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Martial World - Chapter 1495


Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495 - 33 Dao Diagrams




’’33 Heavens Asura Bone City?’’ Xiao Moxian was startled. She never thought that deep within the God Beast Tomb would be a city wall built from God Beast bones.

’’Let's enter.’’

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian flew towards this massive city wall. 10,000 feet in the air, they were able to see the world behind that wall of white bones.

Then, Xiao Moxian saw something she would never forget in her life.

After that wall of bones was not endless barren and desolate earth, nor was it some wilderness. Rather, it was more accurate to say that this didn't seem like they were in some valley at all, but the endless starry skies!

The infinite starry skies were broad without end. And floating in these starry skies were massive dao diagrams.

Because the distance was too great and these starry skies were too vast, Xiao Moxian found it hard to determine how large these dao diagrams were. As she probed with her sense, she finally sucked in a deep breath of astonishment.

These dao diagrams were thousands of miles large;they were comparable to a small planet!

All of these dao diagrams floated still in the skies. At the center of each array diagram was the complete skeleton of a God Beast.

These God Beast skeletons were clearly different from the God Beast remains near the outer edges of the God Beast Tomb.

The bones at the edges of the tomb had weathered the passage of billions or even tens of billions of years. Their blood had long since dried up and there was no value to them besides the bones themselves.

But, the bones in these array diagrams were shining crystalline like jade. These bones were exuding a rich blood vitality, seeming as if they were alive!

These beast bones even emitted the aura of a God Beast, forming a God Beast phantom above them. There were phoenixes soaring into the highest heavens, dragons leaping through the misty sea - it was like these God Beast bones would revive at any moment.

’’This place is...’’ Xiao Moxian looked at this vast array formation, shocked. These complete God Beast skeletons were several hundred miles high and thousands of miles long. As they floated in the vast infinite space, their size was bewildering to the senses!

As for Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, in this space they were nothing but tiny particles of dust, completely not worthy of mentioning.

’’This is the true God Beast array formation. Without a doubt, the passage to leaving Tragic Death Valley should be here!’’

Lin Ming closed his eyes and allowed his sense to recklessly spread outwards as he verified what he knew with this array diagram.

’’There are 36 dao diagrams here and 33 God Beast skeletons. The central three dao diagrams are empty.’’

Lin Ming murmured to himself. He had already expected this scene after perceiving it from the emperor jade.

’’I never imagined that... this would be the scene of the array formation within the God Beast Tomb. I attached my divine sense to your body and it seems you've broadened my horizons.

Empyrean divine Mist softly said. If it weren't for Lin Ming then his sense wouldn't have been able to break through the chains of the demonic power and he wouldn't have been able to see the true array formation.

’’36 dao diagrams. Each dao diagram has its own guardian God Beast sealed within it. The inherent killing intent is endless and peerless. Such a terrifying aura already completely surpasses any Empyrean, to a point where it is hard to look up to. If an Empyrean were to step into such a dao diagram they would immediately perish!’’

Empyrean divine Mist didn't doubt how terrifyingly deadly these 36 dao diagrams were. Just the aura alone was fearful enough.

’’How do we pass this?’’

Xiao Moxian asked. She had never seen such a scene before. In particular, after listening to Empyrean divine Mist's analysis, she deeply understood just how terrifying this array diagram was.

If she had to enter this array diagram then her pathetic cultivation level could basically be ignored. Just any speck of light could turn her to ash without the smallest chance of escaping.

’’Let's go over!’’ Lin Ming succinctly said.

These three simple words caused Xiao Moxian's heart to skip a beat. Even Empyrean divine Mist hesitated, but if Lin Ming was so confident in himself then he should have researched this 33 array diagram beforehand.

For seven years, Lin Ming had been sitting quietly in meditation above the cliff. How had he managed to perceive the Asura Road Master's God Beast Tomb array formation?

Empyrean divine Mist sucked in a light breath. He could feel that there were far too many secrets on Lin Ming's body. With Lin Ming's divine Transformation realm cultivation, he wanted to contend with the array formation left behind by the Asura Road Master. This sort of decision was far too shocking!

’’Can he really succeed?’’ Empyrean divine Mist couldn't help but produce such an idea. He didn't think that Lin Ming would die now, because Lin Ming arriving at this point was already a miracle, even if this miracle was because of the Asura Sutra general outline.

Empyrean divine Mist was well aware that if Lin Ming truly managed to break through the God Beast great array formation, there was a high chance he would find the method to leave Tragic Death Valley. And ever since the Asura Road was formed, there had never been a person who had left Tragic Death Valley!

’’Come with me!’’ Lin Ming took hold of Xiao Moxian's hand and together they flew towards one of the 36 dao diagrams.

The dao diagram that Lin Ming chose shined with a brilliant spectrum of rainbow light. At the center of the dao diagram was a flame-colored skeleton, shining like heated rubies, brilliantly burning. This was a phoenix!


As Xiao Moxian saw this crystalline phoenix skeleton, her body shook. Her bloodline roiled within her, faintly resonating with the phoenix skeleton.

’’This is a royal amongst all phoenixes, and a peak royal at that!’’

Xiao Moxian whispered to herself. The God Beast skeletons within the 33 dao diagrams were not from common God Beasts, but the most peak existences amongst all God Beasts!

If one could absorb the phoenix marrow within this phoenix skeleton, then whether it was Xiao Moxian or Lin Ming, either of them would experience unimaginable benefits.

