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Martial World - Chapter 1482


Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482 - Stake It All On A Single Throw




Above the endless barren earth, a black stone palace flew through the sky with incredible speed. The velocity of the palace was so fast that it created horrifying sonic booms as it passed through the world.

This scene naturally aroused the attention of numerous evil spirits. With a deep roar, dozens of evil spirits soared into the sky, rushing towards the black stone palace!

Lin Ming's complexion was indifferent as he saw these evil spirits rushing towards him. His mind connected to the Primordius Gate as he tossed a massive number of violet sun crystals into the array formation, setting it all ablaze. The speed of Primordius Heavenly Palace became even more terrifying. With loud banging sounds these evil spirits were smashed apart by Primordius Heavenly Palace!

’’Wow, so fierce!’’ Within the palace, Xiao Moxian happily clapped her hands together in surprise as she watched the juggernaut-like momentum of Primordius Heavenly Palace. ’’I have to say Little Lin Lin, if you had such a treasure to begin with then why didn't you take it out earlier? You waited for Tian Mingzi to chase us and now this miss was put into such an embarrassing scene by that.’’

Lin Ming said, ’’I waited for the enemy to arrive first before I took out Primordius Heavenly Palace because I wanted to see who was hunting me down and confirm my guesses.’’

Lin Ming originally thought that the one chasing him was Imperial Prince Naqi, but he never imagined it would be Tian Mingzi. It seemed that Tian Mingzi should have been one of the helpers that Imperial Prince Naqi had hired. Then, they divided into groups to hunt him down. Tian Mingzi went by himself while Naqi and the Spider Brothers went to ambush Fatty Zhou.

’’Primordius Heavenly Palace. That name is... was this palace refined by Empyrean Primordius?’’ Xiao Moxian had an extremely keen understanding of the divine Realm's history. Just by hearing the name of this palace she could recall Empyrean Primordius.

’’Mm, that's right.’’

’’No wonder. So it was Empyrean Primordius' work, no wonder this palace is so fierce. I fear that even my grandfather doesn't have the ability to refine such a palace!’’

Empyrean Demondawn was known for his unparalleled demonic attack techniques, but in terms of refining artifacts and laying down array formations, he was far worse than Empyrean Primordius.

Empyrean Primordius was skilled in the Grandmist Laws. He used grandmist energy and a grandmist force field to lay down a great array formation, and then used the Primordius stone tablet as the center of this array formation. In the entire divine Realm, there was no one that could lay down such an array formation.

As for refining techniques, the materials Empyrean Primordius used were often from the forming of the universe. The chaos stones that formed at the evolution of the universe were materials that could only be found by a stroke of fate. And, Primordius Heavenly Palace itself was created with a massive amount of this sort of divine stone. Thus, Primordius Heavenly Palace could be called a singularly unrivalled treasure within the entire divine Realm.


With an explosive sound, Primordius Heavenly Palace wildly shook once more, as if it had crashed into something. Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian nearly collided with each other again under the powerful inertia.

’’What's going on?’’ Xiao Moxian asked, startled.

’’We struck a force field!’’ Lin Ming frowned. His sense immediately touched upon the emperor jade and he discovered that he had truly gone on the wrong path just now.

He had been relying on the lines of the emperor jade to move forwards and avoid the endless layers of killing intent in the dao field. However, Lin Ming had yet to fully understand and clarify the meaning of the lines in the emperor jade and Primordius Heavenly Palace was simply flying far too fast. Lin Ming didn't have the time to carefully analyze the flight path, thus this situation appeared where they had struck a force field.


The violent collision just now had caused the several hundred violet sun crystals in the Heavenly Palace's array formation to shatter into powder. There were even cracks that appeared in the eight central nine sun jades within the array formation.

’’Che!’’ Lin Ming deeply frowned as he looked at these cracked nine sun jades. It was true that Primordius Heavenly Palace was formidable, but it wasn't formidable for no reason at all.

If there were an Empyrean managing Primordius Heavenly Palace then they could galvanize it with ease. However, Lin Ming's cultivation was a limiting factor that didn't allow him to activate the full abilities of Primordius Heavenly Palace. Thus, in order to activate the abilities of Primordius Heavenly Palace he had to draw support from outside sources.

The reason Primordius Heavenly Palace was able to fly through the skies with such overwhelming speed was that he was burning violet sun crystals and nine sun jades as if they didn't cost anything at all. Lin Ming wasn't bothered about burning these items, but the problem was that he had a limited number of nine sun jades with him. Once they were used up then Primordius Heavenly Palace would have that much less to burn.

This was also a reason why Lin Ming didn't take out Primordius Heavenly Palace at the very start. This was a final live-saving card. Unless it was a last resort, he wouldn't easily use it.

’’Uh... how many nine sun jades do you have?’’ Xiao Moxian's eyelids jumped up as she looked at the eight cracked nine sun jades in the center of the array formation.

A single nine sun jade was worth a trillion violet sun stones!

