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Martial World - Chapter 1493


Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493 - Entering the Tomb




From Xiao Moxian's eyes, Lin Ming could see how heavy her trust in him was. He had prepared for this journey into the God Beast Tomb for over seven years. Moreover, he had to consider Xiao Moxian, who followed him into Tragic Death Valley;he had to succeed no matter what.

Lin Ming didn't go there immediately. Instead, he and Xiao Moxian flew towards Empyrean divine Mist's cave dwelling.

After seven years of being together constantly, Lin Ming had developed a deep respect towards Empyrean divine Mist. Before he left, he naturally wanted to bid his farewells to Empyrean divine Mist.

’’Are you sure?’’ Empyrean divine Mist asked, his voice quiet and deep.

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming calmly and firmly said.

He knew why Empyrean divine Mist had such a heavy expression. In these seven years, Empyrean divine Mist had placed a tremendous level of care and effort into Xiao Moxian and himself. If they were to die in the depths of the God Beast Tomb then these last seven years would have been lost in vain.

Towards Empyrean divine Mist who had limited time left on this earth, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had become his spiritual sustenance.

After being trapped in this land for tens of millions of years, it was hard to imagine how lonely and desolate Empyrean divine Mist's life had been. Moreover, the most terrifying thought was that he would die alone in this dreadful place.

Before he died, he hoped that he would have peace of mind and he also hoped that there would be someone to inherit his legacy. Even if that person were to die in Tragic Death Valley in the future, at least at the moment of his death his legacy wouldn't be ended. That would be his final wish.

But now, Lin Ming actually wanted to enter the God Beast Tomb. If he failed, his final wish would be no more and he wouldn't be able to pass in peace.

’’You will also go?’’

Empyrean divine Mist looked towards Xiao Moxian. If Xiao Moxian didn't go then even if Lin Ming died there would still be someone remaining.

Xiao Moxian grit her teeth. She looked towards Lin Ming and then turned back to Empyrean divine Mist and nodded.

She was completely in the dark as to what degree Lin Ming had perceived the God Beast Tomb, but she still decided to bet her life on him and follow him into it.

’’You can wait here. If there is a chance that Lin Ming returns safely, you can always go later.’’ Empyrean divine Mist tried to persuade her.

But, Xiao Moxian shook her head, simply saying, ’’I don't want to.’’

Her courage came from her deep trust in Lin Ming. Moreover, in this dark and desolate land that hadn't changed for billions of years, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had become each other's spiritual light. If Lin Ming were to die then Xiao Moxian would lose all courage to face the lonely and forsaken future by herself.

To live the rest of her life in this sort of hell, even martial artists with formidable wills would fall into insanity from the despair.

’’Yes... since you have decided to go then I will no longer try to persuade you. I only hope that when you discover that you have miscalculated, you do not try to show off and can retreat safely without being swayed by your feelings. I also hope that at that time, if it's not too late... that I... can have someone bury me when I die...’’

As Empyrean divine Mist said these words he instantly looked older. After spending seven years with Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian and teaching them everything he could, it was like he had poured his very life into them.

If Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian left, it was the same as taking away his backbone.

In that moment, A strange feeling came over Lin Ming's mind. He wasn't related to Empyrean divine Mist by blood, and in fact they weren't even part of the same race. Between them, there wasn't the slightest bit of relation, but in the end he had become the continuation of this poor old man's life.

When a martial artist stepped onto the road of martial arts it was impossible for them to know where their path would end. They might perish in a mystic realm, they might be murdered out in the wilds and have their belongings stolen, they might die without their corpse left behind, they might even disintegrate into ash without leaving anything behind.

Empyrean divine Mist was now in this situation. If he perished in Tragic Death Valley, the only things accompanying him would be the skeletons all around him.

And now, Empyrean divine Mist only had a simple desire, and it was that someone could arrange a grave for him, and that at the point of his death, after spending tens of millions of years alone, he could pass on with someone beside him...

Lin Ming's heart was touched by Empyrean divine Mist's words. He lifted his robe and deeply bowed towards Empyrean divine Mist.

’’Senior, please rest assured that this junior will return and will not allow Senior's care and graciousness to ebb away.’’


Lin Ming didn't immediately leave. Instead, he waited for another demonic tide to pass. Only then did he and Xiao Moxian venture deep into the God Beast Tomb.

