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Martial World - Chapter 1500


Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500 - Essence Spirit Embryo Stone




Seeing Lin Ming continuing to laugh, Xiao Moxian ground her teeth together and fiercely pinched Lin Ming's waist. ’’If you already saw it then you should have reminded me. Were you waiting for me to make a joke of myself?’’

Although Xiao Moxian pinched quite hard, she hadn't used any true essence. Lin Ming's mortal body was extremely durable so not only did he not feel any pain from her pinching him but it actually felt quite comfortable. Because they had finally broken past the God Beast Tomb array formation, Lin Ming was in an extremely good mood. He smiled and said, ’’I just thought that you looked quite cute when you puffed your cheeks trying to open the book so I couldn't help but tease you a little.’’

After hearing Lin Ming's words, Xiao Moxian scoffed and then turned away, her cheeks turning red as she said, ’’I didn't think you were such a naughty boy before.’’

’’Alright, alright, I was wrong. Let's not argue, we have important matters to attend to first.’’ Lin Ming moved away Xiao Moxian's hands that were still pinching his waist, his complexion turning serious. Everything in this hall had been left behind by the Asura Road Master and was extremely important;they naturally couldn't treat it lightly.

Lin Ming solemnly opened the ancient bronze book.

On the title page of the ancient book were large characters that said - Asura Sutra: Volume One!

These characters were ten square feet each. The brush strokes were simple and plain yet containing a sublime beauty like a painting.

’’This is the main body of the Asura Sutra...’’

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. Before now, he had only seen the general outline of the Asura Sutra on the Emperor Stone. That general outline had no cultivation method and could only be used to guide one towards the Great Dao;it simply wasn't able to be used to contend with opponents.

But now, Lin Ming was staring at the main body of the Asura Sutra.

If the Asura Road Master had left behind this ancient bronze book, it was reasonable that he would carve the main text of the Asura Sutra within it!

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian looked at each other, each one seeing the shock in the other's eyes. This sort of stunning text might even contain the secrets to becoming a True divinity.

Lin Ming flipped the page of the ancient book. On the second page, the first few words were -

’’If the Heavens have a path, then I shall follow the Heavenly Dao. If the Heavens have no path, then I shall stand for the Heavens!’’

These words contained an unyielding strength as if they were rushing out, howling through the universe!

Disregarding these brush strokes that looked like they were floating Azure Dragons, just the boldness of these words caused one to feel infinite shock.

'If the Heavens have no path then I shall stand for the Heavens!' Although these words seemed to be the babblings of a lunatic, the Asura Road Master had actually managed to accomplish this.

The great world of the Asura Road was the Heaven created by the Asura Road Master!

’’What is the 'path' that these words are referring to?’’ Lin Ming carefully thought, savoring these words. When mortals said the heavens had no path, the truth was that they meant the Heavenly Dao was uncaring and merciless.

But, when martial artists referred to the 'path', they were actually referring to the Heavenly Dao. It was possible that the Asura Road Master was referring to the Heavenly Dao rules. If the Heavenly Dao rules didn't abide his existence then he would simply break through the Heavenly Dao rules and stand in the Heavens' place.

Below this were more obscure passages. Beneath these passages were traces that seemed to represent the highest truths of the Great Dao, making one's mind feel filled with a dusky haze and making the writings difficult to read and understand. It was as if these passages were like demonic curses, whispering to the mind.

’’The text of the Asura Sutra also contains that terrifying demonic power!’’

Xiao Moxian was gifted with an extraordinary perception, but even she felt it was straining her mind to read the main text of the Asura Sutra. Disregarding understanding it, just looking at it required her to consume a massive amount of energy to resist the mental attack of that demonic power.

Lin Ming said, ’’The Asura Road Master likely leaned towards the demonic path to begin with. You can see this with his name being 'Asura'.’’

In Lin Ming's impression, the Asura Road Master was not some kindly and merciful individual. Just the Asura Road he formed was filled with incomparably tragic and cruel rules. In these last 10 billion years, the Asura Road had been filled with slaughter. This was the same for Tragic Death Valley and God Burying Ridge, where countless martial artists had perished!

As Lin Ming looked at the Asura Sutra, he felt a stabbing pain in his eyes. Only by enduring this feeling could he continue to read.

All martial artists of the Nine divine Shifts had a near photographic memory. And, Lin Ming was far superior in this aspect compared to other martial artists. Not to mention remembering words, he could even remember complex dao patterns.

However, Lin Ming had a great deal of trouble remembering this Asura Sutra. He had to look through it several times to barely recall what he saw.

