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Martial World - Chapter 1459


Chapter 1459

Chapter 1459 - Struggle of Dragons and Phoenixes




After flying so high, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian attracted the attention of everyone present. Once they passed 33 miles, the pressure suddenly rose to yet another level. Every time they flew up 10 more feet they would have to consume massive amounts of energy.

It was hard to imagine just how deep the true essence of these two people was.

’’They will soon reach the Emperor Stone. The 35 mile Emperor Stone isn't far away from them at all...’’

’’Can these two people all leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone? Just what is happening today that three people suddenly appear who can leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone?’’

Everyone felt as if they were in some fantastical dream. Not too far away from them, Monster Prince Duyu's eyes were brilliant as he stared at Lin Ming. Lin Ming would soon break past 34 miles. He himself had also reached this height and understood just how great the pressure of the last mile was. The last mile was the greatest and most difficult to bear.

’’This brat... he's actually not falling behind Xiao Moxian at all! I can't believe that he still has so much strength left over. After passing 34 miles, the pressure will rise to another difficulty. If he can't retain any strength then it will be impossible to leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone. I want to see just how you do this...’’

Monster Prince Duyu had thought that Lin Ming would fly to around 30 miles at most. He didn't imagine that Lin Ming would soon reach the Emperor Stone, and that his speed would also be consistent with Xiao Moxian's.

He found this all hard to accept.

As Monster Prince Duyu had said, for the last mile of Precipice Cliff, the pressure indeed increased by several times.

Underneath that massive pressure, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian suddenly slowed down as if they had run into a wall. The aura of Precipice Cliff was really far too strong here;it was tangible.

’’Finally, a little bit of a challenge.’’ Xiao Moxian laughed. She looked at Lin Ming as black flames wrapped around her entire body. In the next moment, she ascended like a blazing star, her speed suddenly increasing!

As for Lin Ming, he activated the power of the Azure Dragon within his body. His feet pressed against the stone wall, and with the force of the recoil he pushed upwards, shooting high like an arrow.

At the same time, Lin Ming waved his right hand, bringing out the Phoenix Blood Spear.


The long spear slashed out. Spear light recklessly cut through the barrier of pressure, tearing it. Lin Ming passed through this gap like a fish and impacted upwards, his speed also increasing.


Monster Prince Duyu's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. He was waiting for Lin Ming to admit defeat at this time, or at least approach his limit. But, he never imagined that Lin Ming would rush upwards at an even fiercer pace than before. It was clear that he had retained a tremendous amount of strength!

How was this possible...?

Monster Prince Duyu was shocked. To retain so much strength in such a situation and even go up faster than before? Just who was he?

He originally thought that Lin Ming was a native martial artist of the Asura Road. Moreover, Lin Ming gave off a very humble and ordinary feeling, the type that you wouldn't notice in a crowd of people. When he killed vicious beasts on the road here, he had relied on his experience to use tricks to defeat them;this couldn't be considered his true strength.

But now, looking at Lin Ming's performance on Precipice Cliff, it was true that he was the peak genius of an entire race!

’’Good, great!’’ Xiao Moxian joyously laughed as she looked at Lin Ming. Beneath the great pressure of the Emperor Stone she was still able to freely laugh as before. This left everyone beneath her startled and awed.

’’Your potential is amazing, but... I haven't even transformed. I've already won this competition!’’

As Xiao Moxian spoke she suddenly swept her sleeves downwards. As she did so, black flames tumbled all around her, forming bird-like wings of flames. She immediately pulled ahead!

The 35 mile Emperor Stone checkpoint was broken through!

Xiao Moxian had no plan to stop and leave her mark here. She continued flying upwards!

The Emperor Stone was exactly one mile in diameter. To leave her mark on the top was an enormous difference from leaving her mark on the bottom. Xiao Moxian clearly wouldn't be satisfied with leaving her mark on the lowest area;she wanted to leave her name on the highest peak!

As for Lin Ming, he also had such a plan.

When Xiao Moxian broke through the 35 mile mark she felt as if she had stepped into a different space. All around her the Space and Time Laws were strangely distorted. At the same time a dreadful force field came shrouding down over her body, forcefully preventing her ascent!

’’What powerful Space and Time Laws, and there is also this formidable force field. This Emperor Stone truly is marvelous.’’

After being blocked by this terrifying strength, Xiao Moxian felt the blood surge within her and her energy become chaotic. Although she could withstand this, it placed a great strain on her. If this continued then she might be able to go several hundred feet more at most.

’’Phoenix Trueform!’’

Xiao Moxian's eyes blazed with a divine light. Her pupils turned purple-black, as if a raging inferno grew there.

With a resonant phoenix cry, a massive amount of fire origin energy gathered behind Xiao Moxian. The raging energy gushed out all around her and a pair of pitch black phoenix wings stretched out from her back, proud and strong!

These black phoenix wings were over 15 feet wide together, twice the height of an adult male. Compared to these spacious wings, Xiao Moxian's figure appeared delicate and petite. She could easily wrap herself up in these wings.

Hu - Hu - Hu -

The massive amounts of fire origin energy condensed into black flames that combusted all around her. Soon after, these black flames turned into a roiling sea of fire that turned the entire sky a shimmering black!

