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Martial World - Chapter 1458


Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458 - Prize




At the base of Precipice Cliff, dozens of martial artists looked up at the mark left behind on the Emperor Stone. Although Monster Prince Duyu had left behind only the shallowest of marks, this mark still left behind a profound impression as it reflected within everyone's eyes.

’’That monster youth can actually leave behind a mark on the Emperor Stone, but we can't even fly higher than 20 miles... the difference is too great...’’

’’This could be called a scene that isn't encountered even in 10,000 years.’’

’’It's not as much as 10,000 years. The trace he left behind is a bit shallow, so it should be a 1000 year event. Even so, a thousand year event is shocking enough. After all, the Asura Road is comprised of numerous geniuses of the 33 Layered Heavens.’’

The ones who were angry because of Monster Prince Duyu's overly arrogant and provocative attitude were all left silent. The White Chalk Family and Blue Sword Faction also felt ashamed of their own inferiority. But to them it still wasn't a disgrace to lose to such an outstanding individual. The difference was simply too great at the start.

’’This monster youth might be an Empyrean descendant!’’

Someone said in whispered hushes. The reason that the Emperor Stone was called the Emperor Stone was that those who could leave behind a mark on it could become an Empyrean in the future, an absolute emperor of the people.

An Empyrean... that level of existence left far too great an impact on the average person.

As everyone was speaking, Monster Prince Duyu only faintly smiled, not thinking much about it.

As for the White Chalk Family and Blue Sword Faction that had instigated a competition with him, he didn't bother with them anymore. He had already defeated them miserably enough.

Rather, it should be said that slapping these people in the face didn't mean anything to Monster Prince Duyu. The face he wanted to slap belonged to Lin Lanjian;he had long been sick of seeing that brat.

Thus, he sent Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming a true essence sound transmission, ’’Junior-apprentice Sister, I only displayed a humble showing of my skills just now. It should be your turn to give it a try. And you too, Lin Lanjian, you should try to complete your mission as well. Come and give it a try, do you think you can reach 30 miles at least?’’

As Monster Prince Duyu spoke, the cunning light in his eyes grew even brighter.

Xiao Moxian didn't reply to Monster Prince Duyu's true essence sound transmission. At this time, her wide and blinking eyes were staring at Lin Ming.

’’Hey, what mission do you have?’’ Xiao Moxian lifted her own mission badge and stuck out her slender neck like a curious child, wanting to see just what Lin Ming's mission badge was.

’’Precipice Cliff, leave a name upon the Emperor Stone.’’ Lin Ming lightly said.

As Xiao Moxian heard this, she revealed an expression as if she had already expected this. ’’So it really was the Emperor Stone. I have the same mission. It seems we'll fail this mission if we can't leave our mark on the Emperor Stone.’’

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded. Xiao Moxian's mission was the same as his. This proved that she too had been approved by the Asura Road's Heavenly Dao.

’’Hehe, I've already been wanting to compete with you.’’

As Xiao Moxian said these words, her liquid eyes flashed with a playful light. ’’If we were to fight directly I'd probably lose, but... aren't you older than me? Hehe, since I can't beat you up let's compare our talent and potential instead. Just who is better than whom in the end?’’

As Xiao Moxian spoke, Lin Ming's mind stirred. Indeed, this impish little enchantress' words had aroused his fighting spirit.

What Xiao Moxian said was right. In terms of individual strength, she was slightly worse than he was. But in terms of talent and potential, that was a completely separate matter!

Xiao Moxian's glorious name had already spread throughout the entire divine Realm!

Whether it was before the First Martial Meeting or after the First Martial Meeting, Xiao Moxian had been recognized as the one possessing the most talent in the entire divine Realm!

Even though Lin Ming and Frost Dream had the most dazzling performances in the First Martial Meeting and had taken first and second place, they still weren't able to shake Xiao Moxian's status as the number one most talented individual in the entire divine Realm!

The physique of a God Beast was formidable enough to stir the anger of the heavens. Just by growing up, she would reach a level close to an Empyrean. And beyond her God Beast physique, she also possessed a ridiculously high perception and had inherited Empyrean Demondawn's martial talent. Moreover, she had nearly unlimited top resources at her disposal. For her, becoming an extreme Empyrean was the most basic accomplishment she would have. There was a high chance she could step into the realm of True divinity!

Lin Ming also wanted to know just how his own potential was compared to Xiao Moxian's.

’’Okay, then let's compete a bit.’’ Ever since Lin Ming arrived at the Asura Road, he could feel that there were far too many powerhouses in the world;it was impossible to know where the peak of martial arts was. In his life, nearly every person he met could be an opponent of his. During the First Martial Meeting, Lin Ming had defeated Xiao Moxian, but he always felt that this victory was wrong because of his advantage in age. But now, he could fairly compete with Xiao Moxian.

Hearing Lin Ming agree, Xiao Moxian chuckled, ’’Great!’’

The two still used true essence sound transmissions to speak. Not too far away, Monster Prince Duyu's complexion was ugly. He spoke to the two of them and yet neither of them had responded to him. Instead, they spoke to each other and also seemed to be having some fun and interesting conversation. This made him feel as if he were being treated as empty air.

’’Hey, don't you think it would be a bit more fun if we had a little prize? Without some type of prize, it's a bit of a boring competition, don't you think?’’ Xiao Moxian asked, full of enthusiasm, completely not noticing Monster Prince Duyu's expression.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’It's only a casual competition. What sort of prize do you want?’’

