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Martial World - Chapter 1494


Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494 - Asura Sutra General Outline




When the demonic power was suppressed by the Asura Sutra, Empyrean divine Mist's sound transmission echoed out near Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's ears. ’’So that's how it is. You both obtained the Asura Sutra general outline left behind by the Asura Road Master. It seems that you two have perfectly left behind your names atop the Emperor Stone...’’

The moment Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming entered the God Beast Tomb, Empyrean divine Mist's sense had locked onto their bodies, not leaving them just yet.

Thus, he naturally witnessed the scene where Lin Ming helped Xiao Moxian use the Asura Sutra to overcome the summoning attraction of the demonic power.

’’Does Senior also know the Asura Sutra general outline?’’ Lin Ming thought out loud.

’’Yes. The Asura Sutra general outline is rare, but in these countless years there have also been people who were able to perfectly leave behind their name on the Emperor Stone, thus it has spread out from them. I once tried myself to perceive something from it, but my natural talent was lacking and in the end I couldn't perceive anything at all. I never imagined that the Asura Sutra general outline could have such fantastic effects in the God Beast Tomb. Just meditating on it allows you to resist the attack of that demonic power.’’

When Empyrean divine Mist referred to his own talent as lacking, he was being modest about it. With his extreme Empyrean cultivation, he had made very little harvests upon meditating on the Asura Sutra general outline. This was because the Asura Sutra general outline was a mere several hundred words and didn't contain any specific cultivation method;it was only an outline of the Heavenly Dao. Although it contained profound and mysterious principles, it wasn't possible for him to perceive anything through it.

’’You have perceived the Asura Sutra general outline?’’ Empyrean divine Mist asked Lin Ming.

’’Yes, this junior obtained the Asura Sutra general outline from the Emperor Stone seven years ago and I have been enlightening myself upon it this entire time.’’

’’Seven years... of meditating upon the Asura Sutra, and you have also researched the God Beast Tomb... did you recognize that the Asura Sutra general outline is the key to opening the God Beast Tomb?’’ Empyrean divine Mist guessed that this was the reason Lin Ming dared to venture deeper into the God Beast Tomb. Lin Ming was smart and had recognized that the Asura Sutra was related to the God Beast Tomb's array formation.

However, Empyrean divine Mist had also meditated on these two things before and was well aware of just how horrifyingly profound and mystical the principles contained within them were. The God Beast Tomb was an array formation spread over several thousand miles and was complex to the extreme! As for the Asura Sutra general outline, it was only a mere several hundred words, inversely simple to the extreme!

Whether it was complex to the extreme or simple to the extreme, wanting to perceive something from either one was as hard as ascending to the heavens. As for connecting the two together, wasn't that easier said than done?

’’Seven years and only several hundred words, how much could you have perceived from the Asura Sutra general outline?’’ Empyrean divine Mist faintly said.

’’Junior's comprehension is poor and I also lack the main text of the Asura Sutra, thus... my understanding is actually very shallow.’’

’’Alright.’’ Empyrean divine Mist heaved a deep sigh. He knew that urging was useless because Lin Ming wouldn't listen to him. ’’My divine sense can continue for 600-700 miles, but after that I can go no further. You must take care of yourself!’’

After Empyrean divine Mist said these words he fell silent.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian continued going deeper into the God Beast Tomb, and the summoning of the demonic power grew increasingly strong. From the start, Xiao Moxian was able to meditate upon the Asura Sutra general outline to easily withstand this strange call, but after they were almost a hundred miles in, that terrifying demonic power had nearly turned into essence.

Chi chi chi!

A ghostly fire began to burn in front of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. In just several breaths of time, this ghostly fire transformed into a fierce demon. It had gruesome features with fangs and claws. Two wings stretched out from its back and it held a trident in its hand, looking like the Asura King from nighttime stories.

The demon roared and hurtled towards Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian!

Xiao Moxian paled as she saw this demon. Just this casual demon that appeared had an aura comparable to a half-step World King!

This was still the outer edge of the God Beast Tomb. If they continued deeper in, who knew what they would encounter! No wonder it was said that even an Empyrean would perish here!

’’Chant the Asura Sutra together!’’

Lin Ming hurriedly shouted out as this demon rushed towards them. Xiao Moxian's pupils shrank. At this time she didn't need Lin Ming reminding her to know that her only method was to use the Asura Sutra to battle this enemy. A half-step World King demon was not an existence she could contend with on her own!

Xiao Moxian's cherry red lips opened and moved, the words of the Asura Sutra enunciated clearly. The words condensed into glowing runes in the air, flying towards the Asura demon like a flock of birds and locking it in place!

’’How fierce...’’

After locking down that Asura demon, Xiao Moxian grimaced in surprise. She had poured her complete strength into her words and yet only managed to barely lock down this Asura demon;she hadn't been able to destroy it at all.

And at this time, Xiao Moxian heard a series of explosive sounds around her. Not too far away, several black demonic flames burst into existence, condensing into new Asura King phantoms. These Asura Kings were formed from the overwhelmingly rich demonic power here, every Asura phantom stronger than the first!

