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Martial World - Chapter 1484


Chapter 1484

Chapter 1484 - Bones




Primordius Heavenly Palace peacefully flew through Tragic Death Valley, no longer consuming a great deal of energy. This proved that there were nearly no dangers currently in Tragic Death Valley.

’’I never thought that the legendary Tragic Death Valley, the most dangerous land of all, would actually be uneventful.’’ Lin Ming repeatedly explored his surroundings with his sense. After determining that there weren't any evil beings, he turned to Xiao Moxian and said, ’’Let's go out and take a look. It seems Tian Mingzi really didn't follow us.’’

One of the reasons Lin Ming entered Tragic Death Valley was to look for the Great Desolate God Trove. He couldn't stay in Primordius Heavenly Palace forever, otherwise he was doomed to not find anything at all.


Xiao Moxian nodded. Facing this legendary death trap, even her complexion was solemn.

Tragic Death Valley was filled with absolute darkness. This pitch black darkness swallowed up all light, and even martial artists with extremely high cultivations would find it difficult to see anything. They could only use their sense to probe their surroundings.

Lin Ming confirmed that there weren't any more dangers around him and then lit a wisp of flame. The weak light radiated outwards, illuminating their surroundings.

Then, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian saw a devastated and grim world.

Tragic Death Valley was surprisingly broad. From the outside, Tragic Death Valley only seemed a hundred thousand feet wide, but after entering the valley, they discovered that the size expanded to dozens of miles.

This several dozen mile wide cave was marked with many different kinds of barren and ancient traces of the past.

Shattered weapons, broken armor, mottled rocks, and even... scattered bones!

Tragic Death Valley could be called a graveyard of bones!

Many bones had been weathered by time. If one accidently bumped into them they would dissolve into a thick bone dust!

Some places had far too much bone dust. Just taking a step would leave behind a deep footprint.

’’What a poignant sight. Billions of years is simply far too long a time period. These bones cannot withstand the weathering of years and even an Empyrean can only live for 100 million years. Another hundred million years later, their body will eventually decay...’’

Xiao Moxian sighed. At this time, Lin Ming squatted down and picked up a broken spear.

This spear was jet black and broken in half. The spear shaft was brittle, but as he traced the spear edge he could still feel its terrifying killing intent.

’’This is a spear made from divine wood and infused with all sorts of supernatural powers. Even so, it has rotted away. You said it was billions of years, but perhaps... it was even longer than that.’’

Lin Ming's voice was quiet, but Xiao Moxian felt a chill crawl up her back. More than billions of years?

’’Haven't you discovered that the space and time here is different from in the outside world?’’ Lin Ming said.

Xiao Moxian thought back to what happened. Thinking about it, what Lin Ming said was correct.

This Tragic Death Valley had a bizarre gravitational force that sucked in even space and time. The flow of time and scale of space here were different from in the outside world.

The several tens of thousands of feet wide valley was actually dozens of miles wide within.

The time that passed outside was also much slower.

’’It is indeed different. The flow of time here should be increased to a rate of 10:1.’’ Xiao Moxian judged after closing her eyes for a moment.

In truth, when discussing attainments in the Space and Time Laws, although Lin Ming was already extraordinary in these aspects, he was still inferior when compared to Xiao Moxian, a monstrous genius when it came to comprehending Laws. But, the reason Lin Ming was the first to notice these differences in space and time was because the situation in Tragic Death Valley was similar to a black hole, which allowed him to quickly associate the two.

The divine Seal Art's black hole seed, because of its powerful gravitational force, could compress space and time to an infinite degree and become a permanent seal.

’’A 10:1 flow of time, then... these skeletons must have experienced tens of billions of years?’’ Xiao Moxian was shocked as she reached this conclusion.

In fact, it was hard to trace back the history of the Asura Road. The Asura Road could be billions of years old or even 10 billion years old. If it were 10 billion years old then these bones would have already been lying here for 100 billion years!

Just what sort of concept was 100 billion years? Xiao Moxian had a hard time imagining this. Let alone these skeletons, even a boundless dimension could collapse in on itself and celestial bodies would fade away.

’’What a horrifying place.’’ Xiao Moxian mumbled to herself. She could feel that Tragic Death Valley was like a book that recorded the history of the Asura Road, and these bones were the writings within it.

As Xiao Moxian was astonished, Lin Ming had closed his eyes, seeming to sense something. After some time he had finally determined something.

