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Martial World - Chapter 1467


Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467 - Fatty Zhou




Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Great Desolate God Trove was related to the Asura Road Master.

And if this Tragic Death Valley could even bury Empyreans, then it was likely also related to the Asura Road Master.

If so, one could imagine that the Great Desolate God Trove had an extremely high chance of being within Tragic Death Valley!

’’This Tragic Death Valley is a land where even Empyreans perish. If I were to go then all I can rely on is this emperor jade I obtained from the City of Discord.

’’But whether or not this emperor jade is a death-sparing token is something I cannot confirm!’’

Lin Ming believed that if he entered Tragic Death Valley, he would surely have a certain advantage over others. But, how great this advantage would be was a mystery. The dangers inside Tragic Death Valley couldn't be taken as a joke.

Lin Ming couldn't help but cast his sense into the Magic Cube space. There, the emperor jade calmly floated. Its entire body was a deep green and covered in faint lines that gathered into endlessly diverse patterns. These patterns were similar to maps of God Burying Range.

Lin Ming would absolutely go to Tragic Death Valley. To a martial artist, walking down the road of martial arts was originally choosing to struggle against the heavens every day. If there was the opportunity to obtain a heaven-shaking lucky chance, but he was too afraid to grab it because of his own fears and uncertainties then he would be doomed to never accomplish anything.

Lin Ming didn't want such a lucky chance to slip out from his hands. But, the key was how should he go and at what time in his life should he go?

For instance, after breaking through to the divine Lord realm, he would be able to escape the grasp of a World King powerhouse. If he reached the middle divine Lord realm, he would have the strength to battle an ordinary World King.

All sorts of thoughts raced through Lin Ming's mind. But at this time, the old imp in front of him was also growing impatient. ’’Hey, are the three of you done looking or not? Stop blocking the way, there are still many trial challengers behind you waiting to accept a mission!’’

The old imp said without a trace of humor in his tone. Lin Ming thought for a moment, not minding the harsh manner of the old imp. Instead, he took out a jade slip filled with origin energy runes from his spatial ring and handed it over to the old imp. Lin Ming had traded for these origin energy runes at the City of Discord using nine sun jades.

The old imp was surprised. He used his calloused hands to rub the jade slip and immediately estimated the amount of origin energy runes within it. This was definitely a considerable wealth.

’’W-what do you want?’’

’’I will take this mission;you can keep the remaining origin energy runes. I just want you to answer something for me. What should I pay attention to if I want to go to God Burying Ridge?’’

As Lin Ming was speaking the old imp lit up with a smile. He glanced around to see if anyone was looking at him and then put away the origin energy rune jade slip. He said, ’’You're a smart one. There are many adventurers that come here and, without knowing anything at all, rush towards God Burying Ridge to never return, instead dying there. Hehe, this is the perfect question that you asked me today. In God Burying Ridge, there are many things that you have to pay attention to, but only those with experience know about them. As for these experiences, they are gathered using the lives of those that have gone before. Those that know will not speak of it easily, and even if they do they might not be clear about it. Go to the west city and look for Fatty Zhou, Zhou Shiyan. If you put forth a high enough reward he will lead you to God Burying Ridge. But, let me tell you something ahead of time. The total travel fee should be around a million origin energy runes. If you pay more, then you'll have been tricked by him!’’

The old imp said with blinking eyes. Lin Ming found this understandable. With a guide leading the way, it would definitely be much safer.

’’Eh... do the three of you really want to go to God Burying Ridge? With your current cultivations, going to God Burying Ridge is the same as throwing a meat bun to a dog. You won't return at all!’’

The old imp cautioned as he saw Lin Ming and the others about to walk away. He did so only because of the origin energy runes he was given.

Lin Ming casually said, ’’Our team also has some masters, so you don't need to worry about us.’’

Seeing Lin Ming about to leave Black God Fort, the old imp shook his head, ’’Having masters to protect you is useless. That God Burying Ridge is far too strange. The dangers are specifically aimed at each person. Sometimes, even those with high cultivations will still die!’’

Dangers specifically aimed at each person?

Lin Ming's footsteps paused for a moment, ’’Thank you, I understand now.’’

Then, he left Black God Fort with Xiao Moxian. As the old imp looked at Lin Ming's fading back, he shook his head. He knew that youngsters like them wouldn't listen to his advice.

’’This year, how could there be so many people sending themselves to their deaths?’’

The old imp rambled to himself. But at this time, Lin Ming and the others had already left Black God Fort. They planned to go to the west city and look for this Zhou Shiyan.

’’You're sure you want to go?’’

