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Martial World - Chapter 1504


Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 - The First Avatar




Seeing the black cube floating in Lin Ming's hand, the soul swallowing sacred spirit grinned. ’’Magic tool? How interesting, do you still plan on resisting me? I have swallowed the souls of countless martial artists and my will has already reached an inconceivable degree. I can even seize the body of a God Beast! You will become a part of me. Your mortal body isn't bad;it can become one of my avatars!’’

The soul swallowing sacred spirit became increasingly fluent at speaking. Then, it roared out and rushed towards Lin Ming.

In the crazy impact, the soul swallowing sacred spirit transformed into a thick and viscous darkness, fusing into the surrounding space and causing countless swords of will to pierce towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming sneered. ’’Really, the evils that we bring upon ourselves are the hardest to bear!’’

The moment that the phantom of demonic power hurtled towards Lin Ming, a terrifying black vortex erupted forth with the small cube in Lin Ming's hand as the center. This dreadful vortex seemed as if it could swallow the entire universe!

All of the sacred spirit's swords of will were twisted apart by this black vortex, like rotten branches in a torrential storm.

The sacred spirit cried out in horror. This sudden situation had far surpassed anything it imagined possible. That horrifying cube in Lin Ming's hand emitted a terrifying aura. This aura was even somewhat comparable to the aura of the Asura Road Master from billions of years ago!

’’Just what is that!?’’

The sacred spirit screamed. It crazily struggled, wanting to flee from that black vortex, but the suction power of this black vortex even surpassed that of a black hole;there was no way for the sacred spirit to resist!

’’No! Stop, stop!’’

As the sacred spirit saw that it would soon be twisted apart by this vortex, the soul swallowing sacred spirit howled out, ’’If you kill me then you will never obtain the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. It has already been contaminated with the countless memories I have swallowed up, and if I do not gather those memories then at the moment you refine the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, those memories will invade your soul and cause you to lose who you are!’’

The sacred spirit wailed as it rapidly spoke with a sound transmission. As an abomination it had no personality to begin with, so it didn't fear losing itself. But a martial artist was different. When a martial artist lost who they were they would become an entirely different person. No one would wish for that to happen.

Facing this sacred spirit's threat, Lin Ming simply sneered. ’’You think too much of yourself. Now die!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, the soul vortex in Lin Ming's hand became increasingly fierce. The spinning black energy was as sharp as a knife, tearing apart the sacred spirit's consciousness!

’’You... will... re...gret...’’ The soul swallowing sacred spirit sent out a final curse. But at this time, it discovered that its own awareness was being drawn out and all of its memories and spirit marks were being erased by an invisible strength, completely purified into pure memories!

This sudden occurrence caused the soul swallowing sacred spirit to feel cold all over. To cancel spirit marks and also purify memories, was this even possible!?

This was its last thought. In the next moment, its awareness and memories were completely wiped away, leaving behind nothing but endlessly pure soul fragments that were sucked in by the black cube in Lin Ming's hand.

After doing all of this, Lin Ming let out a light breath and rubbed his forehead.

That struggle just now had consumed an enormous amount of energy.

It had been many years, but he finally had the strength to activate the Magic Cube on his own!

Of course, the reason that the Magic Cube had such a terrifying effect just now was because the soul swallowing sacred spirit had invaded Lin Ming's spiritual sea and wanted to wrest away his body.

This was what he had meant when he said that the sacred spirit was bringing evils upon his own head. If the sacred spirit had withdrawn into the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, then it would have been far more difficult for Lin Ming to deal with it using the Magic Cube.

’’After diligently training with Empyrean divine Mist for seven and a half years, my soul force is no longer comparable to how it was in the past. Otherwise, even with my extreme divine Transformation cultivation it would still have been impossible for me to activate the Magic Cube. The Good Fortune Saint Son is at the late Saint Lord realm and he is already able to use the Grandmist Spirit Bead.’’

Lin Ming traced the patterns on the black cube, his mood extremely good.

According to Lin Ming's own speculations, his ability to use the Magic Cube was not comparable to how the Good Fortune Saint Son could use the Grandmist Spirit Bead. But as time passed, he would eventually catch up to him!

After exterminating the soul swallowing sacred spirit, there was no longer any obstacle to Lin Ming refining the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone.

As for those twisted soul fragments, they weren't very useful to Lin Ming. Most of them were soul fragments of divine Lord, Holy Lords, and at most World Kings;it was already rare if they had even an incomplete transcendent divine might.

And to the current Lin Ming, only complete and peak transcendent divine mights were worthy of him spending the time to cultivate them.

Lin Ming simply had too many peak transcendent divine mights right now. They included the inheritances of Empyrean divine Dream, Empyrean Primordius, and Empyrean divine Mist - three great Empyreans. Moreover, there was also the Heretical God Force of unknown origin;all of them were peak transcendent divine mights.

In addition, there was also the incomplete inheritance of Empyrean divine Seal as well as the first volume of the Asura Sutra!

This was already more than enough for Lin Ming to practice for thousands of years.

