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Martial World - Chapter 1481


Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481 - Meeting Tian Mingzi




’’Mm?’’ Xiao Moxian paused. Just now, she had also felt a powerful sense cover him. From this sense alone, she could tell that this other party was far stronger than an ordinary World King.

’’Although you have a great destiny, who would have thought that I would have such bad luck following you. To think that in this damned place we've been caught by a World King powerhouse...’’

Xiao Moxian took out a long whip from her spatial ring. Fleeing no longer had any meaning. Now that they had been locked onto by a World King powerhouse's divine sense, with the difference in their speed it was only a matter of time before they were overtaken.

’’Who is chasing you?’’ Xiao Moxian asked.

Lin Ming frowned. ’’I thought it would be the saint race's Imperial Prince Naqi, but... it seems someone else has come this time.’’

As the enemy approached closer and closer, Lin Ming could faintly feel that this person's aura was becoming increasingly strong.

This was...

As Lin Ming thought of this person's possible status, his pupils shrank. And in the next moment, his speculations were proven correct!

With a flash of black light, a tall and young-looking man appeared in front of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian as if he had teleported there. He wore a long robe and held a black sword in his hand.

His body burned with faint black flames. His complexion was deep and gloomy and his dual pupils were blood red.

This person was Tian Mingzi!

At this time, Tian Mingzi's entire body was gushing forth with a dense aura. His long hair flew in the wind, making him look like a demon god at night. It was a tremendous pressure to face this type of person.

’’Lin Ming... it's been a long time since we've seen each other...’’

The man's smooth and melodious voice contained an icy killing intent, as if it wafted up from the nine nether abyss.

’’It really is you.’’

Lin Ming grasped his Phoenix Blood Spear, his complexion dignified. This situation was far worse than he had anticipated! He had thought that only a World King had come, but now it was a Great World King powerhouse.

’’10 years. I've been waiting for this day for 10 years.’’ Tian Mingzi slowly floated down to the ground, landing in front of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. He glanced over Lin Ming's appearance and fiendishly grinned. ’’Your appearance changing technique is wonderful;to think that it can even change your aura. Unfortunately, that no longer matters.’’

Lin Ming's vision sharpened. His face began to gradually distort and transform. His skin became fairer and smoother, his looks became much more handsome and delicate, and he even grew, causing him to look stronger and more robust.

He had restored his original appearance, and beside him, Xiao Moxian had also lifted her concealment, returning to her originally beautiful appearance, that of an enchantress who could bring the downfall of nations.

’’Young lady, you really are Ji Xian'er!’’

Tian Ming looked at Xiao Moxian, causing her eyelids to jump. She certainly recognized Tian Mingzi. This was because Tian Mingzi had come from the Demondawn Great World and had also entered Demondawn Heavenly Palace in the past to study their inheritances.

However, she couldn't rely on any graciousness that Tian Mingzi owed Empyrean Demondawn in the past. Tian Mingzi was already a traitor to his universe and now he no longer had any scruples. It was likely that he wouldn't mind killing both of them here.

Xiao Moxian had the Dark Phoenix bloodline within her body and was considered a top quality alchemy material. The efficacy was the same as eating a living God Beast!

’’So it's you. Why are you hunting us?’’ Xiao Moxian coldly asked.

’’That matter is far too complex to say. All sorts of grudges gathered together have doomed me to kill Lin Ming. I must say that I have waited for this day far too long! Thus, there is nothing you can do or say that will stop me today. Miss Ji, you don't plan on staying with Lin Ming, right?’’

Xiao Moxian continued silently holding her whip.

’’Then that is too unfortunate...’’ Tian Mingzi began to stroke the front of his blade, killing intent overflowing from his body without end. ’’You should know that going against me now is the same as dying! Your grandfather showed graciousness to me, so I could have originally left you alive, however... ten years ago I lost a hand and I suffered tremendous damage to my blood vitality, even causing the spirit body I trained for so long to have a flaw. Now, it is not possible for me to step into the Empyrean realm. What I need are top grade blood elixirs to restore my lost blood vitality...’’

As Tian Mingzi spoke he revealed the extent of his killing intent. At this time, he was like a human-eating beast.

Although Xiao Moxian was brave to the heavens, even she felt a cold chill crawl up her back. It was hard for anyone to directly face Tian Mingzi's gaze.

He actually used such a casual tone to state that he wanted to eat her.

In all her years, Xiao Moxian had encountered many people with perverse ambitions who wanted to befriend her in order to gain benefits from her body. But, most of these people's thoughts were to obtain her primordial yin and dual cultivate with her. Very few people were as crazy as Tian Mingzi!

Tian Mingzi lifted his sword high, his aura suddenly erupting. A fearful force field came falling down to lock in Lin Ming, preventing any chance that he could escape.

’’Lin Ming, you don't think that you still have any chance of escaping alive right now, do you? I will put everything I have into killing you and will not leave you any chance to escape. After you die, I will inherit your everything and I will even help you accomplish your unfinished dream of reaching that illusive peak of martial arts. As for you, you can become a stone that paves my road to the top!’’

As Tian Mingzi spoke he hurtled forwards. The long sword in his hand came slashing out to behead Lin Ming!

