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Martial World - Chapter 1475


Chapter 1475

Chapter 1475 - Instant Death




At this time, a thousand miles away, a giant red spider and a giant black spider were lying on the ground. These were the Spider Brothers' contract beasts as well as their mounts.

And between these two spiders, the Spider Brothers were sitting cross-legged in the void. A gray crystalline sphere shimmered in front of them, clearly reflecting the image of Fatty Zhou's face.

’’I didn't think you would have this sort of method. I will increase the agreed upon rewards.’’

Imperial Prince Naqi smiled with satisfaction from behind the Spider Brothers. They had been casually recommended by the mission issuer at Black God Fort, but after he had hired them he had been pleasantly surprised with their skills.

’’Hehe, us brothers are the strongest God Burying Ridge guides of Heavendevil City. The several other guides are all within our control. We've already secretly placed tracking symbols on their bodies.’’ Red Spider cackled, his voice hoarse.

The Spider Brothers were imp race martial artists. They originally excelled in tracking, cursing, poisons, and assassinations. Many years ago they obtained a set of god runes that allowed them to mark the other guides and quietly track their positions. Once these guides obtained a rare treasure from God Burying Ridge, they would kill them and steal their goods.

Now, they were using this tracking technique to locate Fatty Zhou and attack him with a curse technique.

Because they were too far away, the curse technique wasn't too strong. But using it at this exact moment actually had a wondrous effect.

’’We have already fulfilled your requests. With our interference it will only be a matter of time before we catch up to them. My only fear is that those several little fellows can't withstand us playing around with them and will be eaten up by the evil beings of God Burying Ridge.’’

Black Spider said with a faint note of disdain.

’’Haha, if that man can be directly killed off then that is for the best. But as for that woman, do not kill her. She is still useful to me.’’

Imperial Prince Naqi happily laughed. Since he was doing all of this he might as well do it to the limit. After killing Lin Ming he would steal Xiao Moxian away.

But, he had to be careful in how he dealt with Xiao Moxian. If he were to do anything to her then he would have to cleanly handle the matter;he couldn't allow even a hint of a rumor to escape, otherwise the alliance between the saints and the divine Realm monster race would shatter. If so, then it would be difficult for him to escape severe punishments. Moreover, his greatest opponent, the Good Fortune Saint Son, would take this chance and launch an all-out attack to eliminate him while he was down.

Thinking of this, Naqi licked his lips. He was very willing to make this future Saint Sovereign senior-apprentice brother of his a cuckold.

’’Don't even dream of it.’’ A cold voice suddenly said.

The Spider Brothers frowned. They turned their heads, looking towards a black-robed man. This black-robed man had handsome and elegant features. His skin was pale and his dual pupils shined with a blood red light.

This person was Tian Mingzi.

Seeing this person with a Great World King cultivation, the Spider Brothers choked on their response. They could only suppress the mocking words they wanted to spit out.

’’This fellow Lin Ming, I understand him very well. If you think that a mere curse technique will kill him then you're simply fantasizing too much!’’

Tian Mingzi had no scruples when he spoke, even mocking Imperial Prince Naqi. Although Imperial Prince Naqi wasn't happy, he didn't refute these words. As the saying went, the one who understood you most was not your friend but your enemy, and against someone like Lin Ming, Tian Mingzi indeed had the right to say all of this.

’’It doesn't matter if he doesn't die. First we will ruin them. It's best if we can make that fatty leading them lose his combat strength. As long as they don't have that fatty leading them then the others will be nothing but headless flies. It will be easy to capture them all then.’’ Imperial Prince Naqi gloomily said.



A large section of the force field that Fatty Zhou laid down was torn apart. A ghostly wind swept up the rocks, howling towards them as it carried infinite moaning screams!

’’This is bad!’’

Fatty Zhou was in a dire situation. His fat face was wet with drops of sweat. At this time their only choice was to fight!

’’Be careful of this wind. It isn't ordinary wind but restless ghost energy!’’

Fatty Zhou shouted out. But as he spoke, there was a miserable cry as a middle divine Lord martial artist had his arm touched by this black wind.

In a mere moment, that man's arm seemed to be cut by countless knives. Flesh and blood flew off in rapid chunks, rapidly swallowed up by ghostly spirits in the air. Soon, there was nothing left of that arm but white bones!


The martial artist cried out in pain and terror. The other people also felt a creepy chill crawl over their scalp and spine. As martial artists who had fought through endless slaughter fields, they were used to seeing life or death situations. But, this gruesome scene was 10 times more horrifying than dying normally!

Someone couldn't resist the pressure of the black winds and turned tail to run.

’’Do not run away! If you leave you'll just die faster!’’

Fatty Zhou shouted. However, it was too late. The martial artist who fled was immediately sucked up into the black winds. The mourning cries of infinite ghosts became even louder. The ghost king suddenly stepped forwards, its claws grasping towards the chest of that fleeing martial artist and instantly sucking away the flesh and blood of his heart.

The martial artist screamed in agony and fear. In just several breaths of time he turned into a dried up corpse that scattered to dust in the wild winds!

’’His flesh and blood was sucked dry!’’

Fatty Zhou frowned. Now there were only 10 people left in the group and one of them was severely wounded.

