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Martial World - Chapter 1465


Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465 - Heavendevil City




Naqi wished with all his soul that he could ruin those two characters, but the moment he was only 200-300 feet from reaching the peak of the Emperor Stone his mortal body had reached its limits;many of his blood vessels had burst apart!


Naqi reluctantly punched outwards, attacking through space to strike the Lin character on the Emperor Stone!

However, he had very little strength remaining to begin with, and underneath the suppressive pressure of the Emperor Stone, his attack diminished to nearly nothing. He simply wasn't able to mar the Emperor Stone at all.

That Lin character's aura remained as swift and fierce as before, looking down at him from its unharmed perfection as if it were taunting his own incompetence.

’’Your Highness, don't force yourself!’’

At the base of Precipice Cliff, the old saint man shouted out anxiously. Everyone could see that Naqi had reached his limit;it was impossible for him to reach the top of the Emperor Stone.

Many people had a taunting look on their faces. Naqi was less than 200 feet away from reaching the top of the Emperor Stone. To anyone else, this would have been a result to be proud of, but when this result was combined with his previous words, it actually caused people to want to mock him.

’’Hehe, to think he wanted to destroy the characters left behind by that man and woman and leave behind his own. Just who the hell does he think he is? Those two were true monstrous geniuses that had reached the limits of potential. Normally, even an extreme Empyrean descendant couldn't hope to reach the peak of the Emperor Stone.’’

’’Desperately persisting just because he wants to save face is simply a death wish. I want to see just how he ends up.’’

’’Shh, stop using sound transmissions, if you're not careful they'll notice you.’’

Several martial artists were using sound transmissions to quietly discuss what was happening. Currently Imperial Prince Naqi was only 10 feet from reaching the top of the Emperor Stone. However, all of his blood was nearly stagnant;he had reached his absolute limit.

’’How could it be like this!’’

Imperial Prince Naqi felt a deep shame.

He didn't think that he was weaker than Lin Ming. In fact, during their battle at the Chaotic Blood Continent, he hadn't truly lost to Lin Ming. Yet now, on the Emperor Stone, he was completely unable to compare.

This meant that although his strength wasn't inferior to Lin Ming's, his potential was actually extremely far off!

’’My potential is worse than his!?’’

Imperial Prince Naqi couldn't accept this. Underneath Precipice Cliff, that old man Mister Zhou heaved a deep sigh. In the battle of the Chaotic Blood Continent, Naqi and Lin Ming were nearly the same.

Because their strength was close, this caused everyone to overlook something. It was that Naqi had been at the late Saint Transformation realm, but Lin Ming was only at the middle divine Transformation realm!

Lin Ming had leapt up a small boundary to suppress Imperial Prince Naqi!

To extreme geniuses, overcoming a small boundary to fight was as easy as drinking water. But when this small boundary was between peak martial artists, both of them unrivalled geniuses of their generation, then that was truly terrifying!

Every time a peak genius rose a small boundary in their cultivation their strength would experience a massive increase.

’’This Lin Ming is indeed a horrifying person. But luckily my saint race will launch a full-on invasion of the divine Realm before long. He will not have the space to grow, otherwise if he did, he might become a character like Empyrean divine Seal of 3.6 billion years ago!’’

As Mister Zhou was thinking about this, he felt that it was prudent to kill off Lin Ming as soon as possible. To cull the weeds he needed to destroy the roots!

And at this time, on the Emperor Stone, Naqi was finally unable to continue. The closer he reached to the top, the more terrifying the pressure became. Although this was only a minor 10 foot distance, it was as great as the earth and heavens.

The opportunity to challenge the Emperor Stone only came once in a lifetime. Once he failed his mission badge would break apart. Naqi knew that reaching the top of the Emperor Stone was no longer possible. With a raging hatred simmering in his eyes, he struck out a claw eight feet from the top.


With an explosive sound, Naqi tore out a chunk of stone.

This last claw strike comprised all of Naqi's remaining energy. After this strike, he was no longer able to support himself. His body plummeted straight down like a broken kite.

Hu - !

Mister Zhou flew up high to grab the severely wounded Naqi. As he looked up to look at the mark Naqi left behind, Mister Zhou shook his head.

Naqi's last claw strike had left behind a three inch long mark. But in terms of depth, it was no deeper than the marks left behind by Monster Prince Duyu. And beyond that, this mark was extremely rough. One could barely make out the symbol of the saint race, and this symbol didn't contain any Concepts at all.

This was because Naqi was already completely exhausted, a lamp without oil, thus he didn't have the ability to leave behind any Concepts.

If Naqi hadn't insisted on trying to forcefully push himself up the last 100 feet of the Emperor Stone then he could have left behind a perfect mark. But now, the mark he left behind was no different from one that a dog would leave.

Beside Mister Zhou, the other saint disciples were also looking at each other in disappointment. None of them knew what to say.

And not too far away, the other martial artists had also quietly departed. They were afraid that Imperial Prince Naqi would take out his anger on them in a fit of indignant shame after he recovered.

’’Rest for a moment and then we'll embark deeper into the Great Desolate!’’ Mister Zhou issued an order. As he did so a cold brightness shined in his eyes. He was wondering just how he could assassinate Lin Ming.


In the vast expanse of the Great Desolate, there was a 10,000 foot high precipice. This precipice continued for several hundred miles, as sharp and steep as if someone had carved it with a saber. Above this precipice towered a grand and magnificent city. The city walls themselves were a thousand feet high and held together with incomparably firm array formations. Looking from afar, it looked like a mountain range hidden in the horizon. The wonders of this city left one shocked with awe.

This city was Heavendevil City.

Heavendevil City was over 10 times larger than the City of Discord and also the largest city on the edge of the Great Desolate. Many martial artists who planned to participate in the trials in the Great Desolate stopped here. Because of the constant stream of people, Heavendevil City was always bustling.

Lin Ming and his group walked down the streets of Heavendevil City. Both sides of the streets were lined with a variety of shops. The martial artists that walked down the roads were mostly youths. Moreover, each one had a solid foundation with extraordinary skill;they were all heroic young elites!

This was also well within reason. After all, whether it was the martial artists who came here to adventure in the Great Desolate or the people who lived in Heavendevil City, they needed the ability to face the ancient vicious beasts that surrounded the city. Otherwise, they would end up as nothing but food for those vicious beasts.

This was originally a land where powerhouses gathered. In addition to the constant slaughter that occurred year-round, the strong survived and the weak were continuously weeded out. In terms of average quality, Heavendevil City far surpassed the other cities on the outer edge of the Asura Road.

Xiao Moxian was extremely inquisitive as she walked into the city. This was a scene she hadn't seen before in the divine Realm.

In the divine Realm, masters were normally gathered in large sects and Holy Lands. In the cities, there were usually only low level martial artists. After all, a city was a place where one lived, and masters would usually go into their sect to cultivate in seclusion.

But the Asura Road was different. Here, most martial artists came to engage in life or death battles and enter challenging smelting trials. Those that established sects to cultivate were instead in the minority.

’’Master, if you wish to find information you can go to Heaven's Secret. Heaven's Secret is an extremely renowned intelligence network that operates on the edge of the Asura Road. As long as you have sufficient wealth you can find out a great deal of secret news.’’

’’Heaven's Secret? There's no need to hurry. Information about the map in the emperor jade shouldn't be directly inquired into. It needs to be separately investigated.’’

Lin Ming already made his plans. He would split the information of the emperor jade into a dozen plus pieces and slowly investigate it.


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