After Monster Prince Duyu left Black God Fort, he didn't continue walking. Instead, his gloomy eyes stared at Xiao Moxian. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister, do you really want to go to God Burying Ridge with some unknown fellow? That is an extremely dangerous place so you should be afraid that others will harm you! Do you know that you have...’’

As Monster Prince Duyu spoke to here he suddenly stopped. His malice-filled eyes turned towards Lin Ming, overflowing with killing intent. He simply hadn't used a true essence sound transmission to speak just then, and was plainly speaking in front of Lin Ming. It was clear that he was finally fed up with Lin Ming.

Lin Ming knew what Monster Prince Duyu's final words were going to be. He was referring to her phoenix bloodline. She possessed the flesh and blood of a true God Beast. In the past, within the Ancient Phoenix Clan, a single drop of phoenix blood essence was unimaginably valuable. From this alone, one could see how precious Xiao Moxian's body was.

If someone with evil thoughts captured her, they could make good use of her. Whether it was using her body to cultivate, or using her for alchemy, one could obtain inestimable benefits.

’’How can a man be so nagging? If you don't want to go then you can stay in the city and wait for us to return.’’

What Xiao Moxian couldn't stand the most was others continuously badgering her into changing her mind. During this trip through the Asura Road, Monster Prince Duyu had done so repeatedly. She was already sick and tired of him.

Hearing Xiao Moxian's words, Monster Prince Duyu was angry to the point of vomiting blood, but he simply didn't have any means to change her mind. He continued to glare at Lin Ming. If looks could kill, Lin Ming would have died 100 times already.

Monster Prince Duyu grit his teeth and ultimately decided to follow them. Old Blue's wounds weren't fully healed yet, and even if he were to recover he still needed to undo the tracking rune on him. For a time, he couldn't be counted on to provide any help.

If he were to lose Xiao Moxian and return himself, there was no way he could explain what happened. Moreover, he was worried about allowing Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian to go together. If something happened between the two of them, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

’’I might not have an accident if I go to God Burying Ridge. Perhaps there might be a lucky chance for me also.’’

Monster Prince Duyu thought, comforting himself. He followed behind Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, eventually arriving at the west city. After making several inquiries, they located that Zhou Shiyan the old imp told them about.

Zhou Shiyan lived in a three-story building. This building was formed with expensive array formations, and the back garden was planted with all sorts of spirit flowers. It looked beautiful and refined, as if spring was blossoming here all year round.

’’This Zhou Shiyan is quite wealthy.’’

Lin Ming thought to himself. In Heavendevil City, the value of land was high enough to give one a seizure. Back in the City of Discord, the price of a house was enough to cause an ordinary divine Lord powerhouse to feel powerless and desperate, but in Heavendevil City, land was several times more expensive. If this Zhou Shiyan could live in a relatively large house in Heavendevil City, this proved that he had some skills.

’’It looks like this Zhou Shiyan is fairly reliable. If he can gather such wealth it is likely related to God Burying Ridge. If he really is familiar with the situation around God Burying Ridge then whether it is as a guide, or hunting for treasures himself, he can likely make a fortune doing so.’’

Lin Ming entered the small building. As he did so, array formations immediately appeared, blocking him. To Lin Ming, these array formations weren't anything at all. However, he still stood with manners and poise outside of the array formation, waiting for the master of the house to come out.

Soon, a fat man in a blue robe appeared at the entrance. This fellow was half a head shorter than Lin Ming and his entire body was plump, brimming with health and vitality. His chins were pushed together and his two small and bright eyes looking at Lin Ming and the others, filled with happiness.

’’Are you here to discuss business?’’

’’Mm. We want to go to God Burying Ridge!’’ Lin Ming went straight to the point.

’’God Burying Ridge? Good! It seems that you little fellows are becoming increasingly brave. Three divine Transformation youths want to go to God Burying Ridge? Well, let me tell you ahead of time that I will only be guiding you there. Your life or death will be in your own hands!’’

’’I understand.’’ Although Lin Ming had a rough map, he still didn't know which route to enter God Burying Ridge was the safest.

’’Each person will be 2 million origin energy runes. If all three of you are going, then I'll give you a discount and charge you 5 million.’’ Fatty Zhou stretched out his palm and showed five thick and short fingers.

’’3 million, no more, no less.’’ Lin Ming replied. Although he didn't care about an extra 2 million origin energy runes, he didn't want to put on a display of stupidity, otherwise others would treat him as a fool. At that time, they might try to deliberately trick him and lead him into some dangerous situation.

’’Haha, it looks like you've already considered the price beforehand.’’ After being exposed by Lin Ming, Fatty Zhou laughed, not embarrassed at all. ’’Deal!’’


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