The weaker ones amongst the 10 all paled as the blood drained from their faces. Perhaps the next one to die would be from among them.

’’We must cause heavy damage to that ghost king! I will attack, you people defend!’’

Fatty Zhou roared out. As long as they could destroy the ghost king there was no need to fear the other ghosts.

Everyone was in a critical situation. Dragon Cloud and Dragon Moon took out two 10 foot long dragon spears. These spears were magnificent and grand;every strike was able to turn several ghosts into ashes.

The others also hastily attacked. The most eye-catching among them was the small youth with the bandage-wrapped hands. He held a black sword and repeatedly slashed out. Every time he did, one or two ghosts would be savagely killed. Although this was less than the dragon siblings, his sword speed was extremely fast and his total kill count was no lower.

As for the others, they were weaker than Dragon Cloud and Dragon Moon. That terribly howling black and cold wind placed a tremendous pressure on all of them.

Hu - hu - !

With blazing seals shining in his hands, Fatty Zhou threw a burning charm towards the ghost king.

At the same time, his round body leapt up like an overweight rabbit, hopping towards the ghost king.

With a wave of his right hand, a massive thick cleaver appeared in his grip. Without further ado, he chopped straight down at the ghost king's head!


The charm exploded and the flash of fire caused the ghost king to slow for a moment. Fatty Zhou's cleaver came chopping down, cutting off all avenues for the ghost king to dodge.

However, not only was the ghost king not startled, it began to cruelly chuckle. Its ugly and fierce head turned to the right as it used its shoulder to forcefully withstand Fatty Zhou's cleaver strike!


Golden light radiated outwards. A thick black plate of armor had appeared over the ghost king's shoulder, stiffly blocking the cleaver strike.

Its body paused for a moment before it stretched out a claw towards Fatty Zhou.

’’What a terrifying defensive ability!’’

Fatty Zhou rapidly flew backwards. At the same time, the dragon siblings as well as the small youth rushed forwards like ghosts and gods. Although this was their first time combining attacks, they actually coordinated well with a tacit understanding of what to do. Two spears and a sword thrust forwards, allowing no chance for the ghost king to dodge.

However, the ghost king didn't plan to dodge at all. Armor shimmered over its body once more, and with a series of loud ringing sounds, the three attacks were all resisted by the ghost king's armor!

The ghost king's complexion only distorted a little but there was no damage to it at all.

’’Too strong!’’

The three people's expressions changed. And at this time, a black tornado came shrouding down over them, enveloping all three of them!

With their strength, breaking through this black tornado would only take the blink of an eye. But, the ghost king wouldn't give them this time.

It cackled as it thrust its claws towards the three of them!

Its icy cold claws glowed with a ghostly green light;they were clearly poisonous!

If this ghost king were to grab them then they would either become its food or be poisoned and eventually become its companions!

’’We will block, you break through this black wind!’’ Dragon Cloud shouted out towards the small fellow. As he did so he thrust his spear towards the ghost king. They had to delay for enough time for this small fellow to break through the black wind, otherwise they would all be doomed.

And as Dragon Cloud and Dragon Moon thrust out their spears, they discovered that Lin Ming had appeared behind the ghost king at some unknown time. He was like a spirit that directly teleported to the ghost king's rear.

His weapon was also a spear!

This deep red spear was slightly shorter than the dragon siblings' spears and it looked ordinary, not particularly special at all.

A spear thrust out. Spear light howled, piercing right towards the ghost king's back!


The ghost king queerly laughed, simply not caring about Lin Ming's attack. That strange black armor also shimmered into existence behind it;it planned to directly withstand Lin Ming's spear!

At the same time, its body drew backwards. It no longer attacked the dragon siblings, but reached out a claw to grab Lin Ming's head!

’’Be careful!’’

The dragon siblings cried out in alarm.

If Lin Ming were to continue to stubbornly attack and his attack were to fail then his head would be burst apart by the ghost king like a rotten watermelon!

Lin Ming's complexion was cold and determined and there was no hesitation in his movements. Within his body the Eight Inner Hidden Gates opened up as the power of essence, energy, and divine fused together as one.

’’Three Essences As One! Power of heavenly tribulation!’’


With a loud explosion the power of thunder and fire stored within the Heretical God Tree erupted forth! Thunder and fire heavenly tribulation wove together, creating a horrifying detonation. Whether it was fire or thunder, they were the elements that countered ghosts and evil beings the most, much less thunder and fire heavenly tribulation!

With a blinding divine light, a sun seemed to appear in the world. Lin Ming's spear stabbed into the ghost king's back, tearing through its armor as spear light blew up within its body.

In that instant, the ghost king's substantialized body was torn apart like a cloth sack. Thunder and fire spewed forth from its mouth and all over its body, forming beams of red and purple light that made the ghost king look like a porcupine.


The ghost king cried out in agony. However, there was no chance it could continue surviving beneath this terrifying barrage of thunder and fire. With a loud popping sound, it vanished into smoke and ash.

’’I-it's dead?’’

Fatty Zhou's eyes were as wide as full moons. The dragon siblings and the small fellow also felt this was unbelievable. They had fought with the ghost king just now so they understood just how terrifying it was, yet it was instantly killed off by Lin Ming's spear?


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