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Martial World - Chapter 1487


Chapter 1487

Chapter 1487 - Demonic Tide




While Lin Ming stayed in Tragic Death Valley for half a year, only half a month passed outside.

In terms of exploring God Burying Ridge, half a month wasn't anything at all.

’’What? Lin Ming entered Tragic Death Valley!?’’

Outside of Tragic Death Valley's entrance, Imperial Prince Naqi and the others were gathered together. They had following Tian Mingzi according to his tracking mark and learned from him that Lin Ming had entered Tragic Death Valley.

’’Tragic Death Valley... that is a place where even Empyreans die. Did that brat just die like this?’’

Naqi commented, amazed. He found it a bit unbelievable that Lin Ming died like this.

’’With Sage Tian Mingzi hunting him down, under the pressure of a Great World King powerhouse, Lin Ming came to a dead end and had no choice but to desperately enter Tragic Death Valley. No matter how it happened, Lin Ming is finished and now my race has one less future obstacle in its way, haha!’’ Mister Zhou said from beside Naqi, stroking his beard the entire time. He was in a very good mood;he didn't believe that Lin Ming had even the tiniest chance of surviving after entering Tragic Death Valley.

’’Could Tian Mingzi be lying to us?’’ Naqi asked with a sound transmission. He simply found it unbelievable that Lin Ming would die like this.

’’It should be true. Our tracking mark already proves that Tian Mingzi flew towards Tragic Death Valley and he has no reason to hide anything about Lin Ming from us. Tian Mingzi also desired to kill Lin Ming.’’ Mister Zhou said. Then, he flicked a finger with a spatial ring and four figures came tumbling out onto the ground in a jumbled mess. ’’Since Lin Ming has been forced into Tragic Death Valley, there is no way that he won't die. Now, our mission can already be considered completed, and keeping these people is no longer meaningful...’’

These four people were Fatty Zhou, the dragon siblings Dragon Cloud and Dragon Moon, as well as Monster Prince Duyu. They had yet to die, but their injuries were heavy and their appearances were miserable.

Their true essence and aura had already been sealed away by god runes;they were nothing more than fishes on the chopping block right now.

’’Should we kill them?’’ Mister Zhou asked.

These few words caused the complexions of the four to pale. In the face of death, no one could remain calm and confident. In particular, Monster Prince Duyu's lips trembled. He didn't want to die here.

’’Keep them around for the moment. I still don't believe that Lin Ming would die so easily. If he really entered Tragic Death Valley then it should be impossible for him to emerge again. However, what I am afraid of is that he has some special method he used to not enter Tragic Death Valley. Rather, he is hiding somewhere in that red dragon mountain range. We will stand guard here and keep watch for a year. If we still can't find him during this time period then that will confirm he has died.’’

Imperial Prince Naqi's eyes flashed with a cold light as he said this. Although he was proud and arrogant he was also cautious in his actions, especially when it came to someone like Lin Ming, who had caused him to suffer a great loss in the past. He knew that Lin Ming had a great destiny upon his body, and dying like this was simply too ridiculous a way to perish.

’’Your Highness is right. Then, let us arrange some ambushing array formations and sit back and wait for him!’’

Mister Zhou and Naqi soon came up with a plan. But at this time, the earth began to faintly shake. ’’What's going on!?’’

’’It's Tragic Death Valley!’’

Naqi could clearly see that the red dragon-like divine mountain range was shaking all over.

Behind Mister Zhou and Naqi, the Spider Brothers appeared nervous. ’’There is a terrifying energy outbreak occurring in Tragic Death Valley! We must hurry and retreat!’’

The Spider Brothers were God Burying Ridge guides and thus naturally had an extremely deep understanding into Tragic Death Valley. Normally, staying near Tragic Death Valley wasn't too dangerous, but if there was an energy outbreak occurring then that would cause all of the evil beings around Tragic Death Valley to be stirred up into a frenzy as they joyfully welcomed this grand feast of energy.

And among these evil beings, there were even ghost emperors that could compare with Great World Kings.

’’Energy outbreak? Then, anyone that is in Tragic Death Valley will die?’’ Naqi's asked, his thoughts turning.

’’It should be... we aren't too sure. If there is anyone in there then I estimate they should die until they can't die anymore.’’

As the Spider Brothers spoke, they had already grabbed Fatty Zhou and the others to fly backwards. Naqi and his group soon followed. The only one remaining was Tian Mingzi. He looked towards that shaking Tragic Death Valley and dark shadows crossed his face like gloomy clouds.


’’This is a demonic tide!’’

Within Tragic Death Valley, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had stood up. The cliff was shaking beneath them, as if it were about to break apart at any moment.

A deep and horrifying strength was percolating, gathering deep within the God Beast Tomb.

Lin Ming's expression was solemn. He immediately grabbed Xiao Moxian's hand.

As Xiao Moxian felt her hand grabbed by Lin Ming she was startled, ’’You...’’

’’Don't randomly run, you must follow me!’’

Lin Ming ordered without explanation. His tone was strong and blunt, allowing no refusal.

He had already heard half a year ago from Empyrean divine Mist that the demonic tide would erupt periodically. Martial artists who entered Tragic Death Valley didn't pass away but were instead swallowed up by the demonic tides.

This was the greatest test he would face here. He didn't know whether or not he could survive this disaster, but he had to bring Xiao Moxian with him, otherwise she would surely die here.

Xiao Moxian was stunned and then nodded in response. Although she was known as a beautiful enchantress, she was still a young and naïve girl. Facing such a terrifying disaster, she couldn't help but have a faint feeling of wanting to depend on someone.

’’Junior, this demonic tide is like a volcanic eruption in the mortal worlds. However, what gushes out is not lava but demonic energy. If this energy catches you then your cultivation and even your flesh will be completely melted away! I know that you think you might be able to rely on your extraordinary talent, but it is impossible for you to resist this demonic energy with your cultivation. In these tens of millions of years, I have even seen ordinary World Kings be carelessly caught by the demonic tide and have their bodies burst apart.’’

As Empyrean divine Mist said this, Xiao Moxian's complexion changed. This demonic tide could kill even World Kings!

She also knew of the demonic tide, but as for how dangerous it was, she had no idea. But now, she learned that even World Kings could die in it. With her and Lin Ming's strength, it would be extremely difficult to survive this catastrophe!

’’Could it be that before we find a way to leave we will die in this demonic tide?’’

Xiao Moxian subconsciously tightened her grip on Lin Ming's hand. From her angle, she could see Lin Ming's dashing profile.

Lin Ming had long since undone his appearance concealing technique. His facial features were strong and sharp, as if they had been carved by a saber. His eyebrows were straight and slanted up at an angle and his hair was blowing in the wind. At this time, all of Lin Ming's concentration was focused on the depths of the God Beast Tomb. His eyes were like stars in the deep night, bright and calm, giving one an inexplicable sense of safety.

’’He doesn't seem anxious at all...’’

Xiao Moxian thought. Lin Ming was too calm, calm to the point that it startled her!

Xiao Moxian had no choice but to admit that in the face of this dreadful strength that far surpassed the limits of her cultivation and could easily kill her, she could not remain as calm as Lin Ming was right now. This was something that couldn't be faked and there was no reason to stay calm if one wasn't, because if they died then they died.


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