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Martial World - Chapter 1455


Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455 - Weakness





As Lin Ming heard this name he was startled. The legendary Taotie was said to have a swallowing ability that surpassed a Golden-winged Roc. In terms of combat ability they were slightly worse than the four main divisions of God Beasts, but no matter what, they were still genuine God Beasts. A Taotie with a royal bloodline was said to be able to swallow a great dimension. This sort of creature formed their own heaven and earth within their bodies, giving them unfathomable degrees of strength.

’’Xiao Moxian really is the proudest daughter of heaven of two great influences. To think that she would even have a God Beast as her contract beast;not even most Empyreans have this chance.’’

In Lin Ming's eyes, only a peak Empyrean like Empyrean Demondawn could have a God Beast as their contract beast. This was because a God Beast was far too arrogant and proud;they were inherently unwilling to submit to other races. If someone wished for a God Beast to follow them, they had to first obtain the approval of that God Beast.

Monster Prince Duyu faintly smiled as he saw that Lin Ming knew just what a God Beast was. The reason he had said all of this so nonchalantly was to shock Lin Ming and have him understand just what caliber of woman Xiao Moxian was.

Xiao Moxian carefully put away her beast bag. She clearly loved this Big Yellow a great deal.

’’Haha, Junior-apprentice Sister, you are becoming stronger with every passing day. For you, dealing with an ancient vicious beast is as easy as lifting a hand, but that little fellow is eating more and more. The more a Taotie God Beast eats, the faster they grow. If this little fellow follows Junior-apprentice Sister in the future, it will surely be able to swallow up even more powerful ancient vicious beasts. Once it grows into an adult, it will surely be a great help to Junior-apprentice Sister!’’

Monster Prince Duyu was envious that Xiao Moxian had such a contract beast and he didn't. However, when he thought that Xiao Moxian would become his in the future, he relaxed.

Xiao Moxian clearly enjoyed Monster Prince Duyu's flattering. She laughed, quite happily.

Xiao Moxian and Frost Dream were different. Frost Dream was cold and aloof and she rarely came into contact with the other se*. This included even people like Lin Ming.

But Xiao Moxian wasn't disgusted with men. She still had a childlike innocence to her like she didn't understand the concept of the relations between men and women. Instead of being annoyed by her many cloying pursuers, she instead thought they were amusing.

She would even use all sorts of pranks to have fun at the expense of others. Monster Prince Duyu would occasionally fall for these tricks, giving him a great headache.

The three of them continued forwards. After another 10 miles, they encountered another vicious beast.

The beast that appeared this time was a horned lizard. Its aura was far greater than that of the giant rhinoceros they encountered before.

Xiao Moxian wanted to take it down but she was blocked by Monster Prince Duyu. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister, we still have several hundred miles to travel until we reach Precipice Cliff. Adventuring is something we're all here for, so we should share the burden. If you fight every time then we won't have the chance to do anything. How about we take turns with these vicious beasts?’’

Xiao Moxian looked at Monster Prince Duyu with surprise, but she didn't really care about who had the chance to fight. As for Lin Ming, his thoughts stirred. He knew that Monster Prince Duyu had made this suggestion to probe him, embarrass him, or both.

However, Lin Ming was disinclined to bother with Monster Prince Duyu's devious little games.

In this battle, the horned lizard was dealt with by Monster Prince Duyu alone. Monster Prince Duyu was indeed amazing. Although he was weaker than Xiao Moxian, he was still able to look down at all martial artists of his level with disdain. With his monster blood boiling over, he threw himself into a fierce battle with the horned lizard. After a few moves, he shattered the horned lizard's defenses and struck it to death.

This entire battle lasted for only five breaths of time. Monster Prince Duyu had used three moves in total. When combined with the horned lizard's struggles, this caused the nearby mountain to explode and dozens of ancient trees to fall over. The battlefield extended to a large area!

’’Haha, this lizard was quite strong. That was a fun battle.’’

Monster Prince Duyu commented with a relaxed tone as he slapped his hands together, wiping them clean.

With a wave of his hand, he placed the horned lizard's corpse into his spatial ring where it would later be Big Yellow's dinner.

However, within Lin Ming's spatial ring, Soulwhite snorted with contempt as he looked at the great scene Monster Prince Duyu had caused. ’’What an idiot. To think he used so much energy in fighting a single horned lizard.’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming was surprised. He asked Soulwhite with a sound transmission, ’’What would you do?’’

Before Soulwhite could reply, Monster Prince Duyu looked over at Lin Ming, grinning as he said, ’’Brother Lin, the next one is yours.’’

Lin Ming laughed inwardly. This Monster Prince Duyu was indeed trying to probe him, but Lin Ming didn't mind much at all.

