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Martial World - Chapter 1489


Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489 - Empyrean divine Mist




Xiao Moxian never imagined that just this strange touch would make her feel so peculiar, enough to cause her mind to shake. She subconsciously drew back her hand and Lin Ming also took this chance to release his grip. Like this, the two of them separated.

Lim Ming recalled the aftertaste of that feeling just now. He couldn't help but admit that Xiao Moxian's bloodline held an extremely strong appeal to him. Now, between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, besides the attraction between their bloodlines, there was even a faint resonance in their life force.

In that period of intense action just now, Lin Ming felt as if all the pores throughout his body had opened, greedily absorbing the pure and gentle yin phoenix energy that Xiao Moxian was quietly exuding. This sort of yin energy fused together with Lin Ming's own blood, complementing each other in a balance of yin and yang and causing slightly crackling sounds to pop throughout his body. The Azure Dragon blood stirred restlessly within him, nearly spontaneously forming an Azure Dragon phantom behind him.

This feeling was as if he had just completed a breakthrough.

However, they had held hands for far too short a time and the yin yang energy hadn't been able to fully equalize with each other. Lin Ming had no idea what effect could be achieved if he really did cultivate with Xiao Moxian.

’’Yin yang equalization... I never thought that there would be such wondrous results. The body transformation technique cultivates astral yang energy, but the body transformation technique doesn't necessarily utilize the most extreme positive yang energy. If yin and yang can complement each other, then perhaps I can even reach the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace faster...’’

In the brief moment when his bloodline was vitalized just now, Lin Ming suddenly had a realization.

The higher one ascended in the boundaries of martial arts, the more it required a well-rounded development. An extreme Empyrean could not have a weakness in any aspect.

If someone wanted to break through the True divinity realm, relying on just a single cultivation system was far too difficult.

On a similar level of reasoning, when one cultivated body transformation to the highest degree, relying on just the limit of positive yang energy was not enough. It would instead become brittle, easy to break.

’’Thank you... for just then.’’

Xiao Moxian softly whispered. Her cheeks flushed with a beautiful red, like the color of spring apples.

’’You saved my life another time. It seems I owe you more and more.’’

’’There is nothing you owe me. You were forced into Tragic Death Valley because of me to begin with...’’ Lin Ming sobered up and began to sit in meditation again. When he was fleeing, although it didn't seem as if he were using up a lot of energy, the truth was that it required an abnormally high level of concentration as he was constantly deducing and calculating the demonic tide with the array formation. This placed a tremendous burden of consumption on Lin Ming's soul force and it was even more tiring than undergoing a protracted battle.

As Lin Ming was meditating, Xiao Moxian also sat down on the ground. She grasped her legs, holding her chin down on her knees. She looked into the distance, her eyes lost in thought.

Two hours passed. Lin Ming nearly restored himself to his top condition. As he opened his eyes, he discovered that Xiao Moxian was staring at him, her wide and clear eyes gazing into his own.

Being stared at like this by such a beautiful young woman, even Lin Ming felt somewhat uncomfortable. He coughed, ’’What are you looking at?’’

’’I'm examining whether you have any pimples on your face!’’ Xiao Moxian sternly said before giggling. As she laughed, she threw back her head, her long black hair slipped behind her ears, gently brushing against her pure and white skin and charming blushed cheeks. In this moment, the gently laughing Xiao Moxian seemed to be basked in sunlight, infinitely beautiful.

Lin Ming was startled. He coughed once and then turned around, ’’Your clothes are torn...’’

When they were fleeing, Xiao Moxian's clothing had been struck by the energy fluctuations and torn apart. Although it didn't reveal anything embarrassing, it still revealed her snow white arms and silky shoulders. In addition to the enchanting smile on her face, even Lin Ming felt a bit dazed by all this imagery.

After being reminded by Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian stuck out her tongue and immediately formed new clothes of origin energy around her body. As for her torn vestments, she placed then back in her spatial ring.

After finishing all of this, Xiao Moxian continued looking at Lin Ming, seeming as if her pitch black eyes could speak on their own.

’’What are you looking at me for...’’ Lin Ming asked a second time.

’’Just curious. You seem to have many secrets on your body. I'm interested.’’

Xiao Moxian had followed behind Lin Ming and watched as Lin Ming dodged all the eruptions of demonic energy as if he could foresee where the demonic tide would shoot out from. And back in God Burying Ridge, Lin Ming's understanding of the landscape also far surpassed her imagination.

None of this seemed rational or possible but Xiao Moxian never asked for the reason why. She liked to maintain this sort of mystery and slowly unravel it on her own;only then would it be interesting to her. It was similar to when she had guessed that Lin Lanjian was Lin Ming, but had never voiced this speculation out loud.

In Xiao Moxian's eyes, Lin Ming was like a fantastically wondrous novel. There was no way to know what would be written on the next page, and as she was full of expectations she would be urgently ready to read the next page because she would still be surprised even then.

At this time, Empyrean divine Mist's sound transmission sounded out in Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's ears. ’’You two come here, I want to see you...’’

Lin Ming stood up upon hearing this sound transmission. Before this, he had only heard Empyrean divine Mist's sound transmission and had never seen him in person.

