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Martial World - Chapter 1505


Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505 - Becoming A divine Lord





Lin Ming's body shook. In that moment, a terrifying power rushed into his body. This was the power condensed by the God Beast array formation, and now it was pouring into his body, breaking into his inner world!

Lin Ming had already foreseen this change when he unraveled the seal, but he didn't expect the impact to be so wild and intense. His inner world seemed as if it couldn't withstand this strength and wanted to crack apart!

If his inner world cracked open then his fate could be imagined. In this life or death moment, Lin Ming had an obvious choice;he could open his inner world and let this tyrannical strength gallop outwards. In doing so, although it would make things safe for him, it would actually waste away a large amount of essence energy that the God Beast array formation had accumulated.

A sharp light blew up in Lin Ming's eyes. He didn't open his inner world. Instead, he relied on this ferocious strength to begin rapidly increasing the boundaries of his inner world! He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and break into the divine Lord realm!

This was a crazy decision. Underneath the torrents of so much wild energy, if he couldn't withstand the pressure of this energy then his inner world would develop cracks all over it and it would be nearly impossible to recover from. The reason Lin Ming dared to do this was because he had absolute confidence in his own foundation as well as the intensity of his body!

As energy filled him, Lin Ming's body emitted explosive crackling sounds. The blood vessels under his skin ballooned upwards, making it seem as if they would all collapse at any moment.

In the Nine divine Shifts, the divine Lord realm was the last boundary. divine Lord, divine Lord, the meaning of that was to truly become divine! Of course, this 'divine' was relative to common mortals. A divine Lord martial artist could hold a world within their body and enjoy the worship of mortals. To mortals, they would be a god. As for the True divinity boundary in the road of martial arts, this was a divine god of martial artists. A True divinity powerhouse could control an entire universe. To them, the title of True divinity was well deserved!

An ordinary divine Lord powerhouse could already create their own clan or establish their own eighth-grade sect. They could create an inheritance that lasted for hundreds of thousands of years, become an ancient ancestor, and enjoy the devotion of countless disciples and followers.

In the divine Realm, a divine Transformation martial artist could already wander the world. A divine Lord realm martial artist was a true character.

As for Lin Ming, once he became a divine Lord he could instantly kill a Holy Lord. To a certain degree, he could even contend with a World King!

In the entire divine Realm, besides in Empyrean Heavenly Palaces, World Kings were extremely rare even in a great world. They were figures that countless martial artists respected and revered. There were many peak Holy Lands that had inheritances of millions of years and yet they couldn't produce even a single World King!

Thus, to Lin Ming, the divine Lord threshold was extremely significant!

However, for Lin Ming to break through the divine Lord realm in this situation, the pain he had to withstand could be imagined.

Underneath the tremendous pressure, Lin Ming's blood vessels ballooned up from beneath his skin, even breaking apart. Blood seeped out from all of his pores! This blood mixed with his sweat, making Lin Ming look as if he were being bathed in blood.

And within Lin Ming's inner world, the crazy energy impacted towards him, strong enough to cause mountains and rivers to shake. His inner world was originally filled with spiritual energy, but now it was filled with a terrifying energy storm. Those spiritual plants within his inner world were smashed apart in this storm, turned into innumerable fragments!

In his inner world, rivers changed course, lakes evaporated, and mountains collapsed!

In his inner world, it seemed as if the end of times had arrived.

’’Heretical God Tree!’’

Lin Ming roared out. Within his inner world, the towering Heretical God Tree stretched out its lush branches and vibrant leaves, stabilizing it.

The massive root system held the earth of Lin Ming's inner world firmly in place. With this divine tree stabilizing Lin Ming's inner world, everything became much more stable. However, a powerful pressure caused Lin Ming's body to balloon;the blood vitality within him seemed as if it would burst out in the next moment.

Lin Ming grit his teeth and opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to the limit. With the dual support of his formidable mortal body and the Heretical God Tree, he forcefully withstood the impact of energy. Then, with a 'ka ka ka' sound, the boundaries of Lin Ming's inner world began to break open!

As the boundaries of Lin Ming's inner world opened, the void outside of the world was constantly fused with pure energy. Lin Ming's inner world was growing, evolving!

Once his inner world opened up there would be an avenue for the energy to drain out of. The pressure on Lin Ming began to rapidly reduce.

Slowly, the bulging blood vessels beneath Lin Ming's skin began to shrink back down. Blood also stopped leaking from his pores. Like this, Lin Ming had crossed the most difficult stage. Following this, breaking through the divine Lord realm was only a matter of time.

However, because Lin Ming had withstood the terrifying pressure, nearly all of his blood vessels had burst open and even his inner world had been wrecked in the baptism of that ruinous energy storm. In addition to him having branched out a proportion of his divine soul into his essence energy avatar, he would be greatly weakened for a long period of time.

’’Lin Ming, you're really too reckless, you always do things to the extreme. Anyone that follows you will have a permanent heart attack.’’ Xiao Moxian had been watching Lin Ming's entire breakthrough process from the side. She was left somewhat speechless by everything.

From entering God Burying Ridge then falling into Tragic Death Valley, the two of them had survived demonic tides together and had even rushed into the God Beast Tomb array formation. After that, Lin Ming had risked his soul to refine the essence energy avatar. He was always making her heart race without end.

Lin Ming's lips twitched and he laughed. ’’I still haven't yet reached 60 years of age. From the time I was 15 years old, I've spent the following 40 years of my life struggling like this. I cannot compare to someone like you who comes from an Empyrean background. From birth you possessed an unachievable talent that mortals could only dream of as well as the support of endless precious resources. I am simply a martial artist that came from the lower realms, moreover I am even a martial artist that originates from the most common stock of mortals. Although I encountered my own lucky chance in the lower realms that changed my fate, relying on that alone would not have been able to make up the difference between us. I had to risk everything I had. I had to risk my life on lucky chances and even risk my life to step further on the road of martial arts, otherwise it would have been impossible for you to see me standing here.’’

Because of his exhaustion, Lin Ming's words seemed a bit faint, as if they were lacking energy. But as these words fell onto Xiao Moxian's ears, they caused her heart to shake.

In truth, she had already heard that Lin Ming came from a common mortal birth. He wasn't someone who was taken in by an Empyrean level character as a disciple, but he still managed to attain his current incredible achievements.

This sounded like a fantastical bedtime story, and even Xiao Moxian had been skeptical of it, half-doubting it the entire time. Now, she had confirmed this from Lin Ming himself. Not only was he a common person, but he was even a common person of the lower realms. Within the entire divine Realm as well as the billion plus worlds of the lower realms, there were countless common mortals, but their lives only lasted for a mere several dozen years. They were truly like ants, continuing generation after generation. For a common mortal of the lower realms to arrive at Lin Ming's current level and have his achievements, this was simply unbelievable!

In comparison, Xiao Moxian herself came from Demondawn Heavenly Palace and was the most beloved daughter of the monster race and demon race. Disregarding her resources and inheritances, she possessed a rare half-phoenix body, something that might not even occur in a billion years. Yet, for all that she had, her present achievements were no better than Lin Ming's.

This caused Xiao Moxian to feel a bit ashamed of herself. How could anyone live in the presence of such a freakish genius?


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