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Martial World - Chapter 1468


Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468 - Encounter at the Gates




’’These people are also going to God Burying Ridge?’’

A day later, Lin Ming was led by Fatty Zhou into his house where there were seven or eight martial artists waiting.

These people were mostly young, but two of them were middle-aged.

Out of these people, three of them attracted Lin Ming's attention, two men and one woman. The woman had extremely bright eyes and she stood very high. Even when compared to Lin Ming she was only a tad shorter. Her thighs were round and filled with potent power. She wore a short leather jerkin that exposed her flat belly and her large chest nearly exploded out of it. Her skin was pale and as bright as her eyes, and on her back she carried a case of javelins and tied on her fair and strong thighs was a sharp dagger.


Lin Ming was surprised. This was an extremely strange and rare weapon type. Normally, a martial artist would carefully craft a single weapon instead of a set of them.

This woman had an early divine Lord cultivation.

And beside this woman was a man at the middle divine Lord realm. He seemed to be a companion of this woman. He had a large build with a big cloak thrown over his shoulder. A black heavy sword hung on his back. This heavy sword was taller than an adult human and as wide as half a door. It looked extremely heavy. Once this heavy sword was slashed out, the might behind it could be imagined.

Moreover, what astonished Lin Ming the most was that this man and woman had extremely powerful bodies, faintly exuding the atmosphere of astral essence. These martial artists both dual cultivated body and energy, and Lin Ming could even feel a faint yet familiar aura from them.

’’Mm? This is... the dragon race bloodline?’’

Lin Ming was slightly amazed. If God Beast bloodline did not originate from the same source then it would be very difficult to sense. Before, Lin Ming had swallowed the bone of an Azure Dragon, now he was able to feel a faint resonance with the man and woman in front of him, leaving him surprised.

’’This man and woman seem to be owners of a dragon race bloodline... they should be geniuses of some universe's monster race...’’

Lin Ming guessed. In the 33 Layered Heavens, the monster race could be considered a very large and separated tribe. The monster races of many other universes were often far stronger than the monster race of the divine Realm!

As Lin Ming was observing this man and woman, they were also observing him.

They were from the Dragontongue Family, and the Dragontongue Family did possess the bloodline of a True Dragon. This sort of bloodline was inherited within their very bones. Even after multiple generations, their bloodline still wouldn't diminish.

Of course, when compared to a monstrous genius like Xiao Moxian whose mother was a true God Beast, they were far from being able to match up to her.

’’That man also has the aura of dragon blood within him.’’

The leather-armored woman said with a true essence sound transmission.

’’It's the blood of an Azure Dragon. He should also have noticed us, however, this person's Azure Dragon bloodline purity is limited. He should have encountered some lucky chance and managed to transplant it post-birth. This sort of bloodline can't compare to ours.’’

’’Yes, but such lucky chances are extremely wonderful for ordinary people, thus his foundation is also very solid. Moreover, he seems to dual cultivate body and energy just like we do. He should have his own skills, and if he dares go to God Burying Ridge at the divine Transformation realm then he is confident in them too.’’

God Burying Ridge had a grim and ominous reputation, one that was well deserved. Even these two dragon siblings only dared to go to God Burying Ridge after reaching the divine Lord realm.

If a divine Transformation realm martial artist were to go, they had to have absolute confidence in their strength, otherwise they would only be idiots.

Besides these two dragon siblings, there was also a youth in a black tight fitting outfit that caught Lin Ming's attention. This youth looked to be around 15-16 years old and his hands and feet were wrapped with thick bandages. He had black hair and held a long sword in his hands as he sat in a corner of the house. Where he sat, a faint force field emitted from him, making it seem as if he was hidden in the dark. If an ordinary person were to step into this room it would be easy to ignore him, not sensing him at all.

This person clearly excelled at concealing himself. He was likely some sort of incredible assassin.

’’So many masters, this really is a den of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.’’

Lin Ming silently appraised. Martial artists that came to the Great Desolate were all outstanding individuals to begin with, and those that dared to take missions in God Burying Ridge were the most amazing of all of them.

’’Are these three little fellows also joining?’’

From the corner of the room, a voice suddenly sounded out. The one speaking was a middle-aged man in silk robes. His eyes were shaped like triangles and his eyebrows hung downwards. He seemed to be a very strong and bold character.

This person had a half-step Holy Lord cultivation. Besides Fatty Zhou, he had the highest cultivation here.