Towards this senior who had been stranded in Tragic Death Valley for tens of millions of years, Lin Ming always felt a certain respect.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian passed through the valley paths that were destroyed by the black tide of demonic power. As they did, they were surprised to discover that the mountains and stones that were torn asunder by the demonic energy actually began to bond back together... as if these rocks were alive, made from flesh and blood and were able to naturally regenerate.

He knew that this was a function of the dao field. When the Asura Road Master had laid down the dao field, this Tragic Death Valley had become an indestructible magic tool that not even an Empyrean could destroy.

After a period of time, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian arrived at the cliff of the God Beast Tomb. According to the guidance of Empyrean divine Mist's divine sense, they passed through another valley glen and came to a large, depressed hollow 20 miles deep.

This area was located between two giant bones and the location was extremely secretive.

’’Force field...’’

Lin Ming stopped. He discovered that there was a force field between these two bones, as if a cave dwelling were hidden here.

Lin Ming cleared his mind and calmly waited.

After ten some breaths of time, the force field automatically opened and Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian both saw what lay within.

The cave dwelling between the two bones was extremely narrow and small. In fact, calling it a cave dwelling wasn't appropriate at all, because this space was only large enough to accommodate a single person.

Within this tiny space was a massive purple crystal, and sealed within this purple crystal was a person!

This person's eyes were tightly shut and his arms were crossed against his chest. His body was shrouded in ragged white robes and was withered and dried like firewood, making him seem no different from a mummy.

Only a faint glimmer shining out from this person's body proved that he was a spiritas from the soul race and also proved that his body still faintly possessed the fires of life.

Although his fires of life were like a precarious candle in the wind, the dignity and aura emanating from this person proved his status as an unrivalled powerhouse. He was without a doubt Empyrean divine Mist.

’’Senior divine Mist...’’

Looking at Empyrean divine Mist's current condition, Lin Ming could only sigh with emotion. Time was truly the most terrifying weapon in all of creation. Even an extraordinary Empyrean of his generation had been reduced to such a state.

’’You... have truly... startled me!’’

A low and deep sound transmission echoed near Lin Ming's ears. Empyrean divine Mist's eyes were still closed. His body was completely sealed away in that purple crystal, unable to move at all.

’’I originally thought that you would not be able to escape this catastrophe, but you actually managed to survive... that demonic tide will even exterminate World Kings, and yet you live before me, that is incredible! You are far more outstanding than my wildest dreams!

’’Moreover, that demonic tide can be considered quite strong. Since you escaped that catastrophe you should have no problem surviving the next one. If so, then you shouldn't have any problems living here...’’

Empyrean divine Mist's tone was very slow. Lin Ming simply listened to him, not even expressing any opinion of divine Mist's praise, instead remaining calm.

’’In this sort of death land, you can free your heart from arrogance and impatience, focusing your heart to perceive the Asura Road Master's array formation. Your intentions are good, but what a pity... your cultivation is too weak. If you were able to become an Empyrean then perhaps you truly would have the chance to break your way out of this land! Well, I have nothing to do now, so I shall lend you a helping hand and rapidly increase your strength in a short period of time. I believe you are probably... someone who cultivates essence, energy, and divine?’’

Empyrean divine Mist saw through Lin Ming's cultivation methods. Lin Ming nodded, ’’Yes.’’

’’What deep ambitions! You humans, whether it is soul forging or body transformation, neither path comes easily to you. Yet, you dare to cultivate essence, energy, and divine! In the aspect of essence gathering I have nothing I can provide you, but in terms of the soul forging Laws, I dare say that within the entire Asura Road, there is no one who can claim to be above me!’’

Empyrean divine Mist was highly confident in his words. He was from the soul race, and was an extreme spiritas Empyrean. If he said this, he naturally wasn't boasting in the least.

As Empyrean divine Mist spoke to here, before hearing Lin Ming's opinion, a powerful mind force broke out from the purple crystal and thrust towards the point between Lin Ming's eyebrows like a divine sword!

Seeing this sword of will fly towards him, Lin Ming was startled. However, he didn't resist at all, instead allowing this sword of will to penetrate deep into his own spiritual sea!

In fact, he couldn't resist even if he tried. Just what sort of character was Empyrean divine Mist? As a peak Empyrean of the soul race, his attainments in soul and will were unrivalled.

’’Good! Good! Very good! Blue soul battle spirit! As a human at the mere divine Transformation realm, you have actually formed a blue soul battle spirit. You have surprised me yet again. Even in the ancient era of 3.6 billion years ago, there still might not have been a genius like you who could appear!’’

In that instant, sealed deep within the purple crystal, Empyrean divine Mist's eyes suddenly shot open. Because of the discovery of the blue soul battle spirit he was especially excited, and his fires of life became that much more vibrant.

’’You cultivate essence, energy, and divine, but compared to your body transformation and essence gathering, your soul forging system attainments are far too low!’’

As Empyrean divine Mist spoke, his eyes were like two ghostly blue flames burning in the dark, emitting an enigmatic and breathtakingly fearful light.

’’Today, I lend you a hand and help you fulfill your goal. If you really have even a one in a million chance of escaping from this land of death, then that will be completing one of my wishes!’’


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