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Martial World - Chapter 1471


Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471 - Old Enemy




What Lin Ming cared for the most was how the saint youth had died. Even after searching through his memory, he couldn't think of any evil plant that could kill a divine Lord realm genius in such a strange and quiet way that didn't even elicit a single reaction.

Fatty Zhou's head shook like a rattle. ’’I have no idea. There is a 90% chance that this God Burying Ridge is a dao field left over by some extreme character of the past. This dao field has nearly become its own self-contained and separated world, moreover it has existed for billions or even 10 billion years. Do you know what sort of concept that long of a timespan is? A planet can spontaneously form life in billions of years and complete countless samsaras of species, much less something like this dao field. Over the years, God Burying Ridge has gathered countless types of mysterious energies, force fields, domains, and all other sorts of phenomena. It's incalculable just how many commoners, geniuses, powerhouses, mortals, vicious beasts and demons, have all died here! This separate world has already evolved into an unimaginably complex situation! If you see a plant it might not be a plant, and if see you something alive, it might not be alive, so if you ask me a question even I wouldn't know about it!’’

As Fatty Zhou spoke, Lin Ming was gravely startled. In truth, not to mention a place like the God Burying Ridge which had been sealed up for billions of years, even if some poisonous insects were sealed into a jar, they would cannibalize each other until a mutated poisonous bug queen appeared.

Currently, God Burying Ridge was like a massive poisonous bug pot. Here, countless powerhouses of numerous races converged, as well as vicious beasts, monster beasts, ghosts, demons, spirits, and all sorts of existences. Over the billions of years, these existences swallowed each other, slaughtered each one, and constantly evolved all the while. It wasn't strange for some evil beings to grow out of all this chaos.

Even Lin Ming's group of 12 people could only be considered poisonous insects in a poisonous bug pot. As for the saint youth who had died, he was the first to become fertilizer.


At this time, in Heavendevil City's Black God Fort -

The old imp responsible for issuing mission badges was reclined on a chair. His two stubby legs were resting on a stool, as a completely satisfied expression crossed his face.

He had already been resting for a good while this afternoon. Then, at this time, his eyes widened and he suddenly took his legs off his stool, standing upright. Not too far away he could see three saint race martial artists walking towards him.

Among these three saint race martial artists, there was an old man whose cultivation he couldn't sense. The other two had a solid foundation with vibrant blood vitality;it was clear they were outstanding geniuses.

Such people likely came from a great background and these types of people liked to be extravagant in their actions. Moreover, looking at the appearances of these people it was clear they had just arrived at Heavendevil City. Maybe they were trying to obtain some information from him. If so, that would be a good chance to earn some extra income.

’’Several guests, are you here to look for missions?’’

The old imp said, his face wrinkled with smiles.

’’No. I want to ask you something. A few days ago, was there a divine Transformation martial artist that accepted an extremely difficult mission?’’

The person asking this question was precisely Imperial Prince Naqi. In these past days, Naqi and Mister Zhou had searched Heavendevil City for Lin Ming, but still couldn't find any hints to his trail.

Naqi believed that Lin Ming hadn't stopped at Heavendevil City but had directly left here to continue deeper into the Great Desolate. Or, Lin Ming could also have accepted some mission in Heavendevil City and currently be completing it. Naqi believed that the latter had a slightly higher possibility.

If Lin Ming was on a mission then he definitely would have chosen an extremely difficult one that far surpassed the limits of an ordinary divine Transformation realm martial artist. If so, then the staff of Black God Fort would have a deep impression of this person. Naqi believed this was the best possible way to find Lin Ming.

’’This...’’ The old imp turned his eyes, rubbing his hands together, ’’Every day there are people accepting missions, it's hard for me to recall such specifics...’’

Before the old imp finished speaking, one of Naqi's subordinates tossed a jade slip filled with origin energy runes towards him. The old imp's eyes brightened and he quietly received this jade slip. He said, ’’Ah, well, now that I think about it, several days ago there were a few divine Transformation realm martial artists who accepted an extremely difficult mission - a trial at God Burying Ridge!’’

’’What did they look like?’’

’’There were two men and one woman. The two men were common-looking, nothing special at all. The girl was pretty, but not some stunning beauty.’’

Naqi and Mister Zhou looked at each other. Mister Zhou nodded and said with a sound transmission, ’’It really might be them. They could have used an appearance changing technique. As for that woman, she might be Xiao Moxian...’’

’’Xiao Moxian... humph!’’ Naqi coldly coughed. He was also well aware of the agreement between the saint race and the divine Realm's monster race. The Good Fortune Saint Son would marry Xiao Moxian in order to solidify their status as allies, but now, Xiao Moxian was actually travelling so closely with Lin Ming.

Although the relations between Naqi and the Good Fortune Saint Son weren't harmonious, and their rivalry could even be described as water and fire, Naqi still didn't want to see a mere human cuckold the Good Fortune Saint Son.

’’What else do you know?’’

Naqi looked at the old imp. The old imp rubbed his hands together, a pensive expression on his face.

’’Give it to him.’’