The three people continued forwards. However, what made Monster Prince Duyu feel uneasy was that Lin Ming only encountered a few beast weaklings. He simply didn't need to use any strength to defeat them.

’’This isn't going to work.’’

’’That beast was also too weak. Where have all the strong vicious beasts of the Great Desolate gone?’’

Monster Prince Duyu cursed. Coming this far, the beasts they encountered became increasingly weak.

However, at last, when the second round had passed and it was Lin Ming's turn again, they ran into yet another large fellow.

This vicious beast was also a horned lizard, but instead of one horn this lizard had three horns. Moreover, it was much larger than the one Monster Prince Duyu had killed earlier. Its entire body was jet black with red patches mottling its head. Just the tongue that slipped out of its mouth was thicker than an adult's thigh!

Feeling the aura of this lizard alone, there was no doubt that this horned lizard was far more terrifying than the last!

’’Haha, this lizard isn't bad. Brother Lin, it should be your turn to deal with it. It shouldn't be difficult for you, right?’’

Monster Prince Duyu looked at Lin Ming with a mocking light in his eyes. The corners of his lips tugged up in a jeer as he waited to see Lin Ming be defeated.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and stepped forwards.

’’Lin Lanjian! You have to kill it within three breaths of time or it will be too sad!’’ Xiao Moxian playfully cheered from behind. She was well aware of how strong Lin Ming was.

However, this sort of cheer caused Monster Prince Duyu to frown. Before, when he dealt with the single-horned lizard, he had spent five breaths of time to do so. But, this three-horned lizard was clearly much stronger and yet she was saying that Lin Lanjian should be able to kill it in three breaths of time. How could he possibly believe this?

Lin Ming glanced towards Xiao Moxian and smiled. Then, he walked towards the horned lizard. He sent a sound transmission to Soulwhite, ’’Soulwhite, you said before that it doesn't take much energy to deal with this lizard?’’

’’Of course. This type of horned lizard has a weakness at its abdomen. Normally it is lying flat on the ground to cover up its weakness, but once it attacks its prey this weakness will be exposed.’’

’’Understood.’’ Lin Ming didn't need Soulwhite to point out exactly where this weakness was. As he swept his sense out, he immediately found an uncommon place at the belly of the beast. It was there!


The horned lizard roared and threw itself towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming didn't even bring out the Phoenix Blood Spear. His figure vanished as he revolved the Space Laws. In the next moment he had flash-stepped beneath the belly of the horned lizard. He slammed up his palm, and with a light cracking sound, that lizard shook as if it had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Its body tumbled over, crashing into a pile of boulders as it fell downwards.

Its limbs continued to twitch. Soon, it died.

’’W-what!?’’ Monster Prince Duyu's eyes popped open. Even Xiao Moxian's large black eyes had widened. She blinked in disbelief as if she couldn't believe what had happened.

Before, she had cheered out for Lin Ming to end the battle in three breaths of time because she had a certain understanding of his strength. If Lin Ming were to really finish the battle in three breaths of time then she wouldn't be surprised at all. But just now, Lin Ming didn't use any strength at all. He simply flash-stepped over, thrust out with his palm, and easily ended the fight. That giant horned lizard had been slapped to death?

This was really too unbelievable. Although Xiao Moxian believed she could easily kill that lizard, she couldn't do so with a single palm strike. To this sort of massive beast, a human arm wasn't any different from a fly.

’’How did you do that?’’

Monster Prince Duyu gulped. He couldn't help but ask this question.

Lin Ming simply said, ’’This lizard has a weakness. It has an area at its abdomen where its monster beast core is contained. If you push against this area and flood it with true essence then you can destroy the beast core and directly kill it.’’

’’This...’’ Monster Prince Duyu's jaw dropped downwards at a loss for words. When he killed the one-horned lizard, it had taken him a considerable amount of effort to do so, but now he was suddenly informed that the beast had a weakness. This made him feel as if he had been played around with.

He breathlessly said, ’’If you knew that earlier then why didn't you say anything?’’

Lin Ming shrugged, ’’You never said you didn't know, so how would I know what you know? You never asked me either.’’

These words felt as if they were jammed down Monster Prince Duyu's throat.

This damned brat! Monster Prince Duyu originally wanted to test out Lin Ming's strength, but he never imagined that he would resort to shortcuts to bring down the three-horned lizard. He simply didn't use any strength at all.

’’So you're a native martial artist of the Asura Road.’’

Monster Prince Duyu assumed that Lin Ming was a martial artist born within the Asura Road. If so, then it wouldn't be strange for him to understand the specific weaknesses of the lizard.

Lin Ming didn't comment further. Since he planned on hiding his status, he'd let this monster youth assume whatever he wanted.

’’This brat, I never thought he would have such tricks up his sleeve.’’ Monster Prince Duyu thought to himself. And at this time, they had already arrived at Precipice Cliff...


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