As Tian Mingzi had said before, he didn't hold back anything in his strike. A black sword light emitted a keening whistle as it tore through the surrounding space like paper. Beneath the imprisonment of the aura around him, Lin Ming couldn't dodge at all. Even if he fled to the ends of heaven and the edges of the sea, this sword would still home in on him, following him forever!

This was the all-out strike of a Great World King, it absolutely wasn't something Lin Ming could hope to contend with.

In this critical moment, Lin Ming poured all of his true essence into his inner world.

Origin energy violently surged. The moment Tian Mingzi's sword pierced forwards, a palace of black stone left Lin Ming's inner world, rapidly spinning, rapidly growing!

’’Mm! This is!?’’

Tian Mingzi was shocked. From this black stone palace he could feel an ancient and boundless aura;it was clearly some extraordinary thing.

Of course, even if this were some extraordinary treasure, Tian Mingzi didn't think that it had any chance of harming him when used by a mere divine Transformation realm martial artist. However, to be careful, Tian Mingzi avoided this black stone palace, his sword light circling around it and continuing to thrust towards Lin Ming!

As the sword light was about to cut off Lin Ming's head, in that instant, a dark divine light shot out from the black stone palace, covering both Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian.

’’Don't resist!’’

Lin Ming quickly said to Xiao Moxian with a true essence sound transmission. In truth, even without his sound transmission, Xiao Moxian was well aware of what was happening. She relaxed her guard, allowing that black light to sweep her up into the black stone palace.

In the next moment there was a terrifying explosive sound as Tian Mingzi's sword crashed into empty space. The earth trembled as thousands of jins of sand was recklessly lifted up by energy, shooting into the world like a massive tsunami!

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were dizzy for a short moment but they were protected from the energy impact by the black light. Then, they landed within the black stone palace!


With a muffled sound the two people hit a wall and bounced onto the ground. Lin Ming felt all the blood within his body tumble around and he stretched out a hand to brace himself. He felt something soft beneath his hand, and as he looked down he could see that Xiao Moxian was being pushed down by him.


Lin Ming awkwardly apologized.

’’I'm sorry that you didn't hurry up with that. Aiya, that really hurt!’’ Xiao Moxian rubbed her head. Just a moment ago her head bumped into the wall. Luckily she had her God Beast bloodline otherwise she would have been seriously bruised and beaten.

’’What is this place?’’ Xiao Moxian asked.

’’This is Primordius Heavenly Palace.’’ Lin Ming briefly stated. In the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Min had inherited the legacy of Empyrean Primordius. If he didn't consider the Primordius martial intent then the Primordius Heavenly Palace was absolutely the most precious treasure that Empyrean Primordius had left behind! As long as he entered Primordius Heavenly Palace then any martial artist with a cultivation below the Empyrean realm would be unable to break through. Of course, the premise of all this was that Primordius Heavenly Palace had enough energy.

’’Primordius Heavenly Palace?’’

Xiao Moxian was startled. Before she could respond, the black stone palace violently shook. Xiao Moxian tumbled about, unable to hold back a shout as she was tossed into the air.

’’Tian Mingzi is attacking us.’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred and images of what was occurring outside Primordius Heavenly Palace appeared above him.

Outside of the Heavenly Palace, Tian Mingzi was holding his sword with both hands and wildly hacking at the Heavenly Palace. However, his barrage of all-out attacks was only able to cause the Heavenly Palace to tremble. To break through its outer walls was actually impossible!

’’Just what is this palace!?’’

Tian Mingzi grimly said. He had thought he was going to kill Lin Ming, but now everything had suddenly changed at the last moment. This was a piece of meat near his mouth that had escaped at the last moment!

’’This palace is protected by array formations, I can't break through...’’ Tian Mingzi frowned. This palace was definitely something refined by an Empyrean, moreover it was definitely an extreme Empyrean powerhouse, otherwise there was no way just an array formation would be so firm!

’’it really is Empyrean Primordius!’’ As Tian Mingzi looked at the black stone palace he could feel the aura of the primal grandmist universe. Before this he had already looked at as many ancient texts as he could find. With the information he gleaned he suspected that the supreme elder who died on the Sky Spill Planet was Empyrean Primordius, and now this confirmed his suspicions.

’’The rumors said that Empyrean Primordius controlled some shocking secret in the past, something that alarmed even the saint race. Now, this secret is likely to have fallen into Lin Ming's hands. If I can obtain it then I will ascend to the heavens with a single leap!’’

As Tian Mingzi thought of this he grew increasingly excited.

Although Lin Ming was hiding within Primordius Heavenly Palace, Tian Mingzi wasn't worried at all. Primordius Heavenly Palace relied on its array formations to protect itself, but these array formations needed an astronomical supply of energy. As long he continued to attack and exhausted the energy or Primordius Heavenly Palace, then catching Lin Ming was simply a matter of time.

Thinking this, Tian Mingzi summoned all the true essence within his body and readied himself to attack once more. But at this time, Primordius Heavenly Palace wildly shook. In the next moment it turned into a beam of light, shooting into the horizon like a meteor with unbelievable speed.


Tian Mingzi nearly bit his tongue. This palace could actually fly, and fly so quickly!

’’Damn! If it continues flying deep into God Burying Ridge then I will have to face considerable risks to keep up with it, and wanting to capture it will be even harder!’’


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