Of course, this was only wishful thought. This phoenix skeleton was locked onto the array formation and impossible to obtain.

When Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian stepped onto the dao diagram, the dao diagram erupted with seven brilliant fountains of light. These seven fountains of energy were the colors of a rainbow, thrusting into the sky like seven divine swords.

All around these erupting fountains were beams of divine light formed from energy. These divine lights were as sharp as sword lights, recklessly shooting about.

Looking at these distant erupting fountains, Xiao Moxian could clearly feel the terrifying strength contained within them. Although they appeared beautiful and enchanting, the truth was that these fountains of energy could easily shatter apart stars! If one's mortal body was sucked into those fountains, then one would absolutely die;not even an Empyrean could escape!

Facing this titanic power that could eliminate the heavens and earth, Xiao Moxian felt that her own strength was far too little.

Even those divine lights that flowed out from around them were extremely terrifying. Xiao Moxian hesitated for a moment and then took out a high-grade spirit artifact, carefully tossing it into the cutting path of the divine lights.

The moment that the spirit artifact touched those divine lights, there was a slight cracking sound as the high-grade spirit artifact was easily cut in half by the divine light. The halves of the spirit artifact were sucked into the light, and in the next moment that high-grade spirit artifact had been reduced to nothing but dust!

Although she had already expected this result, Xiao Moxian still sucked in a cold breath upon seeing for herself how sharp this divine light was. Destroying a spirit artifact was bad enough, but disintegrating a spirit artifact into dust was even more terrifying!

And, what was even more dreadful was that these divine lights were only tiny beams that leaked out from the main seven rainbow fountains;they weren't even comparable.

Then, just how terrifying should the main body of that divine light be?

Xiao Moxian was clear that this dao diagram was not something that a person could contend with. Even if there were 1000 copies of her, all of them would die inside.

After throwing away that destroyed spirit artifact, Xiao Moxian looked towards Lin Ming.

All she could rely on now was Lin Ming. And facing those terrifying fountains of energy, even Xiao Moxian wasn't too confident in his chances right now.

At this time, Lin Ming was floating motionlessly. His eyes were like two stars that shined with a dazzling light, his sense capturing the entire dao diagram.

This was one of the 33 dao diagrams;Essence Gathering - Five Elements!

The 33 dao diagrams represented 33 different ways to cultivate the Great Dao. There were 11 body transformation kinds, 11 essence gathering kinds, and 11 soul forging kinds. This dao diagram in front of them was one of the essence gathering paths to cultivating the Great Dao!

Lin Ming chose this dao diagram because this essence gathering dao diagram closely resembled humanity's cultivation system. Lin Ming possessed high attainments in this domain, and the Thunder and Fire Laws he practiced also belonged to the power of the five elements.

Lin Ming took a step forwards, revolving all the true essence within his body to the limit. Behind him, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree began to slowly appear.

The Heretical God Force Lin Ming used was extremely overbearing. Within his level, there was no martial artist that could compare with him. If he revolved the Heretical God Force to the absolute limit and combined it with Three Essences As One, then in terms of true essence intensity alone, even Xiao Moxian's Counterforce Heaven Absorbing Demon Art would have a hard time comparing to it.

But now, in front of these terrifying fountains of energy that erupted into the skies, Lin Ming's Heretical God Force was nothing but a little trickling stream flowing next to the raging seas;there was no comparison between them at all. Lin Ming's strength was only that of a person, but that erupting energy fountain seemed to contain the strength of the universe.

Just what was Lin Ming planning to do?

Xiao Moxian's eyes widened. She found it hard to imagine what would happen. Lin Ming had summoned the Heretical God Tree, but relying on this weak strength, what could he do to this massive dao diagram?

Lin Ming's mind focused into his inner world. In his inner world, the azure emperor jade began to shine with a dim brilliance.

Lin Ming's true essence poured into the emperor jade without end, slowly spinning around the lines within it.

This process continued for several breaths of time.

The energy that was poured into the emperor jade came gushing out. Then, the energy condensed into Great Dao runes, each one containing the charm of the emperor jade!

Several hundred Great Dao runes spun around, forming a complete dao diagram.

This dao diagram spun out from Lin Ming's inner world, slowly coming to a rest above his head where it slowly revolved.

Then, after a brief period of time, a second dao diagram shot out from Lin Ming's inner world.

Then a third, a fourth...

After a quarter hour passed, 33 dao diagrams spun around Lin Ming's body, wrapping him within.

’’Come in.’’ Lin Ming said to Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian immediately walked into the barrier of dao diagrams.

The space within these 33 dao diagrams was extremely narrow. Xiao Moxian was nearly stuck skin to skin with Lin Ming, and they could even feel each other breathing.

Being so close to Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming's nose was filled with her fragrance. He could even feel her soft body beneath her clothes.

Although this sort of feeling was infinitely enchanting, at this time, all of Lin Ming's concentration was focused on the task at hand without diverting even the least bit to anything else. This was a moment that concerned his life or death!

’’Follow me. You must absolutely not walk beyond the range of the dao diagrams.’’ As Lin Ming spoke he began to walk towards those seven erupting fountains of rainbow energy.

After understanding what Lin Ming wanted to do, Xiao Moxian was shocked. Her eyes went wide and her face was filled with disbelief. Lin Ming actually planned to enter those erupting fountains of energy like this?


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