The demonic tide wouldn't erupt twice in a row. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian chose to depart after a demonic tide erupted in order to prevent the possibility that there would be another one any time soon.

Massive bones were scattered all over in the endless God Beast Tomb. Some bones were as high as mountain peaks, stabbing into the sky like divine swords, vanishing into the darkness as if they disappeared into some unknown space and time.

There was no wind in the tomb, but there were still flows of energy that resembled wind. This sort of energy seemed to be similar to the previous eruptions of energy.

As this wind blew past the bones, scratching sounds echoed in the dark, resonating with the bleakness all around and making one feel an inexplicable sense of dread and sorrow.

This sense of sorrow became increasingly rich, nearly drowning one in sadness.

As they reached 50 miles deep into the God Beast Tomb, Xiao Moxian could feel her heart filled with a deep anguish, as if a demonic power was summoning her soul, making her feel as if she had to follow it.

This was the demonic summons that Empyrean divine Mist spoke of. There were many martial artists who after entering the God Beast Tomb were enraptured by this demonic power and didn't return.

The demonic power grew increasingly strong. Xiao Moxian used her powerful soul force to guard her mind and keep the bright clarity shining in her heart. However, this power was far too strange, strange to the point that even a World King wasn't able to withstand it. Although Xiao Moxian's soul force was strong, it wouldn't surpass that of a World King.

She soon felt as if she was about to cave in. Although she knew that this demonic power that was pulling at her soul was fatal, she still couldn't help but feel like she was succumbing to it, like she was losing control of her mind.

Xiao Moxian wanted to shout out at Lin Ming, but at this time her complete focus was being used to resist the corrosion of this demonic power on her soul. She wasn't able to divert even a single speck of her attention, otherwise she suspected she would immediately lose herself in illusion.

In a daze, Xiao Moxian felt a mental strength shoot into her mind, forming a simple rune. This rune was shaped like a sword and pierced through the chaos before diving into Xiao Moxian's spiritual sea.

At this time, a voice sounded out near Xiao Moxian's ears. ’’Guard your mind, meditate upon the Asura Sutra and use the sutra's Laws to revolve your energy!’’

’’Asura Sutra?’’

These two words were like bells of heavens ringing in her mind. Immediately, a flash of brilliance cut through her mind.

’’33 Heavens, the boundless Great Dao...’’

Without waiting for Xiao Moxian to begin meditating, a strong a vibrant voice resounded in Xiao Moxian's ears. The sound contained intense thoughts that formed golden characters in Xiao Moxian's spiritual sea. Every character was bright and illustrious, containing concepts that were hard to put into words.

These characters were the general outline of the Asura Sutra.

As the general outline of the Asura Sutra flashed in her mind, the pressure on Xiao Moxian's soul rapidly reduced and her mind was restored to pure brightness.

The world around her became clear once more.

Xiao Moxian discovered that she had been holding onto Lin Ming's hand. A strong yang energy steadily streamed up into her body from his hand.

The general outline of the Asura Sutra she had heard just now had been Lin Ming's thoughts.

As Xiao Moxian recalled the moment where she nearly lost herself, she felt her entire body soaked with sweat. Without making the necessary preparations to enter the God Beast Tomb, no matter how talented one was, no matter what cultivation they possessed, everyone would perish here. Even though Xiao Moxian was supremely talented, it was impossible for her to ignore the horrifying power within the God Beast Tomb.

’’The Asura Sutra we saw before actually has such an effect...’’ Xiao Moxian was startled. These mere several hundred words of the Asura Sutra general outline contained far too mystical and profound principles. If the God Beast Tomb was really created by the Asura Road Master, then it was reasonable that the Asura Sutra would have such an effect.

However, Xiao Moxian was well aware that she and Lin Ming were only on the outermost edge of the God Beast Tomb. They were still far from reaching its depths.

Thinking about it, a complete God Beast skeleton was thousands of miles long and the God Beast Tomb was composed of several hundred God Beast skeletons. The size of this place was simply unfathomable. This was an independent world opened up by the Asura Road Master himself!

If they wanted to go deeper into the God Beast Tomb they would have to face even more horrifying dangers. To arrive safely at the end was simply far too difficult.


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