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Martial World - Chapter 1483


Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483 - Entering Tragic Death Valley





Primordius Heavenly Palace broke through yet another force field! These force fields were not left behind by the Asura Road Master, but had naturally evolved in these billions of years from massive clumps of gathered energy.

As Primordius Heavenly Palace continued breaking through these force fields and disintegrating evil beings in its way, several nine sun jades also shattered into ash.

Lin Ming calmly switched out new nine sun jades. The nine sun jade base that had held the grandmist spirit bead essence was also broken up into pieces by him.

In this short period of time, Primordius Heavenly Palace had already consumed 50-60 nine sun jades.

This degree of consumption left even the wealthy Xiao Moxian panic-stricken. If these nine sun jades were exchanged for Boundless World Pills, they could buy almost ten of them.

’’God Burying Ridge is indeed horrifying!’’ Lin Ming thought as he looked at how fast the nine sun jades were being consumed. In this incense stick of time, Primordius Heavenly Palace had withstood an innumerable barrage of terrifying attacks. If they weren't safely within Primordius Palace and had to directly face the dangers of God Burying Ridge, it was hard to say whether or not the two of them could have come this far and still remained alive.

Rumble rumble rumble!

divine light shined. Primordius Heavenly Palace was like a meteor as it cut across the horizon. Its speed was extremely fast;at this time Lin Ming had already penetrated 7000-8000 miles deep into God Burying Ridge!

’’This brat! To think he even obtained such a strong magic tool! However, with this sort of Empyrean spirit treasure, even if it has recognized Lin Ming as its master, activating it to move isn't easy at all. Lin Ming isn't strong enough to the point where he can supply this spirit treasure with his own origin energy yet, so he must be burning a massive number of nine sun jades to do so. I want to see just how long your nine sun jades can last.’’

Tian Mingzi followed close behind Lin Ming, never giving up the chase.

This chase wasn't easy for him either. Although the vast majority of evil beings, resentful spirits, and force fields were crushed by Primordius Heavenly Palace, some of them evaded and instead rushed towards Tian Mingzi. Underneath the attacks of these evil beings, Tian Mingzi also rapidly used up his strength.

And at this time, in front of Tian Mingzi and Primordius Heavenly Palace, a red mountain range appeared.

This red mountain range was terrifyingly high. In particular, the front two mountain peaks rose a million feet into the sky, piercing through the heavens like divine swords.

The main body of this mountain range circled about, spanning across God Burying Ridge, seeming to divide the tens of thousands of miles wide God Burying Ridge into two!

This mountain range was...

Tian Mingzi's eyebrows shot up. This mountain range looked as if it were carved by a divine being;such skill could only be called an act of god. From afar, it resembled a giant red dragon. The front two perilous peaks resembled dragon horns, and the following mountain peaks looked like the dragon body and dragon claws. This unbelievably lifelike terrain made it hard for anyone to believe that it was formed naturally.

At the front of this dragon was a deep canyon that looked like a dragon's maw. It was a jet black land, unfathomable, seeming to swallow everything within it.

’’This landform is...!?’’

Tian Mingzi's mind chilled. This red dragon mountain range had its jaws wide open, waiting for any life to enter.

Facing this massive maw, Tian Mingzi couldn't help but give birth to a profound sense of despair and constraint in his heart. It was like everything in this world, including space and time, was distorted because of the existence of this maw. Anything that entered would be sucked in, never to emerge!

It was like a true black hole of the universe, a path of no return!

’’This is Tragic Death Valley!’’

Tian Mingzi instantly thought.

Before he entered God Burying Ridge, he had asked the Spider Brothers in detail about God Burying Ridge's situation and thus he naturally knew about Tragic Death Valley. Although this was his first time seeing this valley for himself, he instantly recognized it for what it truly was. There was no suspecting it at all. No ordinary place could make him feel such despair and dread.

’’This is a place that even Empyreans cannot return from!’’

Tian Mingzi felt a chill crawl up his back. As he recalled the infamous reputation and stories of Tragic Death Valley he unconsciously slowed his footsteps. Although these rumors might have been exaggerated, they still weren't something he could deal with!

’’This Lin Ming, is he planning on flying into Tragic Death Valley?’’

Tian Mingzi asked out loud with shock thick in his voice. He watched with his own eyes as Primordius Heavenly Palace, wrapped in black flames, continued barreling nonstop into Tragic Death Valley.

That Lin Ming, had he gone insane? He knew he was being chased down and had nowhere else to go, thus he decided to stake everything he had on this one gamble and break into Tragic Death Valley?

