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Martial World - Chapter 1488


Chapter 1488

Chapter 1488 - Perfect Harmony





With a terrifying explosion, a dreadful column of black energy erupted from deep within the God Beast Tomb, impacting into the skies!

The demonic tide had begun!

Lin Ming grabbed onto Xiao Moxian's hand with even more strength. He didn't expect Empyrean divine Mist to lend him a helping hand. Empyrean divine Mist was weakened to an extreme degree and the fires of his soul were greatly diminished. Although he could still use sound transmissions, he likely lacked the ability to help them resist the demonic tide. Moreover, he didn't have any obligation to help them.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Like an angry roaring sea, the entire God Beast Tomb began trembling. A terrifying flow of energy began gushing out from deep within the tomb, washing towards the cliff with endless momentum!

Facing this dreadful storm of energy, Lin Ming didn't immediately escape. Instead, his concentration was completely focused on that tumbling sea of black energy, as if he were thinking of something!

Lin Ming was indeed pondering something. On one hand, he had to observe the flow of demonic energy to see whether it conformed to the rules within the emperor jade's dao field. On the other hand, he needed to see just what variations would occur when the demonic tide spewed forth from the God Beast Tomb.

’’Lin Ming!’’

In this critical moment, Xiao Moxian's complexion completely changed. Her hand was pulled tightly by Lin Ming but he didn't seem as if he was planning to run away at all. Instead, he stood there as if he were in a daze. If they continued to stay here then both of them would die miserable deaths!


Grasping Xiao Moxian's hand, Lin Ming turned and fled!

Lin Ming flew in front and Xiao Moxian behind him. She followed his exact footsteps, her body fluttering forwards like a piece of cotton as she was pulled forwards by Lin Ming as if she didn't weigh anything at all!

Just as they took several steps away, a brilliant black beam of energy shot up 30 feet in front of them, piercing through space like a sharp sword. To even pierce through the void, the degree of sharpness that this energy beam had was unimaginable!

Seeing this beam of energy in front of her, Xiao Moxian paled. It seemed that the eruption of demonic energy would come not just from deep within the God Beast Tomb, but also from underground!

If they had walked just a few dozen feet further forwards then they would have been struck by this demonic energy and their fates could be imagined!

Lin Ming held onto Xiao Moxian's hand as before, seeming as if he didn't even see this column of energy. He continued wildly dashing forwards;this was a race with his life on the line!

’’He can actually remain so calm! His disposition and foundation are impeccable. If such a good seedling could have been my disciple then my life's work wouldn't perish with my death... but what a pity... the demonic tide is heartless. No matter how calm a martial artist is, that alone cannot save them. He and I... will both die, and it is only a matter of time.’’

A bitter and bereft voice echoed through the God Beast Tomb. If it were a World King with a deep foundation, they could rely on their protective true essence to resist the demonic tide. But, a divine Transformation realm martial artist simply didn't possess this ability...


Another beam of black divine light broke through the ground in front of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, piercing through the void. This black divine light was more than fierce enough to take both their lives! To flee in such an environment, this could barely be described as frantically dancing upon a knife's edge!

Xiao Moxian didn't even doubt that they would both die in the next moment! Each time they seemed to encounter a stroke of good luck and avoid being struck by these energy beams, but they would be struck sooner or later!

She following Lin Ming without knowing what direction she was going. In this apocalyptic scene, Xiao Moxian felt the world fall far away from her, with only this hand grabbing her own seeming to exist. This powerful hand was true to the touch, even causing a bit of pain with how tightly it held onto her...

Lin Ming's strong feet pumped across the mottled rocks. Energy surged within him and his divine sense radiated outwards, rapidly sensing all of his surroundings! However, wanting to use his sense to discover where the next explosions of energy would occur was useless, even for someone like Lin Ming who cultivated the divine Dream Law. It was impossible for his sense to penetrate the ground of God Burying Ridge that was covered by a massive dao field.


Another beam of divine light shot upwards. This time, it came from right beneath Xiao Moxian's feet!

In that moment, Xiao Moxian felt herself lighten as if she would turn into ashes at any moment. She couldn't help but cry out in alarm!

The feeling of being on the verge of death was like an electric current that shot through her body!

At this moment, time seemed to come to a standstill. But then, Xiao Moxian felt a great strength cover her body, wrapping her up and forcefully ripping her away from her position.

The black divine light rubbed against Xiao Moxian's right half, disintegrating her clothes.

’’Lin Ming!?’’

Xiao Moxian could barely collect her scattered wits. The one who pulled her away just now was Lin Ming. He had already switched direction ahead of time, thus he didn't step onto that beam of energy and was able to pull her away in time!

As if he knew where that energy was going to erupt from to begin with.

’’He avoided it? Was that a coincidence?’’

It wasn't just Xiao Moxian, but even Empyrean divine Mist was startled;he also thought of this idea. Even that eruption of energy had been avoided by Lin Ming. Could this still be described as a coincidence?

Empyrean divine Mist couldn't believe that. The ground rock of Tragic Death Valley was extremely bizarre, and no sense was able to pierce through it. Even a Great World King wouldn't be able to determine where the next eruption of energy would appear, so how could a human youth accomplish that?