However, in Lin Ming's eyes, his strength was only so-so. He wasn't young anymore. Compared to the dragon siblings he was far inferior.

’’That's right. What, are you worried that someone's going to drag you down?’’

Fatty Zhou smiled as he spoke, his eyes curving into two little crescent moons.

The middle-aged man grunted. Although he didn't state his meaning, it was obvious.

Lin Ming didn't respond at all, but Xiao Moxian wasn't willing to allow this insult to pass. ’’Hey triangle eyes, who do you think you are speaking to! Maybe you'll be the one to hold everyone back!’’

Xiao Moxian had never been someone willing to freely suffer a loss. She immediately poked at the middle-aged man with her words.

The middle-aged man flew into a rage. Just as he was about to do something, Fatty Zhou suddenly stepped forwards and blocked the two from fighting. ’’Everyone, please give me some face and calm down. Now that you are all in my team you will have to listen to my orders. If something like this were to happen in God Burying Ridge and you do not listen to my orders then I shall have to kick you from the team so you don't get everyone else killed!’’

As Fatty Zhou was speaking, his voice began to turn icy. For this person to survive in a den of powerhouses like Heavendevil City he certainly wasn't as harmless as his appearance suggested.

The middle-aged man coldly humphed and no longer spoke.

’’Everyone is here, let's leave then.’’

Fatty Zhou waved his hand. Like this, the team of 12 people set out towards God Burying Ridge.

And at the same time, just outside of Heavendevil City, a similar team of people had just entered city.

The one leading them was a white-robed youth that rode atop a large horned wolf. The youth said to the old man beside him, ’’Mister Zhou, your World Detection Art can't be maintained forever. I fear it won't be easy finding that boy in a place as large as Heavendevil City, especially if he's using an appearance transforming technique.’’

This white-robed youth was Naqi. After he entered Heavendevil City he constantly inspected everywhere around him, hoping to catch Lin Ming's trail.

’’It's truly not easy at all. That little beast is a crafty one. We cannot be too noticeable in our actions otherwise he will leave Heavendevil City early and deliberately hide himself. I have confidence that when I find his scent I will be able to see through that little beast's disguise, no matter what he tries.’’

As Mister Zhou spoke, his eyes were closed in meditation. In order to continue using the World Detection Art he lowered the usage of all other energies to a minimum. The principle behind this technique was to rely on the memory of a person's aura to search for that person in an area of dozens of miles. Even if they used an appearance changing technique he could still see through them.

’’Mm, since Mister Zhou says that, I can feel at ease. When I find that little brat... hehe...’’ Naqi cruelly smiled, killing intent filling his eyes. ’’When that time comes don't interfere;I will deal with him alone. I will return double the shame that I felt in the battle at the Chaotic Blood Continent. Mister Zhou, all you need to do is prevent him from escaping. Once I defeat him I will waste away all his martial arts but let him keep his pathetic life. Then, I will bring him back to the saint race to make into medicine. His mortal body should be at sufficient standards as an alchemy ingredient.’’

’’Haha, well said Your Highness! At that time, that will surely be a great merit! Your Highness' status in our race will rise even further in the future!’’ Some people flattered from all around.

Naqi only coldly smiled. In truth, he didn't have full confidence in defeating Lin Ming. But now, he had especially prepared a card to deal with Lin Ming.

Naqi continued to think of ways to use Lin Ming's mortal body as well as how to use all the advantages and merits he would gain from killing Lin Ming to further advance his status in the saint race.

But at this time, he completely failed to realize that a group of modest-looking martial artists had walked towards his direction...

This team of martial artists had 12 people;it was Fatty Zhou's team.

’’We are about to leave the city gates. After we leave the city gates, everyone must listen to my commands! This is a must, remember it! If you do not want to follow my rules then do not enter my team!’’ Fatty Zhou continued to hammer in this point.

There were many impatient responses. These people were all arrogant geniuses of their generation, so how could they be willing to obey others?

As Lin Ming saw Fatty Zhou's gaze sweep over him, he lightly nodded in return. At this moment, his expression froze. He saw a group of martial artists at the city gates. This group had over 20 people, both men and women, old and young. Some of them were dressed like underlings, and there were three or four people leading them. These people all rode vicious beasts that they had tamed in the Great Desolate. Their auras were powerful and their foundations were solid.

And as Lin Ming saw them his heart turned cold. Among this group of people was someone he recognized - Imperial Prince Naqi.


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