This was a place that even an Empyrean couldn't emerge from. If Lin Ming entered then that was absolute suicide. Even that seemingly mighty palace of his would be nothing but a joke;it would offer him no protection in there.

’’This brat, is he really planning on doing something so idiotic!?’’

Tian Mingzi found this unbelievable. His divine sense had been locked onto Primordius Heavenly Palace all this time and he was sure that it was real and not some illusion.

’’Could he have escaped the palace and secretly fled somewhere?’’ This thought flashed through Tian Mingzi's mind but he immediately denied it. Underneath his powerful divine sense it was impossible for a divine Transformation realm junior to escape his notice.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Primordius Heavenly Palace continued hurtling forwards like a falling star, shooting straight towards the entrance of Tragic Death Valley!

In front of the massive Tragic Death Valley entrance, even Primordius Heavenly Palace appeared extremely small.

As if it were a little pebble falling into a giant black hole.

Hu - Hu - Hu - !

When Primordius Heavenly Palace flew into Tragic Death Valley, a massive gravitational force seemed to grab hold of it, making it suddenly accelerate. Then, under this pull, Primordius Heavenly Palace was drawn into a giant downwards spiral, continuing into the entrance. Moreover, as Primordius Heavenly Palace neared the entrance it was like space distorted, causing the palace to seem even smaller. As it completely sank into the dark, it looked as small as a grain of sand.

’’They've gone in!’’ Tian Mingzi stopped in his tracks, stunned. He looked at the pitch black entrance of Tragic Death Valley with incredulity on his face, unable to summon up even the tiniest speck of courage to continue chasing after them.

’’Lin Ming entered Tragic Death Valley like that? Will he perish in there, never to emerge again?’’

All common reasoning told Tian Mingzi that entering Tragic Death Valley meant death, with no exceptions. Much less with how low Lin Ming's cultivation level was.

However, Tian Mingzi's intuition told him otherwise. How could a martial artist with a such a great destiny upon their body die so simply like this?

Lin Ming had grown up in the world of common mortal martial artists. Coming this far, he had experienced countless dangers and near death situations. Even so, he was able to turn every disaster into safety. Tian Mingzi himself had once chased after Lin Ming into the Sky Spill Planet, but he was still defeated!

Now, it was hard for him to believe that the Lin Ming who did all of that would die so easily here!

’’This boy, just what tricks is he planning?’’

Tian Mingzi didn't believe that Lin Ming would die in Tragic Death Valley, nor was he willing to believe that. If this were true, then all the secrets on Lin Ming's body would turn into unfulfilled dreams;he wouldn't be able to obtain anything at all.

’’Whether you are dead or alive, I will stand guard out here. If you don't come out in a month then I'll wait for a year, if you don't come out for a year then I'll wait ten years, if you don't come out in ten years I'll wait 50 years, until I am sure that you have really perished within or if there is a small chance that you will emerge.’’

Tian Mingzi fell down from the sky and hid himself in a barren land a distance away from Tragic Death Valley. He didn't dare to approach Tragic Death Valley because he could feel that Tragic Death Valley had a strange attraction force. All life that neared it would be involuntarily pulled in, and even space and time was twisted around the entrance to Tragic Death Valley.

Even Tian Mingzi dreaded such a strange and bizarre place.

As long as he didn't approach Tragic Death Valley, then with his strength it wouldn't a problem for him to go anywhere in God Burying Ridge as long as he was a bit more cautious.


’’We really went in! Ahh, you're crazy!’’

Xiao Moxian said to Lin Ming in Primordius Heavenly Palace. The moment that Primordius Heavenly Palace was sucked into Tragic Death Valley, Xiao Moxian had held her breath, unable to remain calm. This was a true life or death gamble. Although Lin Ming said he was confident he could come out from God Burying Ridge again, it was hard to say what he thought his chances were.

’’They say to place yourself into a field of death and then fight your way to life. This is our disaster, but that doesn't mean this can't be our lucky chance.’’

Lin Ming lightly said. He discovered that the power of space and time in Tragic Death Valley was extremely strange. Still deep within Primordius Heavenly Palace, he cautiously branched out his sense and realized that space and time here was completely twisted.

’’This Tragic Death Valley is like a black hole!’’

Lin Ming immediately thought. Tragic Death Valley indeed had some similarities to a black hole. For instance, it was also a path of no return, a place that sealed away all of existence and distorted both time and space.

In a black hole, space was infinitely compressed and time also became infinitely long. But in this Tragic Death Valley, time seemed to be pulled longer.


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