Naqi's subordinate took out another origin rune jade slip. The old imp's eyes lit up with joy. ’’That's right, I remember! Haha, the three people you are looking for went to the west city to search for Fatty Zhou as a guide. This Fatty Zhou especially leads people to God Burying Ridge. He's a man that's always sniffing for any profit. Unless there was some accident, they should have already left by now!

’’Countless people have died in God Burying Ridge over the years, but, the guides who dare travel through God Burying Ridge all year round have certain understandings into the safer routes and entrances of God Burying Ridge. If you look for another guide you might be able to overtake them on the road.’’

’’Oh? So there's something like that too... where do I find a guide?’’

’’Hehe, this information is complimentary. In the east city there is a pair of brothers called the Red and Black Spiders. They are skilled in shamanistic arts, tracking techniques, and curse techniques. Out of all the guides, their strength is the highest but their price is also the highest. It would be best if you look for them. In God Burying Ridge it is extremely important to have a knowledgeable guide, otherwise if you randomly wander through that desolate land you'll die without even knowing how.’’

’’Red and Black Spiders? I understand.’’

After obtaining this information, Naqi demonically grinned. He had more or less confirmed that Lin Ming had entered God Burying Ridge.

Now, it was time for the hunt to begin.

’’Mister Zhou, there was someone I asked you to contact a few days ago. Have they arrived yet?’’

’’They are close. In fact, even without that person joining us we will still be able to kill the little beast easily.’’

’’It's better if that person assists us. Even a lion must use their full force to capture a rabbit. Although Lin Ming only possesses a divine Transformation realm cultivation, he has a great destiny upon his body and his life is hard to crush. Even though Mister Zhou is at the World King realm and there are also two half-step World King senior-apprentice brothers here, it's hard to guarantee that we will be able to kill Lin Ming after finding him. If that person comes then our chances of success will rise to 99%. Moreover, that person already has a grudge with Lin Ming. Even without us telling him to, he would do everything in his power to chase down Lin Ming! He should be thanking us for giving him this chance to begin with.’’

As Naqi spoke, Mister Zhou faintly smiled, ’’Your Highness is right. Since there's a free helper we might as well make use of him. Let us go search for the guides first.’’

Two hours later, Naqi's group found the Red and Black Spiders that the old imp spoke about.

These were two blood brothers that were together called the Red and Black Spiders. The older brother was called Black Spider and the younger brother was called Red Spider. Both of them had Holy Lord level cultivations and were from the imp race. The two brothers were short and their bodies were wrapped in black and red cloaks. Their skin was shiny and dark and their eye sockets were deep to a terrifying level.

Just from their aura alone, one could tell that these two were amazing martial artists within their level.

Naqi and his group paid enough origin energy runes that the spider brothers agreed to lead them to God Burying Ridge alone and no one else.

Half a day later, everyone gathered at the city gates. However, none of them were in a hurry to leave yet, as if they were waiting for something.

After another hour passed, Mister Zhou looked up towards the horizon. He smiled and said, ’’He's here!’’

As Mister Zhou's voice fell, the space tore apart not too far away from them. A sharp sword tore out from the void, cutting through it like paper. Afterwards, a tall martial artist in black robes walked out from the space crack.

This person was pale, with handsome and elegant looks. He had an extremely young appearance and his pupils were blood red. His entire body emitted a dark demonic energy.

After Tian Mingzi's identity as a spy was unveiled by Lin Ming he had no choice but to give up the Skydark Holy Lords and flee to the Saint Convocation Heaven where he could fully rely on the saints. Otherwise, Empyrean divine Dream would not have let him off.

The foundation he had spent tens of thousands of years building had been destroyed in an instant. Moreover, because of his chase into the Sky Spill Continent, he had lost a hand. Having to retrain this hand would place a massive delay on him breaking through to the Empyrean realm in the future.

Perhaps it would even be a curse that made him unable to make another breakthrough in his lifetime.

If it weren't for Lin Ming then Tian Mingzi could have smoothly lurked until the outbreak of the war, providing all sorts of intelligence to search for the greatest benefits.

His enmity with Lin Ming could be described as absolutely irreconcilable.

’’Great! Sage Tian Mingzi, you should also have an approximate understanding of the situation. Your mission this time is to work together with us to kill Lin Ming. If there is a chance then I would like to fight alone with him, but if there isn't, then kill him first to eliminate all future troubles! After this matter is finished I will prepare a generous gift for Sage Tian Mingzi!’’

’’Even if you didn't offer me anything I would do everything in my power to annihilate him.’’

Tian Mingzi's expression was calm and his voice was icy cold, but his heart was raging with emotions. He hadn't revealed the secrets of the Sky Spill Planet to everyone. His conclusion was that Lin Ming's rise to fame was concerned with the Sky Spill Planet. After he returned from the Sky Spill Planet all those years ago, he searched for all the information he could on the history of it and he finally was able to piece together an idea of what happened there.

Whether or not his guess was right, Tian Mingzi was positive that the Sky Spill Planet's lucky chance was absolutely obtained by Lin Ming.

If he could kill Lin Ming then he could obtain these secrets for himself. At that time, not only would he have made up for all the losses from losing his palm but he could also obtain a tremendous advantage that would allow him to break through to the Empyrean realm!


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