’’If I win, you undo your appearance changing technique and let me see just who you are?’’ Xiao Moxian ground her teeth together, her eyes shining with challenge. She was trying to goad Lin Ming into agreeing, however no matter how contemptuous she tried to be, it only looked as if she were having a great deal of fun.

’’Alright.’’ Lin Ming agreed. In his opinion, revealing his status to Xiao Moxian wasn't anything at all. He only needed to hide the truth from Monster Prince Duyu.

Xiao Moxian smiled, and she did so dazzlingly. She thought to herself, ’’Little guy, I'll be sure to defeat you this time!’’

In terms of strength, even Xiao Moxian wouldn't call herself the top young elite of the entire divine Realm. But in terms of potential and talent, she was confident she wouldn't lose to anyone. This was her pride, her road of martial arts. She wanted to become a True divinity!

’’How do you know I am using an appearance changing technique?’’ Lin Ming asked with a laugh.

’’Ha! A woman's intuition!’’ Xiao Moxian said with a great deal of self-satisfaction. Lin Ming didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. In his eyes, Xiao Moxian was a young girl. For her to call herself a 'woman' was a bit funny.

As the two spoke they had already reached the base of Precipice Cliff. Looking up, they could see the 36 mile high Precipice Cliff stabbing straight into the night sky like a divine sword.

’’This Asura Road Master seems to really like the number 36.’’

After Lin Ming entered the Asura Road, he discovered that many places used the number 36. Even the Hunter Game had an array formation of 36 people at the end.

He looked towards Xiao Moxian and grinned. ’’And if you lose?’’

’’You can make any request you want!’’ Xiao Moxian proudly and briskly waved her hand. ’’Oh, yes, but in advance let me tell you that sacrificing my body or anything like that is an absolute no-go!’’

’’Uh...’’ A strange color flashed over Lin Ming's face as he heard this;just what was going on in this girl's brain? ’’My only request is... if... if something were to happen to me in the future, then I hope that you can look after several people for me and guarantee that they can live their lives in peace...’’ Lin Ming said after a deep period of thought. His request left Xiao Moxian a bit surprised.

The road of martial arts was filled hardships and dangers. Moreover, in this great calamity, it was impossible to tell which way the tide would turn. Also, Lin Ming still had a showdown with the Good Fortune Saint Son. Although he believed in his own ability to grow enough to challenge him in the future, there was no saying what would happen...

’’Alright.’’ Xiao Moxian thoughtfully nodded. ’’Now, let's begin. Shall we go together?’’

’’Okay, we'll start together!’’

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian stood a hundred feet away from each other. The position they chose at the base of Precipice Cliff was just beneath the Emperor Stone.

As for the other martial artists, they were still lost in the shocking scene that Monster Prince Duyu had created. Although they saw Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming, they didn't care too much about them.

Some influences had already dispatched representatives to pay their respects to Monster Prince Duyu. Although they knew it was impossible for Monster Prince Duyu to join their side, forming a good relationship with him wasn't bad either.

Monster Prince Duyu was disinclined to bother with these people. He coldly sneered as he looked at Precipice Cliff. He never imagined that Lin Ming would be so reckless and blind as to compete with someone like Xiao Moxian. Even he had to confess that he was flung miles away by Xiao Moxian. In terms of talent, she was fully deserving of being known as number one within the divine Realm.

A cold breeze blew past. Lin Ming immediately soared upwards. His movements were smooth and calm. Although he didn't seem to be going too fast, he was like a stream of water that ascended upwards, as comfortable and free as a horse racing through the grasslands.

The pressure of Precipice Cliff wasn't able to affect him at all.

And beside Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian was also enjoying this relaxing trip up. She was like a black butterfly soaring through a bush of flowers. Her movements were brisk and light as she shot straight up to the top!

These actions immediately attracted the attention of many people.

’’There are more masters going up!’’

Not many people knew that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had arrived together with Monster Prince Duyu, thus no one paid attention to them. But now, as they looked at the pair's movements, they could tell that these two certainly weren't ordinary young elites.

’’It shouldn't be. What is going on with today that there are so many masters?’’

’’Look at their movements. It seems they are also capable of flying above 30 miles!’’

To the current martial artists, 30 miles was an astounding result.

And as they were speaking, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had already easily and swiftly crossed 20 miles. Without either of them falling behind, both of them flew straight towards the 30 mile mark.

As Monster Prince Duyu saw this, he frowned. He wasn't surprised that Lin Ming could reach this height, but what he was surprised about was that Lin Ming remained as calm as Xiao Moxian.

25 miles...

27 miles...

29 miles...

Lin Ming smoothly broke through the 30 mile mark, keeping pace with Xiao Moxian throughout.

Xiao Moxian looked at Lin Ming and smirked. Her speed suddenly ramped up. Lin Ming merely faintly smiled in response and followed her pace.

As the martial artists below saw this, all of them were shocked to the point that their jaws dropped. At over 30 miles the pressure of the Emperor Stone was obvious to anyone, but not only did they not slow down, they instead increased their speed. Just how were they doing this?

As everyone was dumbfounded, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had broken through the 33 miles line!

33 miles represented the 33 Layered Heavens;this could be considered a dividing boundary. At this height, Lin Ming suddenly felt a deep resistance push down on him as if he had fallen into a swamp. Every time he rose up another ten feet he would have to consume a good deal of energy;it made advancing upwards far more difficult.

However, this was only a bit more difficult. He continued to rise, unstoppable. The Emperor Stone was already within reach.


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