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Martial World - Chapter 1463


Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463 - The Imperial Prince Visits




As Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian landed on the ground, many martial artists subconsciously made way for them. Their eyes as they looked at Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian contained a sort of awe and admiration, like the children of small mountain villages seeing a royal prince and princess appear.

’’Are they a pair? What an amazing couple.’’

’’it's hard to imagine what level of talent their future child will have...’’

’’They should be the descendants of Empyrean Holy Lands, or even True divinity Holy Lands.’’

As the surrounding martial artists were speaking to each other, Monster Prince Duyu had an extremely dejected expression on his face. This was the same as pouring salt on his wounds.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister, congratulations...’’

Monster Prince Duyu squeezed out a smile as he saw Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian walk towards him.

Monster Prince Duyu was at the peak of the late divine Transformation realm. Although his cultivation had been the highest among the three of them, he had actually been the weakest.

Now, Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming had both stepped into the late divine Transformation realm and their cultivations had become much more similar. Now, his strength couldn't even be compared at all. If the three of them were in absolute danger and one of them had to die, there was no way he would ever be able to escape.

’’Let's go, it's not good to stay here too long.’’ Lin Ming said with a true essence sound transmission as his eyes swept over the martial artists beneath Precipice Cliff. What he had accomplished with Xiao Moxian just now was far too shocking;they were likely to draw the attention of many people. In addition, they had just made another breakthrough in their cultivation and in the time it took to do so it was likely that these people around them had already sent out the news.

In this dog-eat-dog world of the Asura Road, if anyone was suspected of having valuable treasures on them then it was easy to be killed and robbed. Even if it was well known that they came from great influences there would always be those willing to take the chance!

’’Mm, let's go.’’ Xiao Moxian's strength had just risen by a large degree;she was in a very good mood.

The three people launched their movement techniques and quickly left. No one stopped them. As they were flying away, Lin Ming cast a deep glance towards Monster Prince Duyu. In the brief moment they had spoken, Lin Ming was able to faintly feel a simmering hatred from within Monster Prince Duyu, and even some killing intent!

If it weren't for Lin Ming studying the divine Dream Law and having an extremely sharp soul perception then it would have been impossible for him to sense Monster Prince Duyu's hatred.

From the start Monster Prince Duyu had only disliked Lin Ming.

This was because Monster Prince Duyu didn't understand Lin Ming. He thought that Lin Ming was an ugly little minion of common birth, someone that posed no threat to him. Thus, he wanted to defeat and shame Lin Ming, not kill him.

But now, Monster Prince Duyu had clearly birthed a killing intent in his heart. The presence of Lin Ming was an enormous threat. Not only did Lin Ming threaten the progression of his courtship towards Xiao Moxian, but there was even a threat to his destiny, his life.

In the vast Great Desolate, Monster Prince Duyu trod upon the wind, his heart heavy and sad.

He could increasingly feel that during this adventure through the Asura Road, it would be impossible for him to keep up. He had two choices: go adventuring by himself or follow Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian to his eventual death.

Monster Prince Duyu could already see that the danger of the situations they encountered from now on would become increasingly terrifying, and the risks would rise every higher. If he continued with them, not only would he not obtain any advantages but he would meet only dangers instead.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister... how long do you plan on staying in the Asura Road? Old Blue is still being monitored by the Wave City Lord so the situation is dangerous for us. We should return as soon as possible. The deeper we go into the Great Desolate, the more dangers there will be. If something were to happen to you...’’

Monster Prince couldn't finish his words before Xiao Moxian interrupted him with a laugh. ’’I don't want to go back. This Asura Road has just started to become fun, so why would I return? If you want to return so badly then return yourself!’’

Xiao Moxian simply didn't bother with Monster Prince Duyu's worries. She was increasingly excited to go deeper into the Great Desolate.

This result was already what Monster Prince Duyu expected. Xiao Moxian was a playful girl who loved mischief and roaming, and now that she had obtained advantages already, how could she possibly think of turning back?

However, he wasn't willing to give up here. He continued to say, ’’Junior-apprentice Sister... this Lin Lanjian has been following us all this time;he should be a native martial artist of the Asura Road and also knows the geography and situation of the Great Desolate extremely well. If he has evil thoughts, he might lead us to some danger zone and try to trap us so he can kill us and steal our possessions. With his strength and an advantage in location, there will be no way we can contend with him!

’’This person is an unknown variable and his character isn't known either. I feel that there are far too many problems with him!’’

If Monster Prince Duyu couldn't change Xiao Moxian's decision to not return then he could only take a step back and try to convince her to throw away Lin Ming.

However, the pitiful Monster Prince Duyu had never seen the true Lin Ming before, nor had he seen Lin Ming's techniques. Just seeing the brief use of the black hole seed that Lin Ming had used atop Precipice Cliff wasn't enough information for him to deduce Lin Ming's true identity.

Hearing Monster Prince Duyu's divisive words, Xiao Moxian chuckled inwardly. She already knew Lin Ming's true identity. Although she wasn't happy that Lin Ming had defeated her twice already, hearing words like 'unknown identity', 'evil intentions', or 'killing and stealing their possessions' wouldn't change her mind at all.

Moreover, although Xiao Moxian seemed innocent, she wasn't naïve or ignorant. In fact, she was an extremely intelligent girl, able to deduce many situations. She could already see the repulsion and hate that Monster Prince Duyu held towards Lin Ming, the envy and negative emotions that clouded his mind. It was no longer possible for him to coexist together with Lin Ming.

If the two of them stayed together, there was bound to be an accident.

