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Martial World - Chapter 1502


Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502 - Essence Energy Heaven Pill




The moment that the ancient coffin opened, a vast and terrifying tide of demonic power gushed forth. Lin Ming leapt backwards, extracting the Phoenix Blood Spear at the same time even as he revolved his true essence to the limit!

The heavy ancient coffin revealed a pitch black interior without the least bit of sound.

Lin Ming's complexion was solemn. He sent out a wisp of his divine sense to probe the ancient coffin. As soon as he did, he felt his heart skip a beat.

Within the coffin were hundreds of thousands of god runes. And these god runes were all pasted along a 10 foot high divine stone, sealing it tightly within.

This divine stone calmly lay within the ancient bronze coffin. After 100 billion years of being sealed, it was finally freed from its chains.

Probing deeply with his sense, Lin Ming could feel that this divine stone seemed to have some sort of embryo breeding within it. There was a heartbeat and breathing of heaven and earth origin energy, as if it were constantly growing and evolving.

The breath that it exuded was like 10,000 year spirit grass, carrying with it an intoxicating aroma.

Without a doubt, this divine stone was the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!

Lin Ming carefully investigated the god runes atop the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone and discovered that the dao patterns had a sealing effect. They sealed away the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, allowing it to constantly absorb a large amount of essence energy to grow, but preventing it from forming its own wisdom.

As Lin Ming discovered this, he let out a light breath. It seemed that the Asura Road Master was extremely thoughtful in his actions, otherwise, if the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was bred for too long and absorbed too much power, then its strength might surpass the level of his potential successor. If that were true, then this entire ordeal would be tragic.

After determining that there weren't any dangers, only then did Lin Ming carefully approach the coffin.

Within the coffin, besides the Essence Embryo Stone, there was also a bronze box. Lin Ming investigated the bronze box for a little before discovering that there was a separate space sealed within it.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then picked up the bronze box. This box didn't seem special at all, but it was heavy to the touch. All sorts of god runes patterned its surface.

These god runes had the effect of slowing down time. Lin Ming quickly calculated and came to a surprising conclusion. Within this bronze box, time flowed at a speed over 10,000 times slower, and the method of sealing prevented the outside world from affecting the contents within.

’’What is inside?’’

Lin Ming thought. He formed a seal with his hand to undo the bindings on the bronze box.

As Lin Ming opened the box, a rich medicinal fragrance rushed up his nose. Within the bronze box was a deep green pill the size of a longan. This pill glittered as if it were carved from crystal, as beautiful as jade. There was a little mass of origin energy fluttering about within the pill as if there was some life form within it.

Just smelling this medicinal fragrance caused Lin Ming's pores to open all over his body and stretch out to absorb this medicinal fragrance;it was extremely comfortable.

’’This is definitely an immortal pill that surpasses the level of a transcendent divine pill. The benefits of absorbing it are unimaginable.’’

As Lin Ming saw this pill, he realized what the function of the bronze box was. The over 10,000:1 slowing of the time flow was to prevent the pill from undergoing too long a time so that it didn't decay. In addition, the pill was covered in layers of god runes to keep the spiritual energy of the pill overflowing with abundance and prevent any medicinal efficacy from leaking out.

Near this pill was also a jade slip. Sinking his sense into this jade slip, Lin Ming saw a few simple lines of words.

’’Essence Energy Heaven Pill. The one who uses it can solidify their own essence energy and be reborn.

’’For those that have not cultivated body transformation, they may smell this medicinal fragrance for two hours a day. For those that have reached small success of body transformation, they may take one-third of the Essence Energy Heaven Pill every day. As for those that have reached large success of body transformation, they may take the complete pill.’’

’’Essence Energy Heaven Pill!’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. From the name and description of this pill, he could tell that it was mainly focused on 'essence' from the three cultivation methods of essence, energy, and divine. This was a miracle medicine used to nourish the mortal body.

The first volume of the Asura Sutra was a set of arcane techniques specially used to cultivate the mortal body. However, if the one who opened the Asura Sutra had a shaky and sloppy mortal body foundation, then wanting to train in the Asura Sutra First Volume would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

In order to prevent this situation from happening, the Asura Road Master had especially prepared this type of body transformation medicine. It could be said that it was perfectly thorough in his planning.

But, even though this pill looked crystalline and beautiful, eating it wouldn't be so easy. According to the brief introduction from the jade slip, a person who had never cultivated body transformation simply didn't possess the qualifications to take this pill;they could only smell the medicinal fragrance daily. For those that had reached small success of body transformation, they could take a third of the pill. Only those who reached large success of body transformation could swallow the entire pill.

Lin Ming believed that with the Asura Road Master's vision, he could only be considered as barely reaching large success of body transformation if he opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Currently, he would only be able to swallow a third of the pill.

’’Lin Ming, you picked up a treasure.’’

Xiao Moxian also recognized how valuable this pill was. If this pill were to wander into the world, then even Empyreans would brutally battle for it.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’We found it together. This pill, part of it is yours.’’

’’I don't want it.’’ Xiao Moxian shook her head. ’’The reason we were able to arrive here is thanks to you. The one who passed the test of the Asura Road Master and thus the one who was selected by him is also you. As for me, I haven't even done anything up until now, but I still managed to learn an unsurpassed sutra. To me, that is far more luck than I deserve. I don't like to owe anyone anything. The reason we can leave this place is all due to your efforts. All of the treasures obtain in this bronze temple will naturally belong to you. I won't take anything at all.’’

Xiao Moxian was someone who would never maliciously covet things that weren't her own. But, Lin Ming shook his head and said, ’’I'll take the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, but this pill we will divide equally.’’

No matter how it was said, Xiao Moxian had followed him for nine full years. Whether it was being hunted down by Tian Mingzi or forced into Tragic Death Valley, the main cause of all this was Lin Ming. Xiao Moxian had only been dragged into this mess because of him.

In addition, for these last nine years, Xiao Moxian had always held an attitude of sharing life and death with Lin Ming. To Lin Ming, this was worth giving at least half this pill to Xiao Moxian, otherwise he would always feel regret.

Xiao Moxian seemed as if she wanted to argue, but Lin Ming said, ’’Let's not argue about this. I'll refine the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone first and then we can discuss the matter of leaving. Leaving shouldn't be a problem, but there is likely to be some people waiting in ambush outside!’’

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had been in Tragic Death Valley for nine years, and around ten months had passed outside. To long-lived martial artists, waiting for ten months wasn't anything at all.

Moreover, the one hunting them down was Tian Mingzi, someone who had a blood enmity with him. Tian Mingzi was someone who possessed vast ambitions, and his personality was naturally sinister and cruel. Lin Ming would never underestimate how patient Tian Mingzi could be. Let alone ten months, even if it were several years Lin Ming would still be extremely careful when leaving and prepare to deal with Tian Mingzi's revenge at any moment.

’’Tian Mingzi... how do you plan on dealing with him?’’ Xiao Moxian's thoughts turned grim. Tian Mingzi was a Great World King!

Lin Ming said, ’’I will absorb the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone first and then consider it further.’’


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