Xiao Moxian was dumbstruck. This was too terrifying! They were two divine Transformation realm martial artists, but here they had to face several half-step World Kings!

How could they begin to fight them?

She couldn't help but look towards Lin Ming. From the moment they entered the Great Desolate, without noticing it, she had slowly started to depend on Lin Ming. Although he wasn't too much stronger than she was, whenever there was some danger that occurred he would be able to easily resolve it.

At this time, Lin Ming focused his energy into his inner world. The Heretical God Force and Eight Inner Hidden Gates opened together. Because he seemed to breathe in too much, his entire body seemed to inflate, and a strong aura of the power of thunder and fire filled his mouth and nose!

In that moment, Lin Ming squatted down a little and opened his mouth to shout out loud and release massive tongues of thunder and flame!

The power of thunder and fire was fused into Lin Ming's breath. He began to speak, and as his words echoed out, each syllable was fierce and thrilling, shocking the mind, seeming to crash down like heavenly tribulation, containing a holy and destructive power beyond description. The power of thunder and flame howled out, rolling through the air like thunderclaps, igniting the world with 10,000 flames!

What Lin Ming was loudly proclaiming was the Asura Sutra general outline. Compared to Xiao Moxian's version, it was dozens of times more massive!

In that instant, an Azure Dragon phantom appeared behind Lin Ming! It was like a divine Dragon was awakening in Lin Ming's body, sending out an earthshaking roar!

With Lin Ming's body as the center, visible sonic waves wantonly spread out, surging from him like a storm.

’’33 Heavens! The boundless Great Dao!’’

A horrifying sound echoed within the world. With a loud crash of thunder, the demonic power all around them was destroyed and those Asura phantoms were torn asunder by these dreadful sounds.

Golden runes formed the general outline of the Asura Sutra. Underneath the suppression of these glowing runes, all of the Asura phantoms began to continuously explode!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Like this, over ten half-step World King Asura demons were ripped into fragments by Lin Ming!

The few remaining Asura demons were greatly weakened, their condition extremely poor. They wanted to escape, but Lin Ming clasped his hands together and the golden runes crashed down upon them with a dreadful pressure.

With a cracking sound, these final demons were all completely killed off.

All the Asura demons turned into demonic power that fluttered all about them.

Off to the side, Xiao Moxian was shocked as she saw this.

Although they had both chanted the Asura Sutra general outline, how come there was such a great difference between the two of them?

’’Lin Ming... what cultivation method did you use just now?’’

Xiao Moxian thought that Lin Ming should have used some sonic wave type cultivation method, but before Lin Ming could respond, Empyrean divine Mist's shocked sound transmission echoed out to her.

’’Lin Ming... when you meditated upon the Asura Sutra general outline, did you become aware of the Asura Road Master's 'Dao'?’’

The reason the Asura Sutra that Lin Ming had shouted out just now was able to have such an effect was not because he had used any secret technique on his voice, but because he had an astoundingly deep comprehension of the Asura Sutra!

The Asura Sutra general outline was a mere several hundred words long and each word stood by itself. There was no concrete cultivation method nor was there any description about moves or techniques. From this, it was simply impossible to utilize it in battle. Yet, under Lin Ming's comprehension, the Asura Sutra general outline had become a deadly life culling weapon! That mantra of several hundred words was able to eliminate his enemies!

Empyrean divine Mist had never thought this possible.

Although he himself had meditated on the Asura Sutra in the past, in the end he didn't obtain any harvests.

’’Senior is far too exaggerated. This junior has merely obtained some superficial insights, and I am still far, far away from becoming aware of the Asura Road Master's 'Dao'. From this Asura Sutra general outline, what I can understand is only one 10,000th of the truth within it. I can only waste its potential and shout it out loud to destroy my enemies here. But, the true function of the Asura Sutra general outline is to help guide a martial artist towards the peak of martial arts and help them find where the direction of the Great Dao lays. This is the summary of the Asura Road Master's 33 lives, and the direction it points to might be to a realm even above that of a True divinity. This junior simply cannot see it clearly.’’

As Lin Ming assiduously meditated for seven years, he could increasingly feel just how mighty the Asura Road Master truly was.

’’To transform the words of the Asura Sutra into a strength that could be used to kill others is already fantastic.’’ Empyrean divine Mist sighed with emotion. ’’The Heavenly Dao is vast and endless. In its endless cycles, who can see its direction? For you to arrive at this step is already astonishing. Perhaps you are right. If one morning I could gain knowledge of the correct path then I could die at sunset without regrets. I will no longer try to change your mind. Go forth and break through this God Beast Tomb's great array formation, whether you succeed or fail.’’

’’Thank you Senior for your understanding. I will not disappoint Senior's expectations.

Lin Ming respectfully cupped his hands together. As he turned back around, the demonic power had already vanished. All that appeared in front of him was a massive city wall created by the bones of a God Beast!

The pale white walls were formed from bones, shocking and alarming!

’’What is this?’’ Xiao Moxian said, bewildered. This city wall seemed to emerge from thin air. Before this moment, she had never noticed it at all.

’’33 Heavens Asura Bone City. Within these city walls lies the main center of the God Beast Tomb's great array formation...’’


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