When Primordius Heavenly Palace was normally flying, it didn't require much energy to do so. But in this God Burying Ridge, Primordius Heavenly Palace had to break through multiple force fields, evil beings, and also resist Tian Mingzi's all-out attacks;the energy required for all of this was nearly unimaginable.

With a series of cracking sounds, the eight nine sun jades turned into ash.

This rate of consumption was simply too bewildering.

Lin Ming waved his hand and replaced the scattered nine sun jades with new ones. At the same time, a massive number of violet sun crystals were tossed near the nine sun jades, burning in order to supplement the energy of the array formation.

’’Do you have any nine sun jades?’’ Lin Ming glanced at Xiao Moxian.

’’I do.’’

’’Take them out.’’ Lin Ming tersely said.

Xiao Moxian took out her nine sun jades;she had 20 some in total. Lin Ming also took out his square-shaped nine sun jade base. Just this thick base itself was worth several hundred nine sun jades! This was also one of the treasures that Lin Ming inherited in Primordius Heavenly Palace. This base had been used to hold the grandmist spirit bead essence.

’’You have such a large piece of nine sun jade?’’ Xiao Moxian was surprised as she looked at this nine sun jade base. This was far too luxurious!

What lucky chance did Lin Ming obtain that he was so rich?

Lin Ming said, ’’These nine sun jades can support us for a long time, but if we are continually attacked by Tian Mingzi then all of the nine sun jades will burn out in around half a day! In other words, we will absolutely die if Tian Mingzi catches up to us.’’

Lin Ming rapidly analyzed the situation. Even if Tian Mingzi laid down a force field he still wouldn't be able to trap Primordius Heavenly Palace. But, breaking through Tian Mingzi's force field would require a massive amount of energy;this wasn't something that Primordius Heavenly Palace could continue doing forever.

’’Then what can we do? We can't lead Tian Mingzi in circles all day long. If this continues we'll run out of energy sooner or later.’’

Xiao Moxian didn't need to investigate with her sense to know that Tian Mingzi was chasing close behind them.

Rapidly flying through God Burying Ridge was a suicidal move to begin with, something that even a Great World King wouldn't do. But, Primordius Heavenly Palace was currently able to clear an opening through the air. Whether it was evil beings, resentful spirits, ghosts, or anything else, all of them would be smashed into ashes when they tried to attack.

It was also because of this reason that Primordius Heavenly Palace consumed a massive amount of energy, moreover it even gave Tian Mingzi an opening through the skies. Since he didn't need to face the attacks of these evil beings he could fly much more relaxedly.

If this continued, Tian Mingzi could wait for his enemy to be completely exhausted before swooping in for the kill.

’’I have an idea...’’ Lin Ming took a deep breath, grimly saying, ’’If we want to throw off Tian Mingzi's chase then there is only a single place to do so. That is a place where even he won't go... and also where we must!’’

’’You're saying...’’ Xiao Moxian felt a chill crawl up her back as she heard this. Although there were many terrifying places in God Burying Ridge and they were known as places where even Great World Kings could die, that was only a possibility of death. In truth, it wasn't too likely for them to perish;it wouldn't be enough for a Great World King to shrink back in fear and not dare to enter.

If there was a place that even a Great World King truly wouldn't enter, then that would be a place Empyreans wouldn't dare to step in. That was... Tragic Death Valley!

’’Lin Ming, you aren't saying you want to go to Tragic Death Valley right!?’’ Even though Xiao Moxian's character was that of one who didn't fear the heavens or earth, her complexion still greatly changed upon hearing this.


Xiao Moxian sucked in a breath of cold air. ’’We're really entering Tragic Death Valley? Legends say that is a place even Empyreans can't return from, do you believe that? If we enter, do we still have a chance of leaving?’’

’’I have some confidence. We need to stake everything on this!’’

Lin Ming had already confirmed that the Great Desolate God Trove was in Tragic Death Valley.

If so, then he would need to go there sooner or later. He believed that the Asura Road Master had reasons for rewarding him with the jade pendant after layers of tests;it shouldn't be a trap meant to harm others.

Even though there were dangers in Tragic Death Valley, it shouldn't be a hopeless dead end!

With such a lucky chance in front of him, Lin Ming certainly wouldn't give up on it. And now with Tian Mingzi chasing him from behind, this actually forced Lin Ming to shift his plans earlier and enter Tragic Death Valley now!

’’Lin Ming, I really cannot understand you. No matter what I think of it, it seems you already have some understanding of God Burying Ridge...’’ The more Xiao Moxian was with Lin Ming, the more mysteries she felt from him. He was an enigma with layers upon layers of riddles.

Lin Ming even had confidence that he could return from a place where Empyreans died;this was simply unbelievable to most people. But, Xiao Moxian didn't think this was too far-fetched. Lin Ming was someone who was always creating miracles.

’’Alright. If you have so much confidence then I'll accompany you!’’


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