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Martial World - Chapter 1496


Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496 - Glow of the Five Elements




In Xiao Moxian's opinion, the 33 array diagrams that Lin Ming formed were extremely varied and complicated, even containing the profound principles of the Great Dao. But, looking at these array diagrams she couldn't sense if they were strong because there was far too little origin energy poured into them.

She even felt that if she were to attack with all her strength, she could shatter these 33 array diagrams!

In comparison, those erupting fountains of energy could blow apart celestial bodies and even those sparks of divine light were more than enough to instantly kill a Great World King!

Now, Lin Ming actually wanted to use these 33 array diagrams to resist the terrifying rainbow colored energy fountains. This was no different from wearing paper armor and trying to resist a hail of arrows!

This caused Xiao Moxian to not be able to summon any confidence. ’’Are you sure... we can walk through like this?’’

’’I'm sure.’’

Lin Ming's voice was calm, without any waves at all. At this time, his mind was completely empty as he focused on dealing with this multicolored light.


Xiao Moxian rubbed her own chest. In the face of this scene, although she was usually brave and courageous, she still felt a bit weak at heart.

She stared at these floating array diagrams and grit her teeth, fiercely whispering, ’’I guess I'll bet my life with you. If I die like this I'll haunt you in the afterlife!’’

’’This really is betting your life...’’ Lin Ming murmured. He had spent seven years meditating on the emperor jade and the God Beast Tomb's array formation, but all of that had only been theoretical.

If he had to truly put forth what he learned into practical application then he couldn't say he was 100% confident in himself. After all, what Empyrean divine Mist said was right. A person wasn't the Heavenly Dao Laws and it was possible to make a mistake;even the most talented student could have the wrong answer on a test.

’’Lin Ming... I hope you're right...’’

Empyrean divine Mist quietly said. His body was extremely weak right now and this was the limit to which he could follow Lin Ming. He couldn't follow Lin Ming into that multi-colored glow because if his divine sense was struck by those rainbow-hued lights, his main body would suffer a serious backlash. He could only watch from afar as Lin Ming walked into that light and not follow him any further.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian walked forwards together, carefully making their way into the cover of that brilliant light.


Just as they stepped into the rainbow-colored light, a beam of divine light shot towards them like an arrow!

As Xiao Moxian saw this beam of divine light about to pierce Lin Ming's chest, her pupils contracted and she sucked in a deep breath!

At this point it was impossible to dodge. If she tried to do that she would be separated from the protection of these array diagrams and would have to face the chaotic flow of divine light all around her. That would be an even worse situation than this.

All she could depend on were Lin Ming's array diagrams!


The divine light struck the array diagrams. Then, an unbelievable scene occurred.

The divine light that could reduce a high-grade spirit artifact to dust actually crashed into the array diagrams and entered into them like a snowflake falling into a lake of water, completely pushing in and vanishing!

Then, this energy circulated in lines along the dao diagrams, going from one end to the other before finally shooting off in the opposite direction into the infinite space.

From start to finish, this energy was like a river that bent around Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, not even harming them in the least.

’’How... how is this possible?’’

Xiao Moxian's eyes were wide. This array diagram that appeared extremely weak didn't directly block the divine light, but had instead guided it around them so they didn't receive any injuries at all.

What sort of principles were these?

Thinking about it, for an array diagram to forcefully resist the impact of this divine light, it would need to be something that surpassed an Empyrean spirit treasure.

But, if it were only easing the strike then it wouldn't take as much strength to deflect it.

’’How did you do that...’’ Xiao Moxian found it hard to believe that the protective array diagram around them would have such an effect. It was clearly because of the patterns atop the array diagram. Those patterns had redirected the brutal energy away from them.

Lin Ming said in a low voice. ’’The lightning of the mortal world can sunder a towering old tree, but it actually cannot destroy a piece of steel, because steel can induct the lightning to enter the ground.’’

Lin Ming didn't explain further. He was completely focused on the brilliant beams of energy all around him. The array diagram he set up around them originated from the emperor jade, and had the same origin as the array diagram in the God Beast Tomb. Thus, neither of them conflicted with each other. Like this, the array diagram that surrounded them was similar to steel. When struck by the brilliant bursts of divine light, it wasn't damaged at all.

Like this, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian thoroughly entered into that gushing rainbow-colored energy and submerged into all the colorful lights. Not too far away, Empyrean divine Mist watched this occur with his divine sense, utterly shocked by what he saw.

’’A bold of thunder can burn down a towering old tree but actually cannot destroy steel...’’

Empyrean divine Mist repeated what Lin Ming had said just then. This was an extremely simple truth that even mortals knew of, but now Lin Ming had used this truth to break into the God Beast Array Formation that the Asura Road Master had created.

When Lin Ming first tried to enter the array formation, Empyrean divine Mist had never imagined he could arrive at this point. With Lin Ming's divine Transformation realm cultivation, he faced the array formation created by the Asura Road Master, and had resisted the demonic power and also walked into the central array diagram. Now, Empyrean divine Mist's sense was no longer able to continue following them through.

Lin Ming still had many dangers to face and this was only the start of his journey. But, just entering into those erupting fountains of energy was enough to shock the mind.

If Lin Ming could continue forwards until he reached the center of the entire God Beast Tomb, then he might become the first person in all these endless years to ever emerge from Tragic Death Valley.

Empyrean divine Mist took a slow and deep breath as he silently returned his sense. He felt that these seven years that passed were no different from a dream. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were two unrivalled geniuses he encountered near the climax of his life. The two of them had low cultivations but their talent reached the extreme of possibility. In particular, Lin Ming could create the most unexpected of miracles.

’’Perhaps... he might be the turning point in my life...’’

Empyrean divine Mist suddenly thought, a strange feeling swelling in his heart for the first time in all his years. He had quietly lived on in Tragic Death Valley for tens of millions of years, and now, at the point before his death, a turning point in his life had finally arrived...


At this time, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had already walked into the main light fountains of the Five Elements array diagram. Vast surges of light raged all around them, recklessly striking Lin Ming's 33 array diagrams. However, each strike was melted away and channeled elsewhere.

But, the rainbow hued lights were far too powerful. The array diagrams violently trembled, seeming as if they would shatter at any moment.

Watching these array diagrams that seemed as if they would collapse, Xiao Moxian held her breath and carefully moved forwards.

Like this, the two of them continued through the elements... violent thunder, fierce winds, raging fires, freezing waters...

The power of the five elements was passed one at a time. They even passed by the center of the array diagram and the phoenix skeleton that stabilized the array formation.

From start to end, Lin Ming didn't have the least bit of emotion on his face. His mind remained completely focused on moving forwards.

After an unknown period of time, the glowing light around Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian began to dim down.

In that moment, Lin Ming let out a light sigh of relief. His back was already soaked wet with sweat.

’’We... finally made it through...’’ Lin Ming said, his voice a bit hoarse.


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