’’Ji Xian'er, have you discovered that although the flow of time here is quickened, the Laws aren't twisted at all?’’

Normally in a time enchantment, the speed of time could be freely changed. If an Empyrean were to take action they could even arrange a 1000:1 time enchantment.

But, the more one changed the flow of time in a time enchantment, the more the Laws would be twisted, making it nearly impossible to cultivate within.

But in Tragic Death Valley, this situation didn't exist.

If one cultivated and meditated on the Laws here, it was nearly the same as doing so outside!

If one trained here for ten years, only one year would pass outside!


’’Yes. Unfortunately, the origin energy here is far too thin, so training would require a massive number of nine sun jades. The Asura Road Mater truly had methods capable of capturing the good fortune of the world. To think that when he constructed Tragic Death Valley he could produce such heaven-defying results...’’

Lin Ming sighed with emotion. Xiao Moxian herself was extremely excited by this discovery. She said, ’’Then, should we start cultivating now?’’

’’There's no need to hurry. We should investigate the situation of Tragic Death Valley first. Otherwise no matter how strong we become it will all be wasted if we cannot leave.’’

Lin Ming's words were a tub of cold water poured all over Xiao Moxian. Her originally excited mood was suddenly doused by half.

Lin Ming wasn't wrong. If they couldn't leave this place then anything they did would be useless.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian continued forwards. Then, on a high-rising rock they saw lines of ancient characters.

'Empyrean Extreme Violet. My life shall soon come to an end. Before my final days, I venture into the Valley of the Red Dragon, seeking relics of the God of Creation, to peek upon the limit of martial arts and uncover the riddles of history!'

As Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian saw these characters they both glanced at each other, both able to see the shock and awe in each other's eyes. In the Asura Road, Tragic Death Valley was known as a land from which even Empyreans couldn't emerge after entering. However, many people questioned the validity of these claims and wondered whether they were exaggerated. Now, they could see the words on this rock were proof that those rumors hadn't been exaggerated at all!

’’Empyrean Extreme Violet, I wonder just what type of person he was and what cultivation he reached? The reason he entered Tragic Death Valley at the end of his lifespan was likely because he didn't have any confidence that he could emerge once he entered. Before he died, he made his last journey into Tragic Death Valley in hopes of catching a glimpse of what lay beyond his vision.’’ As Xiao Moxian spoke, there was a trace of fear in her voice. If even an Empyrean didn't have confidence in being able to leave Tragic Death Valley and only came here at the point before his death, then what about two divine Transformation martial artists like themselves?

At this time, even though Xiao Moxian believed in Lin Ming, she couldn't help but feel her heart shaking.

’’Valley of the Red Dragon, that should be the true name of Tragic Death Valley. Because this valley has existed for far too long and countless people died here, it was eventually named Tragic Death Valley by the people of the current era. As for the God of Creation, that should be referring to the Asura Road Master.’’

’’Come, let's continue onwards.’’

Lin Ming ventured deeper forwards with Xiao Moxian. The deeper they went into the valley, the fewer skeletons they saw. These skeletons had a very great difference from those farther outside. These skeletons glittered with a crystalline light as if they were carved from white jade. It was obvious that these people hadn't died too long ago.

’’Maybe there's something valuable here.’’

Thinking this, Lin Ming waved his hand and picked up several spatial rings. These spatial rings could still be used. After opening the space within them, he let everything tumble onto the floor. Looking at these treasures, Lin Ming was slightly disappointed. The majority of the treasures had lost their divine glow and weren't much of use anymore.

Xiao Moxian said, ’’That's strange. Even if the flow of time here is at a 10:1 ratio, the magic tools shouldn't be decayed like this. In the last couple thousand years there have definitely been many people that died here and the weapons and pills of these people should have only experienced several tens of thousands of years. They should still be preserved well.’’

Xiao Moxian's question was also what Lin Ming was thinking. Lin Ming carefully investigated his surroundings and shook his head, ’’They really have decayed far too quickly, at a rate that surpasses common sense. Perhaps it's not something as simple as the decay of time, but that their origin energy was sucked in by Tragic Death Valley's array formation.’’

Tragic Death Valley also had an array formation, and all array formations required energy to activate. Besides absorbing origin energy from the outside, absorbing origin energy from the magic weapons and pills of these powerhouses was a very good source.

’’You're right. Some unknown force is pulling out all the origin energy in this area. This has also caused the heaven and earth origin energy here to be thin...’’ Xiao Moxian said after carefully feeling all around herself.


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