But, if Xiao Moxian were to choose one person to travel with, the result was obvious. It was clearly Lin Ming!

She was closer to Lin Ming in strength, and her talent was also similar to his. Traveling together with Lin Ming was the most suitable choice for adventuring through the Asura Road.

If she were to go with Monster Prince Duyu, then as she rapidly grew, there would inevitably be a time when he would become a weight that would pull her down.

Xiao Moxian didn't feel much towards Monster Prince Duyu to begin with. They were originally only ordinary martial brother and sister. She was becoming tired of the daily nagging and long-winded complaining of Monster Prince Duyu;the stern and quiet Lin Ming was much more interesting.

Moreover, Xiao Moxian wanted to go with Lin Ming because she still harbored the intention of surpassing him. She wasn't resigned to continuously losing to him.

’’Why don't you go back by yourself.’’

Xiao Moxian suddenly said. Her words were a massive attack that brutally cut down Monster Prince Duyu's pride and confidence.

If he were to go back alone then he would have to leave Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian to travel through the Asura Road together. How could he be willing to allow this!

Monster Prince Duyu had fallen into a conundrum. Going with Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian was clearly not viable, but neither was leaving alone!

All of this was due to Lin Ming!

As Monster Prince Duyu was incomparably depressed, Lin Ming was actually carefully observing his surroundings. He completely ignored the exchange between Monster Prince Duyu and Xiao Moxian.

What Lin Ming was thinking about now was the ancient jade pendant he had drawn from the Wheel of Destiny. This jade had four words within it - Great Desolate God Trove!

When Lin Ming came to the Great Desolate, leaving his name on the Emperor Stone was only a convenient side trip. The real reason he came here was to look for the Great Desolate God Trove!

’’Soulwhite, you said that there is a city a thousand miles ahead, called Heavendevil City?’’

’’Yes, Heavendevil City has a grand and prestigious reputation. Most martial artists that come to participate in the trials of the Great Desolate will choose Heavendevil City as their resting location. This also makes Heavendevil City extremely prosperous. In terms of the number of masters alone, Heavendevil City far surpasses Wave City and the City of Discord!’’

’’Alright. Then we'll go there as our next stop. We'll go to Heavendevil City to find some information on this emperor jade and see if anyone can interpret this map.’’

As Lin Ming was making these plans, he didn't know that soon after he left Precipice Cliff, another group of unexpected visitors had arrived.

This group of people were mostly saints, but there were also some people from the monster and demon races.

In the group, the one that stood out the most was a white-clothed youth. He was tall and thin, and although he couldn't be considered too handsome, his aura was swift and fierce. His eyebrows were sharp like swords, angled towards his temples, and his eyes were clear and slender as if they had been carved from dancing blades. A faintly evil energy exuded from his entire being.

If Lin Ming were here he would immediately recognize this person. This was Imperial Prince Naqi!

Soon after his fight with Lin Ming, Naqi had come to the Asura Road smelting trial. For the saint race, it was far more common to go to the Asura Road smelting trial than it was for the humans. In the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign's Holy Land alone, all direct disciples had to pass through the trial of the Asura Road.

’’This is Precipice Cliff!’’

As Imperial Prince Naqi and his entourage arrived here, they immediately attracted the eyes of everyone else.

This group of people had far too great a momentum. There were even World King powerhouses amongst them!

At the edges of the Asura Road, a World King was a lord of a city. Such a person had a considerable level of status. For these people to suddenly appear at Precipice Cliff caused the hearts of many to quiver.

’’Out of the way! Out of the way!’’

Naqi's minions loudly shouted for people to clear the way. This scene was similar to a Crown Prince going on a journey;random nobodies naturally couldn't approach him.

Soon, at the central point beneath Precipice Cliff, only Imperial Prince Naqi and his people were remaining. The other common martial artists had already traveled several miles away. Although they didn't feel well doing this, they could only feel anger in their hearts with no way to voice it.

’’Just who is that putting on such a large show?’’

’’Don't speak so casually! There are World King powerhouses amongst them. Moreover, each of those juniors has an extremely solid foundation! They are possibly from Empyrean Holy Lands! Just what has been going on in these past several days? The Emperor Stone keeps having more and more masters arriving to challenge it. These juniors should have come for the trial here!’’

As people were speaking, the heroic young elites in Imperial Prince Naqi's group began leaping up one at a time, like fishes jumping through the dragon gate. Each one displayed their skills, all of them flying up at least 30 miles to leave behind their mark! There were even those that passed 33 miles, just a step away from reaching the Emperor Stone!

’’This is the Emperor Stone that was blown so out of proportion? It doesn't seem hard at all!’’ Imperial Prince Naqi commented as he saw his junior-apprentice brothers nearly reach the top. This Emperor Stone seemed a bit too mediocre for him.

’’Your Highness Imperial Prince, it is rumored that if you can carve your name at the highest peak of the Emperor Stone and perfectly complete this trial then you will obtain an extra reward. Your Highness must not take this lightly and strive to obtain that reward.’’

An old man said from beside Imperial Prince Naqi. This old man had an ordinary World King cultivation.

In the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign's True divinity Holy Land, an ordinary World King powerhouse could only be considered an outer court Elder. In other words, a role similar to a steward.

’’Highest peak?’’

Imperial Prince Naqi smiled. He looked towards the top to see just what marks his ancestors had left behind.

At the highest point of the Emperor Stone were two square foot-large characters. One was a 'Xian' character that contained a beautiful and flexible aura. The other was a 'Lin' character that contained a swift and fierce character, thick with killing intent.


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