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred and his consciousness returned to reality from his spiritual sea. Slowly, pure brightness was restored to his eyes and he saw Xiao Moxian standing not too far away from him.

Xiao Moxian's face was pale and her hands were gripped tightly together;she appeared extremely tense.

When Lin Ming's body was invaded by the sacred spirit, Xiao Moxian felt her own heart shrink within her. She feared that something would go wrong and when Lin Ming's eyes were restored to clarity, they would be flooded with a greedy, cruel, and monstrous light.

In this dark and lonely Tragic Death Valley where killing intent was everywhere, she had lived with Lin Ming for nine years. To her, Lin Ming was already someone she subconsciously relied on. If his body were to be wrested away by others, then she found it hard to imagine what the consequences would be.

She would likely be hunted down by that soul swallowing sacred spirit and the exit to leaving Tragic Death Valley would also be blocked by it. Even if she were to successfully escape the sacred spirit with some great stroke of luck, when she imagined her future of having to live alone in Tragic Death Valley, facing the dark and arid days by herself and being the only one to watch over the endless skeletons here until her life faded away, she knew she would go insane.

’’I'm fine. Sorry for making you worry about me.’’ In the dark and gloomy chamber, Lin Ming suddenly smiled. His smiling face was like the spring wind melting away the cold ice of winter. Xiao Moxian's heart shook and her nose burned as she almost started to cry.

In a situation with nearly no hope, anyone would become vulnerable, let alone a young girl like Xiao Moxian.

She nearly couldn't help but fly into Lin Ming's arms. However, as she approached him, her pace picked up and she viciously punched him in the chest.

’’I was such an idiot for worrying about you! You already had a strategy to deal with that thing!’’ Xiao Moxian said, feeling increasingly aggrieved. Her large eyes glistened, seeming as if tears would come tumbling down at any time.

The battle within Lin Ming's spiritual sea had concluded extremely quickly, but a quarter hour had passed in the outside world.

To Xiao Moxian, this quarter hour seemed as long as a year.

Facing Xiao Moxian who was revealing the demeanor of a disgruntled young girl, Lin Ming didn't know what to say. He looked back at her a bit sheepishly for a moment. Luckily, Xiao Moxian had no intention of further pursuing this. She said, ’’Well, hurry up and refine the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone.’’

’’Of course.’’

Lin Ming nodded. He glanced back at the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. At this time, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had been completely unsealed and its consciousness had been erased. Now, it was a pure flesh and blood body, one containing the essence and strength of several hundred God Beasts. The foundation of its mortal body had already reached an unimaginable level.

This was the perfect avatar body described in the Asura Sutra!

The so-called perfect avatar body meant a complete body that was perfect, without any loopholes or weaknesses. Ordinarily, when a martial artist was fighting or meditating, the power of blood vitality within themselves would slowly flow out from them. But a perfect body would be completely sealed up, forming an independent world within the body. Inside and outside were two completely separate spaces!

Lin Ming quietly revolved the divine Mist Heart Mantra he had learned from Empyrean divine Mist for seven years. He branched out a part of his own divine soul and poured it into the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone.

By separating a part of his own divine soul, this would cause Lin Ming's soul force to weaken by a great deal. But, the advantage of this was that the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone would be forever under his control. It would become his absolute avatar, never being able to form the self-awareness required to betray him.

Lin Ming's soul force poured into the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone like a gushing river, flooding into every nook and cranny of it. With a cracking sound, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone became increasingly small as more and more stone chips started to fall off!

Lin Ming used the soul fraction he placed in the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone to control its flesh and blood. He began to revolve the astral essence contained within the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. In that moment, an incomparably vast and wild torrent of blood vitality rushed out, submerging Lin Ming's divine soul!

’’What a terrifying strength!’’

Lin Ming was shocked. The power of blood vitality within this Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was too strong. If his soul wasn't firm then it would have been dashed into pieces!

With a cracking sound, the divine stone completely shattered. Fragments of divine stone shot out all over and the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone leapt out from the remains!

At this time it was still a mass of moving flesh. Its facial features were blurry and it was impossible to see its true appearance.

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. He discovered that the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had the seals of the Asura Road Master within it, seals that contained all the horrifying power that the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had absorbed from the God Beast array formation for the last several dozens of billions of years.

There were a total of three seals, each one more durable than the last. With Lin Ming's current strength it was impossible for him to unravel them all. However, he had the strength to undo the first two.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. Then, he decided to undo the first seal.

With his understanding of the Asura Sutra, doing this wasn't difficult at all.

As the seal was undone, there was a thunderous explosion, as if countless God Beasts were roaring from within the Spirit Essence Embryo Stone!

A rich blood vitality and heaven and earth origin energy erupted like a natural disaster.

There was no place for this strength to rush through. Once this strength flooded each and every inch of the avatar's flesh and blood body, it hurtled towards Lin Ming's true self!

The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone had now become Lin Ming's avatar. And, the avatar's cultivation also followed that of the true form. The avatar and true form could freely exchange energy between themselves!


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