After transforming her body into her Phoenix Trueform, Xiao Moxian was in her strongest state. She was like a dark goddess of the night, ruling over everyone, demanding their worship.

As the many martial artists beneath Precipice Cliff saw this, all of them were shocked. This black-clothed girl was also from the monster race. This sort of bloodline seemed to contain some indescribably majestic and royal aura, making everyone want to fall to their knees.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister is too strong! I haven't seen her take action for two years and yet her strength has already grown to this degree. Even though I am several years older than her I am still not her match. The title of the number one most talented genius in the divine Realm is hers beyond reproach!’’

Monster Prince Duyu couldn't help but praise. At the same time, his visions as he looked towards her became increasingly hot. This was a look of yearning mixed with desire.

After Xiao Moxian transformed her body, her strength suddenly increased. The Emperor Stone's pressure was broken apart by her wings. She continued flying straight up!

’’Lin Lanjian, if you haven't held back anything then you're as good as defeated!’’

Xiao Moxian's clear and crisp voice sounded out in Lin Ming's ear.

Lin Ming also couldn't help but commend Xiao Moxian in his mind. Her Phoenix Trueform really did defy the heavens!

At this time, Lin Ming sunk all of his energy into his inner world. As he stepped upon the Emperor Stone, the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation within the Heretical God Tree suddenly exploded outwards!

Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared!

With the Heretical God Force opened to the limit, Lin Ming also opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates. With all eight gates opened, surging waves of astral essence flooded through Lin Ming's body. His entire body emitted crackling noises as if thunderbolts were rolling through his body, like a True Dragon was awakening in his heart.

In that instant, Lin Ming's mortal bodily strength rose to several hundred millions of jins! Even the starlight in the sky above was quickened by him. The silver threads of starlight converged within Lin Ming's body, gathering towards nine acupoints, forming a faint mirage of nine Dao Palaces!

As these Dao Palaces emerged, they instantly vanished as if they were never there to begin with. This was the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

In the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming had already gazed upon the threshold of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Although he was still an extremely great distance from reaching the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, this was still something that the more ordinary Eight Inner Hidden Gates couldn't possibly compete with.


With a loud explosion of energy, Lin Ming was like a human-shaped beast after he released the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to the limit. He rushed forwards, chasing straight upwards with Xiao Moxian!

One dragon and one phoenix, racing up hand in hand, with unstoppable force!

A 35 mile height, the height at which the Emperor Stone was, still couldn't stop them.

’’This... they've reached the Emperor Stone but they still aren't satisfied? Do they plan on leaving their mark on the pinnacle of the Emperor Stone?’’

’’Who are they? That monster youth from before was abnormal enough, but compared to these two people the difference is like mud and clouds.

Everyone began to shout out loud. If Monster Prince Duyu were to be compared to Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming, the difference really was too great!

In truth, in terms of strength, Monster Prince Duyu wasn't much worse than Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming. But, what Precipice Cliff challenged was one's potential and talent! In other words, their future achievements!

When comparing this, Monster Prince Duyu wasn't able to match Xiao Moxian or Lin Ming at all. The disparity was far too great.

And at this time, an even more startling scene occurred. The black-clothed girl that was flying up the Emperor Stone suddenly attacked the caped youth!


Xiao Moxian's whip came slashing out. Blazing flames roared forth, forming snakes of flame that instantly enveloped Lin Ming!

This caused the entire audience to be scared witless. This was the height of the Emperor Stone, a height that surpassed 35 miles! If it were them at that height they wouldn't even be able to resist the pressure of the Emperor Stone. That great pressure would directly wound them and cause them to vomit blood, but as for that young boy and girl, they actually still had the strength to fight!

This was too aggravating!

As Lin Ming watched the fire snakes about to strike him, he arched an eyebrow upwards. ’’You want to sneak attack me?’’

’’Hehe! We're only competing on who can win, but we never placed limits on the methods we can use. In other words, we can use any method we want, so why can't I sneak attack you?’’ Xiao Moxian laughed out loud. Because she had used most of her strength to resist the pressure of the Emperor Stone, the striking power of her attack wasn't strong at all. Rather, it was extremely tricky, with many changes that made it hard to predict.

However, this wasn't a problem at all to Lin Ming. His spear speed could also reach the limit.

’’Chasing Thunder!’’

The Phoenix Blood Spear thrust out. With a sparkle of electric purple light, Lin Ming's spear broke through the fire snakes!

’’If you want to attack me, then does that mean I can attack you?’’ Lin Ming asked back.

’’Of course, there is no need go easy on me otherwise there would be no point in winning.’’

’’You're quite confident in yourself. Do you think your true combat strength can compare with mine?’’ Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, gathering his strength.

’’Mm... probably not... however, I think that in my repertoire of skills, I have something quite suitable for this current situation, so I've as good as won!’’

Xiao Moxian smiled wide, her cherry red lips parting to reveal her small canines.

Her wings suddenly spread out. Behind her, the black flames crazily spun around.

’’Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

The skill that Xiao Moxian spoke of was exactly the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. This ability could absorb another's energy to use for themselves! As they were ascending up the Emperor Stone, 90% of their energy was already being used to resist the pressure of the Emperor Stone. If someone could absorb the other person's true essence to use for themselves, they could take the absolute advantage!


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