Beside Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian's speed of memorizing was even slower.

After all, Lin Ming had been perceiving the dao patterns within the emperor jade for all this time, but Xiao Moxian had to start from scratch.

’’Don't worry, we can take our time.’’

Lin Ming took several deep breaths and rubbed his pained eyes. Then, he sat down in front of the Asura Sutra.

He had plenty of time. There was no need to be in a hurry.

Like this, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian slowly continued reading. They used a whole seven days before they roughly read through the Asura Sutra.

After reading through it, Lin Ming was enlightened. At the very least, he understood what type of cultivation method the Asura Sutra was.

The Asura Sutra that the Asura Road Master created focused on inner and outer cultivation.

Inner cultivation meant to cultivate oneself.

Outer cultivation meant to cultivate an avatar!

The Asura Sutra had a total of three volumes, divided into essence, energy, and divine. Each volume focused on both inner cultivation of oneself and outer cultivation of an avatar.

When the Asura Sutra was cultivated to the limit, one could fuse one's own essence, energy, and divine as one, and then also fuse in three avatars. At that time, one could achieve an unbelievable boundary.

But what Lin Ming saw now was only the first volume of the Asura Sutra, the path of cultivating the mortal body. At the same time as one cultivated their body, they also had to cultivate an essence energy avatar. And, this essence energy avatar had to be formed using one's own blood energy or created using some miraculous treasures of the heavens and earth.

The disadvantage of the first option was that it would cause one's blood vitality to drop. After refining an avatar, there would be a long time during which one's cultivation and strength wouldn't rise, but fall instead.

As for the disadvantage of the second option, it was far too difficult to find some miraculous treasures of the heavens and earth. Those sorts of treasures could only be found through a stroke of fate. Moreover, even if someone managed to obtain one, wanting to refine it into an avatar was beyond difficult.

And at the end of the Asura Sutra, the Asura Road Master had left behind a postscript that left Lin Ming shocked. When the Asura Road Master finished creating the Asura Sutra, he had obtained the perfect material to form an essence energy avatar - an Essence Spirit Embryo Stone.

This Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was a sacred spirit born within a stone.

A divine stone, after absorbing heaven and earth origin energy as well as the essence of the sun and moon for countless billions of years, would gather all of this origin energy together, slowly condensing into a human form. Once this sacred spirit shattered through the stone and was born, its talent would be at the highest extreme and its strength would be amazing. Its martial aptitude would even surpass that of a God Beast!

In the legends, there was an ancient supreme elder that had leapt forth from this type of stone. Afterwards, they became a True divinity and performed great deeds of good fortune.

However, this sort of thing was far too rare. It could only be discovered and not sought. The conditions for forming an Essence Spirit Embryo Stone were far too harsh and the time requirements far too long.

First of all, the stone had to be a god stone. Next, the environment had to be one where heaven and earth origin energy gathered at terrifying degrees. In this situation, countless lucky chances had to coincide over a period of billions or even tens of billions of years before it could finally form.

It wasn't strange for a single Essence Spirit Embryo Stone to experience several great calamities of the universe!

No one could raise an Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. Not even a True divinity could do so if they spent billions of years of their life.

The Asura Road Master was no exception to this. Moreover, by the time he obtained the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone he had already cultivated his essence, energy, and divine avatars, thus he no longer needed it.

However, the Asura Road Master had done something which left Lin Ming shocked.

He had arranged a dao field and then had placed the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone that had taken billions or even tens of billions of years to breed within it. Then, the Asura Road Master had laid down a time enchantment within the dao field, speeding up the flow of time to a 10:1 ratio. Afterwards, the Asura Road Master had used skeletons of some dead God Beasts as materials to create an essence energy array formation in order to supply the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone with the required energy as well as power the revolution of the dao field.

After tens of billions of years had passed, a true sacred spirit would be bred.

As Lin Ming read this, he suddenly became aware.

The dao field that the Asura Road Master laid down was God Burying Ridge.

That 10:1 time enchantment he created was Tragic Death Valley.

As for that essence energy array formation, that was the God Beast Tomb.

The existence of Tragic Death Valley was an inheritance left behind by the Asura Road Master. The reason that the Asura Sutra was left here was all in order to nurture the birth of this spirit essence stone.

Lin Ming was shocked as he thought of this. Just what sort of heaven-shaking methods were these? The Asura Road Master was far too powerful to put into words!

’’So this is the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone...’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred and his eyes shifted to the ancient bronze coffin just 30 feet away.

The ancient bronze coffin was wrapped in dark chains.

And sealed within this ancient coffin, was it the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone?


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