normal state. The only explanation he could come up with for this change was that Lin Ming had encountered some unrivalled lucky chance in Tragic Death Valley and had eaten some heavenly material to allow him to complete this transformation. But, no matter how good a heavenly material was, it still wasn't one's own cultivation that they trained themselves. It would cause their foundation to be shaky. This was a rash and dangerous choice that geniuses normally wouldn't consider!

’’So, in order to deal with me hunting you down, you didn't hesitate to eat up a heavenly material that would ruin your foundation in order to forcefully break into the divine Lord realm?’’ Tian Mingzi's eyes flashed as he stared at Lin Ming. ’’In order to survive you really are reckless, hm? But what a pity, it doesn't matter even if you break through to the divine Lord boundary, much less with such an unstable foundation. Even if you were to train for another ten years at the divine Lord realm, you would still be nothing for me to deal with!’’

Tian Mingzi sneered and stroked the front of his blade, his body bursting with flaming killing intent. ’’Aren't you going to run back into your little turtle shell? Or do you plan on confronting me directly?’’

’’Hahaha!’’ Lin Ming bellowed out. ’’Trying to provoke me is useless. With your Great World King cultivation, you want to deal with a little junior like myself. You even diligently guarded this land for ten months and try to goad me into fighting you, it seems as if you are more desperate than I thought! It's true, I cannot directly fight with you right now, but... do you have the courage to continue chasing me?’’

As Lin Ming spoke he drew backwards, instantly sinking back into Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Primordius Heavenly Palace flew into the air! With a loud rumbling sound, violent sonic booms spread through the sky as rocks shattered below and the palace flew off into the distance!

At this time, Tian Mingzi didn't immediately give chase. Lin Ming's final words had caused him to grimace. He couldn't help but admit that Lin Ming's threat truly made him feel a degree of fear.

Tian Mingzi's character was to be naturally suspicious of everything, and Lin Ming had deliberately put forth some sort of lure in front of him.

’’This brat is a crafty one. If I chase after him I am likely to encounter some real dangers, but for me to not chase after him is impossible!’’ Tian Mingzi's eyes sparkled with a cold light. However, he immediately grinned. ’’You have your tricks, but so do I. You have never understood the limits of my strength. If you presumed that I am an ordinary Great World King, then you are greatly mistaken!

’’Today is my life's greatest lucky chance. Once I kill you, all of your secrets, including the secrets of Tragic Death Valley, will belong to me!’’

Tian Mingzi's eyes turned a deeper blood red. He grasped his sword and chased straight after Lin Ming.


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