Empyrean divine Mist didn't have any time to think about this;Lin Ming had pulled Xiao Moxian upwards and flew towards the precipice of Tragic Death Valley!

Beneath the distortion of the Space Laws, Lin Ming easily climbed up the several dozen mile cliff. He was able to borrow leverage from the cliff, jumping hundreds of feet each time.

Woosh! Woosh!

Crazy flows of energy shot out from the cliff face without end, but Lin Ming seemed to have some incredible ability to predict where they would emerge and managed to avoid them the moment they shot out. This was true whether the energy flows were in his immediate vicinity or not!

Underneath this horrifying tide of energy, the ground and mountains were torn asunder. The earth cracked apart and black serpents of fire continued to jet outwards. The demonic tide became increasingly fierce, increasingly violent. Xiao Moxian felt that what she was breathing was no longer air, but the chaotic flow of energy!


Another energy flux shot out. Lin Ming rolled over on the cliff, perfectly avoiding this beam that seemed as if it would absolutely hit him!

And at this time, Xiao Moxian, who was being pulled forwards by Lin Ming, was left completely speechless. This clear pattern of evasion absolutely could not be explained by coincidence. It was clear that Lin Ming could foresee where the dangers would erupt!

How was he doing this?

Xiao Moxian couldn't imagine how it was possible. In terms of sense and soul force, with the support of her own God Beast soul, she wasn't necessarily any worse than Lin Ming, who studied the divine Dream Law.

But, she was completely unable to feel where the energy tide would erupt from.

’’This junior, just how is he doing this?’’ In the God Beast Tomb, Empyrean divine Mist was surprised. All of this was completely unexpected and it surpassed his scope of understanding. It was obvious that Lin Ming possessed some ability that allowed him to accomplish this.

The eruption of energy continued. Compared to the black sea of energy that swelled up from the God Beast Tomb, the true dangers lay in the energy beams that shot out from the ground and walls. They were virtually unavoidable.

If one could avoid these then there was no need to fear the demonic tide!

And Lin Ming seemed to have the ability to foresee where the energy would erupt.

Lin Ming's concentration was completely focused on dodging. He zigzagged around, holding onto Xiao Moxian's hand the entire time.

With her hand held by Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian felt as if she were holding onto the entire world. Even when the world seemed to be ending, this hand was her safe haven, making her feel as if she could rely on it.

Dreadful black waves crashed against the rocks, splashing up tens of thousands of feet. These waves were also dodged by Lin Ming.

The rocks were torn apart by energy. The ground underneath Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian's feet had nearly turned into a black sea.

Such a scene continued for a quarter hour of time. Then, the energy tide began to weaken and no more chaotic energy erupted. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian came to a stop atop a rock on the precipice of the cliff.

At this time, Lin Ming's entire body was drenched with sweat. Because he had used up too much strength and because of how tense everything was just now, his forehead had blue veins sticking out and his fingers were softly trembling.

It's over...

As the black waves fell away, Lin Ming let out a long sigh of relief. He felt weak with exhaustion.

Beside Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian hesitated for a moment and then stretched out a hand, wiping away Lin Ming's sweat. Her other hand was still being held by Lin Ming. With their two hands grasped together, there was an inexplicable feeling of the two being in perfect harmony.

As they fled all the way here, Lin Ming's mind was too tense and concentrated, so he never noticed how it felt to hold onto Xiao Moxian's hand.

In fact, this was the first time Lin Ming had held Xiao Moxian's hand. Although he had grabbed her arm before, he was separated by the cloth of her sleeves.

But now, he was truly holding her palm in his.

Xiao Moxian's hand was soft to an unimaginable degree, and calling it warm and fragrant wasn't enough to describe it. As he held onto her hand, he felt his entire body be refreshed, like a parched traveller taking a taste of clear spring water at an oasis, making his entire body feel comfortable. Lin Ming wasn't a virgin who had never been intimate with a woman before, but this was the first time he felt something so marvelous when holding onto someone's hand.

’’How could this...’’

Lin Ming was startled and yet he wasn't willing to release Xiao Moxian's hand for some time. Because of the special circumstances just then, he had no choice but to grab her hand and fly, but now that the danger had abated, with Lin Ming's personality he wouldn't continue taking advantage of her.

However, as he released her hand, he felt an unexpected feeling of dismay. This wasn't because of the emotions between men and women, but because his bloodline and soul blended together well with hers.

Lin Ming had absorbed a 1000 foot Azure Dragon bone and he had the Azure Dragon bloodline within him. As for Xiao Moxian, she was the descendant of a phoenix, a true blood child of a phoenix.

Dragon and phoenix, rejoicing together!

It wasn't just Lin Ming who was feeling this, but Xiao Moxian was the same. She had a strange lingering sadness at releasing Lin Ming's hand. Although Lin Ming's Azure Dragon bloodline could hardly be considered rich when compared to her own, his foundation was solid and his body was tempered to an amazing degree, even touching upon the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

In terms of bodily toughness, Lin Ming didn't lose out to Xiao Moxian!

From Lin Ming's body, his blazing astral essence and yang-attribute Azure Dragon blood subtly vitalized her bloodline, making her feel satisfied.


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